Plastic Usage

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Plastic Usage

Why is man pushing this world towards doom with so much plastic usage?

Now where did you see that happen?

Oh God! I saw this video on my Facebook page which talked about the carbon footprint et al!

They are all trying to warn you not to do things in excess.

He talked about how much waste we collect in our entire lives.

Yes. I know he was talking about wrappers, packaging material and all that.

Yes. The video showed that the companies which create the mess are telling the consumers to pick up the trash and bin it.

What difference will that make?

The companies shifted the onus of pollution on consumers whereas they themselves increase consumption by packaging goods and tell you to clean up. Instead they should themselves reduce the amount of packaging material used.

Which is true. USA alone accounts for four times this worlds consumption and creation of garbage.

How can we reduce this madness?

Consume less and eat healthy. Why do you need to import so much? You can start giving locals the chance to produce good stuff.

But those are state policies. How can we interfere in it?

You don’t have to consume things which are imported. You can become self sufficient and be very conscious of what you consume.

You are right. We import literally every little thing from abroad. It all comes with its own packaging and all that.

You import trash also and create your own too. You need to be very practical. Just in the last seven months alone USA has run a trade deficit of $204 billion with China alone.

How can we tackle it now the way it is burgeoning day by day?

Start consuming less and less. Cut down imports and give local industry the boost it needs.

It won’t happen overnight, right God?

It can. It only requires political will. You have to put your foot down and say NO!

But then will it help the cause? I am sure if we become responsible citizens we will be able to save the world.

True. True. With all your good intentions you will save the world.

You are being sarcastic now. Why is that smirk on your lips?

I was thinking of playing a little golf with some meteors and earth. Tunguska was my last hole in one! Spring cleaning, you see!

You have such a mean nature…

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Disown God

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Disown God

You know God, more than 50% people in this world are out to disown and bash you up!

Yes dude! I know that.

Aren’t you perturbed or angry about it?

Why should I be? I have made this world and I enjoy it.

Even though there are billions out there willing to disown you if they ever catch you!

It doesn’t make a difference to me. There are trolls everywhere and we should not bother our head about it.

What do you intend to do about them?

Nothing! They will die their own quiet death. Don’t you have half of your nation against one person?

Yes. Yes. But no one likes him. Everything about him is wrong. We are not trolling him but stating facts.

That’s your point of view. Half of the nation is criticizing him. The other half are willing to stake their life for him.

That’s true. But why can’t everyone oppose him? It’s so unfair.

You are opposing him because you have a collective support and you live in a democracy. Do you think you could do it in other nations?

I guess not. Aren’t there people who stand up against in those countries too?

But they get killed or put behind bars or they lose everything in life.

Surely, there are people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others who do change the entire nation.

That’s because I make it happen. Everything in this world happens by my design alone. Even the current ones and the trolls too.

If you do that then you are the biggest troll of all times. Why do you love to see this world go in a tizzy?

Changes, my dear sir! This world has to undergo major changes in its progress.

But isn’t it masochistic of you? Why would you torment your own people and put them through pain?

You mentioned Gandhi, Mandela and others. If they didn’t do what they were supposed to do then do you think you would be speaking like this to me now?

True. The God of old times would have consigned me to the deepest darkest hells. You are more tolerant now.

I am still the same. But my trolls love doing what they do. Sometimes they project me as benevolent and compassionate God and at other times as a tyrant! It’s alright.

Ha ha. You are joking about it. You know how bad you are! Urban slang, “bad”meaning you are good.

I know. I invented it. Just like marijuana! It was bad earlier and now it is good! Ha ha!

You really love to play your little game, don’t you?

True. Sometimes I become the hero and sometimes the villain in your life. Go and play now.

God, can you make gun licensing very easy for us? I would love to play with guns.

Wow! This is what a little leeway does to you. Go get yourself a toy gun!

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Give Me Successes

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Give Me Successes

God, you are responsible for giving me successes in my endeavors.

Oh! Why am I responsible for your issues?

Aren’t you called the Father and Mother? You are supposed to take care of us.

You are absolutely right in saying that. I am your Father and Mother. But I am supposed to only look after you till you are capable of handling yourself. Once you grow up, you are on your own.

You mean to say, after that you won’t look after me?

Tell me something. If the son goes and robs the bank, then would you consider the parents responsible?

What do you mean? Surely they are the parents, right? Aren’t they responsible?

Did the parents ever tell their son to rob a bank or did they even teach him to do anything wrong?

No. No parent teaches their child to do anything wrong or bad.

The parents have taken pains to bring the child up. He was given the best of things, education and so on. They provided him with every facility.

That’s true. But then why did he rob the bank? Maybe, it is his destiny!

Maybe it is his destiny. But why would you still think his parents are responsible for his actions and results? After all he deserved to go to prison.

You are right. But God, aren’t you supposed to help us out in troubles? It is said even a leaf will not move without your permission.

As a parent I provide for almost everything through your worldly parents. Once you grow up, it is expected of you to do your duties to everyone. You owe your duties to parents, yourself, family, society, country, world and me!

So that means you aren’t going to help me in any way. What is the use of calling for help then?

Now know that you have been given great education, profession, family, etc.. and made fully functional and capable of handling everything in this world. So it is your sovereign duty to perform in the best possible manner.

Surely, you have given me a healthy body, mind, intellect and so on. But I am not asking for that. I am asking for a little help, that’s all!

Surely my universe will help you and work with you. But you have to first prove yourself. Don’t show your weakness. You have my DNA in you so show the world what you have got.

I am not a cry baby. Just do some magic in my world so that I can get what I want. That’s it. Nothing more.

I understand that. Why don’t you put your first foot forward and then see how my magic works? Every day is a new day. Every day is war. Every day is a struggle. And some days are meant for rest, victory, fame, fortune and ultimately death. Keep marching.

Ok. Ok. I give up. I will do what I can. But before I go can I touch you?

Sure. You are my son.

Ok. I want to touch you for a few thousand dollars if you can give me now. You promised, so you better keep it.

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On Hurricane Irma

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On Hurricane IrmaYou brought on Hurricane Irma and destroyed so much, God!

What are you saying? Why should I do that?

You are responsible for that terrible thing which destroyed Florida, Bahamas, Caribbeans and a lot more.

I did not do any such thing. Why do you attribute all that to me?

You create the weather and the changes in the environment, so you did that.

Don’t be silly. Humans did that. Haven’t you heard of climate change?

Yes. I have. But this kind of devastation can only be other worldly and not human.

Of course. This terrible devastation as you call it was the result of years of hacking away at the environment.

Ah, you mean the polar caps are melting and all that. You know one day it is hot here and the next day it snows. What kind of weather is that?

Well, stop blaming me. Let me tell you a few things. Why are humans plundering coal and crude from inside the bowels of earth?

Otherwise what are we to use for heating, transportation or electricity?

There are other means like solar, wind and so on. These are sustainable types and are replenish-able.

You are just trying to take away the blame from yourself.

Ok. Let me turn your attention to another subject. How’s your house renovation going on?

It is going great. We had to strip out entire walls and false ceilings and create better spaces.

So how will your house look like after you have finished?

It will be spacious, airy and more natural light will come in. I am also installing solar panels and cutting down on electrical consumption. Maybe I will give back power to the electric company.

That’s wonderful. I hope you can now see some more light on our debate.

Oh that? You created so much of destruction there and people are homeless.

So isn’t it the right time to build better homes like yours and get them to become more environmentally friendly?

Yes. Yes. It seems you have cleared most of the old places so that newer houses can be reconstructed. But at what cost, dear God?

There is always a cost to pay for everything in this world. Just ask yourself who is going to replenish the coal and crude you folks have siphoned out? The future generations may have to bear the brunt of your plunders.

So what is the solution to all that?

Don’t you know the Armageddon? It is coming sometime and then everything will be restructured.

So that’s true then. I am not going to wait for your cleansing.

So what are you going to do? Change your daily habits and use less of non sustainable resources?

That, I don’t think I want to bother about. On the contrary, I am going to find out if I can book my ticket to stay on Mars. Elon Musk, here I come!

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Cringe Pop Music

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Cringe Pop Music

Oh God, why did you have to invent Cringe Pop music?

I haven’t invented it. There are very great stalwarts on earth to do that.

Have you listened to that guy Taher Shah or Dhinchak Pooja?

No. I don’t have time to listen to all that. I am busy with my YouTube channel.

Omg. You too are having your YouTube channel? What are you going to record there? Heavenly music?

Don’t be silly. No one wants to listen to my heavenly music. I do have some great people who create music.

You mean the Gandharvas(celestial musicians)and Apsaras(Celestial Dancers). They are really very hot.

No. No. They aren’t trained in that. I have other rappers, jazz players, classical and other types with me.

I hope you aren’t thinking of coming up with snotty, shitty type of music like pen, pineapple… types.

No. No. I have decided to talk to the Death God and others who control the nether worlds to help me create creepy crawly music.

Why would you do that? These great cringe music people are already filling up the nether worlds along with their admirers.

Oh, now I understand why the Devil was asking for a vacation. He hopes these folks will go away.

So what is your music going to be like? Can you tell me your genre?

How about Diabetically Sweet? What about De Wine music? Or AFM?

What are you saying? That’s blasphemy! AFM?

I mean Awesome Fuchsia Music. It will be fusion, chanting, songs, colorful music.

You don’t mean the F word that way. I could only think like that. I am sorry.

There it is. See I could catch you only by one single word. AF of your world is not the word from my world. Misinterpreting my words every time man has fallen down.

So then how are you going to tell the world about your music?

Simply by eliminating American urban slang and instead using the right words. But with a twist.

How’s that going to happen?

Don’t they say OMG, Jesus in a derogatory manner? They use my divine words and twist it out of shape. So I am going to use their slang and make it sound great.

I still don’t get it. Give me some examples.

Sure. Here are some starting from the older ones. LOL will be Lord of love or Love o Lord. Swag would be Still wanting Almighty God. Of course, I will avoid words like F, D, C, P and others which may be offensive.

That’s true. Kids will hear it and feel offended. Ha ha. They will reject you my Lord.

Don’t worry. I am giving them words like Artificial Reality in Simulated Environment, Digital Information in Computing Kernel…. and so on.

Then what will happen?

Don’t you see? When you type the acronyms it will take them to my site and videos. SEO magic! Got it! Don’t tell me you are that dumb.

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Why Pay Taxes?

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Why Pay Taxes?

Why Pay Taxes?

Why do I need to pay these useless taxes to this stupid government? God, I hate that!

That is the duty of every citizen of that country, so you gotta pay.

It’s easy for you to say that, God, you don’t have to pay any taxes.

Who says that? I too have to maintain this world and I also need funds.

You are God almighty, why would you do such a stupid thing? If you just nod your head you will get so much money.

Ha, ha! That’s exactly how a dumb cluck like you will think.

But I may be dumb but I am not sure why this government can’t print notes to pay for itself?

I am not going to give you a lesson on economics here. Let me just say that if you don’t pay your taxes then you can’t enjoy government facilities like transportation, roads, electricity, water, housing and all other things.

I should go to some other country where there are lesser taxes. That might help.

Everything looks hunky dory from outside son, but once you go there you will be a second class citizen.

You know there are advanced countries better than mine and they respect educated geniuses like me. They will offer me better living conditions. I should think of emigrating seriously.

It’s your choice. Till they think you are good enough, they will honor and respect you but once you show any inefficiency or inadequacy, you will be treated worse than their kitchen cockroaches.

I think I know what you are talking about. There are countries which make your skin color unacceptable. Religion is the root cause of thousands to be displaced. Language also becomes the root cause.

Yes, that’s right! People can find any cause to disown you. Don’t you think you are better off where you are?

You are right God! I am happy where I am. I have a house, family, friends, job, etc.. And places to go to where no one looks at my skin or religion.

Now would you agree that it is better to pay taxes and live a life of peace?

Yes! But I still have a question for you.

And what is that?

Do you know any place in this world like Cayman Islands, Switzerland or some such where I can send my money?

Yes, yes! Before you go out of this place drop it in my collection box and I will keep it safely for you.

You think I am really dumb now. I am not going to do any such thing.

See, you want job, wife, kids, houses, money, peace, happiness, travels, friends, relatives, education, health, leisure, entertainment, transportation and many other things from me and yet you crib paying me anything at all. Shame on you. You want everything free?

But you are my God, my Father and my to-go person! You can surely give me all that.

Ha, ha! You know what happens to those who avoid paying taxes, right? You want facilities, then you better pay up!

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Important To Know God

Important To Know God

Why is it important to know you, dear God? Is it necessary?

No, it ain’t necessary for you or anyone to know me.

Then why are we told to follow some religion or some kind of rituals or ceremonies?

It’s not needed to follow anything at all. Absolutely not necessary.

Then why do people shove this stuff down the throats of simple human beings?

Maybe they have their own reasons! How am I to know that?

Then who will know? You are supposed to be all knowing!

Surely, I am. But you don’t need me so I excused myself from that knowledge.

But why would you do something like that?

Let me explain. Can a common man answer your tax laws to you? Or would it be your accountant and lawyers?

Those experts, of course! But where are they concerned here in my question?

It’s just an example. The knowledge is available only with the right people. Now tell me, why should you know that stuff about tax laws?

I should know it because I want to be an ideal citizen of this country.

Exactly the point. When you live in a particular place, you should know the laws governing that place. You should be a law abiding citizen also. So you should ask me the relevant question and which I will then answer.

Which is a fact. I get it. So if I am here now, I should know a little about you. Am I right?

Correct. You live in my world so it is better to know about me and my universal laws to survive properly.

But it is not necessary to know you.

True. It’s not necessary to know me. But the fact is, you know you should know that you are born through a womb and there is some father and mother also. But it’s not necessary to know them.

Ah, but I should have the knowledge and understanding that there are some parents somewhere.

Likewise, you should have some knowledge and understanding about me. Not know me completely.

Ok, I concede the point to you. But is it important to believe in you?

Again, it’s not important to believe in me. I don’t have any grudges against you. You may believe whatever you want to but still that won’t change anything at all.

I didn’t get that. What do you mean?

I mean, it’s not important to know or believe in the President of this great country, but still you are under his rule.

Which is a fact of life. I may not know or believe in my country’s President, yet he is ruling my country. So I still come under his rule.

So know that, even if you don’t know me or believe in me, yet you are following my set rules and conditions. My universal laws works everywhere, even without your knowledge.

Your fundamental laws are there and we all have to abide by them. Still, why do I need to have your image in my altar?

Without the national emblem, your currency notes or coins will be invalid. The image represents me, just as it represents authority on currency notes.

But no one has seen you, so what image can we draw?

Not necessary for any particular image. But you can have a representative image for your benefit alone. So as to focus.

Ah, then you can be represented by anything at all. Maybe even a dog or monkey?

Surely, you can do that. But would you trust or believe in a dog or a monkey? Not at all.

Now I understand. We represent you in the best image possible, acceptable by everyone so that we can pray to you.

Good. Now start believing and having complete faith in me. Then we can get along fine.

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Done With It

Done With It_KrsnaKnows

I am done with it, God! I am fed up and I don’t want to go through this life again.

Well, what is happening now?

I am tired of taking this shit every single time and I don’t want to go through this anymore.

I don’t get it. You are talking about your married life, right?

You know it all and yet you are asking about it? Yes, I am talking about my marriage only.

But aren’t you the one who said that he is the perfect match for me?

Yes, but that was years ago. When we were dating, I knew he was my dream man. Now everything has changed.

Let me refresh your memory, you came to me about this at least five or six times, isn’t it?

Yes. But I thought I should give him one more chance to change. But that’s not happening anymore.

Why do you think so? Maybe he needs a few more chances?

Are you joking? He is not going to change. He behaves exactly the same way as before.

But doesn’t he apologize for raising his hands on you?

Yes, every single time, he apologizes but forgets about it soon. He has beaten me so badly this time.

What is the difference between every beating you have got? Haven’t you been getting used to it?

What nonsense are you talking, God? He raises his hands, period!

That’s exactly what I am saying. Why did you allow him in the first place to do that heinous act? You should have stopped him then!

I was immature and weak. I believed it was my fault alone. He raised his hands and immediately said sorry. I let it go.

Wasn’t that the first mistake you did? So why allow him the second time? And the third and then continue with it?

I always thought he will change and be his loving self like before! But he hasn’t changed at all.

But why did you go back to him again and again?

How am I to say why I went? I don’t know. Don’t badger me like that, God!

I am not badgering you. I am just asking you the reasons.

I honestly don’t know, why I did that? Maybe I was afraid. Maybe I loved him a lot. Or I might have been crazy about him. I don’t know.

Let me remind you about it. The second time it happened, you told him that you are pregnant so he stopped.

Yes, I remember that. Then it was baby which couldn’t allow me to abandon him. You are right God!

Every single time you have given some silly and stupid reasons to go back to him.

You know that. It was all about my fears and inadequacies. I was afraid.

What were you afraid about?

That he will leave me and go. I have his baby and who will look after her! I was constantly reminded about my elder sister who came back from her marriage. She went through hell and still suffering.

So you didn’t want to suffer like that so you took the easy way out of going back to him.

Also, I thought what will my kid say to others, that she doesn’t have a father? I didn’t want to deny her that. I acted in good faith.

And jeopardized your entire life? How stupid you can be? Now tell me what do you want me to do?

Help him get better. Make him love me like before. I just want him to be kind and loving towards me again. You know he is not a bad man. Just show him the right path!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! You are really naive or absolutely mad.

What do you mean? Am I asking for too much from you, God? It’s just a simple ask.

You are not going to solve this problem any way. You still are asking to go back to him, how stupid can you be?

Then what am I to do? Do you think that it is easy for me? I am the one who is suffering all his atrocities.

That’s what I said. You are the sufferer and the martyr too. When will it get drilled into your head that he is not going to change?

Then what am I to do?

You change. Why are you asking for his change in behavior? You have to address your problem first. You are the one who needs to change.

But how is that possible? What can I do? I am not able to at this age.

That’s how losers talk. You are quite capable of anything. You can decide to change and nothing will stop you. On the contrary, my universe will work with you.

How am I to do that? Help me please.

First you must decide once and for all that this is it! I am not going back anymore. Then take matters into your own hands and move on. Don’t look back.

God, isn’t it against the religion? What life will I give my child? Doesn’t she need a father? What about money? Where will I stay? What will happen to us? I can’t take such risks.

See, I knew that. You can never take a stand. You are useless. Make up your mind, woman! Stop whining and start acting. You need your freedom. So what if you have to go through a little discomfort in life?

But I am not ready for it. Let me try once more. I will love him more than before. He will change. I am sure, he will. Let’s give him another chance.

There you go again. What can I say? Remember it’s YOU WHO HAS TO CHANGE! Not him. You don’t trust me and the God inside of you.

Next time I will surely do the needful. This time you let him be, God. I am sure things will work out. I have full faith in you.

It’s no use. You have already convinced yourself that there will be next time. So he won’t change. Alright. You go back and try once again.

Yes. I want to do that.

Get more beaten up and come once again. I will wait for you! Good bye. Come back soon! Hope you decide then……

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Don’t Feel Like Talking Anymore

Don't Feel Like Talking Anymore

Go away! I don’t feel like talking anymore to you, God!

Why wouldn’t you come to me all these days, man?

What use is it to me? I didn’t want to talk to you, God! There is nothing to speak about.

You could have just come and had a casual chat.

I didn’t feel like it. I don’t want to talk to you.

Why wouldn’t you want to talk to me? Have I not been your good friend all the time?

Yes, of course! But sometimes we stay away from even our best friends. Maybe I was busy, have you considered that?

I know every schedule of yours. So don’t bs me about your daily activities.

Okay! Then let me tell you why I didn’t want to come to you.

Now, tell me the truth and give it to me straight.

I didn’t want to meet you because I didn’t see what use is it. Also, I can only think of you in times of troubles and difficult situations.

See, that’s the truth. I know there is nothing at the moment bothering you except your office work.

That’s not true. I have my petty issues but not so big that I would like to trouble you.

There you go. You can surely come to me with whatever little or big troubles you have. I think that could be just the reason to meet.

No, I don’t think so. You already have so many people thronging at your doorstep with very tough issues, so I don’t think it is important to burden you with my silly stuff.

That’s true. Everyone comes to me with their problems. Sometimes they aren’t aware that they are too petty for me to look into.

Now you are speaking my tongue. Of course, why should these silly people dump their silly stuff on you? Can you tell me how to understand what is silly and what isn’t?

Sure. You have been given a fantastic mind and intellect and by using these wonderful tools you can solve your issues.

That means anything which has a solution by logical means we can take care of it by ourselves, right?

Absolutely. Then there are some issues which are beyond the purview of your mind and intelligence so bring them to me.

But you should tell me how does one classify the two? See, there are some dim bulbs who cannot solve their issues, what would you suggest of these kind of people?

For them there are the universal laws in effect. They should try every other type of solution that they can think of and then when they have exhausted their tries, they can approach me.

Can you give me some examples?

Someone who has tried all therapies and medical solutions for children or cancer or any other afflictions can then turn towards me.

Why should man try? Why can he not solely depend on you?

If I have given him the tools to fend for himself, shouldn’t he use them first?

Ah, you mean the body, mind and intellect? Yes, they should attempt with these tools to solve such issues.

It’s the same even in every other place. Corporate world, material, marriage, law, diseases, heartbreaks and other such spaces, man has to try his best first.

After it has failed, he should turn towards you. I get it.

Good. Now don’t you forget to keep in touch otherwise too. Just a friendly chat. Not for dumping your stupid issues on me.

Right. See you soon.

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