Stand Up and Fight

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Krsna never teaches you to give up and become mediocre. He tells you to fight a righteous war. Do stand up and Fight.

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Disown God

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Disown God

You know God, more than 50% people in this world are out to disown and bash you up!

Yes dude! I know that.

Aren’t you perturbed or angry about it?

Why should I be? I have made this world and I enjoy it.

Even though there are billions out there willing to disown you if they ever catch you!

It doesn’t make a difference to me. There are trolls everywhere and we should not bother our head about it.

What do you intend to do about them?

Nothing! They will die their own quiet death. Don’t you have half of your nation against one person?

Yes. Yes. But no one likes him. Everything about him is wrong. We are not trolling him but stating facts.

That’s your point of view. Half of the nation is criticizing him. The other half are willing to stake their life for him.

That’s true. But why can’t everyone oppose him? It’s so unfair.

You are opposing him because you have a collective support and you live in a democracy. Do you think you could do it in other nations?

I guess not. Aren’t there people who stand up against in those countries too?

But they get killed or put behind bars or they lose everything in life.

Surely, there are people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others who do change the entire nation.

That’s because I make it happen. Everything in this world happens by my design alone. Even the current ones and the trolls too.

If you do that then you are the biggest troll of all times. Why do you love to see this world go in a tizzy?

Changes, my dear sir! This world has to undergo major changes in its progress.

But isn’t it masochistic of you? Why would you torment your own people and put them through pain?

You mentioned Gandhi, Mandela and others. If they didn’t do what they were supposed to do then do you think you would be speaking like this to me now?

True. The God of old times would have consigned me to the deepest darkest hells. You are more tolerant now.

I am still the same. But my trolls love doing what they do. Sometimes they project me as benevolent and compassionate God and at other times as a tyrant! It’s alright.

Ha ha. You are joking about it. You know how bad you are! Urban slang, “bad”meaning you are good.

I know. I invented it. Just like marijuana! It was bad earlier and now it is good! Ha ha!

You really love to play your little game, don’t you?

True. Sometimes I become the hero and sometimes the villain in your life. Go and play now.

God, can you make gun licensing very easy for us? I would love to play with guns.

Wow! This is what a little leeway does to you. Go get yourself a toy gun!

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Give Me Successes

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Give Me Successes

God, you are responsible for giving me successes in my endeavors.

Oh! Why am I responsible for your issues?

Aren’t you called the Father and Mother? You are supposed to take care of us.

You are absolutely right in saying that. I am your Father and Mother. But I am supposed to only look after you till you are capable of handling yourself. Once you grow up, you are on your own.

You mean to say, after that you won’t look after me?

Tell me something. If the son goes and robs the bank, then would you consider the parents responsible?

What do you mean? Surely they are the parents, right? Aren’t they responsible?

Did the parents ever tell their son to rob a bank or did they even teach him to do anything wrong?

No. No parent teaches their child to do anything wrong or bad.

The parents have taken pains to bring the child up. He was given the best of things, education and so on. They provided him with every facility.

That’s true. But then why did he rob the bank? Maybe, it is his destiny!

Maybe it is his destiny. But why would you still think his parents are responsible for his actions and results? After all he deserved to go to prison.

You are right. But God, aren’t you supposed to help us out in troubles? It is said even a leaf will not move without your permission.

As a parent I provide for almost everything through your worldly parents. Once you grow up, it is expected of you to do your duties to everyone. You owe your duties to parents, yourself, family, society, country, world and me!

So that means you aren’t going to help me in any way. What is the use of calling for help then?

Now know that you have been given great education, profession, family, etc.. and made fully functional and capable of handling everything in this world. So it is your sovereign duty to perform in the best possible manner.

Surely, you have given me a healthy body, mind, intellect and so on. But I am not asking for that. I am asking for a little help, that’s all!

Surely my universe will help you and work with you. But you have to first prove yourself. Don’t show your weakness. You have my DNA in you so show the world what you have got.

I am not a cry baby. Just do some magic in my world so that I can get what I want. That’s it. Nothing more.

I understand that. Why don’t you put your first foot forward and then see how my magic works? Every day is a new day. Every day is war. Every day is a struggle. And some days are meant for rest, victory, fame, fortune and ultimately death. Keep marching.

Ok. Ok. I give up. I will do what I can. But before I go can I touch you?

Sure. You are my son.

Ok. I want to touch you for a few thousand dollars if you can give me now. You promised, so you better keep it.

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On Hurricane Irma

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

On Hurricane IrmaYou brought on Hurricane Irma and destroyed so much, God!

What are you saying? Why should I do that?

You are responsible for that terrible thing which destroyed Florida, Bahamas, Caribbeans and a lot more.

I did not do any such thing. Why do you attribute all that to me?

You create the weather and the changes in the environment, so you did that.

Don’t be silly. Humans did that. Haven’t you heard of climate change?

Yes. I have. But this kind of devastation can only be other worldly and not human.

Of course. This terrible devastation as you call it was the result of years of hacking away at the environment.

Ah, you mean the polar caps are melting and all that. You know one day it is hot here and the next day it snows. What kind of weather is that?

Well, stop blaming me. Let me tell you a few things. Why are humans plundering coal and crude from inside the bowels of earth?

Otherwise what are we to use for heating, transportation or electricity?

There are other means like solar, wind and so on. These are sustainable types and are replenish-able.

You are just trying to take away the blame from yourself.

Ok. Let me turn your attention to another subject. How’s your house renovation going on?

It is going great. We had to strip out entire walls and false ceilings and create better spaces.

So how will your house look like after you have finished?

It will be spacious, airy and more natural light will come in. I am also installing solar panels and cutting down on electrical consumption. Maybe I will give back power to the electric company.

That’s wonderful. I hope you can now see some more light on our debate.

Oh that? You created so much of destruction there and people are homeless.

So isn’t it the right time to build better homes like yours and get them to become more environmentally friendly?

Yes. Yes. It seems you have cleared most of the old places so that newer houses can be reconstructed. But at what cost, dear God?

There is always a cost to pay for everything in this world. Just ask yourself who is going to replenish the coal and crude you folks have siphoned out? The future generations may have to bear the brunt of your plunders.

So what is the solution to all that?

Don’t you know the Armageddon? It is coming sometime and then everything will be restructured.

So that’s true then. I am not going to wait for your cleansing.

So what are you going to do? Change your daily habits and use less of non sustainable resources?

That, I don’t think I want to bother about. On the contrary, I am going to find out if I can book my ticket to stay on Mars. Elon Musk, here I come!

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Cringe Pop Music

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Cringe Pop Music

Oh God, why did you have to invent Cringe Pop music?

I haven’t invented it. There are very great stalwarts on earth to do that.

Have you listened to that guy Taher Shah or Dhinchak Pooja?

No. I don’t have time to listen to all that. I am busy with my YouTube channel.

Omg. You too are having your YouTube channel? What are you going to record there? Heavenly music?

Don’t be silly. No one wants to listen to my heavenly music. I do have some great people who create music.

You mean the Gandharvas(celestial musicians)and Apsaras(Celestial Dancers). They are really very hot.

No. No. They aren’t trained in that. I have other rappers, jazz players, classical and other types with me.

I hope you aren’t thinking of coming up with snotty, shitty type of music like pen, pineapple… types.

No. No. I have decided to talk to the Death God and others who control the nether worlds to help me create creepy crawly music.

Why would you do that? These great cringe music people are already filling up the nether worlds along with their admirers.

Oh, now I understand why the Devil was asking for a vacation. He hopes these folks will go away.

So what is your music going to be like? Can you tell me your genre?

How about Diabetically Sweet? What about De Wine music? Or AFM?

What are you saying? That’s blasphemy! AFM?

I mean Awesome Fuchsia Music. It will be fusion, chanting, songs, colorful music.

You don’t mean the F word that way. I could only think like that. I am sorry.

There it is. See I could catch you only by one single word. AF of your world is not the word from my world. Misinterpreting my words every time man has fallen down.

So then how are you going to tell the world about your music?

Simply by eliminating American urban slang and instead using the right words. But with a twist.

How’s that going to happen?

Don’t they say OMG, Jesus in a derogatory manner? They use my divine words and twist it out of shape. So I am going to use their slang and make it sound great.

I still don’t get it. Give me some examples.

Sure. Here are some starting from the older ones. LOL will be Lord of love or Love o Lord. Swag would be Still wanting Almighty God. Of course, I will avoid words like F, D, C, P and others which may be offensive.

That’s true. Kids will hear it and feel offended. Ha ha. They will reject you my Lord.

Don’t worry. I am giving them words like Artificial Reality in Simulated Environment, Digital Information in Computing Kernel…. and so on.

Then what will happen?

Don’t you see? When you type the acronyms it will take them to my site and videos. SEO magic! Got it! Don’t tell me you are that dumb.

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