Spiritual Masters

Spiritual MastersWho are the spiritual Masters?

The spiritual Master is an individual who has gained spiritual wisdom by training under another great spiritual Master. He might also be someone who is born realized, or born with spiritual wisdom.

Their primary duty is towards teaching spiritual knowledge to aspirants. He has all the answers that the spiritual aspirant might be seeking. He is not some church or temple priest. He doesn’t have any other vocation except teaching real spiritual knowledge to aspirants. His knowledge is not for sale so he doesn’t charge any money or ask for some sort of compensation. He is not like a teacher in school or college.

The spiritual Master is not a magician or person who does trickery. Your job is to seek knowledge and not to ask for personal favors. So don’t go with an idea of getting some of your deepest desires or wishes fulfilled.
Some of the greatest Masters were just spiritual Masters and they never taught body calisthenics or exercises or any other kind of mumbo jumbo. Do you attribute these things to Jesus, Buddha or Krsna? They never taught anything like that at all. So know the real Master.

The real Master has no hidden agenda of building monuments or edifices in his name. Which means they are not interested in building schools, colleges, hospitals, churches or temples or any other institutions. They are never bothered about political or any other kind of office. They don’t hold rallies or large gatherings for gathering disciples. They select very few disciples who always stay with them. These are the Apostles, Bodhisatwas or Gopis of Jesus, Buddha and Krsna respectively. Their method of teaching is always one on one only. They do not have large conclaves or meetings for imparting spiritual knowledge.

Once a spiritual Master has accepted you as a disciple then you have to leave your past life and become a newborn infant in the care of the Master. He will train you like a mother does. There are certain house rules that the aspirants has to follow. These rules I shall discuss in my following episodes. Also, how would the Master get remunerated by you will be told is the next one?

So the bottom line is the Spiritual Master is focused on teaching alone and has no other hidden agenda.

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Spiritual Texts

Spiritual Texts
What are these most revered spiritual texts? Were they written by humans or aliens? What is the main purport of these spiritual texts?
Spiritual texts seem to appear like simple stories, but they are in reality very deep philosophical truths. These are all codices and need the right interpretation for humans to understand the true purport. There aren’t many people who can decipher the true meaning of these sacred texts.

Those with fancy degrees are only decoding the language but not the essence of such texts. Take the case of The Bible and you will find lots of spiritual words and they appear pretty simple. Let’s see the simple words like “Father in Heaven!” It sounds so innocuous but is that the truth? Whatever any human being might interpret will be tainted. There aren’t very many of these spiritual folks to give you the perfect meaning and answer of those words.
In the spiritual text called Bhagvad Gita too, the dialogue between Arjuna and Shri Krishna sounds so straight forward but the truth is very different.

Sometimes you may find explanatory texts too but they are too outdated and irrelevant to current issues. You may not find the perfect answers there. Then how will we know the truth?

The truth can be revealed only by the sages or saints. Today, it is difficult to find one such being. These knowers of truth and decoders are also called as Masters or Gurus. They will only impart you the truth if you go to them as a supplicant and with humility. Any vulgar show of ego and know all attitude, they will not give you the essence.

Ask them questions with absolute sincerity and humility and they will open up their bundle of truth. Go to them with simple questions and you will find the right meaning and answers. These Masters are only the via media for transmitting knowledge but humans use them for granting some petty favors like having children or getting a job. Do not think of them as some wish fulfilling tree! Just ask them for spiritual truths only.

But first, you have to find such rare beings. Then ask them the vexing questions. In my next article I will tell you how to identify such rare gems.

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Three D’s Of Spiritual

Three D's Of Spiritual
Today we are going to understand about the three D’s of spiritual. But before we get into those, you should know that it all begins with Capital D, which is called Desire. Desire is the root cause of all our problems. So now that you know who spoils the show, let’s get on with it.

The three D’s of spiritual upliftment are called dispassion, detachment and discrimination. These three D’s are very tough to achieve for a common man. He falls prey to all the evils associated with these three. Let’s first see how they affect him.

The first D is Dispassion and to overcome our worldly passion is the only way of reaching there. Man is so passionate about things like his ambition and achievements. Man wants to get to his aspired goals with passion. He puts his heart and body into it and tries to get there. He has set his goals and wants to achieve the desired objective. Dispassion is all about focus on the work or job but not on results. After all results are never in our hands. So to become dispassionate doesn’t mean giving up but doing the same activity with 100% efforts and putting heart and soul in it but NOT FOCUSSING ON RESULTS.

The second D is Detachment. We are so possessive about our people and things that if anything is taken away from us, we get hurt. This is called attachment to people and things, like parents, spouses, kids, place, vehicles, houses, jewelry, money and so on. If you were to lose anything at all, you will be distraught and disturbed. Detachment is all about not possessing. We are just world travelers and should behave like one. We don’t own anything here. Treat people around you like co-travelers like you. Don’t take ownership of anything. You have rented your body to everything around you so stay as a tenant and try to return the stuff around you back in as good a condition as possible. Detachment will help you overcome your ego and make you free from possessiveness.

The third D is called Discrimination and it is not that worldly discrimination. This means knowing the real from the unreal. Know the truth about yourself and this world around you. Everything is unreal and fake. Nothing is permanent. People, places, time and everything around us changes. Only the truth is unchanging. What is it that doesn’t change? You have to find that out. Then fix your mind, body and senses on this changeless thing and become free. Some people call this as God. You can call it whatever you want but by you calling it doesn’t alter or change it. Got it? It is permanent and changeless. So knowing the real from the unreal is called Discrimination.

These three D’s help us move forward in the world of spiritual. You won’t be troubled or disturbed, get affected, hurt, pained by this path. It gives you a reason to focus on the Truth about Your Self. Wasting time on frivolous pursuits or senseless issues won’t help us in spiritual. We have to know the Spirit in Spiritual and the only way of getting there is using the three D’s!

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Peace And Happiness

Peace And Happiness

Do we get peace and happiness in spirituality? Does becoming spiritual means attaining tranquility and a life full of joy? Why are terms like happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc., associated with spirituality?

When you look at all the great exponents of spirituality, you will find their lives were full of strife and pain. Then why would anyone think that spirituality gives one peace and happiness?

In the initial stages when a man follows the path of spiritual, he desires all of the above but soon realizes that he is only running after mirages. There appears stillness and calm on the surface but below that is complete upheavals and disasters.

Those who join yoga or meditation classes are examples of people who seek that calm and peace and experience it in the beginning but as they progress on their accepted path, they experience tremendous disconnect and unease. If you check out the schools where they practice these disciplines, they are out to make money from you. Remember spirituality is not about greed and lust. So ask yourself why such exorbitant fees and why does man think of lust there looking at practitioners in yoga pants and tops?

Almost every great spiritual example speaks of simple appearances, extreme poverty, revolts, conspiracy, disasters and unnatural death. If you really want to delve in it then check up on all Sufi, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese spiritual beings and you will agree with me. Ask yourself if you would appear serene and composed when you are being nailed to the cross, poisoned, exiled or being chopped to bits? So why would anyone equate spiritual to peacefulness and joyful living?

When one follows the path of spiritual, the common face depicts a meditating monk or a calm person. Here I would like to cite an example of climbing Mount Everest. Till the base camp, the going is much smoother and enthusiasm is very high. But once the climb starts, the air becomes thinner and climb laborious. Few people remain since the strain is much more. The path becomes tedious and fraught with danger. Hardly a few reach the summit.

In spiritual too, the initial step is simple and enjoyable but soon it turns difficult and unbecoming. The progress is tough and full of ups and downs. As you strain yourself trying to gather the pace, the going gets tough. Here peace and tranquility forsakes you.

So to expect peace and joy or happiness is asking for fulfillment of petty desires. The big picture that one must look into is actually about spiritual upliftment and self enlightenment. These are lofty goals set by any true seeker of spiritual and not fulfilling petty desires and needs.

In our next episode I will tell you how one can become immune to such petty desires by following the principles of three D’s of spirituality.

Family And Home

Family and HomeDo I need to leave my home and family to become a spiritualist?

It is not necessary for anyone to leave their homes or family to get into spiritual. You have probably heard of someone who might have left and gone to become a priest or monk but those are completely different reasons for them to do that. You should never equate those reasons to your own.

Becoming spiritual doesn’t mean running away to some distant place and meditating on it. Spiritual is all about the spirit and you have your spirit within you so why would you want to go somewhere else?

Then why would these other folks want to go away? The reason for them to do that is to join some kind of a school or order to gain that position or place. To become a temple or church priest, you need special qualifications and training which is offered by monasteries, seminaries or yoga schools. So now decide whether you want to become a professional priest or just want to follow the path of spiritual casually?

The only other criteria for getting to learn spiritual is to get a truly qualified teacher of spiritual. Sometimes it is easier to locate such an individual and at other times you won’t find one till you die.

So you may want to know where you may begin so let me take you over to my next essay. See you soon.

Finding Myself

Finidng MyselfWhat does it mean finding myself? What is these terms yourself, thyself, etc., which are used so often in spiritual? Again these people say that you have to lose yourself to find yourself?

You always know about myself, yourself and so on. We use these terms very loosely to bodies around us including our own. Now if your name is Tom, then who is this Tom, ask yourself? Is Tom the body, mind, senses or some other? If you cut your nails, you will say those are my nails but you will never say, that is Tom. Tom can never be identified even till the end. People will say that is Toms body but not Tom.

You can cut off every part of the body but still you won’t find the person. This invisible or unknown entity is the one we got to find. Where was Tom before he was born and where is he now after his death? These are profound questions which are difficult to answer. Hence it is said, that it is important to find oneself first. Oneself is thyself also or you may say finding yourself.

You have to keep on the process of elimination to search for that elusive thyself. You start by saying this is Tom’s hand, this is Tom’s leg, this is Tom’s heart and so on. After eliminating every portion, you will arrive at the question- then who is Tom?

The concept of finding God or something else makes this process very intriguing and exciting. What does one find in the end? You have to follow that path yourself to know yourself. We shall in the course of our journey get some insights here. So linger on.

Spiritual Masters

Spiritual Masters

How do we approach the Spiritual Masters? Is there any specific method or means of getting close to them? Do they teach like in the Shaolin temple or do they have some sort of Sunday schools? I heard they had some sort of training schools in days of yore but today how do they teach?

Would they write books or tweet? Would you think they would be found on Facebook or some such website? Do they have secret societies or caves for training? These are questions which seekers seek answers for.

Let us assume you have found this elusive teacher of spiritual and have approached him for guidance. First and foremost criteria would be trust and faith in the Master. What kind of trust he would ask for? Absolute and one without an iota of doubt, I would say. There cannot be any room for second thoughts from the disciples side. This kind of trust is needed to learn the finer nuances about spiritual. The next in line is complete surrender to the will of the Master. If the teacher has to mould the student as per his requirements, he needs to have the student as a clay in his hands. Then the Master can replicate the knower of truth faithfully, otherwise there would be one like wet clay not a fired one.

In terms of discipline the student cannot disrespect of disown the Master once he has accepted him. The disciple cannot judge the Master in any way. He has to accept the verdict of the Master as absolute truth. There will be enough tough situations put forward but the student cannot blink and back out. For someone to progress on the path of spiritual, he needs to be tested out constantly without any breaks.

You may ask why such secrecy and labor of love is involved? The truth about spiritual is not some kind of easily available commodity and the disciple has to guard himself against major pitfalls like anger, greed, lust or avarice.

Let’s take an example of a top secret fighter jet being commissioned by the air force and it needs to be armed to the tooth. It has to perform against the worst case scenarios. So wouldn’t it be the best tested in real time war scene? The power and strength of the said fighting machine has to withstand the highest endurance tests. Likewise, you may consider the disciple of the great Master to be tested in extreme scenarios.

We have arrived at a point where the Master has accepted the tutorship of his disciple, so it becomes extremely important to have single pointed devotion of the student focused on the Master alone. There cannot be another distracting factor so it is advisable to join the Master at his place of residence as a resident student. The completion of scholarship cannot be determined by anyone besides the Master alone. So now let’s begin the journey into the strange world of spiritual under the able guidance of a knower of truth.

Knowers Of Truth

Knower of Truth
We ended our last lesson at the knowers of truth. So who are these knowers of truth? These are people who can give us an idea about the spiritual. They are not some kind of futurologist or astrologers, priests or some esoteric art practitioners. They are neither astrophysicist nor biologists or even evangelicals.

Sometimes practitioners of some martial arts, body calisthenics, ancient ritualistic worship and the like instigate an individual into believing that they are the knowers of truth and Masters of the art. Unfortunately, gullible humans fall for their glib talk and join the said courses or retreats. The path for knowing this elusive truth are not well defined. Now let’s see if we can identify some of the true exponents of the path of this knowledge.

These exponents were called sages or saints in ancient times. They existed in various parts of the world. From Asia to Africa, South America to North, they are found in various corners of the world. They are the real teachers of knowledge who can truly guide a mortal towards immortality. They are also called as Masters or Gurus. They are full of this knowledge and move about in the world as normal human beings. Here I shall describe them to you so that you are able to winnow the chaff out.

These sages or teachers of spiritual are pure and absolutely dedicated to taking you on the path of spiritual. They are not doing this as their profession or vocation but it is their calling. By calling I mean that is the only reason for their birth or being there. There are two kinds of Masters. One who is a born Master and the other is the one who has earned it after he was inculcated or imbibed into that role. These are of a great lineage teachers of spiritual, from the past.

They are not interested in earning name, fame, money or any material benefits. They have no ulterior agenda of world domination.

These do not earn a living by selling their services like ordinary humans. They are not interested in group or large sessions of congregation type meetings. They do not run after anything at all. They are free from greed or lust. These Masters seek out their own disciples. They do not conduct classes or retreats, teach some esoteric arts or prescribe nonsensical stuff like rituals or rites.

These are free from any kind of egoistical trappings. They do not wear fancy garbs or headgears to establish their credentials.

You should assess them before you take shelter under their guidance. They should not be performing petty miracles to grab your attention, otherwise they are charlatans. Your innermost thoughts and being will recognize them. So keep your eyes peeled for them and take recourse to them for further growth in spiritual.

Primer For Spiritual

Primer For SpiritualIs there a primer for studying spiritual? There are so many religious texts out there which talk about religion and God and refer to themselves as spiritual guide books also but are they truly that? Many want to only look at their own religious texts and rely on them for fundamental spiritual knowledge. But is that right?

It is a highly debatable subject so let’s skirt the subject and try to understand what spiritual knowledge is.

Spiritual encompasses everything that has the spirit in it. Every book states that there is the universal spirit and some kind of a soul. Then it goes to state that there is only one soul. It sounds confusing for a common man when he is given two contradicting sentences. So let’s clear it up here.

If we assume the soul as one big universe, then the so-called individual souls are planets and stars in the universe. But since they are all a part of the one universe, how can anyone say there are bits and pieces of the universe or in our examples case, the soul? If you look at the earth from afar, you will not be able to distinguish continents or countries and anyone who is observing it will think of it as one big ball of a planet.

When you need some specific knowledge, you always refer to some journal, book or Google. This reference is only for the sake of understanding so let’s treat all the texts as some sort of knowledge base. Referring to information in these books is good for us but accepting everything written in it as gospel truth would not be doing justice to our modern day methods of assessing the truth.

So using these old books as reference guides we can start somewhere but solely relying on them would only give us a biased understanding. In our age, there are already many controversies regarding some historical data. To prove it right takes a lot of research and fresh knowledge.

So let’s use these books of yore carefully. Sift through the knowledge given therein and arrive at your own conclusion. The easiest method of knowing the true knowledge is to seek out the people who thoroughly understand this truth. They are better qualified to tell you what these archaic books mean. So that brings us to the next question- who are these knowers of truth?

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