Where Is The Mind?

Where is the mind

Where is the mind? Where do you think is the mind? Is it somewhere in your head or is it the brain? Is it the heart or any other part of the body? No one has the real idea but most of the people believe that it is in our heads.

In India, if you were to ask a person where is the mind, he will answer you very peculiarly. He may point out towards his heart. Indians call mind as munn or mun! The mun is believed to be near the heart. So if a westerner was asked, he invariably points towards the brain or head.

Let me tell you where the mind is. Mind is called one of the bodies according to Hindus and Buddhists. Mind is supposed to carry data about all the things from this life and even the past in the form of memories and tendencies. I have just suggested two but it has more than that.

Coming back to the location of the mind, it is everywhere right across the body. From the head to the tip of your toe. Are you surprised to know that? Let me give you an idea. Everyone believes when your little toe gets hurt, you yell in pain and it hurts there. Now, have you observed how quick the reaction came about? Similarly, someone just trying to poke you in the eye, you blink pretty fast. You call it instinctive action. The heart beats and stomach digests and chomps food to bits. How do all these various parts of body react?

Every part of our body reacts swiftly and minimises the reaction or action. Sometimes you act as if you have an inbuilt NFC device embedded inside your body. You suddenly withdraw or get into fear mode or into a shell. Especially at the dentists or the eye doctor.

Even though the science tells us every action is processed inside the brain, let me tell you that mostly it happens that way. But part of the quick response happens at the organ or the body part itself. Like the eye will process information fast and blink if a foreign object is trying to enter it. So it tell you that there are localised actions too which includes data analysis and resultant. This action is controlled by this so called invisible mind. The mind sits on top of the nerves and reactive nodes. The space in between the nerve endings called synapses are carrying immense data which we cannot understand today. Somewhere in the future man will be able to tap into this data bank.

This whole bank of information is churned and thrown out as action by the mind which is spread all over the body. I know you may ask me for scientific proof. Don’t worry, the science itself will tell you soon enough, whatever I am saying is absolutely right. Wait for a little while.
Mind is the most important part of our decision making process inside the body. A healthy body and a healthy mind makes one take right decisions and lead a happy life. A diseased mind is very destructive and can be harmful to the man. So taking care of your mind and body and keeping it healthy is very important.

Physical exercises or yoga helps the body to be fit and fine. The exercises of breath or Pranayama helps one to keep mind healthy. Also Astanga yoga makes one healthy wealthy and wise. So keep your mind under control and stay healthy.

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