Truth Is One Sided

Truth Is One Sided

The worldly truth is always one sided. You may wonder how can that be? But let me show you how truth can be one sided.

Let us take couple of examples here. First the perennial issues about a mother-in-law and their daughters-in-law fights! You have seen it in your life, how this happens. If you are the man caught in between these two, you will understand what I am saying. Both are right from their point of views and both are wrong too. You can see your mother getting hyper with your wife for her own reasons and your wife acting it out as an aggrieved party! Now tell me who is truthful and who is lying? You won’t be able to make out a case of one, wherein you will surely hurt the other.

Next, the case between two lovers who are breaking up now. If you are the friend of the girl, you will surely have sympathies for her and would hate the man. On the other hand if you are from the boys side it would be the opposite. So now be a neutral judge and tell me who is in the right? Neither of them. You can see the folly of both the parties and would want them to correct themselves or let go of petty reasons but both won’t let go.

Now let us see how political parties work. If you are siding one of them, you will consider your own party as right whereas whatever the opposing party does is wrong. Go to the other side and you will see the exact reverse of the same. The diehard fan of the opposition would not budge and give leeway to the other.

So now arises the question, who is right and who is wrong? Who is telling the truth and who is lying? There is no way of knowing the truth here since the truth itself is biased. You have seen it yourself, when you are the aggrieved party, you have wondered why truth cannot prevail?

In the court of law also, how many people have felt that they have got justice? Only half of them on whose side there has been the favourable judgement. Not the other side. They will always say that they are not happy with the verdict. Sometimes, man makes concessions and says that truth has prevailed. There, he means that he agrees with the verdict but the truth is entirely biased.

Now you have been wondering why I am prattling so much about these things! The idea that you get judgement in this world from other humans is wrong. You will always find the decisions unfair. When it is a matter of examinations assessment or even a simple promotion. Ask the person who failed and you will find complete disagreement with the final verdict. Everyone else who isn’t a part of positive judgement will disagree with you.

Let me tell you one thing here from spiritual perspective alone. You are no one to judge how and why something’s happen. Why does the wrong person get the girl? Why do he get the best of gifts? Why does he deserve to get the lottery? Why do the undeserving get promotions? Why did that politician get the highest office? These and many other questions which leave you with bitter feelings are best left for destiny as the underlying answer. Only destiny has the final authority and reasoning as to why someone deserves something or the other.

“Remember, no answers are in our hands. Only God has all the answers and He knows best,” is the saying. But let me assure you something here. God is NEVER INVOLVED IN ANY DECISION MAKING! You are! You are the authority who has done all your decision making in your past lives. It’s a law which clearly states that what you sow is what you reap.

If you have insulted someone in your past life, you will get it back in this one or the next. If you have beat your wife is the past life, you will now get it back as a wife and the other person reversed as a husband. Everyone and everything has its own opposite and equal reaction.

The only reason we cannot see the real truth here is because we are having no clue about our past lives. So in spiritual, the yogi never takes sides or disputes any decisions of this universe. He remains neutral or non-reactive to whatever that happens around him. He knows that life is not unjust and neither is God. There is real justice built in the system. If you have robbed someone in some past life of yours, know that you will get robbed in this one or the next. Sometimes you are the aggressor and sometimes you are the aggrieved party. So now you know the truth is not in a single sentence or life. It’s has a long chain of reasons and you lack that knowledge so you won’t understand anything at all.

So after all that you will ask me why write this thing when you know that it is no use at all? I will tell you that it is important to be your good self and be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, gentle, soft, good-natured, giving, truthful, charitable, positive, etc…

I hope you got the gist of it all. Everything has to be done in the ambit of Dharma or righteousness alone. Be your good self and love everyone and everything. Stay away from the evil and Adharmic or unrighteousness stuff. That way you will become a yogi soon enough and know the truth and the whole truth alone.

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Owe Allegiance

Owe Allegiance We owe allegiance to someone or somethings. We owe it to our parents, relatives, county, state, school, college, university, associations or religions. We are sometimes die-hard fans of the same.

Sometimes we leave that group with whom we have had a long term relationship with and move to greener pastures. It is the way of the world. We believe that the one we are with are the perfect group and diss the other older one.

When an individual gets into another relationship, he tends to relinquish his association with the former. Take the case of a woman getting married. She lets go of her parents and believes her husband and his relatives are now her new ones. Likewise, when a man leaves his school and moves to the university, he hardly ever goes back to school. Everything and everyone is right in their place. Except that the allegiance has shifted.

People leave their motherland and take up citizenship of another country and then have to swear allegiance to their new homeland. They only do so to enhance their earning potentials, get freedom, gain ownership or find opportunities in that newer marriages.

In the spiritual domain too, we find humans move religions, gods, practices, beliefs and whatnots. They find solace or reasons for such changes! The believers may become atheists or move religions or the other way round also.

Here it wouldn’t mean that the new beliefs are right or perfect. But it would only suggest that they have accepted the change. Every individual is right from his narrow point of view. Even if he is a Christian or a Zen Buddhist, a Hindu or a Sufi, an atheist or an Islamist, they are all right from their individual point of view. But for the others it may not be true.

So spiritual is a great mix of people, religions, beliefs, rituals, places, worships, gods, scriptures, love or hatred, past or present forms and many such variables. Intolerance to others or tolerance to one and all is also a part and parcel of spiritual.

Spirituality is all accommodating but the followers are not. They have their own biases and quirks. Spiritual could also depend upon individual tastes and likes.

The ones who become spiritually perfect have overcome such petty mindedness and biases. They have achieved higher knowledge and remain neutral in almost all circumstances. These higher evolved beings are called sages or saints, yogis or masters! They have learnt to go beyond and experience the naked truth in spiritual.

Our aim in spiritual is to get to this higher knowledge and become sages. We have to overcome our petty desires and biases. That state of non movement in mind is called equanimity of mind. Nothing should disturb us. This stage of existence would be the highest achievement in spiritual.

How Does One Have Equanimity?

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equanimityHow does one have equanimity?
There is a pendulum which swings from left to right.
If I consider left as one extreme and right as other then on one side is happiness and the other side is sorrow.
If one side is like the other side is dislike.
On one side is hate and other side is love.
But when we are centered we do not experience anything at all.
That is wrong since no one can be centered.
To be centered is to be inert or non moving.
It means stationary or just staying put.
No one can stay put even if he is a Buddha since activity is central part of all living creatures.
No one can stay away from the charms of maya also.
So everyone is trapped in the continious motion of life. Maya helps us in taking sides.
She tells us this is likable and that is not.
Maya tells us not to be afraid or become fearless and on the other hand she makes us very fearful or afraid.
So then where is equanimity?
Equanamity means not to be swayed by either of the swings.
You can swing but don’t get trapped into decisions or making judgements.
Just go along with the swing and don’t come under the spell of maya.
You may get angry for sometime but calm down soon.
You may like something but discard that notion immediately.
You may hate someone but you need not carry the grudge forever.
The biggest gift to man is the mind but the same mind can be very destructive too.
So keep it under check constantly.
Do not allow the thoughts to flow in one directions tagging along behind the previous one like a chain.
Cut it and go ahead towards neutrality.
Ramakrishna Paramhamsa once asked Mathur babu to get him a beautiful silk shawl.
The devotee got the most expensive shawl and the Master accepted it.
He wore it for a moment and asked him how he looked, then in one single stroke he discarded it.
Likewise people got Saibaba beautiful ornaments and crowns too.
They put the heavy golden crown on his head and then in a jiffy he took it out and gave it away.
He sometimes became very angry and went behind the devotee with his baton.
In an instant, he cooled down and continued to talk as if nothing has happened.
So don’t worry when you come under the swing of duality.
Experience it just for that instant and then let it go.
Get back to oneness with equanimity.
God is all about equanimity and equipoise.
He envelopes everything and everyone. The bad and good are both sides of one coin.
Success and failure are also two sides of the coin so don’t sway.
Experience both and don’t get carried away with anything or anyone.
God is everything, so just meditate on the Lord alone and let whatever has to be!
With constant practice alone can you reach the state of a yogi and retain equanimity.
So keep on trying and someday you will be there.
Practice, practice, practice!!!

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Part 11 – Guru Charitra

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled – 18 Poor Brahmin Finds Treasure, 19 Guru Nath’s Grace on the Yogini – Ganas and 20 Guru Nath’s Blessings on the Brahmin’s Wife by Master KrsnaKnows.

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Money For Everything!

Why does it cost money for everything? It costs money to get married. It costs money to bring a child into this world. It costs money to educate the child. It costs money to buy a decent home. To feed and wear clothes. It costs money to make money too. So what is free in this world, when every darned thing requires money to move itself??? Man strives harder and harder to make more and more money for all of the above. And then he dies not having achieved half of what he planned. Broken and bruised, he succumbs to death, unable to provide for himself or his family. What use is this life when he always searches for happiness beginning to end? And never finds it? Reminds you of the story of the ascetic. He goes out to beg and gets twice the amount as food. He stores the rest after partaking what he needs then. A rat comes and eats up what he saved. To catch the rat who eats his stored food everyday, he adopts a cat. To help the cat stay with him, he needs to feed her milk. So he adopts a cow. To milk the cow he needs a person. So he gets a wife. When there is wife, there is sex. She begets children. The children need food and clothing and shelter so the ascetic has to go in search of a job. Today the ascetic is no longer that. He has become an ass working for his family and a sceptic in life. Every additional desires that we have, every little attachments we grow with, every little needs and wants gives rise to further entrapment in this material world. More and more such bindings makes the human being unhappy, dissatisfied, disturbed, angry, lusty, greedy, covetous and develops too many attachments. So finally we come to the same issue of money, greed, survival and bodily needs. Never has a man escaped from the clutches of that. What use is this struggle for silliest of the things? If life has to go on, why not on frugal means? Why have a bigger hungry mouth? It’s a never ending pit of endless proportions. The yogi truly doesn’t need any of the above. He remains free from the burdens of attachments and desires. Become a yogi!

Suffer Pain

We all suffer pain right from the time we took birth. There isn’t a single person who hasn’t lived in pain. It may be physical or mental, intense or mild, accompanied by hurt, yet we all suffer.
So when we say that we experience pain, what actually happens and where? When does it begin? We are so much used to getting hurt and feeling pain right from before we are born.
Living in a tiny hovel, suspended upside down, gurgling in the waters, forcibly being prodded and poked around in our home called the womb, we have suffered so many atrocities that we seem to care less therein. But the moment we are out of the mothers womb, we yell our head off in pain and distress! So, as you now will agree, we are enjoyers of physical and mental pain even before we are squeezed out of our mothers womb.
Human beings are accustomed to torture by submission even when they are small. Imagine the breasts being shoved inside your little mouths, gooey stuff poured down your throat as baby food, forced to eat tasteless cereals and grains and made to drink so called healthy stuff. We are conditioned to stuff in that, which the grown ups believe is good for us! Just offer the same to a grown up and he will puke. Imagine the choice is between two different cereal boxes only. What a choice?
Now I am sure you have guessed, we have become acclimatized to pain and hurt.
When a child falls and you are watching her and sympathize with her, she yells her head off making so much noise that you want to give her a bribe to shut up. The child is conditioning you by yelling off and crying loud. I am sure a lactating woman will tell you that her breasts fill up with milk when the child cries. Now isn’t that conditioning? You may disagree to it because you feel it is love. Of course, I won’t discount that too. It’s a two way process. But here I am telling you that the painful cry has conditioned you, dear mother!
As we grow up, pain follows us around. We cry when someone sees us falling and getting hurt. But we don’t cry loud or hard if no one is watching. In a similar manner, physical pain is experienced by us terribly if we cut ourselves or bruise. But if we aren’t aware that we are hurt or injured then we do not experience pain. It’s only when we observe and pay attention to the hurt that we experience physical pain. So what does it tell you about pain?
You experience physical or mental pain only far more if your mind is in it, otherwise you don’t! Let’s say 90% of the pain is mentally felt and only 10% is physical. Scientifically nerve endings carry the impulse to pain centers to experience the pain. But a leprosy patient may loose a finger and still won’t know about it! How is that possible? So it goes to show that physical pain is more mind stuff. Some of it is localized in that place, which is the finger, but otherwise you will not experience it very much.
So isn’t it logical that if you were to control your mind, you can actually control pain? Even in case of mental agony or hurt, we can control it mentally by minding our mind.
This is not a physiological or psychological discourse but a spiritual one so I will teach you how to override that mind spiritually.
We, the spiritualist kind can handle physical or mental issues better because we have sublimated our minds. Not that it doesn’t stand up once in a while but we can safely say major issues won’t hurt us more. Even if we were to go for our parents funeral, we won’t show emotion or tears. If someone calls us names, which everyone does btw, it doesn’t affect us and make us feel bad or miserable. Praises and criticism cannot disturb the peace we feel. Even anaesthesia doesn’t affect us much. I could walk through the entire process of the surgery by recounting it in detail.
So how do we do it? Let me explain it here. The three things we teach are called dispassion, detachment and discrimination. These three are the most powerful tools of overcoming the mind.
You have to become dispassionate to everything in life. It’s not important to passionately follow the results. When you focus on end results and have extreme desires and if the results are contrary then we feel bad and hurt. When we focus on success and if we fail, we are terribly hurt. So in spiritual, we teach you not to bother about results since these will upset or excite you depending on the outcomes. We teach you not to focus on results but to put in your best and move on. Any which way the result is never in your hands so why bother. So if you want to overcome physical or mental pain and hurt, become dispassionate. Don’t bother about end results but just put in your 100% and leave the answer to God. Let Him give you what He deems fit. That will ease your pain.
Now the next is called detachment and that means you should give up all attachments. You are attached to your child or husband and so if they misbehave or act badly, you will feel hurt. Your child grows up and goes far away for her studies then you are bound to feel bad and cry. Similarly, your husband having an extramarital affair will screw your happiness and you will be miserable.
In spiritual we teach you detachment and that means, nothing belongs to you. We ask you to stop taking ownership of anything at all. If we do not own anything then we won’t feel bad if we loose it or it gets destroyed. So anyone dying or causing grievance against you won’t hurt you. If you consider anything as your property, you are bound to feel good or hurt, if you are praised or criticized for it. But if you don’t take credit for it or show ownership then it won’t upset you. So detachment is the second most important tool for not feeling hurt or pain. Nothing belongs to you, including the hurt or pain.
The last is discriminate. We consider this body as ours and if anything happens to it we feel it. Whether it’s good or bad effects of any material worldly action, we accept it as if belonging to our body so it affects us. Discrimination in spiritual teaches us that we are not the body but we are divine beings. Everything besides God is unreal. If this body is unreal so why are we supposed to get hurt or feel pain? Spirituality teaches us that we are living as if in a dream, so when we wake up, everything will disappear.
Knowing the truth that we are not the body will help us detach and discriminate so we won’t feel hurt that much. The yogi believes that he is not the body, so he can live in extreme cold climates also without feeling cold. He has overcome his mind and senses so nothing affects him.
By using these above methods you can overcome any kind of pain or hurt in your life. Become dispassionate and know that results are not in your hands so don’t bother about them. Just do it with complete dedication and 100% efforts and move on.
Next drop all expectations by not having any attachments with anything or anyone. Hence detachment will help in freeing your mind from expectations.
Lastly do discriminate and know that nothing belongs to you and only God is real and this body is just a tool. The tool never feels hurt (imagine the chisel) so be the best tool in the hand of God. Stop blaming yourself since you are not the owner of it.
This way pain will never hurt you anymore.


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