Brother-Sister Team

“Hey, do you remember the Brother-Sister team who used to work with us?”
“Of course, I remember them! They were the smartest kids on the team.”
“Yeah, they brought in a lots of sales and were always ‘on top of the charts’.”
“That’s right. Well, the other day I bumped in to our old pal, Chikna. It seems he met the Brother in the Cancer Hospital. He had gone there to the hospital morgue to claim the body of his Sister.”
“Oh my God! Why, what happened to the Sister? How did she die?”
“I believe she died of cancer.”
“But that’s… impossible! She was such a vibrant and dynamic character. How could she just die like that?”
“Well, I too was shocked. I believe she has been under-goingtreatment for the last two years.”
“Oh, wow! I mean, how could that be?”
“Yes, we saw her full of verve and enthusiasm – always running all over the place – but I believe she was undergoing treatment for some sort of a cancer.”
“That’s impossible to believe. I can’t think straight now. So tell me what Chikna said.”
“Oh, he said that he too followed the brother to the morgue to take charge of the body. I believe they had embalmed it or something.”
“But why would they do such a thing?”
“That’s because she had lost all her body mass in the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She had become only 40kg in weight.”
“What are you saying? That’s horrible!”
“Chikna said that he too couldn’t believe that.”
“But why would God do something like that? I don’t understand.”
“Chikna was shocked and he too said the same thing.”
“Then what happened? The Brother must have cried his heart out.”
“No, not at all. He was busy trying to console our friend. He said it was wonderful, what had happened with her.”
“But how could it be wonderful? It’s downright ugly. I wouldn’t be able to bear it myself.”
“Oh, the Brother said that she had been undergoing treatment for a long time. He said that it’s really kind that God had givenher a few more years. That’s why he was all praises for God.”
“I really don’t understand all that. Tell me how can it be good,when something bad has happened?”
“I believe the Brother said that despite being told long ago that it might be difficult to survive, she was daring and lived her last days fully.”
“Ah, what a gutsy girl.”
“The Brother said that he is ever thankful to God for letting her do what she wanted. She was running right up to the last month. She climbed mountains, explored incredible places and did things which we cannot even think off. I guess that’s why her brother was happy.”
“That’s true, dude. Man should strive to be good till his last breath – live life every single day as if it’s the last day of your life.”
“Oh, yes of course. I am proud of her. She left behind a wonderful legacy. We too should be good to our own selves. Then God will work with us too.

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I Want To Travel!

i want to travelI want to travel! Dear God, why can I not travel like others?

Of course, you can. Why don’t you?

I see everybody likes to travel and I am so much confined to my job and family.

Has anyone actually stopped you from doing that?

Not really. But I think the moment you have a family and responsibility, you have to watch out for others.

You mean these people who travel are selfish and very self centered?

I am not saying that. But they don’t seem to be responsible. Look at my friend, he travels so many times all alone.

He does it only during his free time or during weekends and vacation.

Yes. But during the long weekends I have so much to do at home. That’s the only time I get to clean the house, get together with friends and other family members. The chores are never ending.

But you could really plan well to spend some time outside your town. You should do that.

You know it costs money and time and I have neither.

Don’t talk like that. Both of you’ll are working and you have enough money saved.

But that is for our children’s future. We have to think about them too. Saving money is our duty and we know how expensive education is!

What are you talking about? Did your family contribute towards your education? You took the loan and you are repaying it and not your parents. So what makes you think your kids will want to get educated with your money?

That’s true. Today kids get funded too. They find their own money. They do internships and work part time.

So stop talking like your parent. You don’t need to take out expensive policies too. Any which way, if you die earlier than the policy, what difference would it make to you if the money went to someone?

But I got to insure. My wife will get all the money after I die.

But let’s say she gets married and finds another guy to love? Would you still want to fund her then?

No way. Why should I fund some other idiot with my hard earned money?

That’s exactly the point. You have no clue when you are going to die. You have no idea if your money will be put to proper use. You have sweated hard to make some other persons life smooth. What do you say to that?

But we should have insurance. You are not the enemy of the insurance companies, are you God?

No. I don’t want you to think like that. I was saying you could spend some amount on your happiness today. Rather than thinking of some day ahead when you may not be able to enjoy.

But I have to think about the future.

Yes, you can think about the future. But NOT AT THE COST OF TODAY!

That’s right. But then how much we have to lug around when we travel. I hate traveling with a truck load of stuff.

You don’t have to do that. Plan and travel. Travel light. Don’t lug your entire house along. Keep your towels and other heavy stuff away. Use what is available and backpack.

When you say travel light, where can I get my wife to reduce her stuff? She travels as if she is the queen of some country.

Tell her to use few jeans and T’s. Tell her how hot she looks in them. Surely, she won’t mind then. You should learn to praise her. Give her credit sometimes.

I only praise when someone really deserves it.

Don’t be stupid. Sometimes you have to do something’s even if you don’t have a reason. A praise goes a long way! Don’t you do that to me, when you want something from me? You pray, don’t you? It’s called praises.

Yes. I think I will listen to you. Maybe I have been too harsh on her.

That also means you will have to give your kids greater freedom. You take holidays to enjoy. Don’t scrimp. It’s worth all your spending. Get that?

Yes. I will take one holiday in a year and some shorter trips so why can’t I take a cab or spend better? You are absolutely right.

Before I go I am going to tell you a secret.

What? What is it? Tell me.

You should learn to take small holidays alone and even send your spouse on holidays alone too. Learn to get the best deals on the net. Plan and be judicious while spending.

Yes. It’s not our honeymoon or group holidays. Sometimes we all need our own space. Thank you God for the idea.

But mind you, it will be hard convincing your spouse that you don’t have a girlfriend hidden somewhere.

That gives me an idea……

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How Much Does He Love Me?

love-560783_1280How much does he love me? I really want to know if he loves me more than his ex?

Ha, ha! Do you humans really believe that you can quantify something as profound as love?

But God, I gotta know how much he loves me? It is imperative that I know now otherwise there is no point in wasting time over him!

So you want to know how much he loves you so that you can decide to invest time, etc, in him if he does. Otherwise you want to save yourself the heartbreak and waste of time over someone least productive.

You are right. I actually wanted to say all that. Now tell me about it.

Well, I don’t know!

What do you mean you don’t know?

I don’t know means I don’t know.

But you are all knowing and this is something we learnt as children.

Yes, I know that but about him I cannot say. There are too many probabilities there.

What? There are only two. One is that he loves me and the other is he loves me not!

Then go ask the flower- he loves me, he loves me not……

Don’t be silly. If it could happen with flowers then why would I come to you?

Ok. The answer is not so simple as it seems.

So give it to me in long form then.

Here goes. He can love you if you give him love in the same way. Equally. Love between humans is always give and take. It’s like scratching the back. You scratch mine and I will scratch yours.

Can you be more specific in it?

Absolutely. Do you remember giving him a bj last night and feeling completely miserable after he went to sleep? You felt very much left out or like a loser since you didn’t get anything out of it!

Wow! That’s blasphemous talk, God! You can’t speak such stuff.

You must be joking. I got the Indian sex journal Kamasutra written. Didn’t I?

Yes. Yes. We all love that. So please continue.

You too need your release and so it is designed to be a reciprocal act. He should have gone down on you too.

Ha, ha! Hearing such words from you sounds very odd.

I invented the language and the act too. So why am I not supposed to talk about it? Didn’t you see that program by John Oliver on sex Ed?

You seem like a great fan of John?

Yes! I sometimes watch your idiot tubes. You know, for quality checks.

So now answer my question.

The fact is there isn’t any true love in this world. It’s all transactional type. Whether it is between parent and child or between spouses.

You mean true love doesn’t exist?

I won’t say that. It does and doesn’t. Both are right. Now coming back to your question, you have to equalize your giving and taking.

You mean if he goes out with his friends then I too can do the same.

Yes. That’s right. But you know very well you cannot go out with guys for the night out. He is bound to get jealous and that would be the end of your relationship.

I understand that much. You have to know I have your DNA too.

You surely have my DNA. Weren’t you created by me?

That’s a dicey topic. Let’s not get there. I believe I came from the apes or an amoeba. Charles Darwin said so. It’s called evolution.

Yes, of course. You evolved from monkeys. That I can very well see. Anyway, you have to sometimes let go of something’s if you want to be in love with him.

You mean forgive his misdemeanors and errors.

Yes. Just as he is expected to do the same with you. Both of you’ll have to equalize and give in sometimes. Give and take and sometimes only give.

No expectations is very dangerous. You got to give in sometimes and not all the time. He better understand that.

Don’t get upset. There will be times you might have given too much and his mind doesn’t even go near to returning that favor to you. So what would you do?

That self centered bast..d. I think I will take a call on that. I don’t want to be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t think about the other.

Now you get it. It’s how every individual makes the relationship out into. It’s in your hands to make it or break it.

You are right, God. Only when there is equality and the greatness of giving can that relationship survive.

Yes. Expecting something in return makes the relationship transactional. So I say there aren’t any relationship which are only the giving type.

You betcha. There can be no human relationship which doesn’t have the give and take concept. Which means everyone of them are purely transactions.

Except the one between you and me. I don’t expect anything from you. But you are free to ask me anything.

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I Pray To Thee!

I prayGod, I pray to thee, please make my child alright. She is unwell for the last three days having loose motions. Please God, give her good health.

Did you drop that petition in the petition box? Once it comes to me then I will look at it.

I already wrote the petition down. I was just talking to you making sure you will see it.

Of course, I will take a look at it after Anthony sorts it out. He has to determine the gravity of the situation first.

What do you mean? Am I not telling you that you have to give it top priority. My kid is suffering and I want you to cure her.

That depends. We have to get our priority report and then we decide.

What are you talking about? I thought you are the final authority but you are talking about some-“we!”

That’s my nature, priority index, sustainability, future hedging, value add and so on. But the greatest factor is your destiny-plan! It’s just like your annual budgets and sales plans. Got it?

No! Why do you do that? You know you are all powerful and can change anyone’s destiny with the wink too. Then why do you need these stupid plans? Just get my daughter out of her trouble.

Ah! There you go! You don’t even know what you asked for now! You have been given such a wonderful tool called mind to decide! Yet, you don’t use it properly.

What am I asking for? Just that you take my little kid out of trouble. That’s all. Why are you making it such a big deal?

You don’t understand your own asks! You asked me to get your kid out of trouble and to do that I can kill her instantly. That would put her out of trouble, right?

Don’t twist my words. That is not what I asked for. You are really heartless. I asked for her good health and you make such a silly statement. Can you cure her?

Yes! Yes! I can. In a few scores of years.

A loose motion is for right now. Not a few years later. You are a difficult person. Cure her now!

Ok! Ok! Let A give me the approval. Then we will see. It’s important you understand that your words have to be absolutely right when you ask for something. Otherwise, you will end up getting something else. So be specific.

You are one frustrating person. Can I bribe A? What kind of system does he have?

Oh, he works with the latest stuff. He didn’t bite the apple like Adam or Eve! His system is free from failures and bugs. He uses the perfect antivirus.


Ya! The devil loves to test his viruses and Trojans on A.

So how soon will we get the results? Please can you make him hurry up?

That’s up to him and I never interfere in his recommendations.

But you have to cure my baby. Please tell me that you will do. She is suffering a lot and I can’t bear to see her that way.

Is it about her sufferings or yours?

What do you mean? She is my baby and I love her a lot.

Aha! But that’s not what you said when you got pregnant. You called her a mistake.

We forgot to take precautions that time so she happened.

Why does the man think that he is capable of creating something? What am I there for? Redressals? Remember it is I who determines everything. So I shall listen to your prayers.

Thank you. Now that you are listening to me can you give me a promotion?

Ask Anthony! He handles the processes.
And btw don’t call you daughter a mistake. She is my baby too and I don’t make mistakes.

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Repeat, Please!

Repeat, please!Repeat, please! This is difficult! I don’t know what you want me to do. Can you repeat what you said to me earlier? Please!

You should record the conversation and hit the replay button.

Don’t get frustrated, my dear fellow!

Fellow? I am God!

Ya, I know dude. But can you just repeat your instructions once again?

This is the last and the final time I will repeat the instructions. After that don’t bother me again.

Why do you make it out as such a big deal? It’s just a matter of telling me what to do. Just tell me!

Why do you humans not understand what is told to you once? Why do you want the repetition of the same stuff again and again?

You know why we all ask. Our minds are wandering a lot and we never hear the words that anyone tells us in a single shot.

Your minds are full of junk from everyone and everything. Why can’t you’ll just concentrate on one?

Every book tells us the same- FOCUS!
I know it is not easy to focus on something continuously. We have too many things to contend with.

Why aren’t you able to just sit in silence and think? Haven’t I given you that wonderful mind? It should be used for deciphering and proper decision making.

Come on, you have put in so many distractions in our worlds that we can never have dedicated attention. Our attention span is hardly for a second.

Yes! Unless and until I give you some great stuff to look at or think about? You are very selfish people. Look at me, I have to think of gazillion things at one time.

Ha! You have gazillion cronies to help you with. We are all alone and cannot cope up with one.

Yes! I agree. Take the case of the guy who is wanting to get married. In the first year he has eyes for his wife, in the second year for his ex’s, in the third for new girls, in the fourth it is his child, in the fifth it is……

You never did make love permanent and you blame humans for it?

It is their mind which cannot stick to one and it’s not me!

I! “I” God and not me!

So now you are going to teach me grammar? I invented the word, don’t you know that?

Ha, ha! You might have invented the word but we messed it up with grammar! Anyway tell me what can make us focus on one thing alone?

Practice, practice and practice! You have to practice single pointedness. Eliminating all kinds of desires!

You must be joking. With all these attractive stuff lying everywhere you expect us to give up our desires?

At least you can try! Give up something’s that you love for once and see what happens!

Don’t ask me to give up my drinks! You can ask for any other stuff.

You don’t drink, you swim in it so don’t you go about saying that you want to not give it up. You tried many times but you went back to it.

It’s now become a habit and you know habits don’t change. So you gotta make some concessions.

Let’s try to give up that extra sleep then!

You know I get tired working the whole week from morning to night. So please ask for something else.

There is no point in telling you anything, since you have already decided that you can’t give up anything for that single pointedness. Can you at least sit still?

You mean meditate? I have my yoga classes. I do that very often!

Do you really go there to do yoga or want to get into yoga pants?

I don’t wear yoga pants!

Not yours! The girls over there!

You have a terrible sense of humor God!

Let’s forget it. You do what comes to you naturally and I will accept it as your efforts. Then let me give you some more things to fill your world with.

Yes, yes! I want the next iPhone and Mac. I believe they have a lot of stuff going in it.

Man, you are incorrigible! You can never change. I will have to do my best. Repeat the stuff again and again and I know you will fall and not remember anything.

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What Is The Truth?

fashion-828895_1280I want to ask you what is the truth? Tell me Dear Lord!

I am not sure what you are asking for so please specify.

You know how it is, God. I want to know but I am afraid to ask or learn the truth. So you have to break it to me slowly.

Sure. But you need to specify what it is that you are asking me about. There are too many things that you need to know but till you don’t tell me which truth you want to know I cannot tell you.

So there is this guy I met a few days ago and we have been going around for sometime. I just want to know if he is the right guy for me?

That is difficult to tell.

Why? You are the only one who knows everything and yet you say that it is difficult to tell, how can that be?

The real reason for saying that is, no human can take the truth. They all want it toned down or watered down. No one can handle the truth.

Really? I am sure I will be able to do that. But again, I am a little afraid to know the truth but I think I can handle it. Please tell.

Ok. Do you want to know the real truth or a little glimpse of it?

Can you not tell me the whole truth, please?

Ok. He is not good for you. He will be in love with an idea called love but there won’t be any real love.

How can that happen? You don’t want me to be with him, that’s why you are telling me that, right?

See, I told you that it’s not possible for humans to handle the truth.

God, I think I really like him a lot. So can you not be wrong?

Of course! I too make mistakes. Ha, ha!

You acknowledge that you make mistakes then?

Sure. I do. You can see my big mistake here. I told you something and you don’t want to accept it. You think I creeped you out! Actually when I speak the truth no one believes me. Anyway, what did you want to hear?

I was hoping that you would agree he was very hot and the right choice for me. But you destroyed my happiness. Why would you do that? I like him and I think I might fall in love with him.

Ok. Then let’s say he is right for you. Anything else that you would like to add to it?

But you said that he is not right for me. Why do you do that? Now I won’t be able to reconcile to that. You had to go and spoil it for me! Why?

Aha! Do you think I want to decide for you? I wasn’t even going to tell you that! You forced me to tell you and now you blame me for it? That’s unfair.

Now you tell me if he wasn’t even the right choice then why would you put me in touch with him? That’s not acceptable to me.

Ok! Whatever you say.

I don’t think I would ask you for anything after this again. I will stick to my own decisions and be happy.

Sure. No issues.

You are so heartless and cruel. I don’t think you want anyone to be happy.

I am sorry that I destroyed your peace of mind. But don’t mind me. You can decide for yourself and whenever you need me I will be there for you. Take care. See you soon.

Don’t say that. It means I will be in trouble soon.

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About Equality

EqualityAre you awake dude? Today, you will ask me about equality!

Who is calling out to me? Sure, I am awake.

Your friend here. You sometimes swear by me in a not so good a manner. I am God.

Ha! You are joking. There is no such thing as God. You are a figment of someone’s imagination.

You mean to say like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes. I sure am as imaginary as you want me to be. But still you are talking to me.

Those are voices in my head. Anyway, if you are real then I need you to answer the most important question and that is, why is there so much poverty and misery in this world?

That’s a good question. Surely that needs answering. Ok, I will answer that for you.

Listen, don’t you go asking another question on my question. I know you will say something which I won’t be able to answer and you will get away with it.

What do you mean? I told you I will answer that question and I won’t ask you anything stupid. I will have to give you some earthly examples to make you understand the answer so you will have to allow me that.

Sure, as long as you can give me an answer. You can use examples.

There are number of phones or television sets in the market. If I were to make them look very much the same and equal pricing, you wouldn’t be able to make a choice then.

Yes. Everyone would have to buy the same. There wouldn’t be any difference at all. That kind of no-choice happens only in a banana republic.

Likewise if I were to make everyone happy or rich then there wouldn’t be any difference at all.

Yes. Shouldn’t you have made them like that? Everyone would be happy and rich then.

Then no one would have tried to make themselves rich. Whom would you appoint as your assistants? Who would do your work then? There would be no competition or aspirations to do something in this world. Right?

Yes. But why make it so difficult for everyone to earn their living or be happy? You could have had a much better and efficient system to do that.

I surely created one but then there was no fun in it.

You think to suffer or have no money is fun? That’s very sadistic. Do you know how difficult it is to live in this world without money? Every single day of life is painful.

I can understand that but let me tell you that you enjoy the football game only if there is tough competition, right? Look at the Presidential elections or the Super Bowl. You actually ask for a tough fight. If the team wins with a walkover then you won’t enjoy it.

That’s true. I agree on that with you. But still it doesn’t give you the right to make us suffer so much. Look around and you will find so much disparity and despair. Your criteria for inclusion are too tough to get rich or happy. You should relax them a little bit.

I can relax them but how would that sustain the system? Imagine the government collected no tax from anyone or everyone knew the rate of Microsoft stocks tomorrow then what would happen at the stock exchanges? There would be chaos and the whole system will collapse. So that it doesn’t happen I laid out a few rules.

So what are these rules? You are worse than a dictator then. Laying down the do’s and the do not’s.

For better management of this material world I had to lay down a few ground rules.

But why?

Think that your girlfriend is also someone else’s and you are belonging to everyone else too. Would you know the father of the child or whose son you are too?

Arrrgh. Yes. There should be rules. I think I understand the reasons. Everyone has to strive hard so that they can rise higher in life. We all want to have the best for which we must work hard.

That’s right. I always tell those who follow me that you have to make self efforts to rise up. You know what they say- I will only help those who help themselves!

Ah! That’s brings me to the point- why do I need you at all in life? Since I will have to put in my efforts and I have to do everything to raise myself. So let me be and you can go ahead and brainwash all your gullible folks out there.

Ha ha! You don’t have to believe in me. You are free to do what you wish to. See you later. Goodbye.

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Hello Human

humanHello human, God here! Get up!

Let me sleep….

Get up! I want to talk to you.

I don’t believe in you so go away.

I can’t just go away. You have to talk to me.

If I don’t believe in you, then why do you still pester me? You should stop bugging people who don’t believe in you. So let me sleep now.

Things and people you don’t believe in will come in your dreams only. That’s how it works.

Ok. So what do you want from me now?

Why did you stop writing those short humorous pieces? You should continue to write them.

Why do you care about them, anyway they were satirical pieces and I always made fun of you in that!

I loved reading them so don’t stop now and keep on writing.

What does it matter to you if I don’t write? I am not feeling inspired now so I can’t write. Maybe I got the writers block. Why do you care?

If you write more than hundred then I promise you that I will publish it for you.

Are you trying to bribe me, God? That’s strange since you are all so powerful and can get me to do what you want me to do. But I know you can’t since you don’t exist.

It’s not like that. See, I can tell you to do something but I can’t force you to do that! It’s not free will then. You should be able to decide what is right for you and I can’t interfere in it.

But you know that it could be a mistake or something. After all we are human beings who are prone to committing mistakes all the time.

You catch on soon. Now you know how I deflect the onus on to you. Every time man decides on something, with his own ego then I am not concerned and the sins are his own. I am not involved in the decision making process there.

I thought only humans love to blame others but here I see you are the Master of it all.

Yes. You got it right. After you wake up from your sleep and write the essay down, you will take the credit for it. You will forget about me and believe that you alone are the doer.

Sure. But don’t forget that promise you made to me. Get my book published. Please!

Ok. Now get up and start writing. Then you can say that sometimes dreams come true.

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The Purpose Of Life

purpose of lifeWhat is the purpose of life? Tell me, God!

OMH! OMH! Oh, my human! How many times do I have to tell you that?

This one last time. I won’t come back and ask you that question again. I promise!

I don’t know.

If you too say that you don’t know, then whom are we supposed to ask?

Ask Douglas Adams. He says it is 42!

That was a joke, God! You know that. Tell me truthfully what is the meaning of life? I am completely fed up of this painful existence.

So you want to know the answer only when you get fed up of life? Otherwise, you don’t even want to know.

You too know that- people only come to you or Google when they want to find answers.

Now there is Bing, Cortana, Siri and what not! These have better answers than I!

You seem like a pukka Britisher! Tell me according to you what is this life all about?

What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…….

You love poetry too. Nice! But don’t you go round and round in circles. Answer me!

The meaning of life is understood only by those who are not able to get a life.

What does that mean?

When you have it, you don’t care. When you won’t have it you will understand. Ask the ghosts.

You mean ghosts exist? I always thought they are just someone’s imagination.

Ghosts are real only for themselves and for others who are afraid. You won’t know or see them if you don’t believe in them. It’s just like that person who doesn’t believe in himself cannot do the job he has set out to do. Get it?

No! Explain.

If you know where you are heading, you will go there correctly. But if you are unsure about it, you will not be going anywhere at all.

It is confusing. I don’t understand what you are getting at?

I am just saying you need to know where you want to go. Suppose you want to find the meaning of life, then you have to go after it.

You make it sound so difficult. Why can the answer be not so simple? Then no one will have to come to you and irritate you. God, make it KISS! Keep it simple and silly.

Ok! Go to your life teacher and he will tell you that answer. Or read books on these things. Get knowledge.

Where can I find this teacher?

He will find you. The universe works like that. Whenever you thirst and crave for something, my universe will bring that towards you. So now that you want to find the answer, let the universe show it to you.

How much time do I have to wait? Will I know this life teacher when I meet him? I still don’t know whether he is he or she or whatever. Will you please indicate that?

Sure! Just like you know you meet the love of your life, you will know when you meet the teacher.

But why can’t you tell me that yourself?

Aha! That is the catch. Do you know whom you are talking to? Are you imagining me or talking in your own head? You can’t see me so how will you know that this is I? Am I your dream? Are you awake? Tell me!

Now I am going mad! I don’t even know who I was talking to. This is insane!

“Honey, whom were you talking to in your sleep?”

“What? What? What?”

“You were talking to yourself in your sleep. You said you have to find this someone or something!”

“Oh! That means I was talking to Him!”

“You better take some rest today. You are stressed out I think!”

Image Credit: pixabay

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