Disown God

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Disown God

You know God, more than 50% people in this world are out to disown and bash you up!

Yes dude! I know that.

Aren’t you perturbed or angry about it?

Why should I be? I have made this world and I enjoy it.

Even though there are billions out there willing to disown you if they ever catch you!

It doesn’t make a difference to me. There are trolls everywhere and we should not bother our head about it.

What do you intend to do about them?

Nothing! They will die their own quiet death. Don’t you have half of your nation against one person?

Yes. Yes. But no one likes him. Everything about him is wrong. We are not trolling him but stating facts.

That’s your point of view. Half of the nation is criticizing him. The other


Making Judgements

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When Others Criticize You!

When others criticize you with their tongues, they bring out the dirt and gunk of their minds. You get purified by their tirades. Saibaba (chap19)showed once a sow eating crap to his devotees saying how she cleans the dirt of this world with her mouth and enjoys it. The one who had earlier spewed venom... Continue Reading →

Likable And Dislikable!

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