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Disown God

You know God, more than 50% people in this world are out to disown and bash you up!

Yes dude! I know that.

Aren’t you perturbed or angry about it?

Why should I be? I have made this world and I enjoy it.

Even though there are billions out there willing to disown you if they ever catch you!

It doesn’t make a difference to me. There are trolls everywhere and we should not bother our head about it.

What do you intend to do about them?

Nothing! They will die their own quiet death. Don’t you have half of your nation against one person?

Yes. Yes. But no one likes him. Everything about him is wrong. We are not trolling him but stating facts.

That’s your point of view. Half of the nation is criticizing him. The other half are willing to stake their life for him.

That’s true. But why can’t everyone oppose him? It’s so unfair.

You are opposing him because you have a collective support and you live in a democracy. Do you think you could do it in other nations?

I guess not. Aren’t there people who stand up against in those countries too?

But they get killed or put behind bars or they lose everything in life.

Surely, there are people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others who do change the entire nation.

That’s because I make it happen. Everything in this world happens by my design alone. Even the current ones and the trolls too.

If you do that then you are the biggest troll of all times. Why do you love to see this world go in a tizzy?

Changes, my dear sir! This world has to undergo major changes in its progress.

But isn’t it masochistic of you? Why would you torment your own people and put them through pain?

You mentioned Gandhi, Mandela and others. If they didn’t do what they were supposed to do then do you think you would be speaking like this to me now?

True. The God of old times would have consigned me to the deepest darkest hells. You are more tolerant now.

I am still the same. But my trolls love doing what they do. Sometimes they project me as benevolent and compassionate God and at other times as a tyrant! It’s alright.

Ha ha. You are joking about it. You know how bad you are! Urban slang, “bad”meaning you are good.

I know. I invented it. Just like marijuana! It was bad earlier and now it is good! Ha ha!

You really love to play your little game, don’t you?

True. Sometimes I become the hero and sometimes the villain in your life. Go and play now.

God, can you make gun licensing very easy for us? I would love to play with guns.

Wow! This is what a little leeway does to you. Go get yourself a toy gun!

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Making Judgements

Making Judgements

Man is habituated for making judgements on others. He loves jumping to conclusions even though he has absolutely no idea of the truth about the other person.

We love to arrive at our biased conclusions even before we have gathered enough facts about another human being. I am reminded of an ad which appeared for some phone company where the woman is speaking at a nearby table holding her hand near her ear. At another table an older gentleman who looks at her thinks that she is talking to him. In fact she was talking into her phone which was a very tiny instrument cupped in her hand. Here the gentleman who thought that she was talking to him, is like us who don’t know the entire facts and just think what our little mind exaggerates to us.

Imagine someone whom you don’t like from the bottom of your heart is about to say something and you suddenly interject and cut him off dissing him right at start. Wouldn’t you like to know what he was going to speak? No! You never even allowed him to speak up. You immediately jumped the gun and destroyed the scene. This happens for multiple reasons. One of them is our previous experience with the said individual. We assume he will do the same thing as he did before. Second one is our internal biases. We hate certain things and people, say for example, people who wear black, religious folks, dark skinned, opposition parties, political folks, physically or mentally challenged ones, classic relatives, siblings, etc, etc.. Here the term hate is a strongly biased one and man surely has very strong biases.

We have to learn to control our constantly jumping mind. Can you not take in the other persons views completely before you start your conclusions? So first you gotta listen very patiently to what he speaks. Don’t interject and put your leg in the middle. Shut your mind and your mouth and get the entire story first before arriving at conclusions. Silly and stupid arguments happen only because we do not allow the other person to complete his say. We love taking a biased stand.

Look at a nation called USA and you will know what I am talking about. The media and people are bashing the newly elected president even before he has taken charge. It is important to first allow the man to speak and do his job and not criticize even before he has done anything at all. How can anyone prejudge another person? Don’t you remember the clip of Jesse Owens winning gold at Berlin Olympics? Also, remember the derogatory cover of a magazine showing a beggar sitting on nukes holding a begging bowl, depicting India is such poor light when India became the nuclear power?

Today, if you look at the above two examples you will realize that a colored man is the fastest individual and India is fast becoming one of the richest nations. Still man was doing what he is best at. Deriding others even before he has all the facts in hand. This happens so often in the talent shows too. The judges judge a person even before he had performed by looking at appearances.

In spiritual, man is supposed to shut up and listen to everything that the Master teaches. This is called silencing the mind. Listening is the most important part of sadhana or practices. Silence is integral part of spirituality. So is listening. In spiritual man learns to overcome his mind by making it silent. Yogis sit in meditative state for a very long time. Meditation is the key to spirituality and learning to silence the mouth and the mind is surely the key to progressing in that world.

A true spiritual being is never judgmental. He is supposed to never give opinions or take sides. He has to be neutral and understanding. He learns empathy and knows that no one is right or wrong. Spiritual teaches one not to be judgmental. Everyone and everything is a portion of the divine. Each of us are performing a role as written by The Lord. Even villains like Ravana or Shishupal were enacting a part in the drama of life. They were ordained to do those roles by The Lord Himself. So whom can the spiritual ones judge on?

As a concluding note I will urge every spiritual person to not judge another human being before hearing the complete story from the other side. Know that everything is perfect in its place. Without the villain there can never be a hero. They both complement each other and have their perfect places. So stop judging and become silent and peaceful.

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The Praisers And Fault Finders!

PraiserThere are praisers and then there are fault finders! There are ayes and then there are naysayers too! So whom do you talk to or pander to? Or side with?
If you have ever gone for an exhibition you will see people who will come and praise the painter and then there are those who will come and criticize it too. Some come as believers and others as nonbelievers.
A wedding feast which has some of the finest food on earth will get lots of praises but there are those who come with an agenda of talking bad about it.
Why do we get affected by such people? We do get affected because when acid flows it is corrosive. But why not be cautious or take precautions? Wear good gloves and protect yourself!
Those who have gutter mouth will spew shit, slime and gunk only. Do you think they can exude honey and milk or vomit the bile? So why do you want to put your hand in it or get dirty?
Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t face brickbats and opposition? Even Jesus had His detractors who nailed Him to the cross! They could never find any goodness in Him. Buddha had His own too. Finally didn’t they poison Him to death? Krsna too has His Shishupal and Kamsa’s!
So don’t bother about such douchbags! Now for a moment think why do these idiots exist in our world? They do because we have to always improve and work harder and harder. We have to excel in what we are doing. There are always limits to our performances set by our mind but if we have to break that sound barrier we need such ugly, sarcastic and foolish people with us so that we can ride still higher.
You cannot become a Martin Luther King or a Mahatma Gandhi without those who went against them.
So keep your single pointed focus on your objective alone. Don’t forget your one pointed attention. These are distractions put in your path for firming up your own convictions that you can do it! Know your true path and don’t sway by these flirtatious devils on the way.
Who says you cannot listen to them? You have ears to listen, eyes to see and other sensory organs which are free to air so they will do their jobs but what you wish to take from all this plethora of information is only your prerogative and decision. Throw all that gunk which pulls you down and accept only that which can make you progress. It’s our fulfillment and progress that is critical and important so let’s focus on that alone.
Let barking dogs bark and tail wagging dogs do their jobs. Let’s not bark back at the barkers and wag back at waggers! You are not a dog! The villains are always called kutta, kamina by the hero or heroine! Got that! Be a hero or a heroine!

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When Others Criticize You!

When others criticize you with their tongues, they bring out the dirt and gunk of their minds. You get purified by their tirades. Saibaba (chap19)showed once a sow eating crap to his devotees saying how she cleans the dirt of this world with her mouth and enjoys it. The one who had earlier spewed venom against another devotee felt very ashamed of his deeds. We are all here to do our specified duties allocated by God so lets do our jobs perfectly and be the best tool of God! Focus on the duties and not on others. Praise God and continue to do our jobs in dedication.

Likable And Dislikable!

Everything in this world is likable and dislikable. I love the taste of my toothpaste so I take a bigger spread than usual. My kids like tiramisu and so I love giving them that. Can we go to Pizza Hut instead of some restaurant? I love fast food more than regular stuff.
The amount of likes and dislikes we have in our world defines everything that we do or don’t do. I hate getting up in the mornings so I sleep off even if I have set up an alarm. I hate my job but I love traveling. I so much wish I could join Travel And Living channel.
Your likes and dislikes spill over in every aspect of your life. You have a liking for the chair you sit in, the plate you eat in, the clothes you dress in, the perfume you spray, the car you drive, the phone you own and so on. This defines your extreme likes and any changes in them are not acceptable. To adapt to the newer environment is troublesome.
Now you hate your kitchen work, your husbands barbs and his messing up of the bathroom, your mil’s tirades, your colleagues shrill voice, your bosses lecherous stares, the journey back to hell home, etc..
The extreme swings of likes and dislikes puts joy or stress into our life. You never want to disturb your likes and you never want to face dislikes.
Now let’s see how this works. You excel in your performance when you like that thing and your failures and errors are more visible when you dislike that job. So this affects every part of your being.
You hate being fat so you try to go to the gym but end up missing it often. Your dislike turns you off from results.
Your hatred of your boss, makes you wary of being around him so you are focussing on avoiding him. In turn you do not report often which translates into poor performance, even though you have worked hard.
When you see your life with equanimity, you will never have any kind of bias. You will perform equally for one and all. Your spouse will no longer taint your cooking, your office job will be a breeze, your drive back home will be peaceful. Your whole life will be painless.
So how does one gain equanimity?
Stop using your mind in making judgements. You will always be swinging, so stop judging anyone or anything. If a person is having irritable bowels syndrome, stay away from that one or at the least know that he will be crusty and acerbic. Human nature is incurable. Those who criticize all the time are never going to change, so stop getting disturbed by their nature. Know that they will always criticize.
That’s it! Let them be. Shut your ears and just go on with whatever you are doing.
Everyone has their quirks so if you know your best friend is a motormouth then why are you getting disturbed with it? They all are who they are.
Don’t disturb your mind over trivial issues. You focus on your job alone and your performance. Let the world be. Don’t try to change others. Just change yourself.
Remember if you change the color of your glasses, your outlook will change. Wear colorless glasses and you can see the world in its right colors. Make your life equitable. Have equanimity and stop the swings. Get balanced and don’t go off balance.

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