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To draw attention towards themselves children and the elderly will behave in a typical way. They throw a tantrum or want you to see them as martyrs. Its their individual ego at work. Yet humans will prove it to you that its their goodness alone and not any method of pointing towards your meanness of being a bad provider. Its easy to get conned into their emotional trap. Stop being a martyr and trapping others into your stagecraft. To be the truly good-self you will take care of your own and stop becoming a burden on others. God has given you every means of rising above your pitiable and pathetic state of mind. Rise and do your duty always!

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Don’t Be A Fool

Don't be a fool

When two IDIOTS are talking/arguing on subjects they know nothing about, don’t be a FOOL and interject or give your viewpoints.

Adiyaen-U define Me!

Adiyaen-U define Me!

To my Dearest Adiyaen,

I am extremely touched by your acceptance,not knowing what it meant,Adiyaen-humble Disciple!As Shri Ramanujacharya was to His Supreme Guru! I have known from the start that a teacher is not a teacher till she has a student facing her. It is always the student which defines the teacher and black defines white, so also evil defines good. God would not be God if there was no devil to define Him.

That clearly shows if there is no contrast then the object cannot be seen at all. Without a shadow we can never know that there is light or an object. Without maya we can never understand God, without the MIND we cannot understand God!

What is MIND?M-I-N-D!

M means Maya– that which deludes us at all times.Making us think that the shadow has an independent existence and is there only because of itself.

I means I or Ego– that which makes us think that I am the doer and not someone else.You think that you got the job or education because of I ,me and myself!!!I make money,I am an husband,I earn,I give to my family food clothing shelter,education.. and so on!!

N stands for Negation or Neti-neti which means not this and not this…we do that with our mind.We negate everything with mind.But the Vedas define that as the right method,remember?

D stands for Deception which our mind always does to us. We can never see the truth since we use the mind and it takes over us.ONLY when the mind rules and not when you rule the mind!

Here I shall tell you a story of a monk who wanted to meet Buddha so he travelled a very long way to meet Him. It was nightfall and he was very thirsty so he prayed to Buddha for water and rest.

He was tired and at one place he stumbled and fell and his hand touched something.
It glistened in the moonlight as a silver goblet filled with cool thirst quenching water so he readily drank it and fell in a deep sleep.The next day he woke up and saw the silver goblet and the water he drank…..

It was a skull of a dead human with brain fluid and worms swimming in it. He puked!!!
He was then suddenly filled with light of enlightenment…… He knew then that what was water in the night was yucky stuff in day…that which makes us think like that is our MIND!!!
Go beyond it and then the truth will shine.

So when we overcome the silly MIND using the same MIND to overcome by itself, we will know the how and why and all other answers.

Maya is important to go to Him, so make her your friend and use her to get to Him.
So the other is as important as that object. Never discount anything in life.All have their own equal importance. The small cog holds the wheel remember, so give it the due credit.

So Adiyaen,I give you my LOVE and RESPECT for making me who I am and defining me!
Thank You for being yourself and giving me the credibility by sitting in front of me!

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Love Thyself

Love Thyself

The term Love Thyself or love yourself is a highly misused term. It does not mean to act selfishly and only bother about yourself. It doesn’t mean to hate others or not bother about them. It also does not mean that you have to pamper yourself to death or become overindulgent.

Here I will explain the meaning of the words but have some patience with me since I am going to take a very roundabout route to get there. So hang on.

It is believed that God lives within us. But if you were to read any spiritual text, it is mentioned therein that God doesn’t actually live within but an essence of that is somewhere within. Man is supposed to have been made in the image of God. Every human being believes that small kids are godly and some old sages or saints are also divine.
Then the idea that God lives within is very vague. We are humans comprising of elements which can be seen, heard, touched and so on. They are broken down by the spiritual texts as water, earth, wind, fire and air. Now, they need energy or power to make them run or perform some action. They are further broken down as stuff which can be experienced. It’s in the domain of Mother Nature. Everyone is trying to find out the genesis of all that. All of the above is in created domain and we can experience it so it is called manifest. This manifest comes from somewhere vague and this unknown destination is called the unmanifest. It is more like unknown or not logically understood source. This unknown entity or source is called the Purusha. Some call that source as God also. So indirectly we all come from the unmanifest to the manifest and still we are not god!

So if you were to analyze the above, you will know that everything has essence of that unknown entity or substance. Some extrapolate it further and say that there is a Father of all that. Some believe that everything stops there itself and there is no beyond. What we call as unmanifest would be the end of it all. Some say there is nothing there. Whatever the belief might be, common sense will tell you that you really have no idea about where you were before birth or go after death.

Now coming back to the man itself, we have to give it that there is some essence of this divine. We always think that the divine is good, perfect, kind, compassionate, loving, caring and so on. But there is an hint of evil, anger, lust, greed, villainy, hatred and so on too. We only accept the good stuff as divine and the bad as evil. Only the manifest can be affected by anything at all. How can the unmanifest get affected? So we believe this is the basis of everything and since there is an unknown and unheard domain and still it exists at all times so we can say it is the Self. The small self, that is you must be a part of the term Self! This term Self is not understood by almost all. Only a few select can have an idea about it. These knowledgeable folks can tell us about the great stuff called Self. The knowers of the Self are called Self realized beings. All the unknown stuff is known by these great knowers.
Now to get to know all that you have to calm yourself, work hard to know, search, meditate, get knowledgeable, read stuff, get a Master or Guide, et al.

Only after purification of all the external coverings and their removal can a wise man see Himself. So we hear people say “know thyself” and you will know everything.

Now, after I have finished with this merry-go-round, let me bring you back to the term love thyself. How can you know someone if you are in a casual relationship? So only if you are in an intimate relationship can you know the other person better. Right? So when you have to know yourself, you first got to fall in love with yourself. You will know then how your mind works, how you think accordingly, how you react to a certain situation, what you like the most, what you hate the most and so on.

Once you are sure how you do what you do, then it is important to understand why you do that. The choice of saying, “I don’t know why I did that” will not exist in you. You are absolutely sure about your own being. You know all about your own self. So if you were to make a mistake, you will surely apologize. And you will ensure in the future you won’t err. Have you noticed by now that you are getting to be more and more perfect? God never makes mistakes, doesn’t apologize, knows everything and everyone. You are slowly reaching that status of godhood. You will be more compassionate and kind, allow everyone their mistakes, be considerate, help everyone, have answers for everything and so on. Just like God!

God doesn’t have ego and anger. He never says, I did that. He never acknowledges anything but does it without any trace of egotism. Never takes credit for anything at all. So once you have the godliness in you, nothing will affect you. You will do everything without prejudice and with love. And all this wouldn’t happen if you are not loving yourself. So love yourself and be the best just like god.

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I Am Hurt

I am Hurt

I am hurt at what he had to say about me! After so many years also, he doesn’t think that I am good enough.
Why is it always, that I have to be at the receiving end? I have done so much for him and yet he says that I am no good.

I feel that I have given everything to this relationship and yet I am being told that I am not doing anything at all. I spent all my youth and prime time of my life building this relationship and in one stroke it is destroyed. Today, I feel so used and I know I will never be able to get back into the same space once again.

It’s a lost cause. I am being blamed for all that has happened. Where did I do anything at all? I am the one who was covering up all the loopholes and loose ends in life. I took all the crap and kept quite all the time. I knew what was good for this bond but here I am right in the middle of the crossroads and nowhere to go.

I feel cheated and robbed off everything that I owned. He has taken everything away from me even though I was an equal partner in this whole thing. If I would have known that this would be the returns that I would get out of this partnership I would not have got into it in the first place. I regret everything that I did. I am not ungrateful like he says, but he surely is. I gave this relationship all that I could. I nurtured it and made it strong.

He was always the one who never committed to it. I had to make him say that he loves me. He never said it on his own. I knew he was always a self centered person and now that is proved beyond doubt. He took me to the cleaners.
What am I going to do now? I don’t know what is there for me to live for. I should have been dead. I don’t want to live anymore. This life has been worth nothing to me. I wish I had never set my eyes on him in the first place. It was all a mistake.

God, this is terrible. I cannot live like this. Please give me death. I have been let down so badly. I wish this was just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will be fine. God, do something about it. Give me a sign that I can truly believe in you. Show me a miracle and I will come to your doorstep and praise you to heaven. I know there is no God there. You are just a figment of imagination. I should not have trusted and invested in you. Just leave me alone. I want to run away somewhere. I want to go some place where no one will disturb me. I just want to disappear.

I know everyone goes through this shit in life. There isn’t a single human being who could say I am exempt from the above. I have taken a random case and shown how we all behave.
This is truly the state of a martyr. First blaming the world, then themselves and finally God.
Didn’t you identify an ego over here? And notice how big that ego is? It tells you that I am hurt. I am at fault, I am responsible, I am the loser, I am used…..

The I in the statements above is the strongest. It is hurt ego. It is bloated by the pus of egotism. Hardly anyone recognizes the truth. This hurt ego is the worst enemy of man. If it was bloated, it could be punctured. Truly, the ego that is hurt is far greater and bigger than that inflated one.
Man fails to recognize the hand of destiny here. Man believes he is the doer and the receiver. He feels he is the one who is punished. Still it is the perfectly distinct ego. Don’t think otherwise!

Spiritual teaches one not to have either kind of ego. Bloated or deflated. Knowing that everything happens because of destiny and allowing the same to happen, one learns about the hand of God. Once you give the power of attorney to God or Guru, then just get on with it. Don’t blame anyone. Let them both take care of you and take you safely towards the shore of freedom and immortality. Taking the name of God and knowing that you are only a performer with a bound script, will help one to overcome this ego.

Prayers, learning under spiritual Master, doing spiritual practice or Sadhanas, being humble, surrendering to the will of God, performing your worldly duties and not expecting results from your actions are the true pathways to emancipation and freedom. Follow these paths and you will reach there soon.

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Mark Of A True Disciple

What is the mark of a True Disciple and a Student? When you seek with absolute dedication and devotion for Knowledge and make a wish to attain this from your innermost being, the Universe will conspire to bestow upon you the rare Alchemists, a True Teacher whose one touch will turn you into a gold. These great souls are the abode of Knowledge. In this article I will tell you how to become a student or disciple for ‘learning to learn’ is an Art in itself.

As a student and a disciple, it is your duty to focus only on gaining knowledge from your teacher. Your sole goal should be to be the best student in your studies and be able to give tests continuously to understand how well you have been imbibing the lessons imparted to you. These tests will demonstrate where you stand in the actual application of the lessons learnt. Hence, be prepared to face such challenging expeditions in this journey if you aspire to become the Master of your chosen subject.

It is only when you become clay in the hands of your teacher that he will be able to mold you into a priceless piece of sculpture which will be a rare one on this Planet Earth. The knowledge taught can only be absorbed with a loving heart and a pure mind. The minute you start listening to your mind’s chatter and letting your ego come in the way of your learning, note that no knowledge will ever enter your being. You are going to continuously be deluded by your mind which is your biggest enemy. It will not let you rise within yourself. Remember, you are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. It is only with self-effort shall you be able to rise.

In such a state when the mind is not controlled, it causes bitterness within yourself, deceiving you to believe that your teacher doesn’t know how to teach, treat or behave with you. Under such circumstances no matter how much effort your teacher puts in trying to explain to you, you are not going to listen to him or her. Your ego and mind will not allow the knowledge to seep in and to be able to see the truth behind these profound words within you. The mind is constantly going to tell you that this entire world of people is taking you for a ride and bullying you constantly making you feel a miserable human being, hurt, and sorry for yourself. This state is only going to make you fall further into the gutter of your mind’s imaginary creations.

Every moment that you are seething with anger and hatred for your teacher and start calling him names, accusing, ill-treating, disrespecting and behaving in an uncouth manner, you are incurring the greatest sins and sanctioning unfathomable karmas for yourself. Hence goes the saying, ‘As you sow, so you reap’. Life is like a boomerang, what you throw is what will come back to you a thousand fold. Consequently, if you realize your follies and with sincere repentance ask to be forgiven, a true teacher will be gracious enough to pardon you as he would never want his student or disciple to fail.

By doing this you will attain the Vidya (Knowledge) and dispel Avidya (Ignorance) within you and you will be able to serve the purpose of your life. Although I started to pen this piece on Teacher’s day, I wasn’t able to complete it as I myself was put under a severe test and the fact that I am able to complete this article a month days is because I was able to succeed in my test of faith in my Master and moved one step closer to him. As a result, he Himself is getting these pearls of wisdom written through me. These are priceless life lessons which apply to both the material and spiritual worlds. No words can express the love I have for my Master as he is the best teacher I have ever had. Love and Respect your teacher, whoever they might be. The fact that God has made him or her a teacher demonstrates how significant a being he or she is. Value this precious gift of a Teacher/Mentor/Master/Guru in your life and make the most from this valuable time together while it lasts as no one has seen the future.

To all the wonderful disciples and students out there, I would like to make an appeal and humble request to you. Come what may, never show disrespect to your teacher. The teacher is constantly going to provoke you and put you through the difficult situations, bend you back-ward but you must ungrudgingly, lovingly, and selflessly serve your teacher whatever be the hardships of the service. I am a living example of having committed all these mistakes but am now working towards the atonement of my sins. It is easier said than done but it is always better late than never.

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Spiritual Texts

Spiritual Texts
What are these most revered spiritual texts? Were they written by humans or aliens? What is the main purport of these spiritual texts?
Spiritual texts seem to appear like simple stories, but they are in reality very deep philosophical truths. These are all codices and need the right interpretation for humans to understand the true purport. There aren’t many people who can decipher the true meaning of these sacred texts.

Those with fancy degrees are only decoding the language but not the essence of such texts. Take the case of The Bible and you will find lots of spiritual words and they appear pretty simple. Let’s see the simple words like “Father in Heaven!” It sounds so innocuous but is that the truth? Whatever any human being might interpret will be tainted. There aren’t very many of these spiritual folks to give you the perfect meaning and answer of those words.
In the spiritual text called Bhagvad Gita too, the dialogue between Arjuna and Shri Krishna sounds so straight forward but the truth is very different.

Sometimes you may find explanatory texts too but they are too outdated and irrelevant to current issues. You may not find the perfect answers there. Then how will we know the truth?

The truth can be revealed only by the sages or saints. Today, it is difficult to find one such being. These knowers of truth and decoders are also called as Masters or Gurus. They will only impart you the truth if you go to them as a supplicant and with humility. Any vulgar show of ego and know all attitude, they will not give you the essence.

Ask them questions with absolute sincerity and humility and they will open up their bundle of truth. Go to them with simple questions and you will find the right meaning and answers. These Masters are only the via media for transmitting knowledge but humans use them for granting some petty favors like having children or getting a job. Do not think of them as some wish fulfilling tree! Just ask them for spiritual truths only.

But first, you have to find such rare beings. Then ask them the vexing questions. In my next article I will tell you how to identify such rare gems.

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I Follow What I Believe

Imagine SriRam or Shri Krsna saying that I have God living in my heart and I will follow what I believe in. Or someone saying that I love God in my own way and I don’t want to know about him in any other way except my own! Then the question would be, why would God Himself want to know the truth? Why would they give into their Gurus? Why should God learn the scriptures and understand the truth from their Gurus?

Mundane devotion has no place in spiritual enlightenment or growth. Assuming the so called devotee being uneducated or illiterate, he may follow some rites and rituals learnt by emulating others, still would be termed as ignorant. Look at Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, who even though being illiterate, learnt spiritual under the tutelage of various Gurus like Totapuri and Brahmani. Or Swami Adbhutananda who never understood anything that Shri Ramakrishna said but followed everything that was told to him as Guruagnya(Guru’s orders).

Even the cases of the highest devotees of Ram and Krsna, namely Tukaram, Tulsidas, Kabir, Meerabai, etc., learnt under the tutelage of a great spiritual Master. Devotion doesn’t mean looking at an image of God or crying for hours. That happens even if someone watches a very touching film for 2-3 hours. Devotion grows by being in company of devotees of the Lord. These are saints and sages who exist in this world even today. They alone can take you on the path of spiritual towards your own Ista or divine entity.

This calls for a story. Namdev was a great devotee of Lord Panduranga or Vitthala. One day he attended a conclave of saints. In that all the devotees asked Gora Kumbhar to test out everyone’s devotion to their Lord Krsna. Gora went around knocking heads, since that is the way the potters check the pots by knocking on them. He came to Namdev and after knocking on his head pronounced that Namdev is still not ready.

Namdev became furious and immediately sought out Krsna(Vitthala). He complained to the Lord that everyone was deriding him saying that he is not even a mediocre devotee. He asked Panduranga, when he was the only one who could see the Lord and share his meals, then how come these ignorant saints said that he was incompetent in devotion?
The Lord said that it is true. Even if Namdev could see Him and talk to Him, yet his devotion cannot fructify without Namdev meeting his Guru. So first Namdev needs to meet his Guru and then alone will he be able to reach the truth. Namdev was aghast at what Vitthala said and asked for the name of his Guru. Vitthala told him to seek out Visoba Khechar from a village far away. Namdev immediately set out to meet his Guru.

He arrived very early in that village. The whole village was asleep so he thought of resting in the wayside temple. He entered the temple and saw to his exasperation that a man was sleeping with his legs on top of the Shivlinga. He tried to wake the man up, since this was sacrilege. The man was fast asleep and refused to move, so Namdev picked up his feet and kept them on another side. The moment he lowered the legs, they landed on another Linga. Again he tried but the same thing happened. Wherever he kept the leg, there a Linga appeared. Finally, he couldn’t hold the legs suspended for long so he called out to the man in desperation.

The man got up and asked him to keep his leg where there isn’t any God. Namdev understood that he was in the presence of the divine Master. Once, Namdev completed his training, he went on to become one of the greatest saints.
In conclusion, let me tell you that no way will any individual’s devotion bear fruits of being with the Lord till they are not taught by a great spiritual Master. Only after complete training and sadhana under the Master can devotion fructify. But first to meet The Master one needs to leave their ego and mundane knowledge aside and seek spiritual guidance from Him.
Jesus or Krsna too had to take rigorous training under great spiritual Masters to then carry out their swadharma in this world.

Three D’s Of Spiritual

Three D's Of Spiritual
Today we are going to understand about the three D’s of spiritual. But before we get into those, you should know that it all begins with Capital D, which is called Desire. Desire is the root cause of all our problems. So now that you know who spoils the show, let’s get on with it.

The three D’s of spiritual upliftment are called dispassion, detachment and discrimination. These three D’s are very tough to achieve for a common man. He falls prey to all the evils associated with these three. Let’s first see how they affect him.

The first D is Dispassion and to overcome our worldly passion is the only way of reaching there. Man is so passionate about things like his ambition and achievements. Man wants to get to his aspired goals with passion. He puts his heart and body into it and tries to get there. He has set his goals and wants to achieve the desired objective. Dispassion is all about focus on the work or job but not on results. After all results are never in our hands. So to become dispassionate doesn’t mean giving up but doing the same activity with 100% efforts and putting heart and soul in it but NOT FOCUSSING ON RESULTS.

The second D is Detachment. We are so possessive about our people and things that if anything is taken away from us, we get hurt. This is called attachment to people and things, like parents, spouses, kids, place, vehicles, houses, jewelry, money and so on. If you were to lose anything at all, you will be distraught and disturbed. Detachment is all about not possessing. We are just world travelers and should behave like one. We don’t own anything here. Treat people around you like co-travelers like you. Don’t take ownership of anything. You have rented your body to everything around you so stay as a tenant and try to return the stuff around you back in as good a condition as possible. Detachment will help you overcome your ego and make you free from possessiveness.

The third D is called Discrimination and it is not that worldly discrimination. This means knowing the real from the unreal. Know the truth about yourself and this world around you. Everything is unreal and fake. Nothing is permanent. People, places, time and everything around us changes. Only the truth is unchanging. What is it that doesn’t change? You have to find that out. Then fix your mind, body and senses on this changeless thing and become free. Some people call this as God. You can call it whatever you want but by you calling it doesn’t alter or change it. Got it? It is permanent and changeless. So knowing the real from the unreal is called Discrimination.

These three D’s help us move forward in the world of spiritual. You won’t be troubled or disturbed, get affected, hurt, pained by this path. It gives you a reason to focus on the Truth about Your Self. Wasting time on frivolous pursuits or senseless issues won’t help us in spiritual. We have to know the Spirit in Spiritual and the only way of getting there is using the three D’s!

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