Establishing a Practice

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KrsnaGuruji teaches me to have single pointed devotion.

Krsna expounds the many paths to Him. Whichever way you choose or do not choose to find the Supreme Divine Consciousness is correct. Guruji’s teachings illuminate the Truth that God is as you want Him to be. In the Bhagavad Gita (Ch4 v11), Sri Krsna states, ”…howsoever men seek Me, even so do I respond to them; for all men follow My path in everyway.”

My many months of trying to meditate on the abstract formless God brought great pain and heartache since I could not see Him. However, just before my first trip to India, I received my first glimpse of the Divine through a photo of my KrsnaGuru. The picture was in jest for some, yet for me, it was profound. Countless times, His image in that photograph has brough


Exceeding Imagination

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski

KrsnaGuruji teaches me not to accept limits.

When the senses encounter an object, the mind begins to register its attributes, the intellect defines it, and then the mind makes judgements about the object. It is a very limited and narrow method of being in the world. There is a story told by Guruji of the frog in a well. The frog only knows the world from his narrow point of view and for him, the whole sky is only as big as the opening above.

Likewise, years of self imposed restraints permitted just a narrow understanding of the world around me. Although ingrained in me, those restraints could not preclude the flow of Destiny and Grace that has landed me at the feet of my beloved Guruji. By His word, I know the world is an appearance. By His word, I know “God is.”

Throughout my life, I have been dependen

Living a Fearless Life

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski

KrsnaGuruji teaches me to fearlessly move through life.

For weeks now, I have been clearing out my home. Through the course of the last 20 years, stacks of boxes and such have filled my life to the point that it has become difficult to know what’s here. The clutter around me is a reflection of the clutter within me.

Taking aim at the clutter, the boxes are steadily being removed. The mind clutter is much more difficult to remove and requires Divine intervention. Through the blessing of my Guruji, the cleansing is ongoing.

Each day brings new challenges. Thankfully, there is a growing arsenal of knowledge bestowed by KrsnaGuruji, as He has countlessly and repeatedly given the same lessons in different formats, so that I might grasp the true understanding. Compared to the time t

You Are What You Think You Are!

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The story of a lion cub found by sheep, grows up thinking he is a sheep, bleating and grazing like his foster parents. One day a passing lion takes this misguided one to a pond to show him the truth. The bleat then turns to a roar! In life if you are bullied often, you tend to believe you are always the underdog! Stop this belief of yours which makes you think, you are the mask that you wear. Look inside and know you are that lion who does not have to bleat and eat grass. Stop giving yourself negatives and degrading yourself in your own eyes. You are that eternal divine being who wears various masks and greasepaints’ to enact the various roles of child, parent, sibling, student, employee or employer, etc. Get out of that false belief and look inside to who you really are. Roar on!

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Child of God

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Beautiful Mind

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