What do you Seek?

Teachings | KrsnaKnows When you throw color on Krsna and paint Him with your shades from the mind, He throws the same color back at you. Its reciprocation! Which means in whichever way you seek God, He shows you that swarup(form) alone. He is colorless and formless, yet for the sake of His devotee, He takes that form... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2zn0qJt


My Lessons to Learn

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Ideals can be pondered, but it is a different story to live those ideals. Knowing about something is not wisdom. Implementing the knowledge at the right time is wisdom. This I know from MyKrsnaGuru. There are many spiritual text to study, the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Vedas just to... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2oUGh7X

The Intention – Guru Purnima

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski To some it appears that the disciple/devotee pays homage to a man or a woman, but in fact it is the Divine being of disciple/devotee honouring the Divine being of their Guru. Of course, as told to me, no one attends Guru Purnima, unless Guruji intends for you to be there. On a Sunday in... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2ozaUzn

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