With You Forever

Every time you forget about me, I remind you in a very subtle way that I am with you. Haven't you noticed that your most favourite songs will play up suddenly? Haven't you noticed the weather will change suddenly into a salubrious one? Haven't you noticed the movies that will remind you of me will... Continue Reading →


Attaining Krsna Only Through Devotion

Krsna prescribed meditation and pranayam but have you noticed anywhere if He actually did these things? He always appeared smiling and full of mischief. Never apensive or thoughtful persona. Knowledge poured from His every being, movement and work dominated His life, love and devotion transcended His life and He always found time for even the... Continue Reading →

Myths And Their True Meanings

We look at life through a series of pictures and stories. In ancient times the sages and great authors told stories to convey meanings to the people. Later as time passed the great kings organized story telling competitions. The beautiful books from the past reveals us these things. Take the case of Iliad, Ramayana or... Continue Reading →

Where Does The Spirit Go?

Does the spirit go anywhere? When your spirit leaves the body where does it go? This question is wrong. The correct question should be where does the body go when your spirit leaves it? Actually spirit stays wherever it is and the body goes to dust! Back to nature or Prakruti. Just like the example:... Continue Reading →

Epics And Their Essence!

Everyday incidents become a story for the media. Later when there is a lot of spice in the story it becomes immortal by means of a book or movie. The story of Malala is a recent example. The "Once upon a ..." also became such. If you delve in your past also, you will come... Continue Reading →

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