Spiritual Masters

Who are the spiritual Masters? The spiritual Master is an individual who has gained spiritual wisdom by training under another great spiritual Master. He might also be someone who is born realized, or born with spiritual wisdom. Their primary duty is towards teaching spiritual knowledge to aspirants. He has all the answers that the spiritual... Continue Reading →


Spiritual Texts

What are these most revered spiritual texts? Were they written by humans or aliens? What is the main purport of these spiritual texts? Spiritual texts seem to appear like simple stories, but they are in reality very deep philosophical truths. These are all codices and need the right interpretation for humans to understand the true... Continue Reading →

Three D’s Of Spiritual

Today we are going to understand about the three D's of spiritual. But before we get into those, you should know that it all begins with Capital D, which is called Desire. Desire is the root cause of all our problems. So now that you know who spoils the show, let's get on with it.... Continue Reading →

Peace And Happiness

Do we get peace and happiness in spirituality? Does becoming spiritual means attaining tranquility and a life full of joy? Why are terms like happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc., associated with spirituality? When you look at all the great exponents of spirituality, you will find their lives were full of strife and pain. Then why... Continue Reading →

Family And Home

Do I need to leave my home and family to become a spiritualist? It is not necessary for anyone to leave their homes or family to get into spiritual. You have probably heard of someone who might have left and gone to become a priest or monk but those are completely different reasons for them... Continue Reading →

Finding Myself

What does it mean finding myself? What is these terms yourself, thyself, etc., which are used so often in spiritual? Again these people say that you have to lose yourself to find yourself? You always know about myself, yourself and so on. We use these terms very loosely to bodies around us including our own.... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Masters

How do we approach the Spiritual Masters? Is there any specific method or means of getting close to them? Do they teach like in the Shaolin temple or do they have some sort of Sunday schools? I heard they had some sort of training schools in days of yore but today how do they teach?... Continue Reading →

Knowers Of Truth

We ended our last lesson at the knowers of truth. So who are these knowers of truth? These are people who can give us an idea about the spiritual. They are not some kind of futurologist or astrologers, priests or some esoteric art practitioners. They are neither astrophysicist nor biologists or even evangelicals. Sometimes practitioners... Continue Reading →

Primer For Spiritual

Is there a primer for studying spiritual? There are so many religious texts out there which talk about religion and God and refer to themselves as spiritual guide books also but are they truly that? Many want to only look at their own religious texts and rely on them for fundamental spiritual knowledge. But is... Continue Reading →

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