Why Do You Test Me Always?

Why Do You Test Me Always

This question was asked me by my disciple today and the answer I gave is written here.

Someone stands first in all exams and wins a lot of accolades in life goes on to become a great doctor with brilliant foreign degrees and a success in the medical field. On the other hand a mediocre person who is passing because of his low caste and big pull and who becomes a doctor…now you think if you have to undergo a major surgery,then whom will you entrust it to? Obviously, the one who is a deserving candidate would be the first example.

You have to pass through very difficult tests in life to become a jewel and shine bright. Just like the golds purity increases when it has to pass through fire many a times. We are put through various tests in life to make us stronger and stronger. To be able to withstand all the problems associated with life, we go through terrible fires of fate. We have to become as perfect as we can be to be closer to God.

He wants to entrust you with his devotees and if you are the best then only can he put them under your care. To become a preceptor also, he makes that person pass through terrible tests and sees to it that he comes out in flying colors. Only then the role is given to Him.

If you were to have a mediocre person as a preceptor then what kind of Supreme Knowledge would you have and would you be in a position to reach the stage of enlightenment? NO!

The preceptor is the closest thing to God and hence we have to put our trust in Him and have full faith in Him. He can then perform the operation which will make us perfect.

God is perfect and hence he wants you to be as perfect as Him, hence he puts you through these tougher and tougher tests to make you stronger and stronger. So that when you achieve His level, you will not say-I don’t know what to do!!

Everyone looks up to you for answers and they will only do that if they are sure you are the best that there is!And you have the answers!

To be God is not easy since He is perfect and he can never say that he doesn’t know the answer to your question or has no solution for you….Remember He too must have passed through a lot of tests Himself to be perfect.

So please know that all these tests are to make you the best that there is!

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