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Are you here with these questions in mind ?

  • What is the meaning of life ?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Is there a point to being alive?
  • Why is this universe so cruel?
  • Why me?!Why does it feel like God abandoned me when I need him the most?
  • Where is God when I need him?
  • Who am I?
  • What is destiny?
  • Where is destiny leading me to?
  • Why does he for everybody and not me?
  • What is religion?
  • I don’t want to follow my religion?
  • Is there an unconditional love?
  • What is unconditional love?

Answers to all your questions through simple upadesh or teachings as daily posts & blogs with simple readable day to day life examples for the current Yuga (Kaliyuga) & short stories relating to events happening around you and in your life.

Some of the interesting topics would include (in the future)

  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Science & Spirituality
  • Spirituality – The Way of Life
  • What is Self Realization ?
  • Spirituality & Near Death Experience
  • Mind Body & Spirit – What are they & What is the relation ?
  • Are Philosophers Spiritual – Knowingly or Unknowingly ?
  • What is Esoteric Knowledge?
  • What is The Great Arcanum ?
  • What is Universal Truth ?
  • Truth in Scriptures from Different Religion
  • Mystical Experiences Vs Spiritual Experiences
  • What does “Yoga” really mean ?
  • Three D’s (3D’s) – Detachment , Discrimination & Dispassion
  • What does Consciousness or Divine or Self mean ?
  • Waking , Dream & Sleep states Vs Turiya / Samadhi
  • Incarnation. Avatar, Prophets, messengers – What does these terms mean?
  • Disciple Vs Devotee
  • Manifest , Unmanifest & Second Unmanifest
  • Supreme Divine Person & His Abode
  • Spiritual Essence of Mahabharata
  • Spiritual Essence of Ramayana
  • Spiritual Essence of TripuraRahasyam
  • What does Nag Hammadi Scripture Say ?
  • What is Tree of Life ? How does different scripture have a mention about it ?
  • What are the various stages of Life ?
  • Gurus/Masters of Kaliyuga & their Mandate
  • Bhakti Marga for Kaliyuga
  • What is Revelation & Is there a Judgement day ?

God bless you to find your answers here with the topics which is picked @ Random every time you visit or refresh the page .

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