The Intention – Guru Purnima

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski To some it appears that the disciple/devotee pays homage to a man or a woman, but in fact it is the Divine being of disciple/devotee honouring the Divine being of their Guru. Of course, as told to me, no one attends Guru Purnima, unless Guruji intends for you to be there. On a Sunday in... Know More>>


Seek the Eternal

Teachings | KrsnaKnows Why does it feel good when you put in so much effort and got good results from what you did and still at the end of it you haven't reached your objective? So after working for many years, you still feel dissatisfied after saying you are happy doing your job? Can you see the disconnect here?... Know More>>

Revelation of the Truth about Gem

Journey With My Master, Shree's Corner | Shree Krsna OMG! It has been a long delayed flight. I seek your apologies. Now that I am back after a big bamboo from my preceptor let me continue the storytelling sessions about the journey with my Master. My master arrived in Singapore, and I wasn’t functioning in my full capacity at all. It was a s... Know More>>

Find Yourself for Permanent Happiness

Teachings | KrsnaKnows

Man searches for his little corner of happiness all the time. Sometimes he gets his fixes and sometimes he doesn’t. Yet the craving for that never subsides knowing fully well how transient these moments are! Losing himself time and again in the cesspool of sorrow and pain, he believes he will find happiness next time around. Take the case of a person who wants to give marriage another shot! The individual never learns from his first episode. You should always look for that which gives permanent happiness and bliss and not short term fixes! Find your Self!

Know More>>

Everybody Wants Somebody

Everybody wants somebody to talk to. No one wants to be left out. Companions and friends are there throughout our lives to offer the advice and a shoulder to cry on. Man lives in the company of other like minded beings. Some prefer the company of animals to humans. Some are engrossed with their near... Continue Reading →

Love for Krsna

‘Love for Krsna!’ is a quotidian factor. It is something which I read and hear about all the time in my world of Spirituality. ‘Love’ is a universal language of expression to convey one’s heart’s deepest and inner-most feelings for another being. ‘Love’ for God is a rarity and seldom expressed by material-minded people, everyone... Continue Reading →

Peace And Happiness

Do we get peace and happiness in spirituality? Does becoming spiritual means attaining tranquility and a life full of joy? Why are terms like happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc., associated with spirituality? When you look at all the great exponents of spirituality, you will find their lives were full of strife and pain. Then why... Continue Reading →

Happy Krsna Janmashtami 2016

'Krsna’, whose nature is secretive and unknown, is not only ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’ (Truth Knowledge Bliss) but one who can never be fathomed, whose ways are inscrutable and indescribable. One who is the paragon of masculine beauty in whose charm this entire Universe is mesmerized. Krsna’s enchanting human ways bewilder even the great Sages and Saints. He... Continue Reading →

Birthday Myth

In India, in the most traditional Hindu households, we don’t celebrate our birthdays per the date we are born – we usually follow the Hindu Lunar Calendar. I was born on the auspicious full moon day called ‘Chitra Poornima’ and given that my birthday falls during the summer vacation I used to celebrate this day... Continue Reading →

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