General Disbelief

Ramakrishnaji said-People do not trust a man when he speaks of God. Even if a great soul affirms that he has seen God,the average person will not accept his words. He says to himself-"If this man has seen God, then let him show God to me". But can a man feel the pulse of another... Continue Reading →


Change Yourself

We believe that we can change someone in life. We work hard to do that, hoping that someday the person will respond to our love or strictness but all in vain. There is hardly an iota of difference in that person. So we say the dogs twisted tail even if its kept in a cast... Continue Reading →

The Flowers

The flowers arrived every year on the same day. And the gifts too. But I still remember how they came the first time. I received a call early in the morning from someone who asked me for my house directions, saying that he had a parcel for me. He arrived at my doorstep holding a... Continue Reading →

Thoughts, Words And Action

Thoughts are lesser than words which are lesser than action. So action has more value in the world. But in the spiritual domain even the simplest of thoughts constitutes karma. So even if words are not spoken or action not performed, yet by thoughts the man was trapped in the vortex of karma. So you... Continue Reading →

The Water Bottle

The bottle from which you are offered water shows the depth of the person. So the next time you go to someone's house, ask for a bottle of water. You may get any of the following recycled bottles . An old soft drink bottle, a new water bottle unopened, a old bottled water bottle, a... Continue Reading →

We Love To Be Miserable!

We just love to be miserable. If it is not about money, then it is about survival, food, health, position, relatives, water, environment, more work or lack of it, clothes, power, instruments, vehicles..... Just name it and we crib, complain, bug and get irritable, spew venom and do what not! Can we not think of... Continue Reading →

Perfect Tool Of God

To have faith in God is one thing but to work towards it is another. Having faith in God doesn't mean to leave everything for Him to do. It means you should do what you are good at with cent percent dedication and as a service to that God alone. With absolute faith in Him... Continue Reading →

Truth And Movement Ahead

Worldly truth is like a bitter medicine. You should take it with an intention of curing yourself of the ills of false beliefs. Mind cushions the falsehood with beautiful stories of trials and attempts you have done without success. Mind speaks of hard efforts of trying to win and succeeding but it never condones you... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Time!

All need answers right there and then. But if the answers do not fall in their lap, it's a great disaster. Sometimes when the child has a cold and he demands an ice cream, the mother refuses it saying that once he is hale and hearty, she will herself give it. But the child insists.... Continue Reading →

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