Highest Devotee of Lord Krsna

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Highest devotee of Krsna

It has been 8.5 years since I came into Spirituality and became the ardent devotee of Lord Shree Krsna. Right from the very first day I met my KrsnaGuru, it became the sole purpose of my life to become His highest devotee and be his everything of everything.

I started learning under the tutelage of my Master various scripture especially the Bhagavad Gita which my Master expounds and teaches all his disciples and devotees to live and follow Krsna’s Way of Life. He also explained to me, that the ultimate goal of a Spiritual aspirant is to become the highest devotee of Lord Krsna. So the questions I asked was Who are the highest devotee of Krsna? What are the criteria to become Krsna’s highest devotee?

The one name of Krsna’s highest devotee that is mentioned by everyone is Srimati Radharani followed by great saints like Meera Bai, Kabir or Tukaram. My master will always narrate various stories depicting the qualities and the criteria to become the highest devotee, which comes with severe and arduous sadhana and penance. The list goes on, and it is not so easy to attain that status.

I made it my goal to be known as Krsna’s highest devotee and disciple not just in this life but eternally. I started to emulate and follow what my Guru taught me and continue with this madness for years giving tests of my faith in my KrsnaGuru endlessly.

When I went to Kolkata in 2009, I met my KrsnaGuru’s foster parents for the first time – Karthik Ganguly (Uncleji) and Geetha Ganguly (Auntyji), unconditionally loving, simplicity, kind, compassionate, and very humble divine beings is what I experienced. Shree is the name which appends Krsna’s, it was the name given to me by Auntyji. I experienced my maternal grandmother in Auntyji. All I could feel was nothing but divine bliss in their cozy little home.

I cherished every moment of my stay with them. Those five days were the best days of my life which I will never forget. After that whenever we have been to Kolkata we just visited them but did not stay with them. Every single visit of mine I experience their unconditional Love for my KrsnaGuru. Both of them are old yet would exude so much of energy in serving my Guru.

Uncleji who is 80 + years old will go to market for buying everything that he would like to offer to Krsna. Auntyji will cook the best meal to feed her most loving son she ever had. They would make all the preparations for the lunch well in advance even before we have arrived. They both then wait anxiously to welcome us. When we came, the joy and happiness that shined on their face was the most precious and priceless sight.

Both of them would spend time talking with us and will then serve us the lunch with all the love in this world and only then partake their meal. Their entire life has been a struggle but not once did I ever see them complaining or asking for things from my Guru. They would offer the best from what they have. Uncleji is always lost in the world of Spiritual. He would only talk about God to my Guru. He never spoke anything wrong about anyone or cursed God for not giving them enough. If he wanted he could have asked for things from my Guru but he never did.

On the contrary, he only spoke of how contented he was with his life. My Guru had got him slippers many years ago. He wore the same thing by changing the broken straps. I was in tears experiencing his simplicity, humility, humbleness and above all no ego at all. Similarly, during one of our visits, we offered them some small gift which I quietly placed in their God’s shrine. The next morning he calls my Guru and asks him why have we given them such an expensive gift. They don’t need them and just we visiting them was a priceless gift to them. I was in tears when I heard the conversation. It was the first time it hit me really hard in realising the true meaning of the words having “Unconditional Love and Selfless Service.”

With the passing years, Uncleji has been bedridden due to a fracture in his leg and has undergone many surgeries with no signs of recovery. Since then both of them are enduring terrible pains and sufferings. We could only offer to help them monetarily, but they refused to accept any monetary support from us. They are neither well-to-do nor have any savings. The only livelihood or the income they have is the pension which Uncleji receives for his service in Indian Railways. For whatever reason, we have not been able to visit them yet, but we are checking on their well-being regularly.

Today, I felt the sudden urge to speak with Uncleji, and I immediately called him. I was pleased to hear his voice and experienced the strength he exuded. He enquired about how we were all doing and then said: “I pray to the Lord for your well-being.” He never showed he is sick or suffering. When I asked him about his health, all he said was, he is fighting hard, and the rest is in the hands of the Lord. I could not stop crying. He has so much suffering yet he did not curse God for it nor did he ask for his recovery or money. By the way, the pain that he is going through is not his own. He is suffering for someone else in this world. These divine souls take on people’s suffering. Despite so much of difficulties, he has not asked God to give him anything, on the contrary, he still means good for everyone in this world and shares whatever that little he has with him with others. They live the words “Sharing is Caring.” I have so much to talk about them but no words can ever describe the greatness of these divine souls.

Every single lesson which my KrsnaGuru has been teaching I see it being lived by Uncleji and Auntyji in reality. All that they asked from KrsnaGuru is to meet with him. Today, my head bows down at the feet of these great divine souls in deep reverence and gratitude for showing me how to be the highest devotee of the Lord. Uncleji is the “Highest Devotee of Lord Krsna.” Shree seeks KrsnaGuru’s grace to live “Thy Way of Life and attain Prema unto Thy Lotus Feet” in this life and eternally.

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Be Your Good Self

Zenlighted | Shree Krsna

Be Your Good Self

I was doing a lesson from a scripture with my KrsnaGuru, and suddenly I felt an illumination within myself. It was like a knot that broke up filling my entire being with light and bliss. I had been searching for this answer for more than eight years now and felt like I was standing on top of the “Mount Everest” finally experiencing the most sort after goal – “Silence.”

I have been contemplating on, why do people change? Here I am referring to those who were once very close to me, claimed to love and follow me till the end of this earth and suddenly, even before I have realized they no longer exist in my world. For example, I had a very good friend who used to be an integral part of my life. He/She would message me daily and share their life with me.

When he/she ran into problems, I was their go-to person, who would help them get out of their gutter. I was their problem solver and a fighter in their world who had solutions to everything. Gradually, over the years they stopped messaging to me and would not even care to respond to my messages. I for nuts couldn’t ever understand why was this change.

Finally, my KrsnaGuru revealed the truth to me. When I started my journey into Spiritual, I did not have any idea of what it was all about and why the need for a “Guru.” I was too playful, and according to me everything and everyone were good. I saw the world with pink colored glasses. The first thing that happened was my Master broke the tinted glasses I was wearing to see this world.

It became the most significant cause of my dejections in life. As I journeyed along he started the purification process of my mind, and heart which eventually leads to the surrender of my ego, mind, and body unto the lotus of feet of my KrsnaGuru. In this process, I suddenly turned into an angry and bitter person; I started to see only the downside of life. I lost that bubbly, cheerful self of mine. The excitement and limitless energy that flow through my body and being didn’t exist anymore. I couldn’t recognize myself.

I did not like the person who I saw in the mirror, and I started to blame my Guru for who I had become. Whatever the answer he gave me I wasn’t convinced, and my mind would talk to me a dime a dozen instigating me against my benevolent Master whose causeless mercy is there on everybody. The light of Knowledge that He bestowed upon me was this when you are on the path of Spiritual all the vasanas or vrittis (tendencies) from many lives are brought forward.

All along it had only been my perception of what I had believed in myself of who I was. Let me explain with an example. My best friend and I have now been friends since we were five years old and our families lived next to each other in the same neighborhood. I spent a significant part of my life living in her house till we finally shifted to another locality after my graduation. I would do anything for her. Everyone called us “two bodies and one soul.” After college, she got married and moved to a different city. I continued to keep in touch with her. She never used to call me since her dad, and her husband kept tabs on the phone bills. With technology evolution things changed and Smartphones paved the way, and we are in the day and age of WhatsApp or FaceTime.

Until today, she has not tried to message me or call me. Even today she will only communicate if I would call her. I was fed-up in my life of being taken for granted and people using me to their advantage. Hence, I stopped calling her and realized it did not matter to her at all and I been feeling upset about it for a very long time. After many years, I found the answer which relieved me of my mental miseries.

The answer which my Guru gave is, the goodness or friendship which she projected was the portrayal done not just be her but by everyone in this world. Their inherent nature is hidden till the point things are favorable and as per their desires, wants, likes, expectations, etc. I was the one who did not see it or ignored due to my attachment to those whom I loved a lot. People discard you when they believe or find you are no longer useful to them in their life. Every individual is succumbing to their lower self and lets their ego and arrogance rule them. The deterioration of a human being happens very fast even before one realizes it. Know that it is effortless to fall, but it is challenging to rise and be a good human being.

In Spiritual, the Guru teaches us to have even-mindedness, be kind, compassionate, loving, to transcend the pairs of opposites such as the likes and dislikes, happy and sorrow, good and evil, etc. We are taught to overcome our inherent nature and be our “Good Self” which is the divine Self. There is a constant battle within me to fight my lower self or the inherent nature. This battle is called the war of Kurukshetra as expounded by Lord Krsna in Bhagavad Gita. My Guru calls me to be his ICBM and Nuclear weapon which he uses to fight his battles. But being a Spiritualist, I have to practice to control my anger, mind, and tongue and be good to everyone without having any biases.

As a follower of Krsna’s way of life, I cannot speak badly or say something to others even if the other person talks or misbehaves with me. I am not allowed period, but on the contrary, I am required to forgive and be kind and show my love even to that individual too. But know that the Universe is not going to spare that individual. He will bear fruits of his actions, and that judgment will be given by the Lord Himself, and there is no escape from that.

Finally, I felt enlivened and calmed down to what others think or believe of me “It Doesn’t Matter” anymore. I don’t have to prove to anyone about my goodness. The Truth Just “IS.” My swadharma is to follow my Guru’s ordain and walk along with him and continue to do arduous Sadhana (practice) and put the Herculean effort to Rise and be my “Good Self.”

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