Making Judgements

Making Judgements

Man is habituated for making judgements on others. He loves jumping to conclusions even though he has absolutely no idea of the truth about the other person.

We love to arrive at our biased conclusions even before we have gathered enough facts about another human being. I am reminded of an ad which appeared for some phone company where the woman is speaking at a nearby table holding her hand near her ear. At another table an older gentleman who looks at her thinks that she is talking to him. In fact she was talking into her phone which was a very tiny instrument cupped in her hand. Here the gentleman who thought that she was talking to him, is like us who don’t know the entire facts and just think what our little mind exaggerates to us.

Imagine someone whom you don’t like from the bottom of your heart is about to say something and you suddenly interject and cut him off dissing him right at start. Wouldn’t you like to know what he was going to speak? No! You never even allowed him to speak up. You immediately jumped the gun and destroyed the scene. This happens for multiple reasons. One of them is our previous experience with the said individual. We assume he will do the same thing as he did before. Second one is our internal biases. We hate certain things and people, say for example, people who wear black, religious folks, dark skinned, opposition parties, political folks, physically or mentally challenged ones, classic relatives, siblings, etc, etc.. Here the term hate is a strongly biased one and man surely has very strong biases.

We have to learn to control our constantly jumping mind. Can you not take in the other persons views completely before you start your conclusions? So first you gotta listen very patiently to what he speaks. Don’t interject and put your leg in the middle. Shut your mind and your mouth and get the entire story first before arriving at conclusions. Silly and stupid arguments happen only because we do not allow the other person to complete his say. We love taking a biased stand.

Look at a nation called USA and you will know what I am talking about. The media and people are bashing the newly elected president even before he has taken charge. It is important to first allow the man to speak and do his job and not criticize even before he has done anything at all. How can anyone prejudge another person? Don’t you remember the clip of Jesse Owens winning gold at Berlin Olympics? Also, remember the derogatory cover of a magazine showing a beggar sitting on nukes holding a begging bowl, depicting India is such poor light when India became the nuclear power?

Today, if you look at the above two examples you will realize that a colored man is the fastest individual and India is fast becoming one of the richest nations. Still man was doing what he is best at. Deriding others even before he has all the facts in hand. This happens so often in the talent shows too. The judges judge a person even before he had performed by looking at appearances.

In spiritual, man is supposed to shut up and listen to everything that the Master teaches. This is called silencing the mind. Listening is the most important part of sadhana or practices. Silence is integral part of spirituality. So is listening. In spiritual man learns to overcome his mind by making it silent. Yogis sit in meditative state for a very long time. Meditation is the key to spirituality and learning to silence the mouth and the mind is surely the key to progressing in that world.

A true spiritual being is never judgmental. He is supposed to never give opinions or take sides. He has to be neutral and understanding. He learns empathy and knows that no one is right or wrong. Spiritual teaches one not to be judgmental. Everyone and everything is a portion of the divine. Each of us are performing a role as written by The Lord. Even villains like Ravana or Shishupal were enacting a part in the drama of life. They were ordained to do those roles by The Lord Himself. So whom can the spiritual ones judge on?

As a concluding note I will urge every spiritual person to not judge another human being before hearing the complete story from the other side. Know that everything is perfect in its place. Without the villain there can never be a hero. They both complement each other and have their perfect places. So stop judging and become silent and peaceful.

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Don’t Take It So It Won’t Hurt!

Sometimes the most innocuous statement can create a very embarrassing scene. Take the case of someone wearing the friendship band was asked, “why are you wearing the rubber?”or when someone backs the car properly and you say, “he’s great at putting it in.” Now you are not meaning anything intentionally but the smile comes up on the persons face and you just then realize you have made a faux pas!
I always thought there was a comic book villain called The Shocker but someone actually got red in face and I looked it up in google and Wikipedia and I got a shock of my life. “The Shocker” term is having extreme sexual overtones and I couldn’t hide my embarrassment at all.
I believe we all create such errors in our lives most of the time but hardly notice it. Those who do, seem to see that innocuous word or words with twisted meanings. Maybe it’s their twisted minds which are contorted or distorted. Just as Gulshan Grower says in one of the movies,”dirty mind”. Now you just cool down and stop feeling sorry for what you meant and what meaning was taken by them. It means that you have to just mind what you say or just shut up.

Once Buddha was going for His usual rounds with a young monk. A person stopped Him in the middle of the village square and started to abuse Him and Buddha just stood there looking at him. He did not utter a single word but looked at that man calmly. After that man had exhausted his tirade, Buddha asked his leave and just started to walk away as if nothing had happened! The young monk was highly exasperated and frustrated with both their behaviors. He was angry at that man who insulted Buddha and was flabbergasted at Buddha calmly listening to that obnoxious man. He asked Buddha permission to give that man a piece of his mind. Buddha explained to the young monk that since Buddha never heard that man, He was not angry but since the monk heard that mans rant, it hurt him! Buddha taught that if you take it then you need to give it back and if you didn’t, then it never affected you! So stop taking crap or listening to it. Only if you accept it by taking it in then it will affect you!
Your mind is a minefield of useless words. If you pay attention to each and every twisted and vile words, then you will surely get upset or angry. Stop listening to useless stuff. Learn to keep your mind under control and so also your tongue. Conserve your energies for reaching higher states. The more mundane stuff you dwell into, the more crass you will be.
One day a woman came and standing outside my door yelled her head off, alleging that since I had told her fortune of not being able to go abroad, she had broken her leg and had to cancel her holiday abroad. It was because I had predicted her fortune that she was injured. I listened to her rant but kept quiet all the time. Finally she left me alone. My wife asked me since I kept silent after that whether I was feeling bad? I answered that the lady’s mouth was gutter and only gutter water will flow through that, why do I need to drink that? So I kept quiet.
If you see someone weaving in and out of traffic, you don’t need to get angry. Stay out of that idiots way! You be safe! Got that!

Let the Inner Being Speak

inner beingIf you count the number of words that actually make progress and show you the path in your life, you may be surprised to know that they are too small to notice! And on the other hand the most frivolous and confusing ones flood our silly life! The spiritually perfect just use words which are perfect and are an absolutely accurate fit. There is no hot air or useless or unnecessary flow and they speak wisely. Control of mind makes this deluge toned. So learn the art of silencing the mind and let that inner being speak sense in and through you!

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