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Conversations with God

Idol Worship

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, why do we have to do idol worship and pray to some images?
You don’t have to do that. You can as well do it in your mind.
I know we can pray in our mind but is it necessary to have images like that which may not be authentic or truthful to you?
They may not be authentic or… Continue Reading>>

Why me?

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Why me? Why has everyone deserted me? Why is no one around me right now when I need them, God?
I am here with you, isn’t that good enough?
What use are you to me? You are invisible and cannot even work magic!
I can just be your conscience or hope. I live in your heart.
My heart is heavy… Continue Reading>>

Make Others Happy

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, I am really trying very hard to make him happy but I am failing.
Maybe you should try harder then.
But I do everything for him and yet he feels I am not doing anything at all.
Why are you trying to do everything for him? Is it necessary?
Yes, it is. He is my husband, you know.
So, why is… Continue Reading>>

What Is Heavens Like?

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, what is heaven like? Can you tell me?
Of course! My heavens are multiple and you can say they are like your five or seven star hotels.
What? I always thought that the heavens are a place of enjoyment and happiness.
True, they surely are. Imagine staying in the poshest of my resorts…. Continue Reading>>

Disturbed Night

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, I had such a disturbed night. I couldn’t sleep a wink.
Ha, ha! You really think so?
Why are you laughing? I really was awake the whole night.
What makes you think you did that?
I looked at my phones clock at 12, 1.30, 2.30, 5 and kept staring at it all the while.
Ah, ok! So… Continue Reading>>

Faith In God

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Hey man, why can you not faith in me?
Dear God! I do trust you and have faith in you. But most of the times you fail me, so how can I have faith in you?
Ah! What are you doing right now? Having breakfast, I guess. Now tell me do you have faith in those things that you are eating and… Continue Reading>>

Chat App!

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

Dear God, I was wanting to talk to you last week but I had no time then. Wish you were on some chat-app!
So today, you are free, I guess.
No! I am just taking a short break. My company has a shut down week.
Oh, I think they are very smart. They time the shutdown when most of the employees take… Continue Reading>>

Run To Help

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, I want to know whom will you run to help?
Well, what is the issue? What happened now?
Between the two of us, we have lots of our own problems. So I want to know whom you will help first?
Tell me what your problems are first!
My dad has left us and gone and I want him to come back…. Continue Reading>>

Possessiveness And Love

Conversations with God | KrsnaKnows

God, I want to know about possessiveness and love. Are they same?
Oh, there you are. Not to be seen nowadays. Very busy man. I see you have found a new girlfriend.
Yes, I am in love with her. But, that’s the reason why I am asking you the question.
Aha! You had your first lovers tiff, I… Continue Reading>>

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