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Name : Suresh Rao Or Krsna Suresh / Krishna Rao / Krsnaknows

spiritual master

Who is the Guru?

The Guru or the Spiritual Master is the One who guides you on the path towards knowing the truth about the Self. He is called the illumined or the knower of the truth. His teachings are about the Self and the Supreme Divine Consciousness. His knowledge is Self Revealed and not borrowed from another. He guides you on the path of knowing your true Self and your true calling.

What does He offer?

He offers you the knowledge about your own being and the Self. He answers all your questions about the spiritual. Questions like- Who is God? What is the meaning of Life? What is my true calling? What is karma or sin? What is samsara and dharma? And so on. These answers are offered not by bookish knowledge alone but by true experiences which will firm up your understanding about Self or God! These experiences take us on a journey in the exploration of the Self by practical methods. His methods of teaching is through Satsangs or expositions offered in His company with the help of some divine texts or simply by His association. His methods of teaching are direct and he is approachable with reverence and not with arrogance. Please do not come with an idea of showing off your own understanding and knowledge. Approach with complete humility and surrender.

What He doesn’t offer?

He doesn’t offer miracles or magical cures or produce ash, trinkets, grant wishes or do anything that would make you come to Him. He doesn’t ask you to wear garish clothes or practice any religious activities. He doesn’t ask you for monetary or other benefits. He doesn’t ask you to perform poojas or sacrifices. There are no body contortion exercises or rituals. No fasts or visits to temples or places of worship.He is a teacher of the spiritual with a clear agenda of taking His students through the paces of reaching the lofty goal of realization and liberation.

Our Master says

I first ask you to test me out thoroughly and only if you are fully satisfied will I ask you to welcome me in your life.I,in turn also observe you and select the path most suitable for you.I do not have any goals of building ashrams,having a hoard of followers,collecting funds for any charity or indulge in free publicity! I teach one on one and would not force you to stay with me. You are free to walk out the day you find out that I have nothing to offer to you.Bless you for reading this.

Guru / Master as per the Scriptures

Spiritual Master is the one who experiences the Supreme Bliss of Brahmaand (Transcendental Divine Bliss). He enjoys and confers changeless supreme happiness. He is beyond space and time (there is nothing higher than him). He is the embodiment of wisdom which is the basis for all types of knowledge. He transcends the pair of opposites (such as happiness and sorrow, gain and loss). He is more Omnipresent than space itself. He is the very embodiment of the Divine principle, which is the inner meaning of the four great pronouncements Prajnaanam Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi and Aham Aathma Brahma. He is One without a second (Ekam). He never changes under any circumstances (Nityam). He is without any type of impurity (Vimalam). He is steady and motionless(Achalam). He is the witness of everything. He transcends mental comprehension and verbal explanation. He is beyond the three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas). He is the One who crosses you across the Ocean of Immortality.

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Wikipedia Reference : Spiritual Master or Guru



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