Guru And Devotee

Guru and devoteeA few days back MyKrsna and MyMentor were going on a spiritual trip to Banaras. I met them in the evening before they departed and we three had a great Satsang time.

Every time MyKrsna meets me and also His other devotees, He showers the same Love on each one of us. He treats every devotees and disciples as His children.

I even wonder how is this possible to be the same and show the same love to everyone.It is the great attribute of the Master and He cannot be compared with any Human and his love.

Recently I read an article on Sri RamaKrishnaji’s teachings where He narrates a story of a Mother and her four sons to His disciples.

A mother, had four sons and every time she used to cook fish, she made four different recipes for her four children.The Master asked a question to His disciples if she was being partial or did she show any difference in love?

Some answered that she could have been partial, but then the Master replied that it is Love she had on each and she displayed to each of her sons in the way they liked.

So does the Master to His devotees and disciples. He Imparts knowledge as per the liking , path and candidacy of the student. There is no partiality in the world of the Master.

He takes all into His folds and shows them the Path to reach God.


Own Destiny

Own DestinyNo one can offer you anything besides your own destiny so why are you going begging to some deity who seeing your ignorance makes you believe that he has given. Don’t fall in that trap. Just keep on doing what you got to do. You are already treading the path of your own destiny! Don’t ask!

Test of my Quest for Spiritual

Quest for SpiritualIn the December of 2009 my Master and I planned our first international destination visit to Singapore where his very first student is based out of. The whole program was laid out for my Master to go and teach Spiritual to her as well as meet others who were keen to learn – the whole exercise of planning began. With all the excitement in this world I started planning for our trip. My mother was also to accompany us. However, I was not privy to the entire back-ground.

It was initially decided that my Master will stay with my friend’s family where my Mother and I were to be staying. However, on the day we landed in Singapore his student had decided that my Master would live at her brother’s place and this was the first shocker for me as I was not told about this early on. It came as a big blow to me as I wanted to be with my Master. And now began the fun.  🙂

With great disappointment I accepted this although I still kept asking my Master why things had to be like that but he said he was his student’s guest and had to abide by what she had planned for him. This was the beginning of my hatred of my Master’s student. Before I continue, one thing I would like to make clear here – everything I am expressing here whilst true but are the Leelas of my Lord who has manifested with his coterie to play this sport on this earth. Being born in this human body one has to go through the process of learning and I am here learning under my Master of what is Spiritual all about, what Love for Krsna is all about, etc.

Now back to my story – this was my first separation from my Master and for the first time, the feeling that my Krsna Master belongs to someone else crept in. The most important and the prime lesson for a starter on the path of the Spiritual is that you cannot own nor possess the Master. He is neither the body, mind or the senses. He is beyond the material world and has transcended the three Gunas (Modes of material nature – Sattva – Goodness, Rajas – Passion and Tamas – Stupor). He is the Supreme Lord of this Universe – the Supreme Divine Consciousness alone.

In the first 3 months I believed that my Krsna belonged to me but here was my first lesson where all that vanished the minute I saw what was going on in his world with his other student. But this is only a delusion, or what we call in Spiritual as Lord’s ‘Maya’ who was playing a role only for me to progress in my Spiritual path and understand the Truth behind all that was happening. Given that I was only few months old into the path, just an unripe fruit which had to go through the process of ripening i.e. to uncover the ignorance for the knowledge to be illuminated from within. That is why the Guru is called the remover of darkness or ignorance and as the uncovering happens the knowledge becomes self-effulgent – hence it is called ‘Self Realization’

I now began to hate my Master’s disciple and started to get angry with Him and at the same time I was experiencing immense pangs of separation for my Master. It was highly impossible for me to stay at my friend’s place. I could not focus on anything but the only craving was to be with my Krsna. Everyday my Master would give Satsang and I would make it a point to go running for it no matter where I was. While on one side I used to feel so happy and at peace with myself the moment I would go to meet him and listen to the Satsang and at the same time I used to get angry seeing his disciple around him. But in this process my Love and devotion started growing and my quest for Spiritual increased with every given moment.

Throughout my entire trip I only used to think about my Krsna Master even though I was going around sight-seeing with my Mom and my friends. Though I was with them physically my mind was only thinking about Krsna. What was he doing, where was he? Has he eaten? Was his disciple taking care of him or not? Where ever I went I started to see him there and wished he was with me in person. I couldn’t stop crying! This was something I experienced for the first time in my life. From then on it has only grown deeper and deeper even to date.

A strange burning in my heart happens. At that time I did not know what was going on with me and why it was happening. But today I can understand it and feel so blessed for this growing Love and Devotion to my Krsna. Every moment I Pray that my ‘Tishnagi’ for my Lord to grow beyond the limit of sky which can never ever be measured to the one who is ‘Athangasagar’ limitless Ocean. Though he was kind enough to talk to me every single day over the phone it was only for a short duration as the incoming calls in Singapore are chargeable.  But none of this still could appease my thirst for Him or the longing to be with Him.

Then after a week or so he graced me with his presence at my friend’s place. I was the happiest person alive that day and had never felt so on top of the world before. It was for me the ultimate thing to happen. And when he visited me I was sitting at his feet and crying away to glory. I told him how much I Love Him and what he means to me. How much I want to learn Spiritual from Him. But at the same time the bitterness for his disciple also grew quite strongly. I hated all that she had made my Krsna go through and how much he was suffering because of her.

While I was taking it very patiently but deep within a strong hatred for her grew because of the amount of pain she had given to my Krsna. I do not physically possess my Lord but in my heart I possess Him. I cannot see or take anyone treating him badly or causing Him pain. They mustn’t make Him suffer due to their mistakes. But Krsna is so kind and compassionate that He takes on everyone’s sins and suffers for them. Today I learnt this exact lesson in the Baba’s pothi – a reiteration to how great the Guru is who endures all sufferings of his devotees and disciples while bestowing His grace on them so that they do not fall from the Grace of the God and the Guru. Like this my Master tested my faith in my quest for the Spiritual and how truly I want to be with Him and learn from Him.

With the grace of my Master I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about the Test of my Quest for Spiritual Part II.

What Purpose This Life?

purposeWhat’s the purpose of this life, he asked? Why do I need to come to you to find that? These questions were asked by the young man who came to see me about his career.
So I started by telling him that no one needs to come to me for finding out the purpose of life from me. I do not have a magic formula to know that. You can find that out yourself on your own if you wish to. My doors are open for those who wish to come and walk out too. No one needs to come to me for that. I haven’t invited anyone, nor have I asked anyone to sit and listen to me. You are free to do what you please.
So let’s get down to the bare question,”What is the purpose of this life?” For those who actually need the answers there are pointers thrown on their path. Some find it and some don’t. Some may say, I found my purpose of saving poor children, some saving rare birds, some climbing mountains, some just making money, some doing charity, some sing and others dance. These and many more are life’s purposes, they all say. But look at your own children and think why did you give birth to them? You can give me the classic answers like I wanted a family, just wanted to make love, happened by mistake or some such. Whatever the reasons, we all need our kids to recognize us as parents, work for their dreams, live a great life, better than our own, create wealth and name or fame for their own selves. But in the end acknowledge us.
So the main purpose of this life is to do what we have been given this beautiful life for and acknowledge the One who gave us that. So achieve success and reach the goals set for us to reach. It could be becoming a taxi driver or climbing Mount Everest or any other thing. So we need to find that main purpose of life.
It’s not so easy to know that. You have to search for the answers. These are elusive answers and it’s tough to find them. To reach the answers of life purpose, you have to know that there are no such things as money, fortune, fame, happiness, joy, perfection in the art or acknowledgement of any kind from anywhere as the criteria for reaching that elusive destination. If it’s about happiness then you will be disillusioned with life. So knowing your true calling is a must.
So now understand this is where I come in. I am here to provide that answers. I don’t do it for the love of money or name. I don’t ask you any kinds of benefits too. So it will show you my sincerity that I ain’t doing it for gain. My purpose in life is to show others their purpose. Got it? So if you come to me I will lead you on your path of life.
Now the next one- why do you need to come to me? No need. You can read any book anywhere, attend any classes or seminars or meet any life coach to know your true calling. But like I said, these are trained people but I ain’t. They have to make money or get whatever they wish to from their own life. Not me! I don’t have to gain anything from you. So I don’t have any qualms if you walk out. I am not after your money. But for you to know that calling is important so come if you want to. Otherwise don’t bother.
My job is a unique one. I don’t have any physical qualification like others. My spiritual knowledge comes on its own. There are no hidden scriptures with me. You get your scripture I will teach you that. So I can’t show you any qualifications. So there are no certificates on display to know the reasons of coming to me.
If you come I shall unveil you slowly giving you your true calling. Lead you up the path of serving the reasons for your birth. Then showing you whom you have to thank for being here. So come if you must. Your call now!

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To Be With Guru

Be with Guru“Why is it important to be with the Guru? Is physical presence so very important?”asked Ramakrishnaji.
Now the purport of the question was to know if there are any important reasons for being in close proximity to the Guru. Wouldn’t it be easier to just think about Him and mentally worship Him?
Surely, you can do it that way. But the truth of the matter is how much would you be able to focus or get spiritual ken that way? Being a material worldly person always till you happen to meet your preceptor, the sadhak needs to be under the complete guidance of the Master, otherwise it would be very easy to slip down the mundane life path.
The material worldly life is full of pitfalls and every moment the great Maya is constantly egging you onwards towards a desire filled existence.
When you surrender to the Master, it is His job to take care of all your basic needs. You will never be falling short of your day to day existence. But when you strive in the material world with your own mind, without the constancy of the Master’s presence, you have to personally handle even your smallest karma.
Now there are multiple types of karma at play. The one that you arrived with in this world to dissipate, which is Prarabdha karma. Being in constant company of your Master, He will be able to cushion the effect of the impact. You will still have to face that karma but the impact will be reduced.
The next important thing to note is how you can face the futuristic karma or agami. Being in the company of the Master, He helps in reducing it greatly. For those hapless ones who are not in His August company, they will have to go through the travails of facing its future impact. Since Agami accumulates in this life, the casual sadhak has to take birth once again to use it up. But this cycle doesn’t ever end. The Spiritual Preceptor teaches the regular sadhak to work it out in this life itself so that he is not needed to face it once again.
Then there is the accumulated karma or sanchit. The Master takes you through the motions of various sadhana so that it completely dissolves. The Master takes on himself to work that karma out so that the devotee can focus on his sadhana during the training.
Then there is the tendencies which the sadhak comes with. That cannot be eroded by natural methods. The constant teachings of the Master makes one overcome them. These vasanas are extremely dangerous for the humans. They make one succumb to their behavioral traits again and again. Tendencies or Vasanas are ingrained or absorbed in this life. To stay out of reach of these destructive tendencies the path open for a sadhak is to completely surrender to the will of the Guru. That way he only follows the teachers instructions and never falters to his own mind.
Overcoming the mind is the most difficult aspect of sadhana. Hardly anyone can win against the mind. But by pure devotion to the cause of learning under the tutelage of a great Master would ensure the disciples victory of curbing the evil influence of the mind.
So having complete trust and faith in the preceptors words and teaching, surrendering to His will would benefit the devotee or disciple the highest. Devotion and unconditional love for your Guru would take you towards emancipation or enlightenment.

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Atheism And Seekers Of Truth

AtheismI wasn’t shocked to learn that there are more atheists in the world today than a few years ago. The research conducted suggests that there are 13% atheists today in this world and their number is growing exponentially. In India alone the figure shot up by 6% to rest at 18%. In China 50% people are non religious. Except for Pakistan where religiosity increased by 6%.
The USA has over 19% population which does not believe in God!
This article appeared in the world press in the last few days.
I guess we are heading towards a godless society soon. Considering great religions like Buddhism and Jainism has no god to look up to.
I was talking to some of my disciples about it a few months ago about this subject of atheism.
I told them that the reason why some people are moving towards godlessness is because there is hardly anyone who can tell them the truth about the myths that surround gods. The gods are made out to be some cartoon characters. Stories of gods are trashed because they are not answering any questions about extreme atrocities or poverty issues, rapes and mass murders in the name of god, issues like homosexuality and extramarital affairs, fake rich gurus and richer cults, forceful intervention by religious leaders and gun totting religions. Stories of gods read by the parents make no sense because kids ask questions which parents or grandparents cannot answer. They have been blind believers of this comic book god and haven’t questioned his veracity. Holy books talk of gods which punish and threaten you into submission. Fearful god and god who holds up rule books in front of you. God who says that condom is no good, family planning even in the wake of population explosion is not right, sex is a taboo subject to discus but the same priests rape kids.
Our world is fast hurtling towards chaos in Kali Yuga. With no one to explain the true meaning of God or His antecedents, the current and future generation is going towards atheism.
Parents need to first understand whatever they are dishing out in the name of religion themselves. If they can understand then they can teach their kids properly. No longer blind beliefs should be followed. The children and elders need to question the whys and wherefores of god and ritualistic beliefs. Only if they are satisfied will they believe in that otherwise there will disbelieve.
I was watching a Disney film called The Bridge To Terebithia and the girl questions the belief. There the question about god is raised. Why does god send you to damnation and hell if you are a non believer is the question asked. Remember it’s a kids film!
So I try to explain to my disciples about these subjects which vex them and their kids. You should get the correct explanation which will convince you. Your conviction should be based on your own logical minds inferences. You should not be afraid to question blind beliefs and rituals. Religious books need a lot of decoding for everyone.
If you come with an open mind to learn science, then what stops you from understanding true spirituality if you come with a clean slate? Knowing God is easy if you only ask for the truth. The beginning of spirituality is with the word Quest. Short form of asking questions! Ask questions, get proper convincing answers, be satisfied with the proofs kept in front of you and don’t get into false religious beliefs. God doesn’t tell you to torture yourself the way religious fanatics do.
God is about Self discovery. Knowing thyself. It’s about who you truly are. It’s not about some god who lives in some unknown heaven somewhere. It’s about finding yourself.
Your journey into finding yourself begins by questioning. So ask questions and seek answers from those who can satisfy your thirst. Those who know the truth can tell you about it. Seek these Knowers Of Truth first.

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Let the Inner Being Speak

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inner beingIf you count the number of words that actually make progress and show you the path in your life, you may be surprised to know that they are too small to notice! And on the other hand the most frivolous and confusing ones flood our silly life! The spiritually perfect just use words which are perfect and are an absolutely accurate fit. There is no hot air or useless or unnecessary flow and they speak wisely. Control of mind makes this deluge toned. So learn the art of silencing the mind and let that inner being speak sense in and through you!

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Feel Useless?

feel uselessI feel useless. I don’t know what to do with myself now? I want to be left alone. No one understands me.
Have you heard yourself say these words very often? Do you get in a sudden rush of distaste or disgust? Would you like to run away to some far away place and get lost? Would you want to shut your door and eyes and ears and never want to see or hear anyone? Do you feel your space is violated if someone asks you “wassup?” Do you want your friends or relatives to just leave you alone?
You have asked people not to disturb you or bother you. Yet, they come and bug you so much wanting to know what is exactly wrong with you? They cite stuff which says how involved you were a few months ago and now you seem lost. They are such busybodies that they insist on knowing what’s wrong with you. You keep on telling them that everything is alright. But you know very well that it isn’t!
So what do you think is the matter with you? Why are you feeling so helpless and disinterested? Why are you not wanting to mix around with people or work?
You really have no idea why you are feeling this way. You would love to know from someone. You want to meet someone special to whom you could talk to. Let your hair down. You pray that you meet someone on the way. Your phase in life is full of vulnerability. You are weak and hurt, insecure and unsure, confused and gullible. You don’t want some more people to confuse you further. So now let’s see some instances of how some go about trying to find solutions.
Recognizing the need of a companion, people get into another relationship having burnt their fingers multiple times. They look out for fresh blood or someone who doesn’t fit the bill of a regular S/O. But as relationships go, they are bound by natures law, surely end up in souring further. Just like relationships in a rebound tend to be. Disastrous by virtue of being of incendiary nature, you have to avoid getting entangled time and again. Why are you glutton for punishment or torture? Is it necessary to fall into fire from the frying pan?
The next is to find some guru or spiritual person. To join his or her classes. Maybe it is some form of yoga or meditative practice. You attend classes to find your true self there or to get peace and quiet. You talk to that teacher but soon you understand that they are in it for money and fame. Their motivation is to get more and more people to join. They don’t have spiritual stuff in them. You get disappointed soon enough. The body or mind exercise seem like a sham to you. You aren’t able to see any benefits in them. You again loose your mind following these routines. Your restlessness return in a double whammy.
Maybe you feel traveling will help you ease that uncertainty or maybe some outdoor activity. You take long leave and set on the journey. You enjoy for a few days but soon the night time is ghastly. You feel great during the day but when you dwell on the lifestyle or past out there, the Devils again stand up. They make you cringe in pain. Returning back you get into the same dreary lifestyle of monotony. Your life seems a complete waste.
So neither finding a S/O helps, nor getting into some therapy of the soul or soul searching travel. You are left with no choices but to get depressed further. You need a purpose in life and some direction. Your life seems a complete waste, so you wouldn’t want to get into that. Be of some use to society. To serve a certain definitive purpose. You seek that thing which you can call your own and doing which you feel complete. Your satisfaction or peace should be what you do.
So the solution to all the above problems is to find some truly great occupation which will satisfy your inner being and not give you the bloat-ware that you experience in life. A true blue worthwhile space and freedom. So you should have the answers and feel complete.
The answers are not outside of you. No one can show you the path of nirvana. Therapists will charge you the earth, doctors will give you placebos, false gurus will fleece you, friends will call you for parties, families will suggest holidays, spiritual people will tell you to take pilgrimages, religious folks will force you in some silly rituals, parents will ask you to get married, or have kids and nothing will give you peace or quiet.
You are seeking shelter, peace, love, truth, freedom, knowledge, understanding, calm and fulfillment. You can come to me for all that. There are no exercises, no money needed, no special clothes, no need of giving up your current life, no disruptive changes, no leaving the confines of your secure place, no giving up jobs or family life, no recommendations, no qualifications and above all no forced labor. You are free to come and go as you please.
I will study you and take you through the paces of the training to be completely malleable to change. Come fearlessly to get that which you seek. There will be no miracles performed. No magical remedies or medicines. No conscription or forced labor.
Taste the syrup of blissfulness with the passage of time and infusion of knowledge. Come.

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Leaving Your Guru?

leavingWhat happens when you leave your Guru? I am often asked what happens to those disciples who leave or fall off from their path in spiritual? Well! Nothing happens. They continue to do what they are supposed to do and live accordingly. Which translates into- they continue to live without their Master.
Many years ago, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the disciple of Samarth Ramdas, a great Master. He followed his Master wherever he went. The moment the king came to know that his spies have found his Master, that he ran to meet Him. Not caring what people would think, he behaved like a kid and ran to his Master. The Master too loved the disciple and came to Satara whenever he could. He taught the dearest disciple about spiritual and the able disciple excelled at it.
Swami Vivekananda too used to run back to his Master Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa whenever he could. Due to his childlike behavior the Master gave him all His love and teachings. He became His foremost disciple with the highest knowledge. Had he not gone back to his Master, do you think Narendra would have become Swami Vivekananda? The constant feeling of meum and oneness with the Master and deepest urge to be with Him made Narendra come back often.
Chandorkar and Abdul, Dabholkar and my great grandparents Savitribai and Raghunath Tendulkar too stayed with Saibaba of Shirdi more often than they lived with their families. The disciples got direct teachings from the Master.
In case of the various disciples of Jesus too, they used to travel and stay with Him, then alone knowledge could rise in them. Peter, Paul and others could become who they are only because of Jesus’ personal training to them.
Then there are those who might get disgusted with the Master and go away like Hriday went away from Shri Ramakrishna or Judas betrayed Jesus. Some like Upasani went away from Saibaba to start at Sakori his own ashram. Even Sri Sri Ravishankar started off on his own after being with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the TM Guru.
Some are given instructions to do certain jobs. They may follow their teachers instructions like Swami Chinmayananda did to teach the world or even like the first Shankaracharya Sureshwara who got his instructs from Adi Shankara. These are great examples to follow.
Then there are those with half baked knowledge and spitting venom about their Masters, decide for themselves their own greatness. But the Master doesn’t have any ill will at all. He wishes them well, knowing fully well that they have to return like the lost sheep if not in this life, then at least their next life!
Once a Brahmin went to Samarth Ramdas and told him that he wants to become his disciple. The Guru agreed to train him and gave him a mantra. Everyday his Guru used to serve him the food stuff which he got from begging. Or pancakes made from flour begged from people(madhukari). The disciple was upset and he thought, “after all this man is the Guru of Shivaji Maharaj, so he should be having great foodstuff!”
He was upset so he goes to a neighboring village. He meets a great hindu savant and begs him to serve good food. The village rich man obliges him with a sumptuous meal. After having the meal, the disciple asks whether that rich man could keep him as a disciple of his, since he could afford such great food stuff? The rich man tells this disciple to return the mantra which his old Guru had given. The disciple comes back to Swami Samarth Ramdas and asks Him to take back the mantra since he had found a new rich guru. Ramdas tells him to take a little water in his mouth and spit it out. When the disciple spits the water out, it forms words on the ground. These were the real mantra he was given by Ramdas.
He returns back to the rich man and tells him what had happened and how he had spat out that pure mantra. The rich man is aghast at the stupidity of that disciple. How could he be such an idiot? For some food and money, he had forsaken his true Master? Sadly, the rich man asks that man to go away since he doesn’t deserve anything at all.
This was an extreme story. But it clearly points to becoming a good disciple, it needs great amount of discipline. There are no shortcuts in discipleship. You have to work hard. Do the sadhanas prescribed by the Guru. Be a humble disciple. Don’t disobey or cause harm to the reputation of your Guru.
Even if you want to go away since you might not be ready for the training, then do it graciously. Don’t backstab. Remember, your Guru is not meaning harm to you since He is only doing His job of training you.
Exit with grace and not with ill will. After all, you have left half way. Maybe in your next or some other life you will have to meet the same Master to carry on the unfinished sadhana. Amen!

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