Not The Same

Not The Same

Have you wondered why the Shrewsbury biscuit not taste the same at any other place other than that old Kayani’s?
The dal made by you has never tasted like your mothers, even though the ingredients and the recipe is the same!Let us understand the reason why!

Once a great saint was asked a question by his disciple about some old sutra. He asked her to read the English litoral translation of the sutra telling her that he couldn’t read and understand Pali.

She became indignant and asked him,”if you cannot even read the sutra how can you even tell us the meaning of it?” He answered her that by reading a map you cannot reach the destination, whereas an uneducated person just by his inner knowledge reach there even though he cannot read the map.

The essence of any teachings can never be got by reading some texts or reading the explanations in a text.
I was reading an article today on the net where a question was asked to a saint as to why should we attend satsang and not read the holy books on our own?

The saint answered that the meanings of the texts are absolutely bland and have no potency till we get an explanation from the master.

The textbook Gita will have the same words if you re-read it even after a few years and it will have no meaning for you then since it will be totally out of context. But the same if explained in a satsang at that time will have tremendous potency and the essence will percolate down to our innermost.The reason being that the Master has the power to make you understand the exact meaning of those words at that given moment in time.They will carry the deepest meaning to you then.

So a textual meaning of Bhagvad Gita may not have much potency to you now till your preceptor tell you what you should be actually knowing about it. He will put you the meaning into the current context which you can then apply to your life.

So please do get the ultimate and perfect knowledge from your preceptor only.Reading the texts and difficult dissertations about some old scriptures is not the same as getting profound knowledge.

Just the way your mothers dal tastes when made by her!

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