Rise above the Mind and Body

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To rise above the mind and body is the most difficult thing for any man. To then rise above the mundane intellect and ideas of petty joys of life would be still more tougher. The Guru can only work through those who have surrendered all of the above. The purely material beings can never rise above the first covering(body) so leave alone the mind. Now think how Jesus rose above all these to reach His Father…. How many can even digest a simple bodily hurt or a humiliation of the mind? To be a spiritual being you have to rise above first the body, then mind, mundane intellect and lastly the ever enticing Maya!

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Where Is The Mind?

Where is the mind? Where do you think is the mind? Is it somewhere in your head or is it the brain? Is it the heart or any other part of the body? No one has the real idea but most of the people believe that it is in our heads. In India, if you... Continue Reading →

True Love

When you have a reason for loving then know it isn't true love. True Love doesn't need any body, mind, senses, intellect at all. It just IS. Comes without rhyme or reason and is very pure. Flows without cause. Is the Self alone.

Dissipate the acid of anxiety

[ca_audio url_mp3="http://www.krsnaknows.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/dissipate.mp3" url_ogg="" width="" height="" html5="false" align="left"] Anxieties and tensions are a part and parcel of everyone's life. No one is spared from this mind upheavals and almost everyone succumbs. Lets get to where it started. Someone somewhere triggered the acid attack and the spread happens. The one who gets upset is the mind alone... Continue Reading →

Why Does One Need A Guru?

Why does one need a Guru? At the outset let me tell you that you don't need one. You wonder if that sentence is complete or not. Whether there are more words to follow like the following ones. If you are not interested in spiritual or God or some weird religious stuff or whatever. Surely,... Continue Reading →

Where Does The Spirit Go?

Does the spirit go anywhere? When your spirit leaves the body where does it go? This question is wrong. The correct question should be where does the body go when your spirit leaves it? Actually spirit stays wherever it is and the body goes to dust! Back to nature or Prakruti. Just like the example:... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

Why do I need to wish this body a Happy Birthday? I have to with love. Thank you, Suresh for this body. Here is wishing you a very very happy birthday. May the good Lord bless you and shower you His wonderful grace. It's been thirteen long years since you allowed me to be with... Continue Reading →

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