Guru And Devotee

A few days back MyKrsna and MyMentor were going on a spiritual trip to Banaras. I met them in the evening before they departed and we three had a great Satsang time. Every time MyKrsna meets me and also His other devotees, He showers the same Love on each one of us. He treats every... Continue Reading →


Own Destiny

No one can offer you anything besides your own destiny so why are you going begging to some deity who seeing your ignorance makes you believe that he has given. Don't fall in that trap. Just keep on doing what you got to do. You are already treading the path of your own destiny! Don't... Continue Reading →

Test of my Quest for Spiritual

In the December of 2009 my Master and I planned our first international destination visit to Singapore where his very first student is based out of. The whole program was laid out for my Master to go and teach Spiritual to her as well as meet others who were keen to learn - the whole... Continue Reading →

What Purpose This Life?

What's the purpose of this life, he asked? Why do I need to come to you to find that? These questions were asked by the young man who came to see me about his career. So I started by telling him that no one needs to come to me for finding out the purpose of... Continue Reading →

To Be With Guru

"Why is it important to be with the Guru? Is physical presence so very important?"asked Ramakrishnaji. Now the purport of the question was to know if there are any important reasons for being in close proximity to the Guru. Wouldn't it be easier to just think about Him and mentally worship Him? Surely, you can... Continue Reading →

Atheism And Seekers Of Truth

I wasn't shocked to learn that there are more atheists in the world today than a few years ago. The research conducted suggests that there are 13% atheists today in this world and their number is growing exponentially. In India alone the figure shot up by 6% to rest at 18%. In China 50% people... Continue Reading →

Let the Inner Being Speak

[ca_audio url_mp3="" url_ogg="" width="" height="" html5="false" align="left"] If you count the number of words that actually make progress and show you the path in your life, you may be surprised to know that they are too small to notice! And on the other hand the most frivolous and confusing ones flood our silly life! The... Continue Reading →

Feel Useless?

I feel useless. I don't know what to do with myself now? I want to be left alone. No one understands me. Have you heard yourself say these words very often? Do you get in a sudden rush of distaste or disgust? Would you like to run away to some far away place and get... Continue Reading →

Leaving Your Guru?

What happens when you leave your Guru? I am often asked what happens to those disciples who leave or fall off from their path in spiritual? Well! Nothing happens. They continue to do what they are supposed to do and live accordingly. Which translates into- they continue to live without their Master. Many years ago,... Continue Reading →

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