Experiences with Guru

Simple Teachings !

An unconventional jeans/t shirt wearing Guru. A Guru of today who teaches using examples of movies & events happening around the world, in this way we are better able to relate and understand the teachings. He teaches in a very simple easy to understand language & this is a great guiding force in our day to day life. Life throws up so many situations that at times we feel boxed in & do not know where to turn to for answers, at such a time with the wealth of knowledge in His teachings, He gently nudges us in the right direction. My pranam to the Guru for imparting & creating a pillar of strength of teachings, my prayer to the Lord that many more in the Universe benefit from His teachings. 

Kalpana Rao , Entrepreneur , Bangalore , India

There is no end..

On 14th August 2009 on this most wonderful day of Janmashtami a new journey of my life begin – I met my Krsna in the form of my SadGuru where I was born again. I do not know where to begin and there is no end and words left to what I want to describe about Him. He is my Supreme Master whose ways are beyond any normal humans Ken and Understanding. He is the Personification of everything that can ever exist. I have learnt the True meaning of who is God!?!, only under His spiritual guidance. His teachings come with a real life test with the mystical experiences of every lesson that you learn. His methods of expounding are contemporary and never fall prey to His very deceptive normal ‘human appearance and ways of life’. I have learnt the 4 most profound Truth – Faith, Surrender, Love and Devotion, which only gets deeper by the day as it is endless ocean of eternity. He is very kind, compassionate towards all beings, benevolent and all knowing. He is humble and full of humility. I offer my humble obeisance at feet of my Guru for blessing me with words to be able to describe Him who is beyond all descriptions – Having found You, I have found MySelf!!

RajaShree Rao , Business Analyst , Singapore

Epitome of Compassion

Even Sahasranama would fall short of describing Him. He, my Guru – Krsna, the epitome of compassion and benevolence, knows the pulse of every disciple and helps them transcend the misery of the world and rise above in His own inimitable way.

Single glance from Him can wipe out even your deepest sorrow as His unfathomable glance instantly clears your mind and you realize that all that is unreal and transient. In His midst every problem seems trivial because He nudges you towards your goal like a shepherd, to always use your mind, body, senses and intellect to reach the Supreme Divine Consciousness rather than dwelling on problems. As a Guru He is THE BEST – a complete Nishkamakarmi. To me He is omnipresent. When in doubt, all I have to do is think I am in His midst and the answers flow through. Is that His power or my faith, I wonder! Then He answers, it is complementary. My ‘Pranams’ and ‘Salaams’ are only for Him. My only identity is that I am His disciple.

Jai Guru Krsna!

Padma , Spiritual healer , Bangalore , India

Krishna knows everything

To find my beloved Guru…Waited long time but it was at the right time. Krishna knows everything, when/what to give me. I am fortunate to find my Guru brahmam. His teachings are very simple as He is and easy to understand and it’s very realistic. He has the answers for everything. I would say He is my Krsna who abides in me forever. There are no words and it’s limitless to describe about an eternal soul. His teachings always enlighten and remove the ignorance in me and guide to lead a right way of life.

Brahmanandam parama sukhadam kevalam jnanamurtim
dvandvaateetam gagana sadrusam tatvamasyadi lakshyam
ekam nityam vimala machalam sarvadheesaakshibuutam
bhaavaateetam triguna rahitam sadgurum tam namaami.

My Namaskarams at the feet of my beloved Guru Krishna.

Sree Lakshmi , Language Interpreter , Bangalore , India

A Guardian..

Guruji has been always accessible to all His disciples as a spiritual Guru, be it night or day He stands by the side of His disciples even if they are physically separated by the boundaries of the continents. Even though i had a very hazy idea about spirituality before meeting Him, it is only after visiting Him and listening to Him my love & devotion and interest  towards god started to strengthen. He has never been angry with me though i asked him questions repeatedly around the same topic. He has been kind enough to clear all my doubts about God, Karma, principles of the universe. In the mundane life we always get involved in one issue or the other and the mind gets disturbed. I have noticed it often, His presence makes the mind quieter. Many times when i visited Him in the evenings after leaving from my office, though we didn’t discuss anything in particular about spirituality, even in His normal talks He imparts lessons. I think being in His vicinity does much benefit instead of reading books and doing meditation. Blessed are those people who constantly get to be with Him! Jai Gurudev.

Samrat Kannikar, Software Engineer, Bangalore , India


 It’s hard to describe a Sadguru who is beyond words, time and physical form. This I am telling from my personal experience, that the Guru continues to walk with you holding your hand, teaching and showing the path to an earnest seeker till the destination is reached, which could span life times. It is also true that the Sadguru finds His disciple and not the other way round. It is probably enough to say to all those earnest seekers who could be reading these testimonials to come and experience for themselves the teaching and the transformation that will actually lead you to highest goal of human life.

My Salutations to the Master.

Guru Harakere, Software Engineering Manager , Bangalore , India

Eternal love …

The testimony is truly dedicated at the lotus feet of my Guru. My Guru has found me to teach the wisdom of the self .I am truly experiencing the true self when am in the process of learning from my guru, what else to say no words to explain His glorious, eternal true love towards His disciples and am happy to be one among the joining hands.Lets experience this rare feeling forever and ever.

In a word my Guru is self-effulgent

J. Haripriya , Self employed , Chennai , India

A rare Persona !

A Master, who is easily approachable and resembles a common man, yet we can feel His divinity. His teachings are so simple that can seep into our simple minds without our knowledge and guides promptly when we need it. A rare persona to find, who is willing to customize His teachings for each individual, as every one of us are unique and have our own destiny. Pranams to my Master.

Senthil. K, Software Engineer , USA

At His Feet …

Have heard that a Guru’s embrace changes a person drastically and the Grace does magic in a seeker’s life.I am privileged in this life to experience that and surrender myself at my Guru’s feet.He is the director and He runs the show and I see myself as one of the actors/tools in His hands , playing a small part in the Mandate. I consider this thinking also is due to His Grace alone and always pray to be his Beloved devotee and not deviate from the path of Spiritual.
His Profound knowledge on various scripture from different Faith or world religions can be experienced during His Satsangs and one to one discussion with Him. One will wonder to know the deeper meanings of simpler texts and how it is applicable to ones life and how it changes the course if learnt and applied with His Guidance. I have lots to share but its nowhere closer to the experience one gets to be a part of His group and listen & experience them in person. Pray for redemption and Grace to bestow upon you & be the Chosen One !
I Pray to my Guru to keep me at His feet always and let me do the Sewa He needs and shower His blessings to be His devotee in all the Births and be a part of His Inner Circle…Amen !

Rio DeSelf , Software Engineer , USA



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