Fly Far Beyond Horizon

Is there any limit for anything? I always heard others saying that there is a limit for everything, is that so?     I believe that there are no limits for anything. We can do more than what we believe in. Birds can fly where far. They migrate from Siberia to Australia with only one stop... Continue Reading →


Supreme Divine Program Execution

The Sun shines in the daytime and Moon shines during night. The Sun rises in the east giving energy and daylight to do our activities. The moon shines in the night with a very pleasant peaceful glow, so that we can have a good night sleep to relax from daily strain. Isn’t it wonderful! Who... Continue Reading →

Guru And Devotee

A few days back MyKrsna and MyMentor were going on a spiritual trip to Banaras. I met them in the evening before they departed and we three had a great Satsang time. Every time MyKrsna meets me and also His other devotees, He showers the same Love on each one of us. He treats every... Continue Reading →

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