The Peace of Acceptance

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Krsna's teaches me to move ahead on the path. My time in India is winding down. It has been full of ups and downs. Literally, I tripped and fell down on the street in Kolkata during Durga Puja (lol). On the up side, my stay in India has been met with much kindness from everyone I’ve met along ... Know More>>



Zenlighted | Shree Krsna “When Faith and Hope are gone the Time becomes Punishment.” The punishment is the imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offence committed. Although it sounds negative we all humans don’t want to go through it, but all of us have been punished for something or the other in our lives... Know More>>

Lost in the Mind

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski It was said by MyKrsnaGuru that traveling this path would be difficult and it is – very difficult. There is an inner struggle to keep the mind from running wild, as it machinates responses to situations from the past and to situations which will never actually occur. Likewise, there is a s... Know More>>

Beyond Faith

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Krsna’s domain is the Heart and the path is Faith, Surrender, Love and Devotion. Some twenty years ago, a person asked if I believed in God. Looking at the vastness around me (the sky and the earth), I asked, “How could there not be a God?” Yet, it took until now for me to have an ongoing ... Know More>>

Revelation of the Truth about Gem

Journey With My Master, Shree's Corner | Shree Krsna OMG! It has been a long delayed flight. I seek your apologies. Now that I am back after a big bamboo from my preceptor let me continue the storytelling sessions about the journey with my Master. My master arrived in Singapore, and I wasn’t functioning in my full capacity at all. It was a s... Know More>>

Stepping in Faith

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski

When the time came for me to step forward you spoke of Faith. You held me securely in your heart and I leapt.

For me, KrsnaKnows’ Internet presence was a lifeline. Something beyond my understanding happened to me in 2016, and I found great comfort in His teachings. In an effort to express my gratitude and because I wanted to be known, I sent an email through the KrsnaKnows website. When Krsna’s kind response came with an invitation to join the Saturday and Sunday Satsang, I was thrilled.

Blessed with an invitation to join, it was now up to me to take the next step. Admittedly, I fought my tendency to conceal myself. I was possessed of fear. My apprehension did not stem from joining the group, it stemmed from a fear that as I reached out, s

Inquire the Truth

Teachings | KrsnaKnows

Simply following what your forefathers have prescribed and doing it without questioning would account to following the herd. Ask them why they did that or for what reason those rituals and rites were performed. You will be amazed at their ignorance. They will offer some mumbo jumbo explanations for doing that. You should do those till your questioning hasn’t started but once you are questioning these weird activities, refrain from doing those till you are thoroughly convinced about them. Perform them only if you believe in them. Faith after ascertaining the truth will lead you to perfect answers. Then you will never delude the future generation.

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Type Of Faith – Spiritual Teachings In Short

Spiritual Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows


In this video, our Master speaks about the types of Faith.
He also tells us about food, devotion, and happiness related to the three modes of Nature i.e. the three Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

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He Never Fails

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