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To rise above the mind and body is the most difficult thing for any man. To then rise above the mundane intellect and ideas of petty joys of life would be still more tougher. The Guru can only work through those who have surrendered all of the above. The purely material beings can never rise above the first covering(body) so leave alone the mind. Now think how Jesus rose above all these to reach His Father…. How many can even digest a simple bodily hurt or a humiliation of the mind? To be a spiritual being you have to rise above first the body, then mind, mundane intellect and lastly the ever enticing Maya!

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Where Is The Mind?

Where is the mind

Where is the mind? Where do you think is the mind? Is it somewhere in your head or is it the brain? Is it the heart or any other part of the body? No one has the real idea but most of the people believe that it is in our heads.

In India, if you were to ask a person where is the mind, he will answer you very peculiarly. He may point out towards his heart. Indians call mind as munn or mun! The mun is believed to be near the heart. So if a westerner was asked, he invariably points towards the brain or head.

Let me tell you where the mind is. Mind is called one of the bodies according to Hindus and Buddhists. Mind is supposed to carry data about all the things from this life and even the past in the form of memories and tendencies. I have just suggested two but it has more than that.

Coming back to the location of the mind, it is everywhere right across the body. From the head to the tip of your toe. Are you surprised to know that? Let me give you an idea. Everyone believes when your little toe gets hurt, you yell in pain and it hurts there. Now, have you observed how quick the reaction came about? Similarly, someone just trying to poke you in the eye, you blink pretty fast. You call it instinctive action. The heart beats and stomach digests and chomps food to bits. How do all these various parts of body react?

Every part of our body reacts swiftly and minimises the reaction or action. Sometimes you act as if you have an inbuilt NFC device embedded inside your body. You suddenly withdraw or get into fear mode or into a shell. Especially at the dentists or the eye doctor.

Even though the science tells us every action is processed inside the brain, let me tell you that mostly it happens that way. But part of the quick response happens at the organ or the body part itself. Like the eye will process information fast and blink if a foreign object is trying to enter it. So it tell you that there are localised actions too which includes data analysis and resultant. This action is controlled by this so called invisible mind. The mind sits on top of the nerves and reactive nodes. The space in between the nerve endings called synapses are carrying immense data which we cannot understand today. Somewhere in the future man will be able to tap into this data bank.

This whole bank of information is churned and thrown out as action by the mind which is spread all over the body. I know you may ask me for scientific proof. Don’t worry, the science itself will tell you soon enough, whatever I am saying is absolutely right. Wait for a little while.
Mind is the most important part of our decision making process inside the body. A healthy body and a healthy mind makes one take right decisions and lead a happy life. A diseased mind is very destructive and can be harmful to the man. So taking care of your mind and body and keeping it healthy is very important.

Physical exercises or yoga helps the body to be fit and fine. The exercises of breath or Pranayama helps one to keep mind healthy. Also Astanga yoga makes one healthy wealthy and wise. So keep your mind under control and stay healthy.

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True Love

True Love

When you have a reason for loving then know it isn’t true love. True Love doesn’t need any body, mind, senses, intellect at all. It just IS. Comes without rhyme or reason and is very pure. Flows without cause. Is the Self alone.

Disaster Management And Surrender To God!

Surrender to GodToday there is a lot of flak passing around for the unpreparedness of the local administration in Uttarkhand because of the environmental damage due to floods. Temples of Uttarkasi will be shut for over three years, they say! The blame game has started.
Now if you look at the whole scenario, you will know that it was bound to happen. Just like the Merapi disaster in Boro Budur. Or the Mohenjadaro ruins suggest too.
Preparedness for any eventuality is a must. Which means meticulous planning is essential. Surely, you will say- what has to be will be. But can’t you see if you are well prepared, the impact of that disaster can be lowered. Which means you are knowing well in advance what you actually need for circumventing the figures of casualties.
Just like the country assesses the defense preparedness for any war with neighbors or enemies, we too should keep our preparedness to the highest. Didn’t Noah get the advance warning and started preparing for the deluge? He too gathered two of every kind and shut himself up awaiting the Gods action plan.
So plan in advance for any untoward incident in life. Know that what has to be will surely be, but since you have taken precautions well before, the impact will be much reduced. You may fall from the skyscraper but the safety net will ease your impact.
In our day to day life also, the material being needs to plan well in advance for the future. The safety nets have to be in place, the harnesses should be tied, the doors to be bolted, the insurance policies to be valid, the fixed deposits to be secured, the warranties to be renewed in time and life to be straightened out. Disciplined approach to the problem and gathering up the resources should be meticulously followed.
All of the above is valid when you take the responsibilities for your own life and the people around you. You are also liable for any collateral damages since you believe the preparedness is your initiative. As you are aware the denudation was happening because you never stopped the quarrying or unruly building plans execution. Someday it was going to give way. That was well understood by you, yet you never anticipated it to occur in your lifetime But it did! Now you have no choice but to face it. So you are equally liable for the consequences.
Only those who have completely surrendered to God can consider the Captain of their ship to take care of them when the storm comes. He stands guard while you climb the lifeboat and move to safety. But if you still have that little bit of an ego, you would have brought your own life jacket and lifeboat. Then there is no captain of the ship to take charge of you. You alone are in charge of your destiny. Whatever happens to you is your own karma. You are responsible for all that would happen henceforth.
So decide if you have surrendered completely your mind, body, ego and soul to God and then look up to Him for relief, otherwise you are your own master.
Surrendering to the will of God and having absolute faith in Him will take us closer to Him. Becoming His devotee and loving Him unconditionally you will merge in Him alone. Then no flood or earthquake will harm you. You are in Good Hands!

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Abusive Relationship And Freedom!

Abusive RelationshipToday I am going to talk about how we live to accept mediocrity in our lives. Recently there was a marriage where the boy comes from the city and is well off and whereas the girl came from the rural background and not so well todo. The general refrain in the ceremony was- “poor girl”! This happened because everyone sympathized with the girl after the family announced that the couple would go for honeymoon that night! For them it was like the sacrificial lamb was going for slaughter.

Now I ask you, isn’t that being judgmental? Why is everyone assuming the innocence and weakness of that girl? Let us not judge someone just because they come from a village. Maybe she has better understanding about these issues than the bridegroom. What makes a person think that they are more knowing than the other.

For a moment let us assume that the case of the innocent bride is true. Then what would happen in that marriage? Initially she would be hurt and bruised in the relationship and later on she would accept this as it is and finally learn to enjoy it too. Don’t we enjoy the torture just like the innocent bride after getting accustomed to it. We live a lie. Since we have no choice in a binding relationship we accept the inevitable and learn to enjoy the torture. Finally our mind has blanked out the troubles and tribulations of the life by practice. We get used to it and settle down to it by accepting that as destiny.

Again no one will be willing to accept the pain or discomfort if someone points it out to them. Take the case of a mother who knows what her daughter is going through in her married life and her daughter denies it all the time. After a long time the couple has blanked the truth and accepted the lie as the truth.
The trouble starts when either of them gets into a newer relationship. Then everything that they seemed to enjoy becomes a nightmare. The act put on for their spouses benefit becomes torturous. There is a revolt and the bond breaks.

Now isn’t that what we have gone through in our personal life also? We are born and married to this body at birth. We believe we are in a great relationship with it. We enjoy all the troubles and accept it as a part of our marriage. The body throws its tantrums and shows us miseries but we have got so much accustomed to it that we begin enjoying this as a pleasurable part of living. We roll in the miserable life of ours like a sow.

It’s bondage that we love. We don’t feel like getting out of that gilded cage.
Suddenly a new love comes into our life. It shows freedom and emancipation. We meet this free soul called guru. He shows how you are bound in your life and with your wife called the body. Then we start seeing how constraining and overwhelming our life had become in marriage. We need the release. Spiritual training takes us out of this confining relationship.

So isn’t it high time you too understood how abusive this relationship with your body has been? Get out of it to learn the truth about freedom. Freedom to be your true Self!

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Dissipate the acid of anxiety

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dissipateAnxieties and tensions are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. No one is spared from this mind upheavals and almost everyone succumbs. Lets get to where it started. Someone somewhere triggered the acid attack and the spread happens. The one who gets upset is the mind alone and then it distributes to the body and then outside. Before it fills up in the vessel called mind, can you make a hole in it? So that there is no accumulation and purification of more thoughts! Make a small happy gesture which acts like a base so it creates a hole. Like reading a light book, watching comedies, playing with your kids or talking to your best friend. This unrelated act will create the hole for dissipating the acid of anxiety! Some random feel good act will surely help you.

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Why Does One Need A Guru?

need a GuruWhy does one need a Guru? At the outset let me tell you that you don’t need one. You wonder if that sentence is complete or not. Whether there are more words to follow like the following ones. If you are not interested in spiritual or God or some weird religious stuff or whatever. Surely, these words should have been added to the second line above. My line is complete by itself. You don’t need a Guru. You need a Guru only for the knowledge. But if the same knowledge is within you so why would you need one? You just have to mine that knowledge and get going. But the difficulty arises because the hard rock cannot mine the diamond. Similarly, you cannot understand your own beauty without the mirror or some reflecting surface. So the Guru is that diamond cutter and the person who finds the rough. Every cut makes the diamond shine more and more. Likewise, the Guru makes you more knowledgeable by the process of teaching. He unveils your inner beauty or knowledge. No doubt you are self effulgent or shining with your own light, yet being covered with layers and layers of ignorance you are hidden. Your light of knowledge doesn’t shine bright. First the Guru searches you out and not the other way round. Any person who believes he is the diamond has a false sense of ego and pride. Only a jeweler recognizes the worth of a diamond and not the diamond by itself. The diamond by itself is egocentric so it cannot compare itself to others. So also any egoistic person who believes he can unravel himself or herself can never do it. Remember the diamond cannot cut itself into a beautiful shape. So the Guru finds the disciple and puts him through various sadhanas or practices. He teaches him practically and theoretically with the aid of spiritual texts and some form of exercises. It could be even meditation or some other. The traditional yoga or hatha yoga is a practice followed by few sages or Gurus. Not everyone advises that since it is connected to body and mind. In spiritual we have to overcome body, mind and senses to reach beyond. That’s called the Spirit, hence spiritual. Overcoming body and mind consciousness is taught by such yogis. After much practices can a person feel the growth in spiritual. You do not get any certification after doing that. So don’t think that there is anything tangible to achieve. The Master or Guru teaches you to overcome the tendencies and move ahead using the tools given to you, which is mind and body. Using these tools and strictly following the teachings of the Master, you will be ready to get to the brightness or effulgence connected with your inner being. Knowledge dawns from within and you know the truth. This dawning of the “true you” is called realization. Knowing thyself. Knowing the God within you. Hence they call it “Self Realization!” The Master or Guru is the vessel or boat which helps you cross the ocean of samsara or worldly life. He finds you to show you the path towards liberation. Towards eternity and deathlessness. So now ask yourself if you truly need a Master or Guru? You do need Him!

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Where Does The Spirit Go?

spirit go

Does the spirit go anywhere? When your spirit leaves the body where does it go? This question is wrong. The correct question should be where does the body go when your spirit leaves it? Actually spirit stays wherever it is and the body goes to dust! Back to nature or Prakruti.
Just like the example: where does the water go when the bottle in the middle of the ocean breaks? Or where does the bubble vanish when it bursts inside the river.
It’s the water that is important and neither the bottle, nor the bubble!
Like water is spirit!

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Happy Birthday!

Why do I need to wish this body a Happy Birthday? I have to with love. Thank you, Suresh for this body. Here is wishing you a very very happy birthday. May the good Lord bless you and shower you His wonderful grace.

It’s been thirteen long years since you allowed me to be with you. Had it not been for this body, I would not have been able to do the wondrous deeds that I wanted to do. Truly, your sacrifice has been marvelous.
We never thank our bodies for giving us this opportunity to see and experience this wondrous creation of God. We abuse and give it so much pain. We make it go through such a tumultuous journey that it becomes weaker and fragile everyday.
Giving it love and respect, we have to use the best possible tool given us by God. It has been filled with a great gadgets like the mind and intellect. Always use and return with thanks those great tools.
This body is like an aircraft or a vehicle which takes us place to place and we should keep it properly oiled and ready. Making the best possible use of it. Never misusing it. It has tremendous potentials for raising you higher and higher, going to the furtherest and deepest parts of Gods creation. It also has the immense capacity to hurtle you down the slimiest and dirtiest hell holes of time too. But making the best possible use, we can rise above to reach our Father, The Lord.
Krsna’s benevolent kindness has provided us this opportunity to work with this wonderful body of greatness.
So let’s us honor it and praise it to the highest today. Let’s get it going to the highest of realms of Godhood. Never to put it to the worst possible uses. Always praise The Lord for providing it to us.
God bless you all for partaking this journey with your own vehicles. Let’s reach our great Father with this beautiful vehicle provided to each one of us. Thank our bodies for being there and showing us this wondrous garden of Eden today.
Thank you Suresh’s body for giving me this opportunity to witness God and his marvelous Leelas. Happy birthday to you.


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