A Relationship With The Spiritual Master

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski

KrsnaGuruji teaches me, God is the Guru.

The Guru-disciple/devotee relationship is unknown to many people, it certainly was unknown to me just a short while ago. But here I am, a devotee and student of my KrsnaGuru.

Because it is not readily understood, a couple of people have asked,“Why do you need an intermediary to reach God?” Well, the Truth is you don’t. The Guru is not an intermediary (and this is the point that freaks people out). The Guru is the Divine appearing here, to teach the Spiritual aspirant.

Each aspirant has their own personal experience with their Divine Guruji. The Spiritual Master reflects the devotee’s own ideal. It would be a disservice for me to attempt to define the indefinable, unfathomable Guru, so I’ll speak here from my own experience. He is my Beloved; He is the Many; He is


Living a Fearless Life

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski

KrsnaGuruji teaches me to fearlessly move through life.

For weeks now, I have been clearing out my home. Through the course of the last 20 years, stacks of boxes and such have filled my life to the point that it has become difficult to know what’s here. The clutter around me is a reflection of the clutter within me.

Taking aim at the clutter, the boxes are steadily being removed. The mind clutter is much more difficult to remove and requires Divine intervention. Through the blessing of my Guruji, the cleansing is ongoing.

Each day brings new challenges. Thankfully, there is a growing arsenal of knowledge bestowed by KrsnaGuruji, as He has countlessly and repeatedly given the same lessons in different formats, so that I might grasp the true understanding. Compared to the time t

Bhakti: Love and Devotion

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Seeking something Greater, has led me to the other side of the earth, but that something has not become visible to me. Maybe I am not meant to peer behind the curtain. Perhaps, it will take more than this lifetime to know.  Would it be easier to slip back into the old life? There is... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2zRkhR5

See God in Everything

Teachings | KrsnaKnows When two people are in love they have eyes only for each other. Any other person coming in their field of vision is a disturbance. Be it two lovers, parent/child, etc. Even when a devotee who loves God finds another devotee within his vicinity creates discomfort within him! To be a true devotee... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2A7Tfo0

The Peace of Acceptance

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Krsna's teaches me to move ahead on the path. My time in India is winding down. It has been full of ups and downs. Literally, I tripped and fell down on the street in Kolkata during Durga Puja (lol). On the up side, my stay in India has been met with much kindness from everyone I’ve met along ... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2zBPuXD

Child of God

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski KrsnaKnows’ teaching: “Know that God is just and all are equal in His eyes.” KrsnaKnows presently conducts a daily weekday satsang, personal one-on-one satsangs, and live Saturday/Sunday satsangs which are recorded. There are years of recorded videos on Youtube and years of writings on the web... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2OjSvVV

Beyond Faith

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Krsna’s domain is the Heart and the path is Faith, Surrender, Love and Devotion. Some twenty years ago, a person asked if I believed in God. Looking at the vastness around me (the sky and the earth), I asked, “How could there not be a God?” Yet, it took until now for me to have an ongoing ... Know More>>http://bit.ly/2MP2hP9

Serve with Devotion

Teachings | KrsnaKnows

We tend to dismiss the mystical beings like any other human beings with earthly failings! Little realising that they make great efforts at hiding from their earthly sojourn. We injure them by our uncouth human behaviour and are not even apologetic when we know their truth. They take human form for some divine purpose and its our good fortune that we get to meet them. So treating them with due respect and utter humility, we have to do service(seva) and take their blessings. Serve them with devotion and your life will be a reward. Deride them and you may never meet them again for a million more lives!

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Know More>>https://www.krsnaknows.com/serve-with-devotion/

Follow Lord Krsna’s Path to Reach Him

Teachings | KrsnaKnows

Krsna prescribed meditation and pranayam but have you noticed anywhere if He actually did these things? He always appeared smiling and full of mischief. Never a pensive or thoughtful persona. Knowledge poured from His every being, movement and work dominated His life, love and devotion transcended His life and He always found time for even the mundanest of the acts! Following His path of all the above would actually lead us to Him. Truly a hero!

Know More>>https://www.krsnaknows.com/follow-lord-krsnas-path-to-reach-him/

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