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Simply following what your forefathers have prescribed and doing it without questioning would account to following the herd. Ask them why they did that or for what reason those rituals and rites were performed. You will be amazed at their ignorance. They will offer some mumbo jumbo explanations for doing that. You should do those till your questioning hasn’t started but once you are questioning these weird activities, refrain from doing those till you are thoroughly convinced about them. Perform them only if you believe in them. Faith after ascertaining the truth will lead you to perfect answers. Then you will never delude the future generation.

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Type Of Faith – Spiritual Teachings In Short

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In this video, our Master speaks about the types of Faith.
He also tells us about food, devotion, and happiness related to the three modes of Nature i.e. the three Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

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Change Now

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Change NowToday let’s begin by changing ourselves for the better.
Procrastination had seeped into our life at a very early age, when we kept on postponing getting up early for school. Our parents finally had to kick us out of bed to attend our school in time. Delaying things out of sheer inertia ruled our lives, thereafter.
How can we get it all back now?
We have to practice to change.
Make a very great effort to change.
Keep some carrots at the end to make the necessary changes.
Include some stick methods if you cannot keep to your promises.
Ask one of your friends or partners to keep a check on you.
Keep a journal to check on your improvements.
Stop giving atrocious reasons for non performances and bad results.
Keep healthy ideals and good examples in front of you.
Motivate yourself before the event to keep spirits high.
Don’t indulge in excesses but do things in moderation.
Do not allow yourself any kind of concessions.
Expect from yourself what you expect from others.
Be good and truthful to yourself.
Stop resting on your laurels.
Don’t expect any trophies.
Have faith in your abilities.
Do not listen to reason your mind offers in lieu of relaxation.
Don’t give up even if you fail a number of times. Keep on at it.
Mark goals in your journey and raise your bars always.
Do not stop to celebrate your small wins. Go for the big victories.
Lastly, keep going to your next goal and destination. Never stop.

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Happy ShreeKrsna Janmashtami 2017

ShreeKrsna Janmashtami

Monday, August 14th, 2017, is a day Shree will always remember in this life. Today marks the day of Krsna Janmashtami, and on the same day on August 14th, 2009, Rajashree became Shree, ‘Twice Born,’ the day I met my KrsnaGuru on Krsna Janmashtami. Eight years later my eighth birthday is on the same day of Krsna’s Janmashtami (Birthday).

This 8th birthday of mine is way too remarkable as Shree has crossed certain milestones in the world of Spirituality, Of which one of the most beautiful ones is that Shree completed her study of the scripture – The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Shree began this Scripture September, of 2009 and finished it August of 2017.

Shree was overwhelmed when she had to complete reading this scripture as she couldn’t part ways with Sri Ramakrishnaji who have been with her on her whirlwind journey always guiding and teaching some of the precious and priceless lessons of Love and Devotion to the Guru and God by teleporting her back-in time to Dakishneshwar or Kolkata through the divine vision. His last words to me were, ‘keep going ahead and find the treasure that awaits deep inside the forest and never stop.’ Shree is incredibly humbled with sincere, heartfelt gratitude which she can only feel within her heart.

Now to the birth of the unborn, on this wonderful day, Shree wishes you a very ‘HAPPY SHREEKRSNA JANMASHTAMI.’ With humble reverence, Shree thank Thee for gracing this land with Thy Lotus Feet, making it Pure and Divine once again. Thank you for bestowing Thy Grace upon Shree to be born with Thee Eternally for this Spectacular Performance in ‘Krsna Leelas.’ This journey is the equivalent of a full 70 mm Dolby Digital story. Romance, love, happiness, bitterness, villainy, anger, songs and a million shades of adult gray material too! This sport or play is what is called ‘Krsna Leela’ (The Lord’s Play) in which he so beautifully sports and enjoys every aspect of his sport as he is the Story Writer, Creator, Director, Cinematography and Actor/Actress in his Movie/Creation.

‘Krsna,’ whose nature is secretive and unknown, is not only ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’ (Truth Knowledge Bliss) but one who can never be fathomed, whose ways are inscrutable and indescribable. One who is the paragon of masculine beauty in whose charm this entire Universe is mesmerized. Krsna’s enchanting human ways bewilder even the great Sages and Saints. He loves to manifest in the human form to sport in his creation experiencing his OwnSelf. His ultimate goal is to expound about ‘Krsna’s Way of Life,’ the most esoteric knowledge of all Knowledge.

The Love incarnate manifests age after age in various garbs and lives incognito, creating delusions in the minds of the mortal beings making them believe that Krsna is an ordinary human being. One who play acts in his own ‘leelas’ to set an example for this world to follow. His sole purpose is to redeem the mortal beings from this birth-death cycle. One who is unattached in the world of duality, like the Lotus leaf in the water.

He is an actor par-excellence in every role that he plays, be it a teacher, father, mother, husband, friend, lover, brother, servant or King. You name it, and he becomes that for you! He is the ‘Uttama Purusha’ or ‘The Perfect Person’ amidst all imperfect situations unaffected and unperturbed. His sole purpose is to establish Dharma and Righteousness. He performs every duty of that human form to absolute perfection and sets an example for this world to follow in his footsteps.

Krsna is the Athangha Sagar (limitless Ocean), whose depth and breadth can never be measured, who can only give selflessly and yet is full of Himself. He is a perfect Celibate, even when surrounded by his ultimate dancing beauties or damsels, retaining his Spiritual Nobility. The Infallible Lord whose nature is something Shree would love to covet from Thee and live a life of Thy alone. Let Shree serve you selflessly and love you unconditionally and let her mind be attached to Thy Lotus Feet alone without which she hasn’t reached anywhere in this Spiritual World.

Shree offers her humble and heartfelt obeisance unto Thy Lotus Feet. Without the diamond cutter, the diamond is mere a stone. The lustre in the diamond is the reflection of who You Truly Are. Without Thee, Shree’s existence has no meaning. Shree is eternally indebted and ever grateful to Thee. Shree seeks Thy grace to attain Unreserved, Uninterrupted, and Favourable Devotional and Loving Service with absolute Faith and Complete Surrender Unto Thy Lotus Feet. Let Shree’s Tishnaghi grow beyond the sky, and Shree is always Adiyean to Thy Lotus Feet. Om Namo Bhagavade Vasudevaya.

Why Do You Test Me Always?

Why Do You Test Me Always

This question was asked me by my disciple today and the answer I gave is written here.

Someone stands first in all exams and wins a lot of accolades in life goes on to become a great doctor with brilliant foreign degrees and a success in the medical field. On the other hand a mediocre person who is passing because of his low caste and big pull and who becomes a doctor…now you think if you have to undergo a major surgery,then whom will you entrust it to? Obviously, the one who is a deserving candidate would be the first example.

You have to pass through very difficult tests in life to become a jewel and shine bright. Just like the golds purity increases when it has to pass through fire many a times. We are put through various tests in life to make us stronger and stronger. To be able to withstand all the problems associated with life, we go through terrible fires of fate. We have to become as perfect as we can be to be closer to God.

He wants to entrust you with his devotees and if you are the best then only can he put them under your care. To become a preceptor also, he makes that person pass through terrible tests and sees to it that he comes out in flying colors. Only then the role is given to Him.

If you were to have a mediocre person as a preceptor then what kind of Supreme Knowledge would you have and would you be in a position to reach the stage of enlightenment? NO!

The preceptor is the closest thing to God and hence we have to put our trust in Him and have full faith in Him. He can then perform the operation which will make us perfect.

God is perfect and hence he wants you to be as perfect as Him, hence he puts you through these tougher and tougher tests to make you stronger and stronger. So that when you achieve His level, you will not say-I don’t know what to do!!

Everyone looks up to you for answers and they will only do that if they are sure you are the best that there is!And you have the answers!

To be God is not easy since He is perfect and he can never say that he doesn’t know the answer to your question or has no solution for you….Remember He too must have passed through a lot of tests Himself to be perfect.

So please know that all these tests are to make you the best that there is!

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With You Forever

With you forever

Every time you forget about me, I remind you in a very subtle way that I am with you.
Haven’t you noticed that your most favourite songs will play up suddenly?
Haven’t you noticed the weather will change suddenly into a salubrious one?
Haven’t you noticed the movies that will remind you of me will play on tv?
Haven’t you noticed the birds will start singing on trees nearest to you?
Don’t you pay attention that I am trying to get to you by blinking at the street corner through the street lights and the back of the bus panel with enticing messages?
When you are sick and tired I offer you a lift home through an unexpected means of transport.
When you are standing in queue the people in front just melt away and the attendant is extra nice to you.
You do not have to ask for the best seat, you will always get it!
You wish for food and it arrives right in front of you suddenly.
You think of a close relative and the phone rings and find her on line.
You have not met an old friend and he sends you a message that moment.
But why do you always not remember me?
You are so lost in the worldly charms and think that things come naturally to you!
Doesn’t it ever ring a bell that I am making it happen for you?
You take me so much for granted that I am going to do things for you forever.
But I cannot expect the same from you.
I have given you this beautiful family and you are lost in it and bother about their whims.
I have given you this sumptuous meals and drinks and you eat like a glutton without offering it to me!
I gave you this house and yet you have thrown me in some corner which you visit rarely.
I gave you the car and you put me in front as a show piece to tease others and you hardly offer me a flower ever.
You only remember me when your child or dad is ill!
You only remember me when your very important deal is about to fall through.
How strange is it that today you transact all things because of me and attribute it to some human being in your life called husband or boyfriend or wife or a boss!
Look around you and you will find me in everything but you have closed your eyes because of the shine of the coins in your hand and the intoxication of the heady drinks.
Someday you should acknowledge me and give me the due respect but then you should first wake up from your worldly stupor and know that the scenery round you is because of me.
Just by mouthing some prayer you can never appease me.
Show me your love and I shall give you more love than you can ever imagine.
Just look at me now and know that I am with you constantly.The ones you thought of your own have all disappeared or are dead.I am the permanent one here and there too, so just love me more.

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Important To Know God

Important To Know God

Why is it important to know you, dear God? Is it necessary?

No, it ain’t necessary for you or anyone to know me.

Then why are we told to follow some religion or some kind of rituals or ceremonies?

It’s not needed to follow anything at all. Absolutely not necessary.

Then why do people shove this stuff down the throats of simple human beings?

Maybe they have their own reasons! How am I to know that?

Then who will know? You are supposed to be all knowing!

Surely, I am. But you don’t need me so I excused myself from that knowledge.

But why would you do something like that?

Let me explain. Can a common man answer your tax laws to you? Or would it be your accountant and lawyers?

Those experts, of course! But where are they concerned here in my question?

It’s just an example. The knowledge is available only with the right people. Now tell me, why should you know that stuff about tax laws?

I should know it because I want to be an ideal citizen of this country.

Exactly the point. When you live in a particular place, you should know the laws governing that place. You should be a law abiding citizen also. So you should ask me the relevant question and which I will then answer.

Which is a fact. I get it. So if I am here now, I should know a little about you. Am I right?

Correct. You live in my world so it is better to know about me and my universal laws to survive properly.

But it is not necessary to know you.

True. It’s not necessary to know me. But the fact is, you know you should know that you are born through a womb and there is some father and mother also. But it’s not necessary to know them.

Ah, but I should have the knowledge and understanding that there are some parents somewhere.

Likewise, you should have some knowledge and understanding about me. Not know me completely.

Ok, I concede the point to you. But is it important to believe in you?

Again, it’s not important to believe in me. I don’t have any grudges against you. You may believe whatever you want to but still that won’t change anything at all.

I didn’t get that. What do you mean?

I mean, it’s not important to know or believe in the President of this great country, but still you are under his rule.

Which is a fact of life. I may not know or believe in my country’s President, yet he is ruling my country. So I still come under his rule.

So know that, even if you don’t know me or believe in me, yet you are following my set rules and conditions. My universal laws works everywhere, even without your knowledge.

Your fundamental laws are there and we all have to abide by them. Still, why do I need to have your image in my altar?

Without the national emblem, your currency notes or coins will be invalid. The image represents me, just as it represents authority on currency notes.

But no one has seen you, so what image can we draw?

Not necessary for any particular image. But you can have a representative image for your benefit alone. So as to focus.

Ah, then you can be represented by anything at all. Maybe even a dog or monkey?

Surely, you can do that. But would you trust or believe in a dog or a monkey? Not at all.

Now I understand. We represent you in the best image possible, acceptable by everyone so that we can pray to you.

Good. Now start believing and having complete faith in me. Then we can get along fine.

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