Be a Yogi

Teachings | KrsnaKnows Everyone has some cause to fight for in this life. Its either the family, some affliction, deprived people or communities and the ecosystems at large! Whatever the cause, there is always someone to shield it or fight for it. Religion fights for and against other Gods! Everyone says they want... Know More>>


Faith In God

Hey man, why can you not have faith in me? Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you? Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Truth.

The truth about truth. I solemnly swear that I will be telling the truth and nothing but the truth. You have heard the words before from numerous people. I swear by so and so that I am telling you the truth! And do you believe in those words? Do you believe in the words of... Continue Reading →

Is This World Lying?

Is this world lying? I was watching Morgan Freeman's science program in which he ended by saying that ask anyone the truth and it will be only a lie. I agree with him since everything is a lie in the domain of Maya. It's called Krsna's Maya and it is illusory. So someone came up... Continue Reading →

The Revelation of Truth

[ca_audio url_mp3="" url_ogg="" width="" height="" html5="false" align="left"] The revelation of truth is momentary and you are otherwise not alert to it. Falsehood remains always and changes every moment with its different hues. Have you noticed an imaginary character like Superman or Popeye or Sherlock Holmes can do impossible and unbelievable feats which your mind accepts... Continue Reading →

Man Thrives On Fear!

Man thrives on fear. Fear drives a man to do things which he wouldn't otherwise do. Fear is the key to motivation and performance too. Fear of failure is the root cause of striving hard for success. The one who can put fear in the minds of people rules over them. When you have a... Continue Reading →

Real And Unreal!

What is real and unreal? Sometimes it's so tough not to accuse someone in our life. Even though we know that the main culprit or perpetrator is that someone who is special to us. There are many reasons for our behavior. It could be that we love that person dearly, have respect for him or... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Possess?

Why do we possess, when we know that nothing belongs to us? We know that we have to leave everything behind when we go! The waiter brought fresh glasses of water in which one was half full. Everyone drank from others except this one. Now, we don't drink from a glass which we are suspicious... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Measure Of Truth?

Everyone says that they have been taught to be truthful and live as much a truth filled life. But what is your actual measure of truth? Is it that which your conscience permits or not to tell worldly lies or is it that you feel you should get good sleep and not worry all night... Continue Reading →

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