Trivakra Kamana

Trivakra Kamana

Krsna and Balarama met Kubja while they were entering the megapolis Mathura, ruled by the King Kamsa.

She was kind enough to share with the two handsome divine lads the perfumed ointment which she was specifically carrying for the King. Krsna promised Kubja that once His work was over, He would return to pay her debt back.

How was Kubja to know that she was going to turn into a beautiful swan at the hands of The Lord?
Krsna returns back to Kubja, after the defeating and killing Kamsa and establishing the throne back to His rightful grandfather.

He meets Kubja and looks at her body. It was bent at three places so she was also called as Trivakra. Krsna lifts her chin so that she could straighten up and she loses her ugliness and becomes a beautiful woman.

Krsna then consummates with her and returns back to the kingdom. When He was asked the reason for such an uncalled action, Krsna tells Uddhava about Trivakra’s past life and His reasons for doing what He did.

Minakshi was her original name and she fell in love with a Danava king called Vidhyujiva. The king marries her with a hidden agenda of wanting to upsurp the Golden kingdom of Lanka, by killing her brother Ravana. Ravana kills him after he knows of his deceit. Later Ravana tells his sister to stay with him. She is known by another name Shurpanaka, the demoness who falls in love with Sri Rama.

Shurpanaka meets Sri Rama in the forest and is enchanted by Him. She proposes to Him but He rejected her proposal saying that He already had a wife, Sita. Later she proposes to Lakshmana who also rejects her so she turns herself on Sita and tries to kill her. Lakshmana then cuts of her nose and disfigures her. Sita too curses her to become a Trivakra.

Shurpanaka goes to Sri Rama and asks Him whether it was wrong to fall in love with Him? Sri Rama feels sad and blesses her that He will surely rectify the situation in her next life by consummating with her.

Krsna concludes the story that Shurpanaka’s curse as Trivakra had to be dissipated and promise fulfilled, so Krsna did what He had to.

The Lord always fulfills the devotees wishes in whichever way possible if they are sincere enough. It may necessarily not happen in this life but He may do so in some other.

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