Brother-Sister Team

“Hey, do you remember the Brother-Sister team who used to work with us?” “Of course, I remember them! They were the smartest kids on the team.” “Yeah, they brought in a lots of sales and were always ‘on top of the charts’.” “That's right. Well, the other day I bumped in to our old pal,... Continue Reading →


I Want To Travel!

I want to travel! Dear God, why can I not travel like others? Of course, you can. Why don't you? I see everybody likes to travel and I am so much confined to my job and family. Has anyone actually stopped you from doing that? Not really. But I think the moment you have a... Continue Reading →

How Much Does He Love Me?

How much does he love me? I really want to know if he loves me more than his ex? Ha, ha! Do you humans really believe that you can quantify something as profound as love? But God, I gotta know how much he loves me? It is imperative that I know now otherwise there is... Continue Reading →

I Pray To Thee!

God, I pray to thee, please make my child alright. She is unwell for the last three days having loose motions. Please God, give her good health. Did you drop that petition in the petition box? Once it comes to me then I will look at it. I already wrote the petition down. I was... Continue Reading →

Repeat, Please!

Repeat, please! This is difficult! I don't know what you want me to do. Can you repeat what you said to me earlier? Please! You should record the conversation and hit the replay button. Don't get frustrated, my dear fellow! Fellow? I am God! Ya, I know dude. But can you just repeat your instructions... Continue Reading →

What Is The Truth?

I want to ask you what is the truth? Tell me Dear Lord! I am not sure what you are asking for so please specify. You know how it is, God. I want to know but I am afraid to ask or learn the truth. So you have to break it to me slowly. Sure.... Continue Reading →

About Equality

Are you awake dude? Today, you will ask me about equality! Who is calling out to me? Sure, I am awake. Your friend here. You sometimes swear by me in a not so good a manner. I am God. Ha! You are joking. There is no such thing as God. You are a figment of... Continue Reading →

Hello Human

Hello human, God here! Get up! Let me sleep.... Get up! I want to talk to you. I don't believe in you so go away. I can't just go away. You have to talk to me. If I don't believe in you, then why do you still pester me? You should stop bugging people who... Continue Reading →

The Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life? Tell me, God! OMH! OMH! Oh, my human! How many times do I have to tell you that? This one last time. I won't come back and ask you that question again. I promise! I don't know. If you too say that you don't know, then whom are we... Continue Reading →

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