Watch Yourself

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski KrsnaGuruji teaches me to be a witness of the body. It is difficult to keep tendencies in check. It seems my body has an agenda of its own. I want to be free of its attachments and yet, the stubbornness of my tendencies has anchored me thus far. Tendencies are not just one’s emotions; they ... Know More>>


The Wine of Spiritual

Teachings | KrsnaKnows

Are there temporary trial marriages or trial motherhoods? Once married or when you have children, there is no such thing as trying out. You are in it for good. So when people talk of becoming spiritual by trying it out for few days sounds terrible. There is no such thing as giving it a try for few days or months. Dynandevs parents were heckled and derided by society when His father returned from sanyasa. But it became part and parcel of the 4’s lives(Nivritti, Dnyandev, Sopan and Muktabai). Even if you try out once the wine of spiritual, you get intoxicated and addicted. So there is no question of trying. You are in it for good now so proceed further by the able guidance of your Guru. Do your sadhanas regularly.

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Be Your Good Self

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Be Your Good Self

I was doing a lesson from a scripture with my KrsnaGuru, and suddenly I felt an illumination within myself. It was like a knot that broke up filling my entire being with light and bliss. I had been searching for this answer for more than eight years now and felt like I was standing on top of the “Mount Everest” finally experiencing the most sort after goal – “Silence.”

I have been contemplating on, why do people change? Here I am referring to those who were once very close to me, claimed to love and follow me till the end of this earth and suddenly, even before I have realized they no longer exist in my world. For example, I had a very good friend who used to be an integral part of my life. He/She would message me daily and share their life with me.

Being A Teacher/Guru

Why is it tough being a teacher/Guru? Why is teaching so difficult? Why are teachers treated so much with disrespect? Why is teaching as a profession frowned upon by everyone? Why are teachers paid so less for their services? What incentive is left for someone to become a teacher? I remember during my school days... Continue Reading →

Making Judgements

Man is habituated for making judgements on others. He loves jumping to conclusions even though he has absolutely no idea of the truth about the other person. We love to arrive at our biased conclusions even before we have gathered enough facts about another human being. I am reminded of an ad which appeared for... Continue Reading →

Reach Highest Goals By Greatest Efforts

To reach the highest goals in life you have to put in your greatest efforts! Charlie Chaplin became the greatest actor of all times. Alfred Hitchcock became the most prolific suspense film director. Albert Einstein became the greatest scientist and Mahatma Gandhi became the best freedom fighter of all times. Now imagine all these people... Continue Reading →

Guru’s Dilemma

Guru's dilemma can never be understood by mere disciples. Can he find anyone to transmit his complete knowledge? He seeks high and low for that elusive right disciple. Only a few can match up to the absolutely rigorous regime that he sets out with. The most revered Gurus are full of profound knowledge and they... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Sadhana

Spiritual Sadhana helps you go towards Faith and Devotion for God and Guru. It subdues the ego and steadies the wandering mind. Stay on the path by Surrendering at the feet of the Guru through devoted Spiritual Sadhana.

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