Give Concessions

Give Concessions

Should we give concessions to ourselves or others for committing small or big morally wrong actions? Does the universe allow a little bit of leeway for these discrepancies?

When I was a kid I had heard a beautiful story. There is a young man about to be executed and he is asked his last wish. He says that he would like to see his mother for the last time.
When his mother comes near him, he bites her ear off. When he is asked why he did that? He answers that when I started to do small crimes, my mother never said anything at all. Then emboldened I started to do bigger and bigger crimes. Today, I am being executed for a heinous crime. I wouldn’t have reached this stage in my life, if my mother would have pulled my ear and stopped me doing wrong then.

Thus this story brings us to the light how we do things in life. We give ample concessions to ourselves and our children. Everyone agrees that smoking cigarettes is injurious to health, so should we allow even a single concession to a person to smoke a few cigs?

Doing drugs is a crime in some very strict countries, so would you allow a few milligrams to be smuggled in? No way! If there is death penalty for that then the government will not be lenient at all. Again, in some Islamic nations unmarried couples cannot stay together even if they are living together for donkeys years in their own nation. It’s considered taboo and a crime there.
In life we allow concessions all the time. We want to bend rules for our own benefit. If someone tells you that they will be falsifying bills only this one time, would you allow that much concession to the individual? Again, if someone tells you that they haven’t had a drink in their life, would you concur with him? If you probe you will find that they might have taken a sip once during their college days. They may ask, whether that silly stupid mistake is allowed or not? What would be your response?

In some countries people resort to hymenoplasty, stitching together the hymen back again for getting married since there is a demand for virgin wives! Would that individual be considered a virgin by any chance? Now you may say that is stupid and idiotic, but tell that to those who follow such stuff!

In spiritual we have certain rules and regulations. One of them is about falsehood. Karna lost his powers at the precise moment when he needed them since he told lies to his Guru Parshuram about his antecedents. Many a times the Master appears harsh when He decides against someone who has broken the rules. In case of Dronacharya, he asked for the finger of Eklavya when he sneakily learnt the art of archery.

Guru’s are normally very loving and considerate but any misdemeanor of any kind may not be tolerated by them. Sometimes the Good Lord allows concessions as a boon to someone but it mayn’t happen all the time. A curse could be upturned by a reverse of curse(upashap) in very rare circumstances. Take the case of Shishupal. His mother was given the concessions that Krishna will allow Shishupal about a hundred misdemeanors and will not be killed by Him, when she asked for the boon from Krishna. But once he crosses the 99th one, Shishupal will die at the hands of Shri Krishna at the hundredth instance.

So please know that whenever you do give concessions for someone else or your own self, there are repercussions and karmas associated with it which you will have to face. No one can avoid karma and it’s execution. Do not try to find shortcuts in the spiritual world. There will always be a payout for even the slightest misdemeanors or karmas.

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