Rise above the Mind and Body

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To rise above the mind and body is the most difficult thing for any man. To then rise above the mundane intellect and ideas of petty joys of life would be still more tougher. The Guru can only work through those who have surrendered all of the above. The purely material beings can never rise above the first covering(body) so leave alone the mind. Now think how Jesus rose above all these to reach His Father…. How many can even digest a simple bodily hurt or a humiliation of the mind? To be a spiritual being you have to rise above first the body, then mind, mundane intellect and lastly the ever enticing Maya!

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Be Your Good Self

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Be Your Good Self

I was doing a lesson from a scripture with my KrsnaGuru, and suddenly I felt an illumination within myself. It was like a knot that broke up filling my entire being with light and bliss. I had been searching for this answer for more than eight years now and felt like I was standing on top of the “Mount Everest” finally experiencing the most sort after goal – “Silence.”

I have been contemplating on, why do people change? Here I am referring to those who were once very close to me, claimed to love and follow me till the end of this earth and suddenly, even before I have realized they no longer exist in my world. For example, I had a very good friend who used to be an integral part of my life. He/She would message me daily and share their life with me.

When he/she ran into problems, I was their go-to person, who would help them get out of their gutter. I was their problem solver and a fighter in their world who had solutions to everything. Gradually, over the years they stopped messaging to me and would not even care to respond to my messages. I for nuts couldn’t ever understand why was this change.

Finally, my KrsnaGuru revealed the truth to me. When I started my journey into Spiritual, I did not have any idea of what it was all about and why the need for a “Guru.” I was too playful, and according to me everything and everyone were good. I saw the world with pink colored glasses. The first thing that happened was my Master broke the tinted glasses I was wearing to see this world.

It became the most significant cause of my dejections in life. As I journeyed along he started the purification process of my mind, and heart which eventually leads to the surrender of my ego, mind, and body unto the lotus of feet of my KrsnaGuru. In this process, I suddenly turned into an angry and bitter person; I started to see only the downside of life. I lost that bubbly, cheerful self of mine. The excitement and limitless energy that flow through my body and being didn’t exist anymore. I couldn’t recognize myself.

I did not like the person who I saw in the mirror, and I started to blame my Guru for who I had become. Whatever the answer he gave me I wasn’t convinced, and my mind would talk to me a dime a dozen instigating me against my benevolent Master whose causeless mercy is there on everybody. The light of Knowledge that He bestowed upon me was this when you are on the path of Spiritual all the vasanas or vrittis (tendencies) from many lives are brought forward.

All along it had only been my perception of what I had believed in myself of who I was. Let me explain with an example. My best friend and I have now been friends since we were five years old and our families lived next to each other in the same neighborhood. I spent a significant part of my life living in her house till we finally shifted to another locality after my graduation. I would do anything for her. Everyone called us “two bodies and one soul.” After college, she got married and moved to a different city. I continued to keep in touch with her. She never used to call me since her dad, and her husband kept tabs on the phone bills. With technology evolution things changed and Smartphones paved the way, and we are in the day and age of WhatsApp or FaceTime.

Until today, she has not tried to message me or call me. Even today she will only communicate if I would call her. I was fed-up in my life of being taken for granted and people using me to their advantage. Hence, I stopped calling her and realized it did not matter to her at all and I been feeling upset about it for a very long time. After many years, I found the answer which relieved me of my mental miseries.

The answer which my Guru gave is, the goodness or friendship which she projected was the portrayal done not just be her but by everyone in this world. Their inherent nature is hidden till the point things are favorable and as per their desires, wants, likes, expectations, etc. I was the one who did not see it or ignored due to my attachment to those whom I loved a lot. People discard you when they believe or find you are no longer useful to them in their life. Every individual is succumbing to their lower self and lets their ego and arrogance rule them. The deterioration of a human being happens very fast even before one realizes it. Know that it is effortless to fall, but it is challenging to rise and be a good human being.

In Spiritual, the Guru teaches us to have even-mindedness, be kind, compassionate, loving, to transcend the pairs of opposites such as the likes and dislikes, happy and sorrow, good and evil, etc. We are taught to overcome our inherent nature and be our “Good Self” which is the divine Self. There is a constant battle within me to fight my lower self or the inherent nature. This battle is called the war of Kurukshetra as expounded by Lord Krsna in Bhagavad Gita. My Guru calls me to be his ICBM and Nuclear weapon which he uses to fight his battles. But being a Spiritualist, I have to practice to control my anger, mind, and tongue and be good to everyone without having any biases.

As a follower of Krsna’s way of life, I cannot speak badly or say something to others even if the other person talks or misbehaves with me. I am not allowed period, but on the contrary, I am required to forgive and be kind and show my love even to that individual too. But know that the Universe is not going to spare that individual. He will bear fruits of his actions, and that judgment will be given by the Lord Himself, and there is no escape from that.

Finally, I felt enlivened and calmed down to what others think or believe of me “It Doesn’t Matter” anymore. I don’t have to prove to anyone about my goodness. The Truth Just “IS.” My swadharma is to follow my Guru’s ordain and walk along with him and continue to do arduous Sadhana (practice) and put the Herculean effort to Rise and be my “Good Self.”

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Why Do You Test Me Always?

Why Do You Test Me Always

This question was asked me by my disciple today and the answer I gave is written here.

Someone stands first in all exams and wins a lot of accolades in life goes on to become a great doctor with brilliant foreign degrees and a success in the medical field. On the other hand a mediocre person who is passing because of his low caste and big pull and who becomes a doctor…now you think if you have to undergo a major surgery,then whom will you entrust it to? Obviously, the one who is a deserving candidate would be the first example.

You have to pass through very difficult tests in life to become a jewel and shine bright. Just like the golds purity increases when it has to pass through fire many a times. We are put through various tests in life to make us stronger and stronger. To be able to withstand all the problems associated with life, we go through terrible fires of fate. We have to become as perfect as we can be to be closer to God.

He wants to entrust you with his devotees and if you are the best then only can he put them under your care. To become a preceptor also, he makes that person pass through terrible tests and sees to it that he comes out in flying colors. Only then the role is given to Him.

If you were to have a mediocre person as a preceptor then what kind of Supreme Knowledge would you have and would you be in a position to reach the stage of enlightenment? NO!

The preceptor is the closest thing to God and hence we have to put our trust in Him and have full faith in Him. He can then perform the operation which will make us perfect.

God is perfect and hence he wants you to be as perfect as Him, hence he puts you through these tougher and tougher tests to make you stronger and stronger. So that when you achieve His level, you will not say-I don’t know what to do!!

Everyone looks up to you for answers and they will only do that if they are sure you are the best that there is!And you have the answers!

To be God is not easy since He is perfect and he can never say that he doesn’t know the answer to your question or has no solution for you….Remember He too must have passed through a lot of tests Himself to be perfect.

So please know that all these tests are to make you the best that there is!

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After all the running away from my Master, I realized that my KrsnaGuru is the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Almighty Lord. No matter where I go, he will not leave me. He lives within me and I in him, as described in the Vedas.

I finally plucked up some courage and gave my Master a call, and cried my heart out. The tears were uncontrollable after such an exalted experience. It was many days before I could speak to him and not cry and by then it was time for my Master’s arrival in Singapore. I did not know what to expect since it was the first time for my Master to stay with me.

On one side, I was overjoyed and on other, I was still nurturing a feeling of bitterness. Outwardly I made sure to demonstrate how normal and happy I was. It was to be one of the toughest testing periods of my journey with him and I was certainly not prepared for what was to come.

In the world of Spiritual one should always be prepared to face trying times. These are lessons in Spiritual and the tests of these lessons will keep coming to you until the Knowledge doesn’t become perfect within you. The tests can tear you apart and even today I continue to feel that way many a time. It leaves you with a feeling of not wanting to wake up to this world at all. However, my Spiritual Sadhana (practice) has helped me tremendously and in fact, has made so strong that now I can face anything in my life.

With mixed emotions, I prepared for my Master’s arrival and decided to go with the flow and face whatever situation he puts me under. Finally, my Master arrived in Singapore and the feeling of dislike took the forefront. Of course, I put in my best efforts to take care of him but at that time to add to my worry, I was living with one of my friends and his family.

In my life until then, I had never shared or rented a place with anyone else. I had either lived in my own home or had an independent place. Firstly, it was difficult for me to live with someone and secondly, my Master was visiting me. It was the most uncomfortable period of my life. I had to ensure that we did not come in anybody’s way and I also had to make sure my Master has a comfortable stay. This certainly was a big test.

Even today I can still feel it as one of the worst periods of my early days in Spiritual. Here I was, alone in a new country and had no one to go to. I have no idea how I crossed over that period in my life. When I look back today I am so glad for those wonderful tests in my life. If not for them, I would not be even half the person I am today and neither would I be growing in to the person I hope to be.

With the Grace of my Master, I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about ‘Revelation of the Truth about Gem’.

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Changes And Disruptions

Sudden changes and disruptions creates chaos in life. Gradual and systematic alteration in any system takes years to change the fabric of that system. Sometimes man has to do a drastic and disruptive action to move far ahead exponentially.

In India, we have the political system which doesn’t allow big movements since we are the largest democracy. Everything has to be done by consensus and public support. Yet, the current government was disrupting everything by introducing sweeping changes. Take the case of demonetization, hardly anyone was consulted before taking the steps. It put the entire nation in a big shift. What good it has done to the nation can only be told much later, but still it happened.

In another country, namely the USA, a new incumbent has started a movement which is bringing about tremendous upsets. The President of USA has promised dramatic changes which requires complete disruption. He is issuing orders which are not going down well for some people. Yet, he is going ahead with it. To have proper leadership in place, you need your own team. Imagine, the cricket team of India has consensus candidates, how will the captain win the World Cup? He should have his own team in place to get to the trophy. Likewise, the American President is putting together his team and making sweeping changes in the sedentary system. Whether they will be effective or winning can only be understood at a much later date. Yet, if the whole disruption doesn’t happen quickly, nothing would move.

Human beings want to do gradually and steadily everything but nature doesn’t work that way. You need a revolution to make dramatic changes. You need to get thrown out of your job to fight back. You have to be pushed in deep waters to know your own strengths of self preservation. You have to experience an extreme struggle to understand your value worth. Complacency makes one very non reactive. Disruption creates a wave of growth.

Look at all the successful people in the world and you will understand why they are where they are. Lee Iococa was sacked from a cushy job before he could save another dying car manufacturer. Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company. He also had to suffer lots of hardships before he could get to his foster parents. Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the railway compartment to take up cudgels against the British.

Some people succeed and some don’t. But everyone has to do disruptive things to make dramatic changes to their lives. Success or failures are only results of effective actions. Gradual or slow actions will only give a man small shifts in life. To do complete transformation, man has to tear down everything. What is right or wrong, good or bad is understood only in retrospection after a very long time.

In spiritual there are two kinds of renunciation. One is slow and steady which happens over time. That is called monkey renunciation. The other one is abrupt and happens in a single stroke. This is the best method. One single swift strike to severe the body from the mundane world to join spiritual.

Jesus disappeared suddenly and returned enlightened. Buddha walked out of his palace and kingly comforts towards emancipation. Shri Ram had to undergo fourteen years of struggle. Krishna had to flee from Mathura to Dwarka in one night.

Spiritual perfection only comes with dramatic shifts only. Extreme sadhanas or practices yields results here. Renunciation has to be sudden and life changing. Then alone enlightenment will come about in a sudden rush. Self-realization is not a gradual progress. It is sudden and comes about like lightening.

So whether you are a material being or a spiritual, stop thinking slow and steady to effect major life changes. Be disruptive and spontaneous in everything and you will see the differences. Markat vairagya or Monkey renunciation will serve no purpose. So go disrupt.

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I Am Hurt

I am Hurt

I am hurt at what he had to say about me! After so many years also, he doesn’t think that I am good enough.
Why is it always, that I have to be at the receiving end? I have done so much for him and yet he says that I am no good.

I feel that I have given everything to this relationship and yet I am being told that I am not doing anything at all. I spent all my youth and prime time of my life building this relationship and in one stroke it is destroyed. Today, I feel so used and I know I will never be able to get back into the same space once again.

It’s a lost cause. I am being blamed for all that has happened. Where did I do anything at all? I am the one who was covering up all the loopholes and loose ends in life. I took all the crap and kept quite all the time. I knew what was good for this bond but here I am right in the middle of the crossroads and nowhere to go.

I feel cheated and robbed off everything that I owned. He has taken everything away from me even though I was an equal partner in this whole thing. If I would have known that this would be the returns that I would get out of this partnership I would not have got into it in the first place. I regret everything that I did. I am not ungrateful like he says, but he surely is. I gave this relationship all that I could. I nurtured it and made it strong.

He was always the one who never committed to it. I had to make him say that he loves me. He never said it on his own. I knew he was always a self centered person and now that is proved beyond doubt. He took me to the cleaners.
What am I going to do now? I don’t know what is there for me to live for. I should have been dead. I don’t want to live anymore. This life has been worth nothing to me. I wish I had never set my eyes on him in the first place. It was all a mistake.

God, this is terrible. I cannot live like this. Please give me death. I have been let down so badly. I wish this was just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will be fine. God, do something about it. Give me a sign that I can truly believe in you. Show me a miracle and I will come to your doorstep and praise you to heaven. I know there is no God there. You are just a figment of imagination. I should not have trusted and invested in you. Just leave me alone. I want to run away somewhere. I want to go some place where no one will disturb me. I just want to disappear.

I know everyone goes through this shit in life. There isn’t a single human being who could say I am exempt from the above. I have taken a random case and shown how we all behave.
This is truly the state of a martyr. First blaming the world, then themselves and finally God.
Didn’t you identify an ego over here? And notice how big that ego is? It tells you that I am hurt. I am at fault, I am responsible, I am the loser, I am used…..

The I in the statements above is the strongest. It is hurt ego. It is bloated by the pus of egotism. Hardly anyone recognizes the truth. This hurt ego is the worst enemy of man. If it was bloated, it could be punctured. Truly, the ego that is hurt is far greater and bigger than that inflated one.
Man fails to recognize the hand of destiny here. Man believes he is the doer and the receiver. He feels he is the one who is punished. Still it is the perfectly distinct ego. Don’t think otherwise!

Spiritual teaches one not to have either kind of ego. Bloated or deflated. Knowing that everything happens because of destiny and allowing the same to happen, one learns about the hand of God. Once you give the power of attorney to God or Guru, then just get on with it. Don’t blame anyone. Let them both take care of you and take you safely towards the shore of freedom and immortality. Taking the name of God and knowing that you are only a performer with a bound script, will help one to overcome this ego.

Prayers, learning under spiritual Master, doing spiritual practice or Sadhanas, being humble, surrendering to the will of God, performing your worldly duties and not expecting results from your actions are the true pathways to emancipation and freedom. Follow these paths and you will reach there soon.

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