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Change NowToday let’s begin by changing ourselves for the better.
Procrastination had seeped into our life at a very early age, when we kept on postponing getting up early for school. Our parents finally had to kick us out of bed to attend our school in time. Delaying things out of sheer inertia ruled our lives, thereafter.
How can we get it all back now?
We have to practice to change.
Make a very great effort to change.
Keep some carrots at the end to make the necessary changes.
Include some stick methods if you cannot keep to your promises.
Ask one of your friends or partners to keep a check on you.
Keep a journal to check on your improvements.
Stop giving atrocious reasons for non performances and bad results.
Keep healthy ideals and good examples in front of you.
Motivate yourself before the event to keep spirits high.
Don’t indulge in excesses but do things in moderation.
Do not allow yourself any kind of concessions.
Expect from yourself what you expect from others.
Be good and truthful to yourself.
Stop resting on your laurels.
Don’t expect any trophies.
Have faith in your abilities.
Do not listen to reason your mind offers in lieu of relaxation.
Don’t give up even if you fail a number of times. Keep on at it.
Mark goals in your journey and raise your bars always.
Do not stop to celebrate your small wins. Go for the big victories.
Lastly, keep going to your next goal and destination. Never stop.

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Not The Same

Not The Same

Have you wondered why the Shrewsbury biscuit not taste the same at any other place other than that old Kayani’s?
The dal made by you has never tasted like your mothers, even though the ingredients and the recipe is the same!Let us understand the reason why!

Once a great saint was asked a question by his disciple about some old sutra. He asked her to read the English litoral translation of the sutra telling her that he couldn’t read and understand Pali.

She became indignant and asked him,”if you cannot even read the sutra how can you even tell us the meaning of it?” He answered her that by reading a map you cannot reach the destination, whereas an uneducated person just by his inner knowledge reach there even though he cannot read the map.

The essence of any teachings can never be got by reading some texts or reading the explanations in a text.
I was reading an article today on the net where a question was asked to a saint as to why should we attend satsang and not read the holy books on our own?

The saint answered that the meanings of the texts are absolutely bland and have no potency till we get an explanation from the master.

The textbook Gita will have the same words if you re-read it even after a few years and it will have no meaning for you then since it will be totally out of context. But the same if explained in a satsang at that time will have tremendous potency and the essence will percolate down to our innermost.The reason being that the Master has the power to make you understand the exact meaning of those words at that given moment in time.They will carry the deepest meaning to you then.

So a textual meaning of Bhagvad Gita may not have much potency to you now till your preceptor tell you what you should be actually knowing about it. He will put you the meaning into the current context which you can then apply to your life.

So please do get the ultimate and perfect knowledge from your preceptor only.Reading the texts and difficult dissertations about some old scriptures is not the same as getting profound knowledge.

Just the way your mothers dal tastes when made by her!

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Why Do You Test Me Always?

Why Do You Test Me Always

This question was asked me by my disciple today and the answer I gave is written here.

Someone stands first in all exams and wins a lot of accolades in life goes on to become a great doctor with brilliant foreign degrees and a success in the medical field. On the other hand a mediocre person who is passing because of his low caste and big pull and who becomes a doctor…now you think if you have to undergo a major surgery,then whom will you entrust it to? Obviously, the one who is a deserving candidate would be the first example.

You have to pass through very difficult tests in life to become a jewel and shine bright. Just like the golds purity increases when it has to pass through fire many a times. We are put through various tests in life to make us stronger and stronger. To be able to withstand all the problems associated with life, we go through terrible fires of fate. We have to become as perfect as we can be to be closer to God.

He wants to entrust you with his devotees and if you are the best then only can he put them under your care. To become a preceptor also, he makes that person pass through terrible tests and sees to it that he comes out in flying colors. Only then the role is given to Him.

If you were to have a mediocre person as a preceptor then what kind of Supreme Knowledge would you have and would you be in a position to reach the stage of enlightenment? NO!

The preceptor is the closest thing to God and hence we have to put our trust in Him and have full faith in Him. He can then perform the operation which will make us perfect.

God is perfect and hence he wants you to be as perfect as Him, hence he puts you through these tougher and tougher tests to make you stronger and stronger. So that when you achieve His level, you will not say-I don’t know what to do!!

Everyone looks up to you for answers and they will only do that if they are sure you are the best that there is!And you have the answers!

To be God is not easy since He is perfect and he can never say that he doesn’t know the answer to your question or has no solution for you….Remember He too must have passed through a lot of tests Himself to be perfect.

So please know that all these tests are to make you the best that there is!

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Adiyaen-U define Me!

Adiyaen-U define Me!

To my Dearest Adiyaen,

I am extremely touched by your acceptance,not knowing what it meant,Adiyaen-humble Disciple!As Shri Ramanujacharya was to His Supreme Guru! I have known from the start that a teacher is not a teacher till she has a student facing her. It is always the student which defines the teacher and black defines white, so also evil defines good. God would not be God if there was no devil to define Him.

That clearly shows if there is no contrast then the object cannot be seen at all. Without a shadow we can never know that there is light or an object. Without maya we can never understand God, without the MIND we cannot understand God!

What is MIND?M-I-N-D!

M means Maya– that which deludes us at all times.Making us think that the shadow has an independent existence and is there only because of itself.

I means I or Ego– that which makes us think that I am the doer and not someone else.You think that you got the job or education because of I ,me and myself!!!I make money,I am an husband,I earn,I give to my family food clothing shelter,education.. and so on!!

N stands for Negation or Neti-neti which means not this and not this…we do that with our mind.We negate everything with mind.But the Vedas define that as the right method,remember?

D stands for Deception which our mind always does to us. We can never see the truth since we use the mind and it takes over us.ONLY when the mind rules and not when you rule the mind!

Here I shall tell you a story of a monk who wanted to meet Buddha so he travelled a very long way to meet Him. It was nightfall and he was very thirsty so he prayed to Buddha for water and rest.

He was tired and at one place he stumbled and fell and his hand touched something.
It glistened in the moonlight as a silver goblet filled with cool thirst quenching water so he readily drank it and fell in a deep sleep.The next day he woke up and saw the silver goblet and the water he drank…..

It was a skull of a dead human with brain fluid and worms swimming in it. He puked!!!
He was then suddenly filled with light of enlightenment…… He knew then that what was water in the night was yucky stuff in day…that which makes us think like that is our MIND!!!
Go beyond it and then the truth will shine.

So when we overcome the silly MIND using the same MIND to overcome by itself, we will know the how and why and all other answers.

Maya is important to go to Him, so make her your friend and use her to get to Him.
So the other is as important as that object. Never discount anything in life.All have their own equal importance. The small cog holds the wheel remember, so give it the due credit.

So Adiyaen,I give you my LOVE and RESPECT for making me who I am and defining me!
Thank You for being yourself and giving me the credibility by sitting in front of me!

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Trivakra Kamana

Trivakra Kamana

Krsna and Balarama met Kubja while they were entering the megapolis Mathura, ruled by the King Kamsa.

She was kind enough to share with the two handsome divine lads the perfumed ointment which she was specifically carrying for the King. Krsna promised Kubja that once His work was over, He would return to pay her debt back.

How was Kubja to know that she was going to turn into a beautiful swan at the hands of The Lord?
Krsna returns back to Kubja, after the defeating and killing Kamsa and establishing the throne back to His rightful grandfather.

He meets Kubja and looks at her body. It was bent at three places so she was also called as Trivakra. Krsna lifts her chin so that she could straighten up and she loses her ugliness and becomes a beautiful woman.

Krsna then consummates with her and returns back to the kingdom. When He was asked the reason for such an uncalled action, Krsna tells Uddhava about Trivakra’s past life and His reasons for doing what He did.

Minakshi was her original name and she fell in love with a Danava king called Vidhyujiva. The king marries her with a hidden agenda of wanting to upsurp the Golden kingdom of Lanka, by killing her brother Ravana. Ravana kills him after he knows of his deceit. Later Ravana tells his sister to stay with him. She is known by another name Shurpanaka, the demoness who falls in love with Sri Rama.

Shurpanaka meets Sri Rama in the forest and is enchanted by Him. She proposes to Him but He rejected her proposal saying that He already had a wife, Sita. Later she proposes to Lakshmana who also rejects her so she turns herself on Sita and tries to kill her. Lakshmana then cuts of her nose and disfigures her. Sita too curses her to become a Trivakra.

Shurpanaka goes to Sri Rama and asks Him whether it was wrong to fall in love with Him? Sri Rama feels sad and blesses her that He will surely rectify the situation in her next life by consummating with her.

Krsna concludes the story that Shurpanaka’s curse as Trivakra had to be dissipated and promise fulfilled, so Krsna did what He had to.

The Lord always fulfills the devotees wishes in whichever way possible if they are sincere enough. It may necessarily not happen in this life but He may do so in some other.

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Geet Govind Dilemma

Geet Govind Dilemma

One day, Jayadeva was upset when it came to a point that Krsna was supposed to apologize to Radha and touch her feet, so he stopped writing. Jayadeva is the author of Geet Govind, a beautiful love tome written about Radha and Krsna. The Lord touching Radha’s feet would amount to blasphemy, he thought. He decided to go and take a bath so that he could dwell on it. He goes to the river for bathing.

Soon he returns and goes inside his room. He comes out quickly and again tells his wife that he will go to the river.

Later, Jayadeva returns home and goes to his room to find that someone has written on the pages and completed it. He comes out and confronts his wife asking her who wrote that Krsna touched Radha’s feet and asked for pardon. His wife says that you came back and did and again went for bath. But Jayadeva had not written those words, then who could it be?

Jayadeva realizes that only Krsna would have come and done what was needed. So you will find that Krsna Himself endorsed Jayadeva’s writing as the truth alone.

Now for the twist in the tale-Radha wants her story to be written since there is a blank after the point when Akrura took Krsna and Balarama to Mathura. She wants the world to know that Krsna and She met again and again.

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Being A Teacher/Guru

Being a teacher/guru

Why is it tough being a teacher/Guru? Why is teaching so difficult? Why are teachers treated so much with disrespect? Why is teaching as a profession frowned upon by everyone? Why are teachers paid so less for their services? What incentive is left for someone to become a teacher?

I remember during my school days I had a very strict headmistress and everyone was afraid of her. She always carried a thick flat piece of wood which we called a telephone. She used it to thrash anyone who committed some crime or misdemeanours in class. It fell on our knuckles or our behinds and what a whack it created. We were all so much afraid of this drill Sargent.

Later on, in college the teachers or lecturers read from books and asked us to read solved question papers. They never taught us anything at all. We had to attend separate outside classes to know the subject. But the main focus was to get good marks in examinations so everyone studied only the solved question papers of previous years. Students paid more attention to competitive exams to secure admission into professional colleges. Everyone then aspired to become a doctor or an engineer.

The role of a teacher diminished as we attended higher and higher classes. Teachers were treated more like some class monitors or clerks who took attendances. During my kids education, the thrust was to do classes outside the school where the same teachers gave personalised training at an exorbitant cost. These same teachers agenda in school was to rush through the syllabus and somehow finish it in a limited time. There was always more competition to attend private classes than school periods. There were very few dedicated teachers left then.

The teachers profession became attuned towards earning more and more, so the main thrust of giving proper and appropriate education left them. The noble profession became a money earner. Later, newer medias opened up and the same teachers left the profession to become qualified professional in other industries. Learning lost its charm and it only became more mechanical task of writing exams. Gaining admission in prestigious institution only was the objective of few intelligent students. Few teachers gave the secret recipe for getting admission to these Ivy League colleges. These specialist teachers were more sought after for their special skill sets. Education lost out in the race to prestige and greed.

Today it is extremely tough to find a good teacher due to various reasons. One is lack of respect towards the teachers and their profession by students. Next is the less amount of remuneration paid to them. Only a few get paid the earth and they are a hallowed institution themselves. They become more pricey as they get more recognition and awards.

In spiritual, the rule of the game is you cannot become a teacher without the divine command. The teacher or Guru is the sakshat Parabrahman or the divine unmanifest. The Guru is authorised by God Himself and by his Satguru. The Guru’s Master is the approver of the part the Guru would be playing in this world. There are no grades or degrees in spiritual path. The Guru is the sole arbiter and judge. He will be the guide and will lay down the syllabus for every individual disciple. The syllabus or studies are not the same for other disciples. It may differ like heaven and earth. The teachings are spontaneous and religious.

There is a strict discipline in his domain. There are unwritten rules which transcends the normal worldly norms. The demands are unnerving and unyielding. The rigours start at the beginning of the day, very early in the morning and goes on till the end of night. The disciplines to be maintained are very strict and tough. Life in the monastery are not for the weak minded. The teacher there is a toughest disciplinarian. Service unto the Master is mandatory. Above all the Master may not ask for any compensation for the disciples training. Even the stay is free. The Gurukul system is the epitome of absolute training and learning for a greater cause.

People may say that the Gurukul system is very archaic and ancient system and irrelevant today but if we need truly dedicated and evolved citizens then this is it. Shantiniketen was started that way and it has churned out good number of students. Still there are monasteries which follow such methods and I hope there are more.

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Give Concessions

Give Concessions

Should we give concessions to ourselves or others for committing small or big morally wrong actions? Does the universe allow a little bit of leeway for these discrepancies?

When I was a kid I had heard a beautiful story. There is a young man about to be executed and he is asked his last wish. He says that he would like to see his mother for the last time.
When his mother comes near him, he bites her ear off. When he is asked why he did that? He answers that when I started to do small crimes, my mother never said anything at all. Then emboldened I started to do bigger and bigger crimes. Today, I am being executed for a heinous crime. I wouldn’t have reached this stage in my life, if my mother would have pulled my ear and stopped me doing wrong then.

Thus this story brings us to the light how we do things in life. We give ample concessions to ourselves and our children. Everyone agrees that smoking cigarettes is injurious to health, so should we allow even a single concession to a person to smoke a few cigs?

Doing drugs is a crime in some very strict countries, so would you allow a few milligrams to be smuggled in? No way! If there is death penalty for that then the government will not be lenient at all. Again, in some Islamic nations unmarried couples cannot stay together even if they are living together for donkeys years in their own nation. It’s considered taboo and a crime there.
In life we allow concessions all the time. We want to bend rules for our own benefit. If someone tells you that they will be falsifying bills only this one time, would you allow that much concession to the individual? Again, if someone tells you that they haven’t had a drink in their life, would you concur with him? If you probe you will find that they might have taken a sip once during their college days. They may ask, whether that silly stupid mistake is allowed or not? What would be your response?

In some countries people resort to hymenoplasty, stitching together the hymen back again for getting married since there is a demand for virgin wives! Would that individual be considered a virgin by any chance? Now you may say that is stupid and idiotic, but tell that to those who follow such stuff!

In spiritual we have certain rules and regulations. One of them is about falsehood. Karna lost his powers at the precise moment when he needed them since he told lies to his Guru Parshuram about his antecedents. Many a times the Master appears harsh when He decides against someone who has broken the rules. In case of Dronacharya, he asked for the finger of Eklavya when he sneakily learnt the art of archery.

Guru’s are normally very loving and considerate but any misdemeanor of any kind may not be tolerated by them. Sometimes the Good Lord allows concessions as a boon to someone but it mayn’t happen all the time. A curse could be upturned by a reverse of curse(upashap) in very rare circumstances. Take the case of Shishupal. His mother was given the concessions that Krishna will allow Shishupal about a hundred misdemeanors and will not be killed by Him, when she asked for the boon from Krishna. But once he crosses the 99th one, Shishupal will die at the hands of Shri Krishna at the hundredth instance.

So please know that whenever you do give concessions for someone else or your own self, there are repercussions and karmas associated with it which you will have to face. No one can avoid karma and it’s execution. Do not try to find shortcuts in the spiritual world. There will always be a payout for even the slightest misdemeanors or karmas.

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Destructive Practices

Destructive Practices

Why are we moving towards destructive practices? Why are we torturing the cows for the milk? Why are we having problems of disposing off our waste? Why are we exploiting the earth and now wanting to go outside our world to explore opportunities there? Where does this all begin? Why are we so maniacally dispositioned towards self destruction?

After watching the horrible YouTube video “Dairy Is Scary,” someone asked me the reasons for such destructive tendencies. I said that it all starts with us. Rather, it is all about you! Let us see how it all begins with you in the first place. Do you have dairy products all the time? Do you consume cheese, butter, ghee, milk, chocolate, latte and so on? You actually consume so much of it per day that the milk producer gets to multiply his profits multifold so that he can supply you more and more such stuff. Now that means getting more productivity from the source itself. Which means he has to milk his cows dry by whatever means. So he uses methods which you detest like pumping them with hormones, artificial insemination, deprivation of milk to calves and all the other bad stuff you saw in the film.

So here I will show you how you actually contribute towards this destruction. Let’s take random examples of things which you use to understand that.

You use laundry detergents, softeners, bleach, color fixers, disinfectants and so on just to wash your clothes. Then you use a washing machine which runs on power with various options like soft wash, woolens, driers and so on. Even after doing all this so called perfect cleaning, your clothes don’t last long. You seem to spoil your garments pretty fast. Now let’s see how people from late nineteenth century dealt with washing. They used soap bars and their clothes outlived them too. Used garments were then converted into kitchen towels and mops too. The garment was recycled so many times. But today, the garments are having short life and are costly too.
The more the greed to own stuff, the more we tax the universe. Every new phone one uses, that much amount of metals and plastics are manufactured or mined. Man spends so much on gadgets, automobiles, white goods, packaging, etc.. We are straining our resources to get us newer stuff every time. The root cause is the desire to own.

Man’s insatiable desire puts everything under duress. The earth groans under man’s atrocities. The domestic animals are squeezed to give more than they can actually produce naturally. To fulfill man’s insatiable desire, he has to work more, earn more and get into unnecessary competition with one another. This has to stop now.

Man needs to stop his desires going haywire. He has to become frugal and considerate towards everything around him. He has to stop being a voracious consumer. Recycle things and make multiple uses of the same items that he has paid for. Conserve and protect that is so precious to us. The environment, flora and fauna needs immediate attention. What’s lost might not be found but whatever is available could be saved and salvaged. Being vegan or vegetarian could also be advantageous, so why not try? Cut out those voracious desires and live happily.

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