With You Forever

With you forever

Every time you forget about me, I remind you in a very subtle way that I am with you.
Haven’t you noticed that your most favourite songs will play up suddenly?
Haven’t you noticed the weather will change suddenly into a salubrious one?
Haven’t you noticed the movies that will remind you of me will play on tv?
Haven’t you noticed the birds will start singing on trees nearest to you?
Don’t you pay attention that I am trying to get to you by blinking at the street corner through the street lights and the back of the bus panel with enticing messages?
When you are sick and tired I offer you a lift home through an unexpected means of transport.
When you are standing in queue the people in front just melt away and the attendant is extra nice to you.
You do not have to ask for the best seat, you will always get it!
You wish for food and it arrives right in front of you suddenly.
You think of a close relative and the phone rings and find her on line.
You have not met an old friend and he sends you a message that moment.
But why do you always not remember me?
You are so lost in the worldly charms and think that things come naturally to you!
Doesn’t it ever ring a bell that I am making it happen for you?
You take me so much for granted that I am going to do things for you forever.
But I cannot expect the same from you.
I have given you this beautiful family and you are lost in it and bother about their whims.
I have given you this sumptuous meals and drinks and you eat like a glutton without offering it to me!
I gave you this house and yet you have thrown me in some corner which you visit rarely.
I gave you the car and you put me in front as a show piece to tease others and you hardly offer me a flower ever.
You only remember me when your child or dad is ill!
You only remember me when your very important deal is about to fall through.
How strange is it that today you transact all things because of me and attribute it to some human being in your life called husband or boyfriend or wife or a boss!
Look around you and you will find me in everything but you have closed your eyes because of the shine of the coins in your hand and the intoxication of the heady drinks.
Someday you should acknowledge me and give me the due respect but then you should first wake up from your worldly stupor and know that the scenery round you is because of me.
Just by mouthing some prayer you can never appease me.
Show me your love and I shall give you more love than you can ever imagine.
Just look at me now and know that I am with you constantly.The ones you thought of your own have all disappeared or are dead.I am the permanent one here and there too, so just love me more.

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Attaining Krsna Only Through Devotion

20160315072831Krsna prescribed meditation and pranayam but have you noticed anywhere if He actually did these things? He always appeared smiling and full of mischief. Never apensive or thoughtful persona. Knowledge poured from His every being, movement and work dominated His life, love and devotion transcended His life and He always found time for even the mundanest of the acts! Following His path of all the above would actually lead us to Him. Truly a hero!

Myths And Their True Meanings

True meaningsWe look at life through a series of pictures and stories. In ancient times the sages and great authors told stories to convey meanings to the people. Later as time passed the great kings organized story telling competitions.
The beautiful books from the past reveals us these things. Take the case of Iliad, Ramayana or The Arabian Nights.
In today’s day and age it’s the media which shapes our life. We read books, watch movies and serials or read newspaper or Internet. The media revolution today has expanded our quest for knowledge. So we use our senses and mind to draw us the meanings after using these mediums.
The stories from the past were very unbelievable since they spoke of magic and sorcery. Today any mention of such stuff would make it fictional. We do have scifi stuff today in books and movies also but they look very plausible.
Not so about the ancient texts. The vimanas or flying objects were so dynamic. They could transport you in a jiffy but there is no known technology mentioned about them so we look at them suspiciously. So also magic weapons or astra shastra. I am sure you will discount them today and wonder how they could have been made then! In the same way today’s sci fi movies show us fantastic technology but you may see these working few years later.
The kind of stories like Superman, Batman, comic book stories are just like the made up old stories. People or creatures with superhuman powers. You discount them immediately. But stories which talk of space or world annihilation seem very plausible.
Today there are no Godly heroes but human beings with great powers. They seem too good to be true but finally they save the world. And have you wondered why they are from one super power. The heroes talk of saving nations, their leaders, their families, friends or their space stations colonies. There are no lessons which can shake the earth or create religions. Except Star Wars. They started the religion of the Force. Let the Force be with you. An Avatar is some blue creature who dies and lives like a human. A Vishnu sleeps on a poisoned island. A Hanuman or Ganesha fights locals goons. They have more childish appeal. Wonder what the modern God does next? I hope He has better job than saving leaders or people and stick to bigger picture.
Mythology and stories about Holy people have molded our characters and have instilled certain beliefs in the mystical. They are told only with the intention of straightening our lives. Lets hope the sceptics do not change the true meaning of these great works. Lets also hope that fanatics do not force your beliefs. Lets derive true meanings out of such stuff and hope we have a better world.

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Where Does The Spirit Go?

spirit go

Does the spirit go anywhere? When your spirit leaves the body where does it go? This question is wrong. The correct question should be where does the body go when your spirit leaves it? Actually spirit stays wherever it is and the body goes to dust! Back to nature or Prakruti.
Just like the example: where does the water go when the bottle in the middle of the ocean breaks? Or where does the bubble vanish when it bursts inside the river.
It’s the water that is important and neither the bottle, nor the bubble!
Like water is spirit!

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Epics And Their Essence!

Everyday incidents become a story for the media. Later when there is a lot of spice in the story it becomes immortal by means of a book or movie. The story of Malala is a recent example. The “Once upon a …” also became such.
If you delve in your past also, you will come up with some fantastic stuff yourself. We create memories and harbor them in our being. Sometimes we talk about them but mostly they are hidden in some dark spaces. We also blank out bad memories and dangerous episodes. Sometimes we quote them so often that the world around us ignores them as well as us. These would be like the grandfathers stories when there was rationing or war or the great famine or blackmarketeering days! Then the parents talking about the advent of computers, cellphones and Internet! Or when you meet your bro and they speak of the social media. Facebook and twitter! The evolution of such dated stuff rules every generation. The next one cannot relate to it. If you talk of the Beatles, John Travolta, Limp Bizkit, Maddonna, essenceMichael Jackson, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, etc and you are clearly talking of an era! You are dated accordingly!
Then there are mythological stories from the past gone ages. Now they are immortal. Initially they were passed down by rote. Someone learnt it by heart and then conveyed it to their next generation. Later on they got written down in books, scrolls, papyrus, paintings, carvings, frescoes, etc and the memory carried on. Now the genesis cannot be traced backwards in time due to non availability of any proof. So they all are antiquated. We accept them at face value. Sometimes later books talk about them. Like the Book of John talks about the book of Zoraster! Or the ancient Hindu texts talk about the single Veda! So where are these words now? Have they been preserved somewhere?essence
We have to accept the later texts to the point of hearsay!
Imagine the Bhagvad Gita or the Bible got written much later by someone else! There is no proof of them being written down at the exact moment these great people existed! So we take the words with a pinch of disbelief! Then after someone wrote them down, the books were whetted by some other folks. How is it possible for someone else to whet them, is the great dilemma!
The story is a narrative but thessencee real stuff is the essence of the story. The rest of the stuff can be considered as the fillers. Just like the medicine capsule can be considered a book, the story line as the filler and the antibiotic as the real essence of it. The essence is that medicine which cures us.
So always consider the real purport of the stories and arrive at the true understanding. You may not be qualified to understand the true essence so there are experts who can decode them for you. Ask these knowers of truth with humility and you will know the truth about these profound texts.

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