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Trivakra Kamana

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Krsna and Balarama met Kubja while they were entering the megapolis Mathura, ruled by the King Kamsa.

She was kind enough to share with the two handsome divine lads the perfumed ointment which she was specifically carrying for the King. Krsna promised Kubja that once His work was over, He would return to pay her debt back.
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Do You Copy Your Guru?

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Do you copy your Guru or Mentor? When you copy your mentor or your Guru, do you really believe that you have reached their position? They say that imitation is best form of flattery! But in real life is that true and can you do it?
Your mentor has very weird methods of training you and… Continue Reading>>

The Deed Is Done

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What to do when the deed is done? Is there any way by means of which I can be redeemed? These are the questions that I got from some people some time back so I am writing the answers here.
You know what you are doing is not right and yet you are still doing it. Or there are inevitable actions… Continue Reading>>

What Went Wrong?

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What went wrong? So where did I go wrong? What just happened? This wasn’t expected! Everything was going on so perfectly and how did that happen?
These are certain questions that everyone asks themselves when things do not go as per their plan. Be it an election, relationship, job, life or… Continue Reading>>

Run Away Somewhere

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I want to run away somewhere. I want to retire now. I have worked all my life and I need to take the back seat and put my legs up. We come across these statements and it wouldn’t have mattered, had they been uttered by some person in early or late sixties! But here we see an early forty… Continue Reading>>

Selfless Love

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What is selfless love? What do you do to the people you love? You do things for them and you sacrifice for them. Haven’t you seen your parents or spouse sacrifice for you? Maybe you haven’t but at least you have heard what it means to sacrifice for someone else? Soldiers sacrifice… Continue Reading>>

Leaving The Guru

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What happens to those who leave their Gurus and go away without completing their training?
Firstly, it isn’t the disciples prerogative to join the Guru but it is the other way round. The Guru is the one who selects his disciples. It’s the same method employed outside in the material… Continue Reading>>

I Follow What I Believe

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Imagine SriRam or Shri Krsna saying that I have God living in my heart and I will follow what I believe in. Or someone saying that I love God in my own way and I don’t want to know about him in any other way except my own! Then the question would be, why would God Himself want to know… Continue Reading>>

Beg For Food

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Why do the sages and saints beg for food and wear hand me down clothes? This question sounds very intriguing and make us wonder about this special quality of the holy.
Some of the sages wear orange clothing which signifies renunciation and giving up of worldly life. While some other wear white… Continue Reading>>

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