Faith In God

Faith in God

Hey man, why can you not have faith in me?

Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you?

Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith in those things that you are eating and drinking?

I believe I have faith in what I am eating now. These are eggs, bread, butter, bacon, tea or coffee. All foods are healthy. Why do you ask?

The eggs are artificial since they are hatched by hormonal feeds. The bacon is imported and you trust the label??? Your bread is pure gluten. The grains are genetically modified. The tea is not tea but stalks of tea mixed with left over leaves in your tea bags. Your coffee is usually mixed with other ingredients. The milk is not pure and real. So why are you having faith in these things?

Oh! I only care for organically grown stuff. I don’t eat the other stuff you spoke about.

That’s the point. You are so suspicious that you won’t trust anything or anyone.

Which is a fact. I don’t really trust anyone just on the face of it.

Which means you won’t trust your man also. He may be having affairs outside too. What about your boy? He may be doing drugs too.

What are you saying? You mean my little Kevin is a drug addict? OMG. Karl is having an affair?

Oh! I just gave some examples. But did you see how you lost your faith in an instant?

Don’t joke with me about such things. I do trust Karl and Kevin is just a child.

That’s my point. You cannot trust anything or anybody in this world.

No. I have faith in my country and most of the things around me.

Tomorrow your President comes up with a diktat that all foreigners who have naturalized before coming in as refugees have to forsake their citizenship, then what happens?

Why would he do that? I am a citizen of this country and I love my homeland.

But I believe you came from Africa as a refugee. So whom are your loyalties with? You cannot be trusted. You change your loyalties.

No way. I am a trustworthy person. You cannot talk like that.

You took vows about being wedded forever but I think this is your second husband.

Don’t rub it in. Yes, what am I to do if everyone and everything is fake in this world of yours! You made it and now you ask me where do I have faith?

That’s what I want you to understand. This whole world, including your relationships and things are unreal. You cannot trust anyone or anything at all.

Then what can be trusted, dear God? You? You never give me anything that I ask for. You never gave me happiness, peace or even true love.

That’s because you seek all these things outside. You think you will get them from someone else. No way. No man can give you that. Only I can.

But how? Till today you haven’t given me that.

Now go seek happiness, peace and love within your own self. See the God within and know me that way. I live in you.

But how to do that? I cannot understand your words. Make them simple for me.

Have faith in that God within. You are capable of anything so why not empower the God within to achieve that?

But I think I am capable. Then what are you talking about? I do empower myself.

The ‘I’ that you speak about is your ego not the Self. Ego will always fail. The Self won’t. Say the God within me can do anything at all.

How are the Self and me separate? Can you tell me that?

Consider your body as the servant of the God within and then see. Your body is only serving that God within called the Self, then you have to serve perfectly. Make this body the best tool and serve the purpose of that God within.

Now I get it. You are telling me that I need to have faith in that God within and be a faithful servant with this body then I will be happy, peaceful and find love. That’s deep!

So whom were you talking to all this time? To me, you knucklehead. I am that God within you and not some imaginary God of this world. So move your butt.

Ha ha! You know it’s your butt too. Everything is on line. So let’s both move. Move it, move it, move it! Now I get it


The Truth About Truth.

truth about truthThe truth about truth.
I solemnly swear that I will be telling the truth and nothing but the truth.
You have heard the words before from numerous people. I swear by so and so that I am telling you the truth!
And do you believe in those words?
Do you believe in the words of a confirmed thief that he hasn’t robbed someone?
Do you believe in the words of a politician when he swears by a holy book?
Would you trust a husband when he says he is truthful to his wife when his name was found on the recently leaked dating website?
Would you trust your son who was found with his hand in the cookie jar?
Would you trust your eyes when you go for a magic show?
At all times the answer is no!
Then why does a person say I trust you? When they know very well that there isn’t anyone in this world who can be trusted.
We always tend to give the benefit of doubt to others. But we are not even sure whether they are telling the truth or not.
In a sensational murder case the couple were arrested because of incriminating evidence. But then they are continuously swearing their innocence. Who can tell what is the truth?
The word truth is based on certain external factors which assert the happening of the incident. Let us check here with some examples.
When institutions ask for capitation fees or donations, do you believe that they deserve those funds? No! You know it is by coercion that you are paying up because you want your kid to study there since it is a reputed institute. So what is the truth?
Again, when you are electing a representative for your government, are you absolutely sure the candidate you are electing is truthful? Or are you forced to choose between two Devils? You know very well you never had a choice but you are forced to select between one lesser evil. So what happened to the truth here? Are you truthful or are you consensual?
Now let’s check out fruit drinks that we get in our stores. Their top contents are water and sugar with minimum quantity of some fruit pulp. Now can you say these are fruit juices or sugar water? Isn’t it like our milk? Are milk solids added to water or water added to pure milk? You tell me how would you call these things pure or true?
If everything in this world is impure and contaminated, then what about relationships? Are any relationships truly real or just make believe? A couple swears by each other and talk of fidelity. But both of them have had earlier relationships with different people. It has been scientifically proved that DNA of a child born, after having relationships other than those of so-called real parents, contains residual DNA from previous partners. So now tell me how can the child be yours when there is residual DNA from previous partners? So what is the truth here? Whose child is it?
In spiritual world, the sage knows the truth and doesn’t say anything at all. Look at Jesus who knew the falsehood of Judas and yet continued to wash his feet. He knew that Peter would betray Him and yet never objected or said anything to him. He allowed the incident to happen.
Now look at Buddha. He knew that the disciple in whose house He was having His last meal had poisoned Him and yet continued to have it. He knew the murder of Ananda was happening and yet didn’t say anything at all.
The third story is of Krsna who knew about the imminent death of the entire Yadu clan. Yet, Krsna proceeded to go towards Prabhasa. He knew how the death of His brother Balarama and sons, grandsons and other relatives were scheduled. Krsna knew about His own impending death at the hands of the fisherman. Knowing the truth, He remained silent.
Knowing the truth, why do these divine beings not rectify the path or move away from it? Are they doomsday Sayers or masochistic in nature? Not at all. They know the truth but that is only the material worldly truth. It is concocted and not real. They know the body is perishable and not real. The spirit or the soul is real. Any action of any kind is not true. Only the gunas or nature perform in the gunas. The real you is not the doer.
The third D of spirituality is called Discrimination which means knowing the real from the unreal. Know that God only is real and the rest is unreal. The real is the Supreme Divine Consciousness and not any tangible entity.
So now understand why the sages become silent when someone swears that they are innocent or truthful. They know that nothing is real or true. Everything in this material world is unreal. Only God is the truth.

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Is This World Lying?

world lyingIs this world lying? I was watching Morgan Freeman’s science program in which he ended by saying that ask anyone the truth and it will be only a lie. I agree with him since everything is a lie in the domain of Maya. It’s called Krsna’s Maya and it is illusory.
So someone came up with the term-relative! Just as time is relative to the position on the planet earth. Wherever you are the time is correlated to the latitude and longitude, the position of the sun and so on. Night and day are determined by darkness and light. Then what happens in the land of the midnight sun? Or the Antarctic or the poles?
Likewise in our life also, we always tell the so called truth to others. It is relative to what you or the other wants to hear. Look at it this way, the ugliest of the child is the most beautiful to the mother. The husband or boyfriend is forced to call his ugly spouse or girlfriend as beautiful too. At other times the wife wrongfully says that her husband is like an Adonis or a God! The student has not done well in class, yet the teacher tells that they tried really hard.
A wife lies to her husband by saying she loves him but the reason could be completely wrong. She had a fight with her boyfriend and to get even with him she sleeps with her husband and makes out thinking about her boyfriend all the time. The words are actually not for him but for her absent paramour. Likewise the cheating husband gets flowers for his wife so that he could get an understanding how his girlfriend will feel if he presents her that later. Look at his savings account and you will find lots of discrepancies there. The money has been spent on the wrong woman. Lies, lies and more lies.
Till death do us part says the holy book and no one knows how they grew apart. Living in the same house as the aging parent, you cannot spend lavishly on your own spouse or child since it will hurt the sentiment of the old parent. There are comparisons and the ubiquitous smile at the end when asked if all is well and the lie that it is alright. Nothing is right. Yet again lies makes human smile. Everyone tells lies to everyone and sometimes it’s for making the other happy or to make them sad.
Villains in films are good liars but the heroes are still better. They play the heroes role so convincingly that we believe in them. The actors are liars of the highest order, who go on to win awards. They all act and emote everything that is unreal. All as per the bound script. So are makeup artists or dialogue writers. I guess everyone contributes towards the greater lie. Politicians, police, managers, workers, everyone are lying through their teeth.
Look at it from this point of view, the worker seems to put in very hard work to get paid. Every employer will disown that statement that the employee worked hard. Now look at managers, who have to lie differently. When there is salary cut or when they have to show growth. Will any low level employee vouch for their managers truthfully? No way! Take the doctors or lawyers who distort their knowledge to suit the circumstances. So where can we find truth then?
Holy places are filled with bigger lies. There is no God in stones or images and yet man talks to them, worships them and gets conned by the priests who have big demands. To fill their own stomachs,the system works wonderfully. No one has seen God, yet there are proponents selling lies. It’s an industry of liars involved in their common good. The highest deluder to the lowest of them all. The flower vendor to the priests, the gift shop to miracle men. These are delusive people in trade. They sound so convincing that every person gets conned. They circumambulate the divine and feel high in divine power. Is it true? Nothing is nearer to truth since it is all driven by pure greed.
So where is the truth then? In courts? In holy people or is it in little kids whom we call innocents? No one is true. Everyone is motivated by some or the other desire. Everyone is driven by lust and greed, power and money, prestige and recognition. So everyone lies!
Can anyone face the truth then? No one can. To face the truth you need complete detachment and dispassion. You cannot be partial to anyone or anything. You have to know that everything is fake and unreal. Everything is under the jurisdiction of the ever delusive Maya. Only God is real and you cannot see or understand that. That is discrimination. Knowing the real from the unreal.
Only the knower of truth is silent. He knows everything and everyone and doesn’t interfere in it. He knows it’s Gods design and becomes silent. So know the truth and become silent.

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The Revelation of Truth

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windrader-659035_1280The revelation of truth is momentary and you are otherwise not alert to it. Falsehood remains always and changes every moment with its different hues. Have you noticed an imaginary character like Superman or Popeye or Sherlock Holmes can do impossible and unbelievable feats which your mind accepts as natural and believable? There is no truth in these things. In the same way we also undergo troubles and scrapes in life, pass through superhuman ordeals and obstacles and come out unscathed! So where is the truth in them when you know truth never changes ever? Life is a dream and every moment is changing and unreal. Sometimes its a nightmare too. Know the truth about life now- Its unreal and soon you will wake up from your dream to reality which is the true Self. Know thyself!

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Man Thrives On Fear!


Man thrives on fear. Fear drives a man to do things which he wouldn’t otherwise do. Fear is the key to motivation and performance too. Fear of failure is the root cause of striving hard for success. The one who can put fear in the minds of people rules over them.
When you have a tiny baby at home and it get sick, you put your child’s life in the hands of the pediatrician and follow every instructions. He asks you to admit the child and without second thought you do that. The fear of loosing the child because of negligence is very great. So is the responsibility of the parents.
Now think about the person who knows about your clandestine affairs, how much of hold does he have over you. He could ruin or disgrace you and being afraid of him you do whatever he wants you to do.
In many movies you see the hero is guarding a state secret data in the hard drive or disc, that the enemies are after it. The state could be compromised or destroyed if the data falls into wrong hands. Everyone is full of fear. Even the one who is watching the movie is tense, hoping that the hero wins and the villain never gets hold of the secret.
The fear of God doesn’t allow many people to perform certain sinful acts. Drugs, gambling, sex or drinks are full of fear and terror. The ones who can handle these trades are holding the ones addicted to it at ransom. Money flows into their coffers only by means of fear.
Dictators rule countries by holding the card of fear over the state. They run governments which control every facet of daily life with the iron hand of fear. From rations to restricted public luxury goods supply, moderated education to forced military service, PDA to fear of government action for LGBT’s, same sex marriages to unnatural sex, banned goods or books to disruptive propaganda! All these are strictly monitored and controlled. Law is enforced on those who do not conform to the ways of life dictated by these fearful folks. The threat of death or jail, torture or banishment is the Damocles’ sword on top of their heads.
Everyone is afraid of something or the other. Some fear death, some family, some relatives and some fear educational institutions. Some fear money excess or shortages. Some fear diseases or hospitalization. Some fear their fall from grace or prestige. Some are afraid of society or the law. Some are afraid of certain phobias or loosing job. Some fear loosing life or loosing happiness. So every individual is afraid. Tell me one person who isn’t fearful of something or someone.
I can point you to a sage. He is not afraid of anything at all. He doesn’t fear death since he is not the body. He doesn’t fear disgrace since he doesn’t conform to worldly rules and regulations. He doesn’t fear relationships, since the only one that he has is with God alone. He doesn’t love anyone so cannot be blackmailed into some relationship. He doesn’t fear man or God too since He and God are one and the same. He doesn’t hoard money, nor is bothered about loosing anything since he doesn’t own anything or anyone.
The opposite of fear or fearlessness, you will say. But how to become fearless you may ask? You can be fearless if you are free. If you are bound by attachments or desires then you can never feel free. Attachments of any kind from personal, professional, state, country, religion or caste can stifle your freedom.
So overcome fear by becoming free. The three D’s of freedom are dispassion, detachment and discrimination. Become dispassionate and don’t get attached to anything or anyone. Know that only God is real and everything else is illusory or unreal, that’s discrimination. Follow these three are be free! Have no fear when God is cradling you in His arms.

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Real And Unreal!

Real And UnrealWhat is real and unreal? Sometimes it’s so tough not to accuse someone in our life. Even though we know that the main culprit or perpetrator is that someone who is special to us.
There are many reasons for our behavior. It could be that we love that person dearly, have respect for him or her, owe something special to them, common sense tells us not to accuse them, societal norms, no certainty about our accusations, the position they carry in the hierarchy, belonging to a certain class or caste, stupidity of theirs or our own idiotic reasons, etcetera. Now you can put up your own reasons for shutting up.
By doing so sometimes we put our foot in our mouth or create a very disturbing situation in life. The people around you become disenchanted or loose their respect for you. Now I shall give you some examples to let you get an even idea about it.
Teachers in school sometimes are wrong in what they are teaching but as a mark of respect we shut up. Parents or elders are taking wrong meaning or sides and even after understanding what they are up to we feign ignorance. We love our children a lot and that puts pressure on us when we see them abusing another child or calling names to elders, knowing that they are wrong we do not stop them from doing so. That is dereliction of our duty to the society or others. Yet, knowingly we desist from reprimanding them.
Sometimes we are partial to our loved ones and behave in a rude manner with others. We assume that our own are blameless and above board and without assessing their true standing we consider them not guilty. Accusing others is a very big part of life. We never want to take the blame or accept the accusations as truth whereas we are concerned. We consider ourselves saints and others as devils. This perception is created by our mind alone. We are holier than anybody else.
The defensive tactic of the mind is so unobtrusive that we believe that we are innocent as the truth. We never empathize with others.
Cases in point are the incursions on every borders of the nations. Some claim pacts on boundaries from the past and some from political deals cut by their predecessors. So which part is right?
Truth can be viewed from its individual points of view. One nation is right from their point of view and the other is perfect from its.
The knower of truth is not fazed by such displays of worldly truth and untruth. Everything is unreal in the material world.
This world is the creation of Maya and is absolutely unreal. The truth or falsehood of material domain is relatively unreal. The only reality is the divine consciousness and nothing else. Getting swayed by the unreal is the rule of illusion called maya. She makes you see things when they aren’t there. So we get biased and take sides. We accuse people and sometimes befriend them. Sometimes we deliberately take neutral stand, sometimes for and at other times against. Nothing is permanent and true.
Know the real from the unreal. This is discrimination and it means only God is real and everything that is created is unreal. All created stuff doesn’t last since it has limited time. The limiting factors are many. Like time, worldly knowledge, etc. so don’t judge. We are full of mental impressions which delude us. So drop this veil of unreal and come to the folds of the Real. That is God alone.

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Why Do We Possess?

Why do we possess, when we know that nothing belongs to us? We know that we have to leave everything behind when we go!
The waiter brought fresh glasses of water in which one was half full. Everyone drank from others except this one. Now, we don’t drink from a glass which we are suspicious about, that someone else has drunk from. But it changes when we drink from our beloveds glass even if it has some remnants in it! We identify with I, me and mine!
Our possessiveness is seen in everything so we don’t eat what others have left behind.
In spiritual, the disciple is first taught to ask from unknown people. To beg for food and


shelter. This is to remove shame and the biggest obstacle called EGO.
People are possessive about their relatives, houses, food, clothing, etc.. Those who com

e into spiritual with such baggages of worldly trappings need to be freed from this idea of “mine,” hence the Guru works in removing this ignorance from His disciples.
Those who believe that they are bereft of such worldly trappings and yet cling to those are called hypocrites. They consider everything as their own.
Being in spiritual, you cannot have such possessions. Even your shame is not your own, no

t even your children or family! What about money, job, gold, cars, houses, clothes, etc., even these cannot be possessed. You have only one thing to possess and that is your faith in the divine alone. You have to give up all trappings and become free of me and mine.
For progressing in spiritual, you have to become centered in yourself. You are just a tool in the hand of God and if you have any idea of ownership then it has to be relinquished. To become the best, consider yourself that you are only an instrument in His hands. Do any inanimate objects object when they are used or misused? No! Since they ar

e just tools and inanimate, they are feelingless. So bringing yourself to that level, where the will of God is your command, you will do what He deems fit for you and for His universe. Anytime you question that, you are using your mind and then you are not under His domain anymore. You are now under your own free will. Your own free will is making you liable for your own karma. So you are the master of your own destiny. God is not responsible for your actions.
Remember its your mind alone that can work in the direction of karma. When it happens in the natural course then it is Gods will alone. Even if your mind comes for a fleeting moment, it becomes your own karmic action!
So let go of your ego and the idea of mine. Know you are just a tool in His hands. He works th

rough your preceptor in the material world to pull you out of this rut of life and death cycles.

What Is Your Measure Of Truth?

measureEveryone says that they have been taught to be truthful and live as much a truth filled life. But what is your actual measure of truth? Is it that which your conscience permits or not to tell worldly lies or is it that you feel you should get good sleep and not worry all night long? Krsna’s version of truth may not match your version.
This world is just a dream. Any object that appears here is as unreal as any dream object. So everything is just unreal and full of falsehood. Freedom is as false as bondage. If both are unreal then what is it that makes you think that you are truthful?
Here the answer is- what you believe in!
Belief in something makes it real and appear for you. That object which may be unreal becomes real for you only if you have absolute conviction about it.
The world itself being a figment of Vishnu’s imagination cannot be real. But His dream is absolutely real for all the dream objects inside it. Hence appearance or disappearance of anything is possible in His dream. Just will it with firmness and it will appear to be as real as you wish it to be.
So coming back to your truth or falsehood once again. Whatever you believe is your truth becomes your truth and whatever is falsehood becomes that. But learn to discriminate here. Only God is real, the rest is unreal. So finally everyone’s truth is unreal. Only the dreamer is the truth!

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