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Simply following what your forefathers have prescribed and doing it without questioning would account to following the herd. Ask them why they did that or for what reason those rituals and rites were performed. You will be amazed at their ignorance. They will offer some mumbo jumbo explanations for doing that. You should do those till your questioning hasn’t started but once you are questioning these weird activities, refrain from doing those till you are thoroughly convinced about them. Perform them only if you believe in them. Faith after ascertaining the truth will lead you to perfect answers. Then you will never delude the future generation.

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Be Your Good Self

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Be Your Good Self

I was doing a lesson from a scripture with my KrsnaGuru, and suddenly I felt an illumination within myself. It was like a knot that broke up filling my entire being with light and bliss. I had been searching for this answer for more than eight years now and felt like I was standing on top of the “Mount Everest” finally experiencing the most sort after goal – “Silence.”

I have been contemplating on, why do people change? Here I am referring to those who were once very close to me, claimed to love and follow me till the end of this earth and suddenly, even before I have realized they no longer exist in my world. For example, I had a very good friend who used to be an integral part of my life. He/She would message me daily and share their life with me.

When he/she ran into problems, I was their go-to person, who would help them get out of their gutter. I was their problem solver and a fighter in their world who had solutions to everything. Gradually, over the years they stopped messaging to me and would not even care to respond to my messages. I for nuts couldn’t ever understand why was this change.

Finally, my KrsnaGuru revealed the truth to me. When I started my journey into Spiritual, I did not have any idea of what it was all about and why the need for a “Guru.” I was too playful, and according to me everything and everyone were good. I saw the world with pink colored glasses. The first thing that happened was my Master broke the tinted glasses I was wearing to see this world.

It became the most significant cause of my dejections in life. As I journeyed along he started the purification process of my mind, and heart which eventually leads to the surrender of my ego, mind, and body unto the lotus of feet of my KrsnaGuru. In this process, I suddenly turned into an angry and bitter person; I started to see only the downside of life. I lost that bubbly, cheerful self of mine. The excitement and limitless energy that flow through my body and being didn’t exist anymore. I couldn’t recognize myself.

I did not like the person who I saw in the mirror, and I started to blame my Guru for who I had become. Whatever the answer he gave me I wasn’t convinced, and my mind would talk to me a dime a dozen instigating me against my benevolent Master whose causeless mercy is there on everybody. The light of Knowledge that He bestowed upon me was this when you are on the path of Spiritual all the vasanas or vrittis (tendencies) from many lives are brought forward.

All along it had only been my perception of what I had believed in myself of who I was. Let me explain with an example. My best friend and I have now been friends since we were five years old and our families lived next to each other in the same neighborhood. I spent a significant part of my life living in her house till we finally shifted to another locality after my graduation. I would do anything for her. Everyone called us “two bodies and one soul.” After college, she got married and moved to a different city. I continued to keep in touch with her. She never used to call me since her dad, and her husband kept tabs on the phone bills. With technology evolution things changed and Smartphones paved the way, and we are in the day and age of WhatsApp or FaceTime.

Until today, she has not tried to message me or call me. Even today she will only communicate if I would call her. I was fed-up in my life of being taken for granted and people using me to their advantage. Hence, I stopped calling her and realized it did not matter to her at all and I been feeling upset about it for a very long time. After many years, I found the answer which relieved me of my mental miseries.

The answer which my Guru gave is, the goodness or friendship which she projected was the portrayal done not just be her but by everyone in this world. Their inherent nature is hidden till the point things are favorable and as per their desires, wants, likes, expectations, etc. I was the one who did not see it or ignored due to my attachment to those whom I loved a lot. People discard you when they believe or find you are no longer useful to them in their life. Every individual is succumbing to their lower self and lets their ego and arrogance rule them. The deterioration of a human being happens very fast even before one realizes it. Know that it is effortless to fall, but it is challenging to rise and be a good human being.

In Spiritual, the Guru teaches us to have even-mindedness, be kind, compassionate, loving, to transcend the pairs of opposites such as the likes and dislikes, happy and sorrow, good and evil, etc. We are taught to overcome our inherent nature and be our “Good Self” which is the divine Self. There is a constant battle within me to fight my lower self or the inherent nature. This battle is called the war of Kurukshetra as expounded by Lord Krsna in Bhagavad Gita. My Guru calls me to be his ICBM and Nuclear weapon which he uses to fight his battles. But being a Spiritualist, I have to practice to control my anger, mind, and tongue and be good to everyone without having any biases.

As a follower of Krsna’s way of life, I cannot speak badly or say something to others even if the other person talks or misbehaves with me. I am not allowed period, but on the contrary, I am required to forgive and be kind and show my love even to that individual too. But know that the Universe is not going to spare that individual. He will bear fruits of his actions, and that judgment will be given by the Lord Himself, and there is no escape from that.

Finally, I felt enlivened and calmed down to what others think or believe of me “It Doesn’t Matter” anymore. I don’t have to prove to anyone about my goodness. The Truth Just “IS.” My swadharma is to follow my Guru’s ordain and walk along with him and continue to do arduous Sadhana (practice) and put the Herculean effort to Rise and be my “Good Self.”

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Adiyaen-U define Me!

Adiyaen-U define Me!

To my Dearest Adiyaen,

I am extremely touched by your acceptance,not knowing what it meant,Adiyaen-humble Disciple!As Shri Ramanujacharya was to His Supreme Guru! I have known from the start that a teacher is not a teacher till she has a student facing her. It is always the student which defines the teacher and black defines white, so also evil defines good. God would not be God if there was no devil to define Him.

That clearly shows if there is no contrast then the object cannot be seen at all. Without a shadow we can never know that there is light or an object. Without maya we can never understand God, without the MIND we cannot understand God!

What is MIND?M-I-N-D!

M means Maya– that which deludes us at all times.Making us think that the shadow has an independent existence and is there only because of itself.

I means I or Ego– that which makes us think that I am the doer and not someone else.You think that you got the job or education because of I ,me and myself!!!I make money,I am an husband,I earn,I give to my family food clothing shelter,education.. and so on!!

N stands for Negation or Neti-neti which means not this and not this…we do that with our mind.We negate everything with mind.But the Vedas define that as the right method,remember?

D stands for Deception which our mind always does to us. We can never see the truth since we use the mind and it takes over us.ONLY when the mind rules and not when you rule the mind!

Here I shall tell you a story of a monk who wanted to meet Buddha so he travelled a very long way to meet Him. It was nightfall and he was very thirsty so he prayed to Buddha for water and rest.

He was tired and at one place he stumbled and fell and his hand touched something.
It glistened in the moonlight as a silver goblet filled with cool thirst quenching water so he readily drank it and fell in a deep sleep.The next day he woke up and saw the silver goblet and the water he drank…..

It was a skull of a dead human with brain fluid and worms swimming in it. He puked!!!
He was then suddenly filled with light of enlightenment…… He knew then that what was water in the night was yucky stuff in day…that which makes us think like that is our MIND!!!
Go beyond it and then the truth will shine.

So when we overcome the silly MIND using the same MIND to overcome by itself, we will know the how and why and all other answers.

Maya is important to go to Him, so make her your friend and use her to get to Him.
So the other is as important as that object. Never discount anything in life.All have their own equal importance. The small cog holds the wheel remember, so give it the due credit.

So Adiyaen,I give you my LOVE and RESPECT for making me who I am and defining me!
Thank You for being yourself and giving me the credibility by sitting in front of me!

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Geet Govind Dilemma

Geet Govind Dilemma

One day, Jayadeva was upset when it came to a point that Krsna was supposed to apologize to Radha and touch her feet, so he stopped writing. Jayadeva is the author of Geet Govind, a beautiful love tome written about Radha and Krsna. The Lord touching Radha’s feet would amount to blasphemy, he thought. He decided to go and take a bath so that he could dwell on it. He goes to the river for bathing.

Soon he returns and goes inside his room. He comes out quickly and again tells his wife that he will go to the river.

Later, Jayadeva returns home and goes to his room to find that someone has written on the pages and completed it. He comes out and confronts his wife asking her who wrote that Krsna touched Radha’s feet and asked for pardon. His wife says that you came back and did and again went for bath. But Jayadeva had not written those words, then who could it be?

Jayadeva realizes that only Krsna would have come and done what was needed. So you will find that Krsna Himself endorsed Jayadeva’s writing as the truth alone.

Now for the twist in the tale-Radha wants her story to be written since there is a blank after the point when Akrura took Krsna and Balarama to Mathura. She wants the world to know that Krsna and She met again and again.

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Making Judgements

Making Judgements

Man is habituated for making judgements on others. He loves jumping to conclusions even though he has absolutely no idea of the truth about the other person.

We love to arrive at our biased conclusions even before we have gathered enough facts about another human being. I am reminded of an ad which appeared for some phone company where the woman is speaking at a nearby table holding her hand near her ear. At another table an older gentleman who looks at her thinks that she is talking to him. In fact she was talking into her phone which was a very tiny instrument cupped in her hand. Here the gentleman who thought that she was talking to him, is like us who don’t know the entire facts and just think what our little mind exaggerates to us.

Imagine someone whom you don’t like from the bottom of your heart is about to say something and you suddenly interject and cut him off dissing him right at start. Wouldn’t you like to know what he was going to speak? No! You never even allowed him to speak up. You immediately jumped the gun and destroyed the scene. This happens for multiple reasons. One of them is our previous experience with the said individual. We assume he will do the same thing as he did before. Second one is our internal biases. We hate certain things and people, say for example, people who wear black, religious folks, dark skinned, opposition parties, political folks, physically or mentally challenged ones, classic relatives, siblings, etc, etc.. Here the term hate is a strongly biased one and man surely has very strong biases.

We have to learn to control our constantly jumping mind. Can you not take in the other persons views completely before you start your conclusions? So first you gotta listen very patiently to what he speaks. Don’t interject and put your leg in the middle. Shut your mind and your mouth and get the entire story first before arriving at conclusions. Silly and stupid arguments happen only because we do not allow the other person to complete his say. We love taking a biased stand.

Look at a nation called USA and you will know what I am talking about. The media and people are bashing the newly elected president even before he has taken charge. It is important to first allow the man to speak and do his job and not criticize even before he has done anything at all. How can anyone prejudge another person? Don’t you remember the clip of Jesse Owens winning gold at Berlin Olympics? Also, remember the derogatory cover of a magazine showing a beggar sitting on nukes holding a begging bowl, depicting India is such poor light when India became the nuclear power?

Today, if you look at the above two examples you will realize that a colored man is the fastest individual and India is fast becoming one of the richest nations. Still man was doing what he is best at. Deriding others even before he has all the facts in hand. This happens so often in the talent shows too. The judges judge a person even before he had performed by looking at appearances.

In spiritual, man is supposed to shut up and listen to everything that the Master teaches. This is called silencing the mind. Listening is the most important part of sadhana or practices. Silence is integral part of spirituality. So is listening. In spiritual man learns to overcome his mind by making it silent. Yogis sit in meditative state for a very long time. Meditation is the key to spirituality and learning to silence the mouth and the mind is surely the key to progressing in that world.

A true spiritual being is never judgmental. He is supposed to never give opinions or take sides. He has to be neutral and understanding. He learns empathy and knows that no one is right or wrong. Spiritual teaches one not to be judgmental. Everyone and everything is a portion of the divine. Each of us are performing a role as written by The Lord. Even villains like Ravana or Shishupal were enacting a part in the drama of life. They were ordained to do those roles by The Lord Himself. So whom can the spiritual ones judge on?

As a concluding note I will urge every spiritual person to not judge another human being before hearing the complete story from the other side. Know that everything is perfect in its place. Without the villain there can never be a hero. They both complement each other and have their perfect places. So stop judging and become silent and peaceful.

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Don’t Feel Like Talking Anymore

Don't Feel Like Talking Anymore

Go away! I don’t feel like talking anymore to you, God!

Why wouldn’t you come to me all these days, man?

What use is it to me? I didn’t want to talk to you, God! There is nothing to speak about.

You could have just come and had a casual chat.

I didn’t feel like it. I don’t want to talk to you.

Why wouldn’t you want to talk to me? Have I not been your good friend all the time?

Yes, of course! But sometimes we stay away from even our best friends. Maybe I was busy, have you considered that?

I know every schedule of yours. So don’t bs me about your daily activities.

Okay! Then let me tell you why I didn’t want to come to you.

Now, tell me the truth and give it to me straight.

I didn’t want to meet you because I didn’t see what use is it. Also, I can only think of you in times of troubles and difficult situations.

See, that’s the truth. I know there is nothing at the moment bothering you except your office work.

That’s not true. I have my petty issues but not so big that I would like to trouble you.

There you go. You can surely come to me with whatever little or big troubles you have. I think that could be just the reason to meet.

No, I don’t think so. You already have so many people thronging at your doorstep with very tough issues, so I don’t think it is important to burden you with my silly stuff.

That’s true. Everyone comes to me with their problems. Sometimes they aren’t aware that they are too petty for me to look into.

Now you are speaking my tongue. Of course, why should these silly people dump their silly stuff on you? Can you tell me how to understand what is silly and what isn’t?

Sure. You have been given a fantastic mind and intellect and by using these wonderful tools you can solve your issues.

That means anything which has a solution by logical means we can take care of it by ourselves, right?

Absolutely. Then there are some issues which are beyond the purview of your mind and intelligence so bring them to me.

But you should tell me how does one classify the two? See, there are some dim bulbs who cannot solve their issues, what would you suggest of these kind of people?

For them there are the universal laws in effect. They should try every other type of solution that they can think of and then when they have exhausted their tries, they can approach me.

Can you give me some examples?

Someone who has tried all therapies and medical solutions for children or cancer or any other afflictions can then turn towards me.

Why should man try? Why can he not solely depend on you?

If I have given him the tools to fend for himself, shouldn’t he use them first?

Ah, you mean the body, mind and intellect? Yes, they should attempt with these tools to solve such issues.

It’s the same even in every other place. Corporate world, material, marriage, law, diseases, heartbreaks and other such spaces, man has to try his best first.

After it has failed, he should turn towards you. I get it.

Good. Now don’t you forget to keep in touch otherwise too. Just a friendly chat. Not for dumping your stupid issues on me.

Right. See you soon.

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Truth Is One Sided

Truth Is One Sided

The worldly truth is always one sided. You may wonder how can that be? But let me show you how truth can be one sided.

Let us take couple of examples here. First the perennial issues about a mother-in-law and their daughters-in-law fights! You have seen it in your life, how this happens. If you are the man caught in between these two, you will understand what I am saying. Both are right from their point of views and both are wrong too. You can see your mother getting hyper with your wife for her own reasons and your wife acting it out as an aggrieved party! Now tell me who is truthful and who is lying? You won’t be able to make out a case of one, wherein you will surely hurt the other.

Next, the case between two lovers who are breaking up now. If you are the friend of the girl, you will surely have sympathies for her and would hate the man. On the other hand if you are from the boys side it would be the opposite. So now be a neutral judge and tell me who is in the right? Neither of them. You can see the folly of both the parties and would want them to correct themselves or let go of petty reasons but both won’t let go.

Now let us see how political parties work. If you are siding one of them, you will consider your own party as right whereas whatever the opposing party does is wrong. Go to the other side and you will see the exact reverse of the same. The diehard fan of the opposition would not budge and give leeway to the other.

So now arises the question, who is right and who is wrong? Who is telling the truth and who is lying? There is no way of knowing the truth here since the truth itself is biased. You have seen it yourself, when you are the aggrieved party, you have wondered why truth cannot prevail?

In the court of law also, how many people have felt that they have got justice? Only half of them on whose side there has been the favourable judgement. Not the other side. They will always say that they are not happy with the verdict. Sometimes, man makes concessions and says that truth has prevailed. There, he means that he agrees with the verdict but the truth is entirely biased.

Now you have been wondering why I am prattling so much about these things! The idea that you get judgement in this world from other humans is wrong. You will always find the decisions unfair. When it is a matter of examinations assessment or even a simple promotion. Ask the person who failed and you will find complete disagreement with the final verdict. Everyone else who isn’t a part of positive judgement will disagree with you.

Let me tell you one thing here from spiritual perspective alone. You are no one to judge how and why something’s happen. Why does the wrong person get the girl? Why do he get the best of gifts? Why does he deserve to get the lottery? Why do the undeserving get promotions? Why did that politician get the highest office? These and many other questions which leave you with bitter feelings are best left for destiny as the underlying answer. Only destiny has the final authority and reasoning as to why someone deserves something or the other.

“Remember, no answers are in our hands. Only God has all the answers and He knows best,” is the saying. But let me assure you something here. God is NEVER INVOLVED IN ANY DECISION MAKING! You are! You are the authority who has done all your decision making in your past lives. It’s a law which clearly states that what you sow is what you reap.

If you have insulted someone in your past life, you will get it back in this one or the next. If you have beat your wife is the past life, you will now get it back as a wife and the other person reversed as a husband. Everyone and everything has its own opposite and equal reaction.

The only reason we cannot see the real truth here is because we are having no clue about our past lives. So in spiritual, the yogi never takes sides or disputes any decisions of this universe. He remains neutral or non-reactive to whatever that happens around him. He knows that life is not unjust and neither is God. There is real justice built in the system. If you have robbed someone in some past life of yours, know that you will get robbed in this one or the next. Sometimes you are the aggressor and sometimes you are the aggrieved party. So now you know the truth is not in a single sentence or life. It’s has a long chain of reasons and you lack that knowledge so you won’t understand anything at all.

So after all that you will ask me why write this thing when you know that it is no use at all? I will tell you that it is important to be your good self and be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, gentle, soft, good-natured, giving, truthful, charitable, positive, etc…

I hope you got the gist of it all. Everything has to be done in the ambit of Dharma or righteousness alone. Be your good self and love everyone and everything. Stay away from the evil and Adharmic or unrighteousness stuff. That way you will become a yogi soon enough and know the truth and the whole truth alone.

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For You

For You

Everyone believes that they are singled out for criticism but the truth of the matter is, everyone IS singled out!!! The words which you read are meant for you alone. So don’t you ever forget that YOU need to implement and change alone!

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