Dawning Of Understanding – Teachings In Short

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A deluded mind is the root cause of all our problems.

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Motivated Actions – Teachings In Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

You come in this world to perform actions. Actions are connected with senses and the mind. You see, hear, touch, feel those objects. Your mind comes into play when the actions has to be performed. A motivated actions involves Karma.

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Stop Blaming God

Stop blaming God


Why can’t humans see God’s love and compassion in a tragic situation? Stop blaming God for your own karma and just wear it out!

Give Concessions

Give Concessions

Should we give concessions to ourselves or others for committing small or big morally wrong actions? Does the universe allow a little bit of leeway for these discrepancies?

When I was a kid I had heard a beautiful story. There is a young man about to be executed and he is asked his last wish. He says that he would like to see his mother for the last time.
When his mother comes near him, he bites her ear off. When he is asked why he did that? He answers that when I started to do small crimes, my mother never said anything at all. Then emboldened I started to do bigger and bigger crimes. Today, I am being executed for a heinous crime. I wouldn’t have reached this stage in my life, if my mother would have pulled my ear and stopped me doing wrong then.

Thus this story brings us to the light how we do things in life. We give ample concessions to ourselves and our children. Everyone agrees that smoking cigarettes is injurious to health, so should we allow even a single concession to a person to smoke a few cigs?

Doing drugs is a crime in some very strict countries, so would you allow a few milligrams to be smuggled in? No way! If there is death penalty for that then the government will not be lenient at all. Again, in some Islamic nations unmarried couples cannot stay together even if they are living together for donkeys years in their own nation. It’s considered taboo and a crime there.
In life we allow concessions all the time. We want to bend rules for our own benefit. If someone tells you that they will be falsifying bills only this one time, would you allow that much concession to the individual? Again, if someone tells you that they haven’t had a drink in their life, would you concur with him? If you probe you will find that they might have taken a sip once during their college days. They may ask, whether that silly stupid mistake is allowed or not? What would be your response?

In some countries people resort to hymenoplasty, stitching together the hymen back again for getting married since there is a demand for virgin wives! Would that individual be considered a virgin by any chance? Now you may say that is stupid and idiotic, but tell that to those who follow such stuff!

In spiritual we have certain rules and regulations. One of them is about falsehood. Karna lost his powers at the precise moment when he needed them since he told lies to his Guru Parshuram about his antecedents. Many a times the Master appears harsh when He decides against someone who has broken the rules. In case of Dronacharya, he asked for the finger of Eklavya when he sneakily learnt the art of archery.

Guru’s are normally very loving and considerate but any misdemeanor of any kind may not be tolerated by them. Sometimes the Good Lord allows concessions as a boon to someone but it mayn’t happen all the time. A curse could be upturned by a reverse of curse(upashap) in very rare circumstances. Take the case of Shishupal. His mother was given the concessions that Krishna will allow Shishupal about a hundred misdemeanors and will not be killed by Him, when she asked for the boon from Krishna. But once he crosses the 99th one, Shishupal will die at the hands of Shri Krishna at the hundredth instance.

So please know that whenever you do give concessions for someone else or your own self, there are repercussions and karmas associated with it which you will have to face. No one can avoid karma and it’s execution. Do not try to find shortcuts in the spiritual world. There will always be a payout for even the slightest misdemeanors or karmas.

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So Confused

So confused

Why is man so confused while making decisions in life? Why does he lose focus about things that really matter the most? Instead of attacking the main subject, why does he behave so irrationally?

A man has a very bad childhood, where he is never accepted at all by his own blood parents. He is always blamed as a mistake and is told that they should have aborted him. He is made to feel like a terrible miscast. Later on he is given for adoption but the scars runs deep. He focuses on other things to get to a better position. Then he behaves erratically with his own children and people around him. He abuses his own kids and wife. His employees and servants too feel his uncontrollable wrath.

A wife undergoes severe beatings and physical torture at the hands of her husband. There is no love or compassion in the marriage. Every single day is a torture. She dreads him coming home and she believes that sleeping next to him is the highest form of punishment that she is getting from god. Life becomes unbearable and she curses him every single day of her life. Though she never expresses it to him, she secretly wants out of the torture chamber of marriage.

One day she is able to extricate herself and her kids out of it and thanks the stars. After her divorce, she believes she has got rid of her problems but soon realizes that he is never going to let her live in peace.
Every single day she lives in dread after that. Either she is afraid that her kids may be taken away from her or he may come back once again. She blocks out the pain and torture and busies herself by helping others. Then the hurt and pain shows up at another place instead. She removes it out on the society and one particular person. That is her battering ram or a place to vent out.

A student had got into the bad books of a professor right in the first year of college. Every single year, the results are going downhill due to this professor who never gives good reviews to this student. Due to his bias the student doesn’t get selected or gets scholarships or admissions at other progressive institutions due to bad ratings. He scrapes out in the last year with a mediocre performance only. The student knows that his professor is the main reason for his poor performance and pathetic results.

He turns his attention towards his employment and is one of the worst employees in the organization. Later in retaliation he judges his downlines with contempt. He puts spokes in his downlines career growth.
In all the above three examples, you noticed that the person has completely lost the main essence of his or her own anger towards the right person and has directed it to some other being. Losing focus of the subject and deliberately pointing it towards another is the way of expression of every individual undergoing suppression. You notice the boss getting upset for no rhyme or reason on you. You say that he must have had a bad morning driving to work or his spouse must have fought with him earlier.

Man has to learn to see the issue right into the eye and not get distracted from it. If the main cause of your unhappiness is your childhood or ex-husband or whosever, then it is important you face the person and not distract yourself. Your enemy is your wrongdoer alone, then why take out your anger on some other individual? It is important to focus your pent up anger on that person itself and not others.

In the Mahabharata, Shri Krsna tells Arjuna that he needs to take up the fight with Duryodhan and other Kauravas. Krsna doesn’t allow Arjuna to forgive or forget his enemies. Even after fourteen years of vanvas or exile, when Arjuna talks of complacency, forgiving and forgetting the insults and deprivation caused to the Pandavas, Krsna gets very angry and directs Arjuna to fight.

The entire premise of The Bhagvad Gita is to do your inborn duty or swadharma and never shy away from it. The grand idea about forgiving and forgetting the atrocities done to you can cause a loop in the karma in your future lives. This can take you eons of life and death to completely get out of the cycle of karma.

In every single example above the main protagonist wants to get out of the relationship and run away never to face the same person again. But fate decrees otherwise. To close the loop in the system, you will have to be born again to clear off the debt of karma only with that individual alone. If someone had beaten you blue in some life, you will have to beat the same person in some other life. And here you had never ever wanted to see that person again in this or any other life. What an irony!!!

So Krsna tells Arjuna to square off right in this life and get over with it right here and now. Never carry grudges or anger forward. Never misdirect it on others, otherwise they too will do the same to you in some other life of theirs.

Krsna gives various methods to overcome that misdemeanor or actions happening to you. When one learns from a qualified Master how to circumvent the karma, they will be able to free themselves from the cycle of birth and deaths. So Krsna advises methodologies and tricks to get out of the sins.

So now go and learn them from a qualified teacher or Guru and never get entangled with anyone or anything hereafter.

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The Deed Is Done

What to do when the deed is done? Is there any way by means of which I can be redeemed? These are the questions that I got from some people some time back so I am writing the answers here.

You know what you are doing is not right and yet you are still doing it. Or there are inevitable actions happening which could have been avoided in normal circumstances but the situations were too overwhelming and so that happened. I know this may sound vague to most people but those in the know will agree with me here. So let me give you some examples.

Once when your immediate supervisor insisted you to have a glass of wine even though he knew you were a teetotaler and you were forced to accept it. Though you don’t do drugs, once you had it unknowingly. Similarly, you never are much into one night stand but the circumstances were too compelling and you ended up in the sack with some really obnoxious creature.

Now these are random instances which I have written about so I guess you got the gist of it all. You too have ended up doing certain things which were regrettable and caused a guilt storm in you. So the questions were very apt and you too would like to know the answers.

Know that whatever happened to you is a part of the bigger plan for you and that is called Prarabdha karma. Without Prarabdha karma’s action you wouldn’t have been there in that place and situation. So stop blaming yourself for being there. It is called destiny by another name. So know that destiny brought you to that place but actions that happened there were within your ambit and control. There are two or three paths for you to take then but you happened to take the wrong one. Now that is the main issue for us to solve.

An example here would be that you were destined to take part in a silent protest but you ended up throwing stones and damaging property. Or you were going for a conference with your colleagues and ended up getting sloshed and in your bosses bed. Or you were just having a terrible argument and ended up smashing your fist in your girlfriends face.

Now the first part was destiny and the second half is new karma. This new karma is your main problem. So what would be the solution for that? You are bound by the subsequent actions and have to suffer the same karma in some other lifetime. There is no redemption here. You have to meet the same individual and repay for your own actions in some other lifetime. That is the law of karma for you.

You may say there has to be a way out of this situation but let me assure you that there isn’t. There is no doing something else or to someone else for getting out of this terrible deed. Then you may ask me what is the use of reading what you wrote? Here I will tell you that you were shown the path before and you took the wrong one but you should learn from it and not repeat it again. This is my teaching for the material worldly person.

Now for the spiritually inclined one. You have surrendered to your Guru who will take you under his wing and show you how to destroy the past and future karma through his teachings. By doing continuous sadhanas and learnings you can free yourself from the actions of future life.

So surrendering to your Guru all your body, mind and senses and learning under Him, you will be able to push away the repercussions of those uncalled for actions that happened. There are high chances that in this life alone you will be able to get liberation from all your accumulated karma. So follow the teachings of your spiritual Master and avoid getting trapped in this never ending cycle of birth and death.

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