My Lessons to Learn

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Ideals can be pondered, but it is a different story to live those ideals. Knowing about something is not wisdom. Implementing the knowledge at the right time is wisdom. This I know from MyKrsnaGuru. There are many spiritual text to study, the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Vedas just to... Know More>>


The Intention – Guru Purnima

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski To some it appears that the disciple/devotee pays homage to a man or a woman, but in fact it is the Divine being of disciple/devotee honouring the Divine being of their Guru. Of course, as told to me, no one attends Guru Purnima, unless Guruji intends for you to be there. On a Sunday in... Know More>>

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