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Change NowToday let’s begin by changing ourselves for the better.
Procrastination had seeped into our life at a very early age, when we kept on postponing getting up early for school. Our parents finally had to kick us out of bed to attend our school in time. Delaying things out of sheer inertia ruled our lives, thereafter.
How can we get it all back now?
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Not The Same

Have you wondered why the Shrewsbury biscuit not taste the same at any other place other than that old Kayani's? The dal made by you has never tasted like your mothers, even though the ingredients and the recipe is the same!Let us understand the reason why! Once a great saint was asked a question by... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Test Me Always?

This question was asked me by my disciple today and the answer I gave is written here. Someone stands first in all exams and wins a lot of accolades in life goes on to become a great doctor with brilliant foreign degrees and a success in the medical field. On the other hand a mediocre... Continue Reading →

Adiyaen-U define Me!

To my Dearest Adiyaen, I am extremely touched by your acceptance,not knowing what it meant,Adiyaen-humble Disciple!As Shri Ramanujacharya was to His Supreme Guru! I have known from the start that a teacher is not a teacher till she has a student facing her. It is always the student which defines the teacher and black defines... Continue Reading →

Trivakra Kamana

Krsna and Balarama met Kubja while they were entering the megapolis Mathura, ruled by the King Kamsa. She was kind enough to share with the two handsome divine lads the perfumed ointment which she was specifically carrying for the King. Krsna promised Kubja that once His work was over, He would return to pay her... Continue Reading →

Geet Govind Dilemma

One day, Jayadeva was upset when it came to a point that Krsna was supposed to apologize to Radha and touch her feet, so he stopped writing. Jayadeva is the author of Geet Govind, a beautiful love tome written about Radha and Krsna. The Lord touching Radha's feet would amount to blasphemy, he thought. He... Continue Reading →

Being A Teacher/Guru

Why is it tough being a teacher/Guru? Why is teaching so difficult? Why are teachers treated so much with disrespect? Why is teaching as a profession frowned upon by everyone? Why are teachers paid so less for their services? What incentive is left for someone to become a teacher? I remember during my school days... Continue Reading →

Give Concessions

Should we give concessions to ourselves or others for committing small or big morally wrong actions? Does the universe allow a little bit of leeway for these discrepancies? When I was a kid I had heard a beautiful story. There is a young man about to be executed and he is asked his last wish.... Continue Reading →

Destructive Practices

Why are we moving towards destructive practices? Why are we torturing the cows for the milk? Why are we having problems of disposing off our waste? Why are we exploiting the earth and now wanting to go outside our world to explore opportunities there? Where does this all begin? Why are we so maniacally dispositioned... Continue Reading →

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