Revelation of the Truth about Gem

Journey With My Master, Shree's Corner | Shree Krsna OMG! It has been a long delayed flight. I seek your apologies. Now that I am back after a big bamboo from my preceptor let me continue the storytelling sessions about the journey with my Master. My master arrived in Singapore, and I wasn’t functioning in my full capacity at all. It was a s... Know More>>



After all the running away from my Master, I realized that my KrsnaGuru is the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Almighty Lord. No matter where I go, he will not leave me. He lives within me and I in him, as described in the Vedas. I finally plucked up some courage and gave my Master a... Continue Reading →

First fight with my KrsnaGuru

Let me pick up from where I had left off last time, about the narration of my journey with my KrsnaGuru. It had just been 3 months since I had moved to Singapore in 2010. Though it was (and continues to be) a roller-coaster journey, things were going fine until a significant fight took place... Continue Reading →

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