Loving Self

Loving Self

In a dog-eat-dog world, we forget being a playful puppy and become a vicious, rabid dog. Can we not remain our cuddly loving self?


Afraid of What?

Afraid of what
You were born alone, will die alone so be happy with your own company. You were never afraid of yourself. Only the Self keeps your company forever! Know this Self who never leaves you ever!

Faith In God

Faith in God

Hey man, why can you not have faith in me?

Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you?

Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith in those things that you are eating and drinking?

I believe I have faith in what I am eating now. These are eggs, bread, butter, bacon, tea or coffee. All foods are healthy. Why do you ask?

The eggs are artificial since they are hatched by hormonal feeds. The bacon is imported and you trust the label??? Your bread is pure gluten. The grains are genetically modified. The tea is not tea but stalks of tea mixed with left over leaves in your tea bags. Your coffee is usually mixed with other ingredients. The milk is not pure and real. So why are you having faith in these things?

Oh! I only care for organically grown stuff. I don’t eat the other stuff you spoke about.

That’s the point. You are so suspicious that you won’t trust anything or anyone.

Which is a fact. I don’t really trust anyone just on the face of it.

Which means you won’t trust your man also. He may be having affairs outside too. What about your boy? He may be doing drugs too.

What are you saying? You mean my little Kevin is a drug addict? OMG. Karl is having an affair?

Oh! I just gave some examples. But did you see how you lost your faith in an instant?

Don’t joke with me about such things. I do trust Karl and Kevin is just a child.

That’s my point. You cannot trust anything or anybody in this world.

No. I have faith in my country and most of the things around me.

Tomorrow your President comes up with a diktat that all foreigners who have naturalized before coming in as refugees have to forsake their citizenship, then what happens?

Why would he do that? I am a citizen of this country and I love my homeland.

But I believe you came from Africa as a refugee. So whom are your loyalties with? You cannot be trusted. You change your loyalties.

No way. I am a trustworthy person. You cannot talk like that.

You took vows about being wedded forever but I think this is your second husband.

Don’t rub it in. Yes, what am I to do if everyone and everything is fake in this world of yours! You made it and now you ask me where do I have faith?

That’s what I want you to understand. This whole world, including your relationships and things are unreal. You cannot trust anyone or anything at all.

Then what can be trusted, dear God? You? You never give me anything that I ask for. You never gave me happiness, peace or even true love.

That’s because you seek all these things outside. You think you will get them from someone else. No way. No man can give you that. Only I can.

But how? Till today you haven’t given me that.

Now go seek happiness, peace and love within your own self. See the God within and know me that way. I live in you.

But how to do that? I cannot understand your words. Make them simple for me.

Have faith in that God within. You are capable of anything so why not empower the God within to achieve that?

But I think I am capable. Then what are you talking about? I do empower myself.

The ‘I’ that you speak about is your ego not the Self. Ego will always fail. The Self won’t. Say the God within me can do anything at all.

How are the Self and me separate? Can you tell me that?

Consider your body as the servant of the God within and then see. Your body is only serving that God within called the Self, then you have to serve perfectly. Make this body the best tool and serve the purpose of that God within.

Now I get it. You are telling me that I need to have faith in that God within and be a faithful servant with this body then I will be happy, peaceful and find love. That’s deep!

So whom were you talking to all this time? To me, you knucklehead. I am that God within you and not some imaginary God of this world. So move your butt.

Ha ha! You know it’s your butt too. Everything is on line. So let’s both move. Move it, move it, move it! Now I get it

Finding Myself

Finidng MyselfWhat does it mean finding myself? What is these terms yourself, thyself, etc., which are used so often in spiritual? Again these people say that you have to lose yourself to find yourself?

You always know about myself, yourself and so on. We use these terms very loosely to bodies around us including our own. Now if your name is Tom, then who is this Tom, ask yourself? Is Tom the body, mind, senses or some other? If you cut your nails, you will say those are my nails but you will never say, that is Tom. Tom can never be identified even till the end. People will say that is Toms body but not Tom.

You can cut off every part of the body but still you won’t find the person. This invisible or unknown entity is the one we got to find. Where was Tom before he was born and where is he now after his death? These are profound questions which are difficult to answer. Hence it is said, that it is important to find oneself first. Oneself is thyself also or you may say finding yourself.

You have to keep on the process of elimination to search for that elusive thyself. You start by saying this is Tom’s hand, this is Tom’s leg, this is Tom’s heart and so on. After eliminating every portion, you will arrive at the question- then who is Tom?

The concept of finding God or something else makes this process very intriguing and exciting. What does one find in the end? You have to follow that path yourself to know yourself. We shall in the course of our journey get some insights here. So linger on.

See God in Everything

See God“How to see God or Krsna in everything?” I questioned my KrsnaGuru. He responded saying, “First, you need to give up your desires, expectations, attachments, wants and every other form of material worldly cravings.” Why should I feel bad if someone behaves nicely with me or not, or whether they treat me with disrespect or are mean and arrogant towards me? None of these things should make any difference to me. The reason why it is making a difference is because I cannot see God or Krsna in them. I am not able to perceive that this entire universe is the ‘Self or Atma’ (Unmanifest) itself, which is the ultimate cause and the substratum of this entire Creation coming into existence.

Since the day my KrsnaGuru has come in my life, I have not once seen Him hate anyone. I have never seen Him be angry with anybody or show his Ego of the Knowledge he possesses. I have only seen him be compassionate, kind, loving, benevolent, gracious, good, giving, forgiving, and the list is endless. He has taught me to be my ‘GoodSelf’. With my petty mind I always believe that I am a good person. However, this goodness has failed to stand faith during my tests when I have least expected it. At such times, I have accused my Guru and called him name. I have become angry and said terribly things to my KrsnaGuru over the last six years. Neither has he ever given up on me, nor has he ever changed his ways of imparting the Knowledge to me. He has never restrained himself from showering all his Love on me. On the contrary, he loves me more than ever before and I have only seen his Love grow for me.

This further establishes the Truth that Krsna is the Love incarnate who can love one and all selflessly and unconditionally. He has nothing to gain from me nor does he owe me anything. Yet he continues to put all his efforts in imparting the most profound Spiritual Knowledge which is the wealth which he owns and demonstrates the way to live in this world by himself setting as an example for everyone. I have seen how he has been treated worse than a servant and made to do all sorts of things, yet he has never been bad to anyone despite being Krsna – who is the Master of this Universe, Lord of the Gods. Never has He abandoned anyone, nor has He stopped doing his duties or change His goodness and love for anybody in this World. He relentlessly carries out his job of teaching and imparting the same knowledge again and again, which will shield everyone from further falling down the hellhole while leading them on the path of righteousness.

Similarly, on another occasion where I have seen him being treated him like a ‘Man Friday’ who is there to attend to one’s beck and call. I was aghast at the way He was being treated. The way in which the person showed the arrogance of knowledge and power, left me speechless. I used to see the way this person would fight with my Master. I was shocked beyond belief and asked my Master why did He take so much slime from people and why He tolerated all their atrocities? Why can’t He put them in their places? To which He said, “My dear, very soon you will also accuse me and call me names. The difference will only lie in how well the knowledge imparted by me will stand and how your faith will come to your rescue during your trials and tribulations.” To this, I very proudly said that I would never do such things and behave badly with my Guru. Little did I know the profoundness of his words or that his words are ‘The Gospel Truth’ which came to be.

For the first time in all these 6 years and 10 months, I am beginning to understand what it is to be my GoodSelf. It is trying to see Krsna in everything and I am not able to perceive this entire creation as Krsna. The difference that exists is only because of this unrealistic entity called the ‘Mind’ which is full of desires, anger, greed, and wants – this is the root cause of all the miseries in my world. I am not able to have equanimity of mind. My mind is in constant flux and gets upset with every little thing that happens around me. Today, I have been put on a very beautiful journey of me going through such similar situations undergone by my Master. The reason being, only a person who has undergone a particular difficulty will have the first-hand or direct experience and the Knowledge or tools of facing it and overcoming it. Knowledge without real-time experience is incomplete Knowledge.

Suddenly, life became topsy-turvy with situations arising that caused harsh blows to my ego and then followed the realization which is, in order to attain the state of Self-realization or Krsna going through a hot furnace is extremely crucial. Today, I am blessed with this precious time, place and people who have been put as catalysts in my life for me to evolve in my journey. On this path which is a steep, upward climb with my Master, I know He is there, holding my hand and helping me trudge along this untrodden path. Until and unless I don’t go through this arduous sadhana (practice) in my life, I cannot realize my Self. To be a Krsna, a Ram, a Buddha or a Jesus is beyond any seekers ken and understanding. Unless and until you don’t get direct experience of these lessons, how can you ever understand what it is to be a divine being or attain the state of Godhood?

Hence, after so many years for the first time it struck me hard that whatever my Master puts me through in life, it is critical for my Spiritual weal and for unraveling my true potential which is the Pursha (Spirit) within me. It is important to unleash my natural state and realize that I am the power house of all potentials and attain Prema for Krsna within my heart – that which is His Abode and dwelling place.

The most important lessons which I continue to learn from my KrsnaGuru are to be subservient and surrender my mind, body and ego unto his feet, and to have absolute faith under any given circumstance. I must have unconditional pure Love and single pointed Devotion to Krsna. Until the purification of my mind, heart and body is not complete and till I don’t surrender my Ego at the lotus fee of my KrsnaGuru, the Lord cannot be established in my heart – just as the temple shrine cannot be opened for prayers without it being cleaned.

With all my heartfelt gratitude and humility, I offer my obeisance and prayers to Krsna – to bestow Thy grace on me so I may overcome this unreal mind. Let my rebellious mind and heart listen to Thy alone, so that it may do what Thee command it to do. Let my Ego always be surrendered unto Thy feet and be established in oneness, in love, and in bliss eternally unto Thy lotus feet alone. Confer upon me Thy grace in order for me to see Thee in everything and love Thee through everything.

Feel Happy Or Sad?

girl-1098612_1280How easy it is for man to feel happy or sad? It just takes a small incident to feel like that. Maybe a simple increment in salary or a promotion will put smile on the face. A death or a big fight would make the same person sad.
The toughest task is to have equanimity of mind. But how can one have that when it is raining gifts or accolades? Similarly how can one not feel sad when one fails in something or gets sacked? These are extreme emotions and it’s hard not to experience them.
Every psychological impact disturbs a human being and it better do that. If it doesn’t then you are either a zombie or a completely heartless person.
There are yoga classes or meditation classes which tell you how to overcome stress or anger, melancholy or tensions. Now there are medicines too which come prescribed to lower the anxiety or make you feel good. Reduce your pressure or increase the good feelings.
Sometimes people prescribe certain therapies to reduce tensions and anxieties. Body massages, travel or relaxing music could help you relax and let go of that tense situations. Eating special foods called comfort foods too gives one relaxed moments. Special psychiatric sessions or hypnosis also could be recommended for few. But the biggest flaw in the system is the money involved and every result is temporary. No permanent cures for you here. You gotta pay big money to get your slice of heaven. That’s damn costly.
So that leaves all the poor guys with no solution. They could succumb to undue pressures from everywhere and it would show. Suffering from high or low blood pressures, diabetes or body eruptions, headaches to psoriasis of skin, eczema to nose bleeds, you name it and the one who can’t afford the expensive cures or therapies go through personal hell. So what can we suggest to these poor brethren? Waste themselves or just let it be. Finally there is always death some may say. But does it work like that? We are not inhuman to recommend all that.
The truth is no one looks at spirituality for that. Everyone thinks spirituality is all about religion or conversion. They think prayers and rituals form the main backbone of spiritual. They believe that it is about false stories and propaganda material. All these are concocted versions of the mind created by humans after seeing religious fanatics or diehard ritualistic followers of religion. Some have made it out into fixated rule books written by some God! All of these above are false beliefs. So let me enlighten you here.
Firstly spiritual is less about some outer worldly God or some rule books written about some fantastic rituals. Spiritual is all about the spirit and knowing your own self. You are that special person whom you are going to understand about. It’s about knowing thy own self.
It’s like taking a selfie and then analyzing it. In that you see your own flaws and beautiful nature. You post only that selfie which is flattering to you. The one which makes you look good from a certain angle.
Spiritual makes you see what qualities are affecting you and help you in overcoming the destructive tendencies and enhancing the good ones. It’s about self knowledge. It’s knowing the God within you and making him stronger. Realizing the demons within you which are destructive and letting that God within overcome them.
Your own nature is the root cause of all your anxieties and tensions. It is making you see the world as good or bad, black or white, evil or godly. Overcoming your own nature by knowing what or who you are helps. Here I shall give you one example. Let us say you have issues with bloated stomach or gas and you go to the doctor and he prescribes some medicine. You take it regularly but go through the distended stomach and cramps. Then you look within and try to understand what causes it. After knowing your own eating habits, you come to know certain stuff you eat causes it and you give them up. Immediately it relieves you of all your silly body problems of bloating.
So know spirituality as complete cure for your own nature and problems associated with it. Understanding your own nature and knowing thyself you will be able to overcome every problem of yours. By the way, this doesn’t cost any money also. It is completely free and you can practice it at your own sweet pace! So you can come here to me and understand how this could be done. It is absolutely free and nothing to do with some rituals or medicines. For all medical help there are qualified doctors. My job is to help you overcome your lower self with the help of your higher self.
A word of caution here. Immediate health or emotional issues have to be resolved by professional help from doctors and other qualified sources. Spiritual helps only those who have the time and energy to expend into knowing the unknown. About your own self! Come only if you could park your ego outside in the trash can. Then help your self by being good to your own self. Spiritual helps you in having equanimity of mind. You won’t get swayed by anything at all after you are through knowing yourself.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Truth

The truth is the One always exists and never changes. Everything that changes is superficial and imposed atop the Self. Just knowing that truly is liberating.

The Truth

Stumble, Fall And Learn.

Stumble, Fall And LearnYou stumble, you fall and then you learn! Till you don’t fall down, you won’t learn. I have heard people say this so many times that it is no longer potent. No human being understands the true worth of these words till it is too late.
As a young man or a woman, you want to race life faster and faster. Little realizing that you are growing towards a point wherein you have to do everything by yourself. When young, you think that you don’t need to do anything at all and everything happens on its own accord. Like cooking food, putting your clothes away, clearing the bed or the kitchen, buying groceries or daily needs, paying bills in time, clearing your taxes, attending family functions and many more.
Also, if you are a man you won’t know the problems of a woman and if you are a girl you may not be aware of the issues of men. Never having bought tampons or sanitary napkins, gone to a gynecologist or experienced cramps or premenstrual symptoms or menopause, a man doesn’t feel that he needs to know that. But soon he has to face all of that in his life ahead with his woman and then he regrets losing his freedom. Likewise a woman doesn’t know the used clothes getting recycled, using dirtiest brushes, never shaving or feeling lazy to pick up stuff, paying more attention to bikes or cars are some of the idiosyncratic behavior of men.
When life begins as a couple, the habits are a little jarring but later having made adjustments they realize that someone needs to share the cooking, washing, cleaning house, dusting, buying groceries which becomes the call of life. Overcoming these is also not difficult since the need for hot sex and living-in prompts one to oversee that.
The unfortunate event happens like firming up of commitment and then the marriage. No one can know what is in store there since everyone enters that zone with velvet eyepatches. Recovering from the frenzy of first few weeks and settling down into a tedious lifestyle, the couple learns to cope up with marriage. Soon disaster strikes in the form of pregnancy and instead of them calling it a setback they accept it as a good happenstance.
Visits to the clinic are much welcome in the beginning but later the stomach bulges out and it becomes a strain. Nearing delivery the call for extra funds begins. Also sleepless nights and bleary eyed life begins. Fights and ego hassles along with strained life begins. From nappies to diapers, powders to breast pumps, feeding bottles to dryness creams, toys to prams and whatnots are the norm of the day.
Later life becomes too hectic. Dropping kid to school, buying books, uniforms, shoes, attending PTA meetings, annual day celebrations, teachers day, money needed for almost every silly activity whether the kid is involved or not. Donations and selling tickets for some vague shows of the school, compulsory attendance to school activities and so on. Could you think about all these things when you were in college yourself? You never believed that kind of world existed anywhere on earth. But it does and you have to face it.
Nobody told you about houses to be bought or anything about cars could be so expensive. You just thought you could own one of the fanciest cars or live in your fathers house forever. But soon you come to know that you couldn’t conform to your dads wishes. So you move out and search for your own place. Getting a rented place itself is tough, what about buying one for yourself? It gets lots tougher once you have to shell out multiple zeros in currency. Never had you realized that the simple and compound interest sums in school were of any use but calculating interest on housing loans becomes an easy chore.
Did you think that booking a flat is the last thing to do? There is getting it registered, painted, getting it filled with so many possessions that you couldn’t ever imagine. From furniture to pictures on the wall, crockery to cutlery, buckets to curtains, the list is endless. You never believed that your parents would have had to get into doing so many things for their own house!

You know after writing all this I am getting tired with what a human being has to go through. You too must be tired reading this long long story of personal deprivation and degradation. Where you were once a free soul without any care and now this whole life has bogged you down.
Do you know I only spoke of hardships and troubles, but let’s go further with tragedies of life now for a little while.
Friends were the best companions during childhood but once they came upto graduation levels, everyone turned into a foe. Every single friend turned into a job lyncher. You wanted the best job and they too.
Marriage wasn’t a bed of roses and relationships with parents were at the tottering end. Money was the biggest enemy for everyone. Competition in the world with literally everyone happens. Be it in office or home, relatives or neighbors, wherever you go there is jostling for space and time, even money!
This is a small glimpse of what life has in store for you. There are many more pitfalls and disturbances. Peace is what you will try to seek. You would like to have happiness and by the way, isn’t that the reason why you ran after all these things? Life can never offer you permanent happiness or peace, so why are you seeking that in your humdrum life?
Look at it this way, no relationship, no attachments or any kinds of desires will give you that never ending peace of mind. You will continue to squirm and struggle to get more and more and get mired in the twists and turns of the snake of desires. Get smart and stop looking for that in your daily life. It doesn’t exist there.
Neither can parental love or married bliss remain forever, so don’t seek that. What you have is what you should be pleased with. It’s all perishable.
There is only one place to look for that kind of happiness and peace. It’s not in your mind for sure. It’s neither in some man’s or woman’s arms, nor in some mountain top or river bank. It’s not found by reading some books on self help or going to some shrink. It’s also not found in some yoga classes or in places of worship. Drinking yourself to oblivion or doing drugs is not the answer either. So why indulge in these things which are also temporary?
Happiness and joy is found only in the self. When you open your senses and mind through your body to the external world, you will be unhappy and sad. Going inwards and asking yourself questions will open up another world for you. Ask why it is important to run after things with limited happiness? Ask where you could be lost eternally in the blissful state? Is that self God or is God that self? What is this self? Who is the self? Who can find it or who can help you find? It’s said going within helps. Meditation helps. Try it out.
If I say that there is permanent happiness in the self, then you will want to know how it happens? Until you haven’t experienced it you won’t know. So get to it fast and know there isn’t anything like it. Hope you find it.

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Be Good To Your Own Self!

Own selfI have often said that you should be good to your own self and I wonder if you actually understood that?
A mother values her child more than her own self. She will go to any length to see to it that her kid gets the best deal. But in the bargain she forgets to take care of herself. She feeds her child first and keeps herself hungry if there is no food. In the same way she can sell of her jewelry or mortgage her house to bail out her child. So she puts her life on line every time her child needs her.
I am reminded of a story of a mother and child monkey. There were floods like the Uttarkhand and the flood waters were rising. The child clings tightly to her mother when they both take shelter atop the temple spire. Finally the water rises upto the neck and the mother monkey holds the child on top of her head. The water keeps on rising. Finally to save herself, the mother puts the child down, climbs on top of the child’s body and saves herself.
Now another one!
Gandhari’s tears haven’t stopped flowing. She curses Krsna for the Kurukshetra war, saying that the way her 100 sons had died by His treachery, Krsna will have to face the same music. Krsna will see His children and relatives die in front of His own eyes. Her prophecy and curse is later fulfilled at Prabhasa. But let’s cut to our story.
She is distraught and walks into the battlefield crying her heart out. Krsna let’s her go alone and doesn’t allow the Pandavas to follow and console her. Arjuna feels very upset at Krsna’s behavior and asks Him why He is so hard hearted? Krsna tells Arjuna not to bother and just wait and watch. He tells Arjuna that Self Preservation is greater than any other kind of love! Arjuna is indignant and not convinced with Krsna’s reasoning. He tells Krsna that mothers love is far greater than anything at all. Even love for ones own self.
Krsna tells him to wait and watch. Gandhari, meanwhile has sat in front of her children’s bodies all day long crying miserably. At noon when the sun was high, she gets very hungry. The hunger pangs grow terribly. She looks around the corpses of her children and sighs. Krsna and the Pandavas have hidden themselves so she cannot see them. She finds a tree laden with fruits but she cannot reach it. After some time, finding no one around her she drags the corpses of her dead children and starts piling them up to reach the fruit. She succeeds to get one and eats it satisfying her hunger.
This story was told to me when I was a child but it took me many years to believe in the moral of the story.
I realized in my quest for spiritual that there is only One in our universe and that’s the Self. There is no mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends, spouses, children or any other person to look up to. Everyone is with their own self. So why do you expect anyone besides your own self to help you? You help your own self. Be your own Master of your own destiny. Fend for yourself. The greatest gift you can give yourself would be Self respect and dignity. You have leaned on this world enough so now start being your own good self. It’s easy to blame others for your failures but know it fully well that its your own karma and there is no one who can take credit for it.
There is no mother or father to look up to. Only God is your own and no one else. So give that God within you the credit, empowerment and respect He deserves. Stop acting helpless. Help yourself. Be good to yourself. Get empowered.

Photo Credit: Indian Holiday

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