You Are What You Think You Are!

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The story of a lion cub found by sheep, grows up thinking he is a sheep, bleating and grazing like his foster parents. One day a passing lion takes this misguided one to a pond to show him the truth. The bleat then turns to a roar! In life if you are bullied often, you tend to believe you are always the underdog! Stop this belief of yours which makes you think, you are the mask that you wear. Look inside and know you are that lion who does not have to bleat and eat grass. Stop giving yourself negatives and degrading yourself in your own eyes. You are that eternal divine being who wears various masks and greasepaints’ to enact the various roles of child, parent, sibling, student, employee or employer, etc. Get out of that false belief and look inside to who you really are. Roar on!

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Child of God

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski KrsnaKnows’ teaching: “Know that God is just and all are equal in His eyes.” KrsnaKnows presently conducts a daily weekday satsang, personal one-on-one satsangs, and live Saturday/Sunday satsangs which are recorded. There are years of recorded videos on Youtube and years of writings on the web... Know More>>

Let It Go

Zenlighted | Shree Krsna “Let It Go and Let It Be” When you let go, you create space for something beautiful in life. It is human nature to hold on to things due to our attachments in life. What we do not understand it that, holding on to things don’t make us strong. It is the letting go that will make us stron... Know More>>

Seek the Eternal

Teachings | KrsnaKnows Why does it feel good when you put in so much effort and got good results from what you did and still at the end of it you haven't reached your objective? So after working for many years, you still feel dissatisfied after saying you are happy doing your job? Can you see the disconnect here?... Know More>>

Loving Self

In a dog-eat-dog world, we forget being a playful puppy and become a vicious, rabid dog. Can we not remain our cuddly loving self?

Afraid of What?

You were born alone, will die alone so be happy with your own company. You were never afraid of yourself. Only the Self keeps your company forever! Know this Self who never leaves you ever!

Faith In God

Hey man, why can you not have faith in me? Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you? Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith... Continue Reading →

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