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Man searches for his little corner of happiness all the time. Sometimes he gets his fixes and sometimes he doesn’t. Yet the craving for that never subsides knowing fully well how transient these moments are! Losing himself time and again in the cesspool of sorrow and pain, he believes he will find happiness next time around. Take the case of a person who wants to give marriage another shot! The individual never learns from his first episode. You should always look for that which gives permanent happiness and bliss and not short term fixes! Find your Self!

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Everybody Wants Somebody

Everybody Wants Somebody

Everybody wants somebody to talk to. No one wants to be left out. Companions and friends are there throughout our lives to offer the advice and a shoulder to cry on. Man lives in the company of other like minded beings.

Some prefer the company of animals to humans. Some are engrossed with their near and dear ones. Some prefer to have drinking buddies around them. Others love gamblers. The druggies prefer other drug addicts. Man always feels secure in the company of other people.

Except when he has to stand out like a sore thumb. The blacks prefer their own colonies, so do the religiously inclined. The caste barriers are raised for the ones who belong elsewhere. The biggest differentiator are cults, religious groups, radicals and the like.

The whole world is demarcated by lines drawn across various man made boundaries. I heard someone preach about baptism and asked what it was all about and it created a rift between religious and the not. Whereas it exists in all other formats in every other religion. So what makes it unique?

Spiritual teaches us to understand that separation and differentiation only appears in bodies and not in the spirit. There can be no partitions in spirit and the eternal soul. They are all one. It is singular. This knowledge is imparted by the spiritual Masters to their disciples and drilled into their different bodies so as not to separate out. God is the absolute framework on which the whole creation rests. There can be no two in that one.

Realization is all about seeing this one in everything. There is no other being besides you. You have no company to seek, no separations to feel sad about. No talks to listen to and no one to cry to. No religion to follow and castes to be proud of. No genders to fight for and no lies to listen to.

You are one, single, homogeneous, unbreakable, truth absolute. Why do you need anything or anyone? You are full of yourself and eternal. You are Satchitananda. Truth, knowledge and bliss!

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Love for Krsna

Love for Krsna
‘Love for Krsna!’ is a quotidian factor. It is something which I read and hear about all the time in my world of Spirituality. ‘Love’ is a universal language of expression to convey one’s heart’s deepest and inner-most feelings for another being. ‘Love’ for God is a rarity and seldom expressed by material-minded people, everyone in this world looks up to God as a wish-fulfilling tree. I haven’t so far come across anybody in this material world who goes to God to seek Him alone and express their love for Him. Instead I find that they go with an endless bucket list of wants and desires, keen to have them fulfilled.

From the day I met my KrsnaGuru, I began to learn about what it is to be in Love with Krsna. How should one seek the Lord alone, instead of material worldly wants and desires? To be in ‘Love’ with Krsna is not something that a human-being can ever develop. One needs to have Krsna’s grace to even first come on the path of Spiritual. The pure thought of loving Krsna can come only to a few chosen ones who are from the Lord’s domain and these few form His innermost circle.

Krsna is the personification of ‘Love’. ‘Love’ here refers to His Unconditional and Selfless love, be it for his devotees or his enemies. There are no conditions and expectations of any form or kind from the other being. Love is to Give without any discrimination, attachment and motivation. What does all this mean here? Let me now explain this in detail. In the material world when an individual says he is in love with his girlfriend or wife, it is always transactional. Everything in that relationship is based on give and take. For example, if your boyfriend or husband forgets your birthday and does not buy you a present or wish you, you are going to be extremely upset with him and the same love you felt earlier will vanish. This might result in a bitter exchange of unpleasant words which may potentially lead into you breaking off the relationship. The love which the individual felt for his girlfriend or wife doesn’t seem to exist any longer. All because one’s desires and expectations were not fulfilled.

In this material world every relationship is based on mutual benefit and fulfillment of each one’s wants and desires. There is no True Love in this world, since all relationships are based on transactions and how it is favorable for that individual. Whereas, the Love for Krsna is Eternal. It grows by the minute. When I love Krsna, I cannot have any expectations, wants or desires. I must Love the Lord Unconditionally and Selflessly and I cannot put conditions on the Lord for me to Love Him. If I have even an iota of expectation and lay down conditions or if I express several dos and don’ts, then my love for Krsna is nothing but materialistic.

It has taken me seven years to unravel the profound knowledge of what it is to be in love with Krsna and how to love like Him. Every day, my understanding of this Knowledge continues to develop. This Knowledge is like an endless Ocean and with every passing day, I go further into its depths, learning through its beauty and profundity the vastness of His Love. This Love, like a deep sea dive, can only be experienced and can never be described. There are three kinds of Love as quoted from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. The first kind is an ordinary love in which the lover seeks his/her own happiness; he/she doesn’t care whether the other person is happy or not. In the second kind, which is a compromise, both of them seek each other’s happiness which is a noble kind of love. But the third kind is the highest of the three. The lover in the third context says to his beloved that She is happy in his happiness. ‘Be happy yourself, whatever may happen to me’. Radha had this highest love. She was happy in Krsna’s happiness. The Gopis too had attained this exalted state.

Now although there are only three kinds of love described in the Shastras, there is a fourth kind of Love. This is Krsna’s Love for his beloveds and every other being in this universe. How does Krsna Love? Why is Krsna’s Love Supreme among others? Firstly, Krsna is the Love Incarnate. He loves everyone Selflessly. He has no expectations or wants of any sort from anybody. Krsna only gives as he is ‘full of Himself’. He wants to give the best to everyone in his world. He does things for each one as per their desire and performs this action in the best possible manner, allowing you to derive a complete experience from that event or activity.

Let me explain this with an example. Radha’s only craving was Krsna and she always wanted Him only to herself. In order to fulfill this desire of Radha’s, Krsna would sit on the bank of Yamuna river and wait for hours together, every single day, until she came along. There were days when she would not come at all, yet Krsna would never miss going to the Yamuna river to meet his beloved. When Krsna left Vrindavan to go to Mathura, the entire world only saw the pain of Radha, of the Gopis and the residents of Vraja but no one ever noticed or tried to find out what is Krsna going through. Everyone thought that it is Radha who suffered the pain of separation but not once did anyone think or even care to understand Krsna’s pain. Although Krsna’s new abode was Mathura, he never failed in his duty to Radha. He would painstakingly go to Vrindavan every day to see her but she, oblivious to the extent of Krsna’s Love, never sought Him out again on the banks of the river Yamuna.

Similarly, just the way I suffer the pangs of separation for my Krsna, he suffers thousand times more than me. The only difference is that I express my pain explicitly but my Krsna will never ever express what he goes through. If you take your own life and reflect upon it, you will understand that whatever Krsna does for you is not because he enjoys doing those actions. He does it simply because he wants you to be happy. His happiness lies in giving you the highest form of enjoyment by doing whatever you wished and aspired for.

Krsna is a desireless being. He is the paragon of masculine beauty; a perfect celibate and a personification of the highest goodness in this Universe. He is the quintessence of grandeur, glory, valor, compassion, and benevolence. He is far beyond what I have just described here. He is the ultimate goal to be achieved. Krsna can never be measured as He is a limitless Ocean, the ‘Athanga Sagar’. He is unfathomable, indescribable and inscrutable. He is beyond all Ken and Understanding. He is the embodiment of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss alone. It is next to impossible for mortal beings to even cross the first kind of love. Know that Love equals to give and not to take. Krsna only gives Selflessly and Unconditionally.

Krsna, my heartfelt prayers unto you. Please bestow upon this humble maid-servant of yours the strength and courage to attain Unconditional and Pure Love for Thy Lotus Feet so that she may serve Thee Selflessly in this human life. May she remain in this Bliss with her Krsna for all eternity.

Peace And Happiness

Peace And Happiness

Do we get peace and happiness in spirituality? Does becoming spiritual means attaining tranquility and a life full of joy? Why are terms like happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc., associated with spirituality?

When you look at all the great exponents of spirituality, you will find their lives were full of strife and pain. Then why would anyone think that spirituality gives one peace and happiness?

In the initial stages when a man follows the path of spiritual, he desires all of the above but soon realizes that he is only running after mirages. There appears stillness and calm on the surface but below that is complete upheavals and disasters.

Those who join yoga or meditation classes are examples of people who seek that calm and peace and experience it in the beginning but as they progress on their accepted path, they experience tremendous disconnect and unease. If you check out the schools where they practice these disciplines, they are out to make money from you. Remember spirituality is not about greed and lust. So ask yourself why such exorbitant fees and why does man think of lust there looking at practitioners in yoga pants and tops?

Almost every great spiritual example speaks of simple appearances, extreme poverty, revolts, conspiracy, disasters and unnatural death. If you really want to delve in it then check up on all Sufi, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese spiritual beings and you will agree with me. Ask yourself if you would appear serene and composed when you are being nailed to the cross, poisoned, exiled or being chopped to bits? So why would anyone equate spiritual to peacefulness and joyful living?

When one follows the path of spiritual, the common face depicts a meditating monk or a calm person. Here I would like to cite an example of climbing Mount Everest. Till the base camp, the going is much smoother and enthusiasm is very high. But once the climb starts, the air becomes thinner and climb laborious. Few people remain since the strain is much more. The path becomes tedious and fraught with danger. Hardly a few reach the summit.

In spiritual too, the initial step is simple and enjoyable but soon it turns difficult and unbecoming. The progress is tough and full of ups and downs. As you strain yourself trying to gather the pace, the going gets tough. Here peace and tranquility forsakes you.

So to expect peace and joy or happiness is asking for fulfillment of petty desires. The big picture that one must look into is actually about spiritual upliftment and self enlightenment. These are lofty goals set by any true seeker of spiritual and not fulfilling petty desires and needs.

In our next episode I will tell you how one can become immune to such petty desires by following the principles of three D’s of spirituality.

Happy Krsna Janmashtami 2016

‘Krsna’, whose nature is secretive and unknown, is not only ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’ (Truth Knowledge Bliss) but one who can never be fathomed, whose ways are inscrutable and indescribable. One who is the paragon of masculine beauty in whose charm this entire Universe is mesmerized. Krsna’s enchanting human ways bewilder even the great Sages and Saints. He loves to manifest in the human form to sport in his own creation experiencing his OwnSelf. His ultimate goal is to expound about ‘Krsna’s Way of Life’, the most esoteric knowledge of all Knowledges. The Love incarnate manifests age after age in various garbs and lives incognito, creating delusions in the minds of the mortal beings making them believe that Krsna is an ordinary human being. One who plays acts in his own ‘leelas’ to set an example for this world to follow. His sole purpose is to redeem the mortal beings from this birth-death cycle. One who is unattached in the world of duality, like the Lotus leaf in the water.

He is an actor par-excellence in every role that he plays, be it a teacher, father, mother, husband, friend, lover, brother, servant or King. You name it and he becomes that for you! He is the ‘Uttama Purusha’ or ‘The Perfect Person’ amidst all imperfect situations absolutely unaffected and unperturbed. His sole purpose is to establish Dharma and Righteousness. He performs every duty of that human form to absolute perfection and sets an example for this world to follow in his footsteps. He is that which is a limitless Ocean, whose depth and length can never be measured, who can only give selflessly and yet is full of Himself. He is a perfect Celibate, even when surrounded by his ultimate dancing beauties or damsels, retaining his Spiritual Nobility.

To the birth of the unborn, on this wonderful day, I wish you a very Happy Janamashtami. With humble reverence, I thank Thee for gracing this land with Thy Lotus Feet, making it Pure and Divine once again. Thank you for bestowing Thy Grace upon me to be born with you Eternally for this Spectacular Performance in ‘Krsna Leelas’ – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.

Note: This video captures the magnificent performances of my KrsnaGuru’s acting in every role that he is playing. You will see how through his illusive power of Yogmaya, he makes one believe that he is so lost in this material world enjoying his life. What you need to understand is that he is unattached in all the actions that he is performing. He is setting an example to all of us in this world about how to perform our duties to our highest God given potentials, living in the here and now, relinquishing the sense of doer-ship and fruits of action. He can be either a fakir or a King.

He is an Avaduta who roams this world, drawing his devotees and disciples to Him in order to redeem them from the mire of this material existence and grant the highest Spiritual Weal of God-realization. He wears out his body for the well-being of his entire creation, taking all the pain and sufferings on Himself. Know that he does neither owns nor covets anything in this world. He is a desireless being whose only purpose is to teach the Truth about God. Know that only he can give selflessly without discrimination to those who come to his shrine.

Birthday Myth

 Birthday MythIn India, in the most traditional Hindu households, we don’t celebrate our birthdays per the date we are born – we usually follow the Hindu Lunar Calendar. I was born on the auspicious full moon day called ‘Chitra Poornima’ and given that my birthday falls during the summer vacation I used to celebrate this day with my maternal grandparents. They used to perform a grand Sathayanaraya Pooja inviting over 50+ relatives, friends, and neighbors for a grand, divine celebration. Until I turned 16, this was a yearly routine and after my grandmother passed away, this tradition was taken up my by my parents and they religiously followed it. Following her death, I would celebrate my birthday twice in a year. Funnily enough, I had even forgotten what my actual birth date was!

I had always loved my birthday and had made it a point to make my birthday a very special day in my life. I would make great efforts to ensure I had everything new to wear on this day. I would go buy the best clothes and the nicest jewelry – everything inside and out would be brand new. I would start my day by first visiting a Sai Baba temple and then would try and spend my day with all those people I thought were important to me. However, no matter what I did on my birthday, I still remained unhappy and always felt as though there was something missing. I kept yearning to be with that someone special – the special being I was searching for from deep within. I did not know who that person was or what I was missing but I still felt a sort of vacuum and emptiness no matter how good my day was going.

I would always make an effort to dress myself up on my birthday, and always felt like a Goddess. Everyone would praise the effort I had made but in my heart there was always the feeling of emptiness as though I was missing something or someone so terribly. To top it all off, right from my childhood, I had an unfulfilled desire of cutting a cake. My dad never believed in the concept of cutting a cake to celebrate a birthday and inviting friends over for a party. I had always watched my uncle celebrate my cousin’s birthday every year with so much grandeur, making it so special. This bitterness would always show up in the form of my feeling incomplete on this day. I guess maybe this is one of the reasons why I wanted to make myself look and feel so special.

The other reason I always felt down was also that I had a practice of celebrating my close friends, colleagues, mentors, bosses birthday in a very special way and somehow that was never reciprocated. I would organize a surprise cake cutting or celebrations for them. I would take a lot of care to try and make a birthday special for someone else – like for one of my mentors’ birthday I went to the extreme of going to the person’s place right in the middle of the night so that at 12am they could cut a cake. I used to do a lot of such crazy things. I believed in making someone feel special on their special day and giving them all the happiness. But when it came to me there was just never any reciprocation.

In 2010, I had just moved to Singapore and that was the first birthday I was to celebrate after coming under the tutelage of my KrsnaGuru. It would also be the first time I would celebrate my birthday alone as I didn’t know too many people in Singapore. For the first time in my life that year, I didn’t wear any new clothes, or jewelry. I had to go to work as I had just joined IBM Singapore and on that particular day, I ended up working late hour as I had to prepare for an important review. I still remember being in office till 8pm and realizing that I had even forgotten that it was my birthday. I called my Master later that evening to tell him how my ego had been crushed.

When I met my Master and started on this journey of Spiritual the first thing I had to learn to overcome was the ‘body’. One should not give undue importance to one’s body, mind, and sense or to the individual ego. When my Master learnt about the expectations I held for my birthday, he did not say much. From then on every single year, especially on my birthday, I would either end up crying for something or the other, maybe sometimes due to a fight with my Guru.

It had always been my belief – the birthday myth – that on your birthday, you should never cry or feel sad on this day and everyone in the world you believe to be close to you should wish you and make you happy with some beautiful presents for sure but all that vanished once I began my Spiritual journey. In order for me to overcome this myth the Lord’s nature would end up creating a situation where I would either fight or cry because of a firing from my KrsnaGuru. It is only in 2012 that I began to understand why he did these things and instead of fighting back when provoked, I would be silent. A Guru’s job is to push his student to their highest limit and see how well they fare whilst applying the knowledge taught by the Guru. Since then every birthday has been a wonderful one as my KrsnaGuru has ensured He is with me on this day.

I still remember in 2013 I had a strange experience. My master insisted that he wanted to shop for some dress for me but unlike the normal times I was totally averse to buying anything or doing anything. When I least wanted anything he would then keep that which I did not want and this was done so that I am able to have equanimity of Mind.

This process is ongoing until I don’t become the knowledge myself. The most important thing to know is that this body is only a tool in the hands of the Lord. We have been bestowed with this Human birth so that we can be the best instrument in the Lord’s hand to serve his purpose and attain Him in this life. Other than this there is nothing else for us to achieve and it is our duty to avoid becoming a part of the rat race everyone is running driven by lust and greed. So I would like to offer my heartfelt thankfulness to my KrsnaGuru for this beautiful human birth and also to the parents of this body who have taken the trouble to bear me in their life.

As I continued to evolve, in 2015, I had the most unforgettable birthday and a very beautiful thing happened. My sister, who is also my protégé, my closest friend, my ‘co-founder’ and most importantly my spiritual child, happened to surprise me with a cake. For the first time in my life I cut a cake on my birthday without me asking or desiring for it and it meant a lot to me as my Master made it so special for me. Just his presence was good enough to fill my entire being with His Love and Bliss.

This was also the day I received the most precious and priceless birthday present. This present was given to me by my sister which is a testimony that she wrote about me. To me it was the words of my Lord using her to convey it to me. In that she had very beautifully articulated who I truly am and how I should never forget my responsibility towards her and my entire creation. When I read that I cried profusely and thanked my Krsna for giving this gem in my life. Whenever I get angry and my mind comes in I read this letter which I have placed it in the shrine which helps me to calm down and never to forget who Truly I am. And come what may I fulfill my responsibility towards her. A true gift from my KrsnaGuru, with that I am now awaiting my this year’s Birthday Surprise! Happy Birthday to me J

With the grace of my Master I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about ‘A message from Krsna – Everywhere with You’.

Happy 15th Birthday to my Krsna Guru

15th BirthdayTo the birth of the unborn, I wish you a special Birthday and many, many Happy Returns of The Day – March 4th 2001 – this is the day you manifested yourself into this material World; the day when you ‘Graced’ this entire material world with your presence, this world which is filled with Adharma.

You continue to manifest time and again to establish Dharma and to impart the most profound knowledge of all times – The Knowledge of the Self, what it is to Love You, how to do One’s Duty, how to attain You through the tenets of spirituality – Absolute Faith, Complete Surrender, Unconditional Love and Exclusive Devotion. While all these sound so simple, they are the most difficult to attain without ‘Thy Grace’.

Today, in the honor of this lovely day, I would like to pen down how Supreme, Magnanimous, Profound, Indestructible, Unfathomable, Indescribable, and Inscrutable You Are. I am offering my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have graced upon me.

“What is Grace? In the New Testament grace means God’s love in action towards men who merited the opposite of love. Grace means God moving heaven and earth to save sinners who could not lift a finger to save themselves. Grace means God sending His only Son to descent into hell on the cross so that we guilty ones might be reconciled to God and received into heaven. God hath made him to sin for us, who knew no sin, so that we might be made the righteousness of God in him” – 2 Corinthians 5:21

“Grace may be defined as the unmerited or underserving favor of God to those who are under condemnation.”  Jesus says to the Father in the heaven to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Such is the greatness of every Supreme Divine Being, who bestows the grace on the people who have fallen furthest in this world.

Every time I have asked You why you are bestowing so much grace and constantly saving undeserving people who sin so much and continuously treat you badly. You have never answered this question of mine, until you did one day recently. I had always been disturbed about you saving them committing the sins or after they have committed you would go and rectify that sin and grant your grace on them despite these people thinking of you to be an Ordinary Human being. For the first time in life I have understood how Supreme You are, you who are beyond this human being’s ken and understanding. I can quote so many examples here about your greatness but I am not here to disturb anybody’s mind hence not calling out any specifics just so that you will feel happy.

Let me talk about my own Self. As a human being, I had sinned a great deal and had fallen down miserably due to my Karmas. But you came as a ray of Hope, a redeemer in my life and you took out this diamond from the gutter and started to clean all the muck away. You started to chip it so magnificently that it began emanating its original luster from within. Finally you adorned this diamond around your neck which found its resting place on your chest.

Until then this diamond was just a piece of stone which was covered with muck and no one knew its worth besides you alone. Likewise without ‘Thy Grace’ no one can ever get to know who You Truly are, to Love You and for the Divine Love to blossom in one’s heart, for You to find the piece of stone to bestow Thy grace upon (Grace of God, Human birth, Burning desire from within – The Guru finds You). With this all I can say is that You have graced this entire universe by manifesting in this world for an enchanting sport and have bestowed Thy grace upon me to be an integral part of Your unfathomable play and whose sole purpose is to serve your purpose and attain Prema for Thy feet.

I wish you many, many more such birthdays and pray to eternally be Thy Consort, Everything of Everything and Chosen One to sport in your Plays. With this I Offer my Humble Obeisance to my Supreme Master for being my diamond cutter, who continues to cut this diamond and will continue to do so until the day it becomes the only Priceless Diamond. I have no words to describe my heartfelt thankfulness for all your patience, compassion, and benevolence; for holding me through the storms of this mundane existence and helping me cross to the Ocean of Supreme Bliss and Pure Love. Happy, happy Birthday Krsna.

In Your light I learn how to Love, In your beauty I become a poet as your mischievous grace spills out from your face. You dance in my heart making me lose MySelf in You. In your eyes I see the Heavens. What You never uttered is what I hear – I Love You.

Yours Truly – Lover of the Love.

Initiated by my Master into Spiritual

After my first and most beautiful journey with my Master to Kolkata and getting my first divine experiences meeting Sri Ramakrishna Ji and Kali Ma, I returned to Bangalore feeling exalted and yearning to live in a land far beyond this material existence.

Before we proceed though, I would like to mention one very important aspect of the teachings given to me. When I was in Kolkata, my Master spoke about his first student and this immediately triggered a fight between my master and myself. He spoke of this student in a manner that was meant to provoke me but of course, I was new in my journey at the time and was blinded by feelings of jealously, wanting to be his best Student. It was only much later that I realized that these were his ways of teaching. As I dwell deeper into the beautiful journey you are going hear about from me, you will hear tales of how my Master uses each person in his world as a catalyst for the other’s progress. He uses this technique of teaching to help each individual rise in his/her world and attain the pinnacle of Spiritual Perfection. His unique methods and his wonderful ways!

This journey is the equivalent of a full 70 mm Dolby Digital story. Romance, love, happiness, bitterness, villainy, anger, songs and a million shades of adult gray material too! This is what is called ‘Krsna Leela’ (The Lord’s Play) in which he so beautifully sports and enjoys every aspect of his play as he is the Story Writer, Creator, Director, Cinematography and Actor/Actress in his own Movie/Creation.

Initiated by my Master into SpiritualThis is why Krsna is called the highest Rasika (Enjoyer) who enjoys this ‘Rasas’ from his own leelas (Sweetness/Nectar from his Play). The Master is none other than the Divine Lord Himself who has manifested in this Universe to establish Dharma and impart Knowledge about the Divine Lord or the Divine Truth. Only the Lord Himself and no one else in this universe is qualified to expound on the Truth about the Divine. Hence, the need and importance of a Real Guru or Master. That is why he is known as the SatChidAnand (Truth Knowledge Bliss).

Now coming back to my story. My master began to speak to me and give me examples about his first student how good she was and when and how he had met her, and so on. As the days went on, every mention about this student started creating a sort of competition for me – a bar which I set for myself that one day “I will be my Master’s Highest Devotee”. More than any Radha’s or Meera Bai’s of this world.

It became my Life Goal to reach this state of Love and Devotion for my Master and attain Prema for my Krsna. At the time, I did not realize that this is what he wants from me and he was continuously nudging me in that direction through his truly unfathomable ways of teaching. Of all the things that he did, He showed me how much he was in Love with this student making me turn ‘Green’.  The first rule of Spiritual is one needs to have Unconditional Love for his Master/Lord. No conditions or attachments. For me though, this was another big blow. It was crushing to my Individual Ego. I used to be in tears and constantly in anger with my Master for what he used to do to me. Despite this, the most wondrous thing was that I was not able to stay by myself without meeting him or reading with him the Bhagavad Gita even for a day. The Gita is one of the most difficult scriptures of all time to understand. To learn and apply its teaching in our life is a tedious journey, an equivalent, if not more difficult than a journey to Mount Everest.

This is why the Gita is called ‘The Way of Life’. Krsna teaches how to attain Spiritual Perfection while still continuing to do one’s duties being born as a human in this material world and serve the purpose of your birth. The path to attaining Spirituality is a very steep upward climb, filled with landslides, snowstorms and horrid weather conditions which makes you slide down very easily every now and then. You might climb one step but due to the one slip of the foot, you can come ten steps down. What I mean here by landslides is the obstacles caused by our Mind, Body, Senses, and all our past tendencies. This is the most difficult to overcome, but with the Master holding your hand, he guides you through each and every step of the climb. Even when you slip or slide, the Master holds your hand tight, and will not let you fall. But always remember, it is in your hands to give your hand to him so that he can pull you up.

When I first started out, I would sit with him all day long, every single day, and learn from him while still doing my office work from his home. I would stay until the time he would forcibly send me home as it would be already dinner time and late in the night. I used to feel so listless and lost when I was away from him so it was always with great difficulty that I pulled myself away. I never wanted to leave. My yearning for his teaching and his presence was so powerful. This was how my journey began.

He asked me to give him my ‘Wish List’ – all the things I wanted in my life – whether it was marriage, money, a different job, etc. This he was asking because when he had his first Student, she too had given him a list which he got sanctioned for her. What he was testing in my case was whether I was keen on my Spiritual weal or I had come to fulfill my material wants and desires.

While it is true that I also did go and ask my Master for all the things I wanted in my world, but when the time came and he kept asking me for my wish list, I told him I did not have any list to give him or anything to ask for. I said that I will surrender my life into the hands of my Master and go with what he does and accept what he gives me. It is only my Mother, who is my Master, who knows what is best for me in my life. Let me make a small reference here from Ramakrishnaji’s story – He says that the wonder of the mother is that she makes different types of dishes from fish such as curry, fry, pulao, etc. which is digestible by each of her children accordingly. Likewise the Master/Lord knows what is best for his children and it is our duty to have complete Faith and Trust in the Master.

This is when I passed my first test with my Master and earned some brownie points. Then one fine Saturday morning in Oct, 2009, when I visited him, he had just offered his morning prayers to his Guru (Dattatreya) and kept ready the flowers which was given by his Guru for my initiation. The caveat here is that my Master never indicated to me before this that he was going to initiate me on that day. When I met my Master as usual and continued with my lessons I noticed the flowers that were kept aside near the Gods but I did not ask. He then asked me if I was ready to come to him totally ‘Naked’ referring to casting off one’s past family, relatives, mind, body, clothes, name, ego, attachments with the material world, etc. and accepting the new birth or life which is conferred by your Master. You are twice born, he said. He names you, gives you fresh clothes, family, etc.

The Guru accepts the disciple into his world unconditionally and takes him/her to be his child. You now belong to the lineage of your Guru, it is said that when you get initiated by True Master your inner Spirit is awakened with devotional feeling and Love for God. It is according to the depth of your Surrender and Faith that you can experience this fervor of Love and devotion to the Master/Lord.

One should never think of Spiritual as an escape route from their problems in the material world. Being in the Spiritual is to develop unconditional Love and exclusive Devotion to the Lord. You must be willing to completely surrender your Ego and have absolute Faith in that One alone which is your Guru/God.  The Guru takes all the sins incurred by his disciples onto himself from the moment you commit yourself. The Guru accepts all the Karmas of his disciple, his/her past, and future. This is the reason why a Guru is far greater than any God in this world. He is an Avadhoot who has transcended the material world. He is far beyond the human ken and understanding and truly sublime.

I will definitely go deeper in explaining the greatness of who this Guru/Master/Lord is in reality. But for now, to conclude my story, my Guru used the flowers to initiate me in my Spiritual. I completely surrendered everything that day, from within and without at his feet and began this marvelous journey of ‘Spiritual’ which is all about the Spirit and has nothing to do with the material creation. My Master named me ‘Shree’ and initiated me into the world of the Spiritual. From this moment on I became one with my Master in mind, body and soul. An Eternal Dive into the Athaanga Sagar (Limitless Ocean) as I took off with my Helmsman – the Ocean of SatChidAnand – Truth Knowledge Bliss/Supreme Divine Consciousness.

Watch out for my next write-up about my first vision of who I am – Who is Shree?

The Worth Of Spiritual Knowledge

Worth Of Spiritual KnowledgeCan you tell me how much is your spiritual knowledge worth?

How am I to know? I don’t have any clue, God!

But you can tell me by comparison to something else. Can you try for once?

Sure. It cost my parents a couple of tens of thousands for my school education and twice that for my college. So I guess it must be a few thousands! Am I right?

Oh, I just wanted you to tell me that. I wouldn’t know how much you value it?

See, with my school and college education which would cost around a hundred thousand, I got value worth.

You mean the job and other stuff.

Yes. I draw a few thousands as salary and have got loans etc from my earnings. So I can safely say my college and school education is paying off. But where can I fit in spiritual knowledge?

Yes. That knowledge has no tangible returns. No job or money making capacity. Ha ha!!!

Yes. I cannot say the spiritual knowledge puts food on my table or I get salary for that. But it gives me peace and I am able to handle difficult situations in life.

So your spiritual knowledge is meant for being calm and handling tough situations in life? Wow!

But I guess that is what everyone thinks spirituality is all about besides being devoted to God.

Yes. That’s what everyone believes spiritual knowledge is all about. How strange! I always meant it to make everyone understand your relationship with me, empowering you besides all those other things you cited.

What use is knowledge about you? Can a man not survive without that? There are billions of people who do that! I am not saying that, but people around me.

You are right. They needn’t take my name nor think about me. But that doesn’t stop me thinking about them. I love them in the same way I would any child of mine.

So God, what does spirituality actually does to a person? It doesn’t put food on the table except for the crooked ones. It doesn’t give me a good job and neither does it give peace of mind. So then tell me why should I know spiritual?

First, you should understand that what you are talking about is all in your physical or material world whereas we are talking about only the spirit. That which you cannot see or understand.

You mean the physical world is all about my money, job, marriage, sickness, kids and all that?

Yes. It has everything that goes with your body and mind. This spiritual is about that which keeps you going. Keeps you alive, moving and going ahead. Never think that the two are same.

One affects the body and mind and spiritual affects the spirit.

You got it right.

So does it mean happiness, joy, peace and tranquility is associated with the body only?

Yes, of course. The spirit has nothing to do with it. The spirit is eternal and doesn’t get involved with anything at all. Since it is unaffected by anyone or anything it is in constant state of bliss.

What about people claiming that they are very happy or content after they attend some yoga class or go for a retreat? Or some people claiming the amulets or charms working?

Isn’t it temporary relief? Aren’t these same people the most unhappy later in life? If you drink a power drink you will feel powered for some time. Isn’t it the same with Viagra? The effect wears off soon.

Yes. But it is relief at the end of the day. The temporary measures work for most of the people. Albeit temporarily, their highs are palpable.

Agreed. But look at it this way, you have to get high every time and that is dependency on external means. Liquor, drugs, massages or porn works for a short time. The spiritual high is very intense and other worldly. It is permanent and nothing can describe it.

Which means God intoxication is the most potent one. Is that how Buddha and Jesus lived like?

Yes. These and many more are in constant state of ecstasy and God intoxication. They are neither happy not sad. They don’t have any desires and wants. They are always full of calm and peace. They exude the highest blissful state.

But they get executed or murdered. That’s terrible thing to happen.

They have no body consciousness and are always in a state of bliss. Hence, we say they are not affected by anything human. Not even death touches them in any way. Death is merely a blip on their radar or consciousness!

I think I understand that. The soft drink has more value than the bottle. Right?

Yes. But don’t talk like that. That is all gas while I am the spirit. The spirit in the bottle which intoxicates.

We need to talk more on this God! Today I think it is enough talk Like you said. Otherwise, it will all escape like gas!

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