Making Judgements

Making Judgements

Man is habituated for making judgements on others. He loves jumping to conclusions even though he has absolutely no idea of the truth about the other person.

We love to arrive at our biased conclusions even before we have gathered enough facts about another human being. I am reminded of an ad which appeared for some phone company where the woman is speaking at a nearby table holding her hand near her ear. At another table an older gentleman who looks at her thinks that she is talking to him. In fact she was talking into her phone which was a very tiny instrument cupped in her hand. Here the gentleman who thought that she was talking to him, is like us who don’t know the entire facts and just think what our little mind exaggerates to us.

Imagine someone whom you don’t like from the bottom of your heart is about to say something and you suddenly interject and cut him off dissing him right at start. Wouldn’t you like to know what he was going to speak? No! You never even allowed him to speak up. You immediately jumped the gun and destroyed the scene. This happens for multiple reasons. One of them is our previous experience with the said individual. We assume he will do the same thing as he did before. Second one is our internal biases. We hate certain things and people, say for example, people who wear black, religious folks, dark skinned, opposition parties, political folks, physically or mentally challenged ones, classic relatives, siblings, etc, etc.. Here the term hate is a strongly biased one and man surely has very strong biases.

We have to learn to control our constantly jumping mind. Can you not take in the other persons views completely before you start your conclusions? So first you gotta listen very patiently to what he speaks. Don’t interject and put your leg in the middle. Shut your mind and your mouth and get the entire story first before arriving at conclusions. Silly and stupid arguments happen only because we do not allow the other person to complete his say. We love taking a biased stand.

Look at a nation called USA and you will know what I am talking about. The media and people are bashing the newly elected president even before he has taken charge. It is important to first allow the man to speak and do his job and not criticize even before he has done anything at all. How can anyone prejudge another person? Don’t you remember the clip of Jesse Owens winning gold at Berlin Olympics? Also, remember the derogatory cover of a magazine showing a beggar sitting on nukes holding a begging bowl, depicting India is such poor light when India became the nuclear power?

Today, if you look at the above two examples you will realize that a colored man is the fastest individual and India is fast becoming one of the richest nations. Still man was doing what he is best at. Deriding others even before he has all the facts in hand. This happens so often in the talent shows too. The judges judge a person even before he had performed by looking at appearances.

In spiritual, man is supposed to shut up and listen to everything that the Master teaches. This is called silencing the mind. Listening is the most important part of sadhana or practices. Silence is integral part of spirituality. So is listening. In spiritual man learns to overcome his mind by making it silent. Yogis sit in meditative state for a very long time. Meditation is the key to spirituality and learning to silence the mouth and the mind is surely the key to progressing in that world.

A true spiritual being is never judgmental. He is supposed to never give opinions or take sides. He has to be neutral and understanding. He learns empathy and knows that no one is right or wrong. Spiritual teaches one not to be judgmental. Everyone and everything is a portion of the divine. Each of us are performing a role as written by The Lord. Even villains like Ravana or Shishupal were enacting a part in the drama of life. They were ordained to do those roles by The Lord Himself. So whom can the spiritual ones judge on?

As a concluding note I will urge every spiritual person to not judge another human being before hearing the complete story from the other side. Know that everything is perfect in its place. Without the villain there can never be a hero. They both complement each other and have their perfect places. So stop judging and become silent and peaceful.

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Too Many Gods

Too Many Gods There are too many gods out there. Why do all these religions have so many gods to contend with? In some other place they say there is only one God. So who is right?

There is the Sun god, Moon god, water god, sea god and fertility god! OMG! Can we say that there is someone ruling over the star called the Sun, so he is called sun god? Likewise, some entities who rule over certain territories are called by that name. Like the President of the USA is some individual and he is there for his term in USA only.

So that clearly shows these gods are with a finite lifetime and rule over a particular space for a very limited time.

Now, if there is a mountain god whose name is Mountain God, then that is just a titular position and many people could take that position up. All of them would still be called Mountain God.

That brings us to the subject of how big is their position. Not big at all, I may say. These gods are restricted by their place, time and power. One god cannot rule over others territories. So the Sun god cannot rule over the Moon. They all have limited powers and positions.

There are gods ruling over education or wealth, rain or sea, smell or sound, knowledge or ignorance. Each are representative of their respective domains. You might have noticed that I called them by the small letter g! So if you were to ask me, whether they are actual gods or just some powers and I will definitely agree with you in whatever you think. Call them gods or just powers, it really doesn’t matter.

Remember these so called gods are just representing certain domains and we have to operate within those areas. Which brings us to the point of asking permissions. Just as you have to apply for visas or get grants or loans, you have to apply to the respective authorities. In the similar manner, you need to supplicate to the respective god for his permission to operate within his said domain. When you apply for their permissions, would mean you are praying for his grace to grant us that permission.

In conclusion, there are domain heads who are called gods who have specific powers only. These are temporary heads occupying the positions for a very tiny amount of time. As humans, our job is to get their express permission by praying for their grace only. So qualify for it and ask nicely and you will get your visa or you might get rejected if you do otherwise.

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Mind Power

MINDPOWERMind has so much power that it can distort anything for you. Any sentence can be twisted out of context and used to your own benefit or ruin.

Losers And Winners!

winnersLife has always been full of comparisons. You compared yourself to your sibling, your childhood friends, your neighbors, your relatives and the world around. What have you compared yourself and others with? Money, power, beauty, wealth, knowledge, afflictions and diseases, deformities, spouses, cars, houses, money in the bank, gratuity, compensations, closeness to power base like politicos, gangsters, god, priests, etc.
Strangely you have always been a loser, correct?
Otherwise, when you have to boast to others, you were the greatest gift mankind! You have everything that others can only dream of. A beautiful eye candy wife, two beautiful children, pile of legacy, loads of money in bank, latest jewelry, cars, condos, best holidays, loving parents and in laws, best friends, great work place, good colleagues and you name it and I have it.
How many times were you a have’s and how many times were you a miserable poor vermin? You were a scum of the earth more times than the king of good times! You were mostly without maal! Maal nahi!
Mostly you were the loser and hardly ever did you win!
Krsna says, “You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. You have the power to rise with your own Self effort”!
So stop cribbing about your miseries and start becoming that great effulgent God. The power is within You.

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Myths And Their True Meanings

True meaningsWe look at life through a series of pictures and stories. In ancient times the sages and great authors told stories to convey meanings to the people. Later as time passed the great kings organized story telling competitions.
The beautiful books from the past reveals us these things. Take the case of Iliad, Ramayana or The Arabian Nights.
In today’s day and age it’s the media which shapes our life. We read books, watch movies and serials or read newspaper or Internet. The media revolution today has expanded our quest for knowledge. So we use our senses and mind to draw us the meanings after using these mediums.
The stories from the past were very unbelievable since they spoke of magic and sorcery. Today any mention of such stuff would make it fictional. We do have scifi stuff today in books and movies also but they look very plausible.
Not so about the ancient texts. The vimanas or flying objects were so dynamic. They could transport you in a jiffy but there is no known technology mentioned about them so we look at them suspiciously. So also magic weapons or astra shastra. I am sure you will discount them today and wonder how they could have been made then! In the same way today’s sci fi movies show us fantastic technology but you may see these working few years later.
The kind of stories like Superman, Batman, comic book stories are just like the made up old stories. People or creatures with superhuman powers. You discount them immediately. But stories which talk of space or world annihilation seem very plausible.
Today there are no Godly heroes but human beings with great powers. They seem too good to be true but finally they save the world. And have you wondered why they are from one super power. The heroes talk of saving nations, their leaders, their families, friends or their space stations colonies. There are no lessons which can shake the earth or create religions. Except Star Wars. They started the religion of the Force. Let the Force be with you. An Avatar is some blue creature who dies and lives like a human. A Vishnu sleeps on a poisoned island. A Hanuman or Ganesha fights locals goons. They have more childish appeal. Wonder what the modern God does next? I hope He has better job than saving leaders or people and stick to bigger picture.
Mythology and stories about Holy people have molded our characters and have instilled certain beliefs in the mystical. They are told only with the intention of straightening our lives. Lets hope the sceptics do not change the true meaning of these great works. Lets also hope that fanatics do not force your beliefs. Lets derive true meanings out of such stuff and hope we have a better world.

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Fear And Power Of Delusion

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delusionFear and the power of creating delusion in man. Fear appears in man because of ignorance and hyperactive imagination. As a child, you might have been afraid to go in a dark room and with your imagination, creating ghouls and ghosts in there who are waiting to gobble you up, you were more terrified.
Sometimes a big bully or a strict teacher created that fear in you. One of your parents was extremely demanding too. These were bogies of your past childhood and now it’s either your boss or your spouse. Maybe an over imposing mother in law. Your over active mind creates images which make those people far more strict, dangerous and overbearing.
Sometimes our past experiences with some authority instills more such junk in our mind. Authorities like government or societal. We become too much afraid of the authorities too. The rule book also makes you wilt.
Now ask yourself what would be the worst thing that would happen to you if you were to disobey that person or order? You will get your answer. Is that why you were afraid of that?
Fears are unfounded mostly. They can be eliminated by right conclusions. Children are prone to such unfounded reasoning drawn from stories and peer groups. Fear is also creating weaknesses in a person. Even though we might not have tried out something the dread remains due to some vestigial feelings or passed down stigmas of those incidents or places. We refrain from putting our best foot forward.
Those who venture are called daring or adventurers. They are also called foolish by the ones who never dare. It’s not falling out or falling off. Just stop being silly and just try it. Yes, you may fall and get hurt but why are you not trying it? It’s not a dare. On the contrary that situation has arisen for your benefit and you should try it out. The maximum damage would be a failure or an injury and you could try again or be careful to avoid that.
So don’t be afraid of anything at all. There is everything to loose if you don’t do something and only gain if you loose fear and do it. Stop jumping to conclusion based on incomplete information. Just keep going. You should attempt it. Keep fear away and do the impossible. Remember Captain Kirk? Go where no man has gone before.

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Power Of Perseverence

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life-335446_1280__1434606317_203.92.58.74We are sometimes very persuasive and sometimes we just let go. Those things that raise our interest we follow them till the end results but those which are uninteresting we just drop half way or never touch them at all. We hear stories of great men who distributed newspapers during the day and studied under public lamps to become outstanding citizens. That’s Newton. Einstein wrote formulas on the back of ticket stubs. Alexander the Great won for himself the largest land tracks in history at such a young age. Hapshetput ruled Egypt and the only disguised woman who wore a false beard to rule. Now you ask yourself what does it take to be like one of them? Perseverance. Go get it. Go after your dreams. Even if the dream is to be sitting next to God Himself. You are that Son/Daughter. Your true grit and persistence will win you that position.

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The Power Of Rejection

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power of rejectionThe power of rejection drives a person either to cower down or to roar like a lion.
Those who wish to get bogged down by the idea of rejection feel defeated and remain losers throughout the life. They do not see anything worthwhile and tend to become recluses.
But there are those who feel that they have been given a short shrift and struggle to survive and shine out unscathed later in life.
The power of survival is innate and inborn in all human beings and animals too.
There are shows which depict the power of rising in the television every single day.
Rejection makes a person tougher to realities of life. Knowing the true value of what it means to have and never to feel let down.
The spirit for survival is embedded in us from the time the sperm rushes towards the egg and fertilizes it so when someone says that they have no will to live I feel terribly sad. They have survived terrible odds in the mother’s womb even before they were brought out of it and now if they say that they do not feel like living or facing the situation it is sad!
The power of survival is seen even in the holy books and myths.
Take the case of the Pandavas who could feel terribly let down by destiny but survived the biggest war of all times and came out victorious. Even Sri Krishna had to survive Kamsa and later Shishupal.
Sri Ram too had to fight His all powerful enemy to rescue His wife.
So stand up and fight every kind of disappointments and rejections.
Be strong and fight because it is the power within you that makes you who you are.The Survivor!
The strength of a woman rejected is like the Devi Ma who had to fight the terrible asuras after they had conquered the devlokas.
The man too should know the act of rejection has been put there as a hurdle to overcome in life so that they can become tougher and stronger.
So get up and fight all you who feel terribly let down and burned out.
Remember Shahid Kapoor saying in Jab We Met…We have reached rock bottom now and there is no further going down. The only way is to go UP and we will go UP!
Remember God helps only those that help themselves so stand up and fight!

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