Geet Govind Dilemma

Geet Govind Dilemma

One day, Jayadeva was upset when it came to a point that Krsna was supposed to apologize to Radha and touch her feet, so he stopped writing. Jayadeva is the author of Geet Govind, a beautiful love tome written about Radha and Krsna. The Lord touching Radha’s feet would amount to blasphemy, he thought. He decided to go and take a bath so that he could dwell on it. He goes to the river for bathing.

Soon he returns and goes inside his room. He comes out quickly and again tells his wife that he will go to the river.

Later, Jayadeva returns home and goes to his room to find that someone has written on the pages and completed it. He comes out and confronts his wife asking her who wrote that Krsna touched Radha’s feet and asked for pardon. His wife says that you came back and did and again went for bath. But Jayadeva had not written those words, then who could it be?

Jayadeva realizes that only Krsna would have come and done what was needed. So you will find that Krsna Himself endorsed Jayadeva’s writing as the truth alone.

Now for the twist in the tale-Radha wants her story to be written since there is a blank after the point when Akrura took Krsna and Balarama to Mathura. She wants the world to know that Krsna and She met again and again.

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