It Doesn’t Cost to Smile

Zenlighted | Shree Krsna “The most beautiful attire/ornament that you can ever wear is Your Smile” The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect. It only means that I appreciate and love every moment of life which God has bestowed upon me. A critical lesson I learnt long ago is when someone walked to me and sai... Know More>>


Canto 11 Chapter 31 – Srimad Bhagavatam Exposition

Srimad Bhagavatam/Bhagavata Purana Exposition | KrsnaKnows Srimad Bhagavatam is a mahapurana. The Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata is one of the great Puranas of Hinduism. Which describes the glories of Lord Krishna(Krsna). The stories of Krsna promises the Devotion(bhakti) towards to Lord Krsna. The Bhagavata Purana discusses a wide range of topics... Know More>>

The Weight of the Wait

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski KrsnaGuruji teaches me that this journey takes time, "but it will come." In the books about Saints, Sages, their ashrams and temples, time is compressed. Years and years are eloquently contorted into a few hundred of pages. It appears that the devotees, disciples and aspirants are transformed... Know More>>

Be Impeccable with Your Word

Zenlighted | Shree Krsna You are what You Do, Not what You say You’ll Do. When you say you will do something and don’t do it, you teach others including yourself that you cannot be trusted. To keep up promises and commitments are vital to lead by integrity and to set an example for the world to follow. We have ent... Know More>>

The Peace of Acceptance

Susan's Corner | Susan Yankoski Krsna's teaches me to move ahead on the path. My time in India is winding down. It has been full of ups and downs. Literally, I tripped and fell down on the street in Kolkata during Durga Puja (lol). On the up side, my stay in India has been met with much kindness from everyone I’ve met along ... Know More>>

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