Gandhari Curse to Lord Krsna

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Gandhari Curse to Lord Krsna

Gandhari cursed Krsna for abetting in the killing of her 100 children in the battle of Kurukshetra. Her curse that He would also have to watch His kith and kin die in front of His eyes came true at Prabhasa. Durvasa also would be held responsible for that but


Give Concessions

Should we give concessions to ourselves or others for committing small or big morally wrong actions? Does the universe allow a little bit of leeway for these discrepancies? When I was a kid I had heard a beautiful story. There is a young man about to be executed and he is asked his last wish.... Continue Reading →

So Confused

Why is man so confused while making decisions in life? Why does he lose focus about things that really matter the most? Instead of attacking the main subject, why does he behave so irrationally? A man has a very bad childhood, where he is never accepted at all by his own blood parents. He is... Continue Reading →

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