General Disbelief

The General Disbelief

Ramakrishnaji said-People do not trust a man when he speaks of God. Even if a great soul affirms that he has seen God,the average person will not accept his words. He says to himself-“If this man has seen God, then let him show God to me”. But can a man feel the pulse of another person in one day. He has to go to the doctor to distinguish the different pulse for many days. He must stay in the company of those knowledgeable ones…..

With the mundane knowledge that the general public has can they judge the knower of Truth?
The reason for disbelief is because they have absolutely no clue of what they are looking at.
It is the way an aboriginal who found a Coke bottle and wanted to return it to the Gods from heaven-remember the movie-The Gods Must Be Crazy! Now how can someone who has never seen a Coke know what it is? Likewise the ones who have absolutely little or no knowledge feel that the one who speaks of God is wrong and do not trust him. They have false knowledge about that so they disrepute the person. That not only happens to the unknowing but to the knowing also.

The disciples too tend to disregard the preceptor and disrepute him too.Take the case of Jesus and all His disciples. Now even Vivekananda was suspicious till the end about his preceptors divinity, hence he asked Ramakrishnaji the question-Show me who you are?

He too wanted to have the proof of his preceptors divinity. Divinity has NO PROOF so do not ask for it. God himself is invisible for the non believer so how can he show himself to the believer also? To see God you need the Vision which was given to Arjuna. That means you should first qualify to be Arjuna and have full belief and trust in the One who shows you that vision. See only a few can become Cordon Blue chef-got it!!!

In this world of proof for everything,there is no tangible proof for the existence of God or the Divine. Believe if you must otherwise do not take undue interest in the things which are of no concern of yours. Just leave it to the ones who care for that.If you do not play golf, then do not criticize the game or talk rot about it.

Let me give you one line here-remember only gutter water will flow from the gutter, so do not make your mouth foul by speaking foul. Just the way you stay out of the game you do not have any idea about so stay out of the field you do not have any knowledge about.

With due respect to my Preceptor I shall end here with a simple words from Guru Charitra where
Namdharak says to His Guru-At the feet of my Preceptor flows the Ganga and all the Holy rivers. Sweeter is the accounts of the Gods from His mouth and my obiesience to Him(Guru) who is God Himself!

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Change Yourself

Change Yourself

We believe that we can change someone in life. We work hard to do that, hoping that someday the person will respond to our love or strictness but all in vain. There is hardly an iota of difference in that person. So we say the dogs twisted tail even if its kept in a cast can never become straight. People think love can make a difference but alas it only makes another believe in their importance and they misbehave more. Just think did the sacrifice of Jesus change the evil ways of people? So stop trying to change the world and just change yourself.

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The Flowers


The flowers arrived every year on the same day. And the gifts too.

But I still remember how they came the first time.
I received a call early in the morning from someone who asked me for my house directions, saying that he had a parcel for me.
He arrived at my doorstep holding a huge bouquet of flowers and the choicest of Bengali Sweets.
I was aghast and flabbergasted at this huge gift so I asked him which agency he came from?
He said that he was working for the topmost IT company in India and was doing a favor for one of his friends.
Then he handed me a letter which spoke in very lovely terms how she wanted to wish me on her birthday. The letter just spelt one word to me- LOVE!
The flowers(108) and sweets come every year on the same day at every location that I shift to.
My wife smiles at me every time that happens and my children give me mischievous looks.
I know her love is boundless and can never be compared to anyone.
I know this sounds very much like a love story but let me tell you the secret here.
Her birthday is the day she met me.
The flowers and gifts are the part of unconditional love she has for her Guru.
She does not live in India anymore but always remembers to send me the two things in whichever part of the world I am in. Such is her devotion and love for her spiritual master!
Lastly, her husband and her family does not know even today whom she talks to or sends gifts to.
You may ask why and the answer is-Even today the world looks at spiritual as leaving this world and becoming a sanyasi. She has tried explaining a million times to them but they always look at her in scorn and think that they will loose her to some crooked, bearded, orange cloaked swamiji!
So she keeps her world completely incognito!

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Thoughts, Words And Action

ThoughtsThoughts are lesser than words which are lesser than action. So action has more value in the world. But in the spiritual domain even the simplest of thoughts constitutes karma. So even if words are not spoken or action not performed, yet by thoughts the man was trapped in the vortex of karma.
So you have to learn how to control your mind and thoughts to rise above. Since that is very tough for a man, so keeping your mind at the feet of The Lord is the ultimate method of redemption. Surrendering to The Lord and only thinking about Him doesn’t accrue any karma but increases devotion.

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The Water Bottle

water bottleThe bottle from which you are offered water shows the depth of the person. So the next time you go to someone’s house, ask for a bottle of water.
You may get any of the following recycled bottles . An old soft drink bottle, a new water bottle unopened, a old bottled water bottle, a off the shelf water bottles, a wine or liquor bottle or even an Evian. Or you might be served in a glass from the tap or a water purifier.
I am sure that decides the fate of the one who is offering you that. Right? You are sure to judge that person.
Otherwise ask if you could use their washroom!!!

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We Love To Be Miserable!

sun-rise-661547_1280We just love to be miserable. If it is not about money, then it is about survival, food, health, position, relatives, water, environment, more work or lack of it, clothes, power, instruments, vehicles….. Just name it and we crib, complain, bug and get irritable, spew venom and do what not! Can we not think of what we have, rather then what we don’t? Can we see how the other person in your world is coping up and how you are not?
You learn in spiritual to rise above not drown in misery! If you can’t handle your One Stupid, idiotic complainer, then how will you solve others issues?
Stop complaining and cribbing. Rise and fight!

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Perfect Tool Of God

Perfect Tool Of God

To have faith in God is one thing but to work towards it is another. Having faith in God doesn’t mean to leave everything for Him to do. It means you should do what you are good at with cent percent dedication and as a service to that God alone. With absolute faith in Him and with our complete efforts, we can be the best tool in His hands. Serving His purpose means to deliver perfection in whatever He wills us to do that is our destiny!

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Truth And Movement Ahead

Truth And Movement AheadWorldly truth is like a bitter medicine. You should take it with an intention of curing yourself of the ills of false beliefs. Mind cushions the falsehood with beautiful stories of trials and attempts you have done without success. Mind speaks of hard efforts of trying to win and succeeding but it never condones you for failures. So knowing the bare truth is essential. Truth hurts in the beginning but helps your progress religiously. Falsehood tells you of multiple attempt possibility but truth tells you it’s ultimate and there are no second or multiple attempts. You gotta do it right here and now. There is no tomorrow for truth but falsehood has tomorrow and day after also. You tell one lie and tomorrow you need to cover the first with multiple lies. But truth is one and now. You don’t have to cover the truth. You can move ahead then to your next destination. It doesn’t take your mind space. Lies takes you back

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The Perfect Time!

dirty-873205_1280All need answers right there and then. But if the answers do not fall in their lap, it’s a great disaster. Sometimes when the child has a cold and he demands an ice cream, the mother refuses it saying that once he is hale and hearty, she will herself give it. But the child insists.
God knows exactly when and how to give you things, yet you throw a tantrum and demand for immediate attention. You should know He truly loves you and He knows what’s best for you! So trust His judgement and let Him take care of you in His own gentle way! Everything happens in good and perfect time!

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