Truth Is One Sided

Truth Is One Sided

The worldly truth is always one sided. You may wonder how can that be? But let me show you how truth can be one sided.

Let us take couple of examples here. First the perennial issues about a mother-in-law and their daughters-in-law fights! You have seen it in your life, how this happens. If you are the man caught in between these two, you will understand what I am saying. Both are right from their point of views and both are wrong too. You can see your mother getting hyper with your wife for her own reasons and your wife acting it out as an aggrieved party! Now tell me who is truthful and who is lying? You won’t be able to make out a case of one, wherein you will surely hurt the other.

Next, the case between two lovers who are breaking up now. If you are the friend of the girl, you will surely have sympathies for her and would hate the man. On the other hand if you are from the boys side it would be the opposite. So now be a neutral judge and tell me who is in the right? Neither of them. You can see the folly of both the parties and would want them to correct themselves or let go of petty reasons but both won’t let go.

Now let us see how political parties work. If you are siding one of them, you will consider your own party as right whereas whatever the opposing party does is wrong. Go to the other side and you will see the exact reverse of the same. The diehard fan of the opposition would not budge and give leeway to the other.

So now arises the question, who is right and who is wrong? Who is telling the truth and who is lying? There is no way of knowing the truth here since the truth itself is biased. You have seen it yourself, when you are the aggrieved party, you have wondered why truth cannot prevail?

In the court of law also, how many people have felt that they have got justice? Only half of them on whose side there has been the favourable judgement. Not the other side. They will always say that they are not happy with the verdict. Sometimes, man makes concessions and says that truth has prevailed. There, he means that he agrees with the verdict but the truth is entirely biased.

Now you have been wondering why I am prattling so much about these things! The idea that you get judgement in this world from other humans is wrong. You will always find the decisions unfair. When it is a matter of examinations assessment or even a simple promotion. Ask the person who failed and you will find complete disagreement with the final verdict. Everyone else who isn’t a part of positive judgement will disagree with you.

Let me tell you one thing here from spiritual perspective alone. You are no one to judge how and why something’s happen. Why does the wrong person get the girl? Why do he get the best of gifts? Why does he deserve to get the lottery? Why do the undeserving get promotions? Why did that politician get the highest office? These and many other questions which leave you with bitter feelings are best left for destiny as the underlying answer. Only destiny has the final authority and reasoning as to why someone deserves something or the other.

“Remember, no answers are in our hands. Only God has all the answers and He knows best,” is the saying. But let me assure you something here. God is NEVER INVOLVED IN ANY DECISION MAKING! You are! You are the authority who has done all your decision making in your past lives. It’s a law which clearly states that what you sow is what you reap.

If you have insulted someone in your past life, you will get it back in this one or the next. If you have beat your wife is the past life, you will now get it back as a wife and the other person reversed as a husband. Everyone and everything has its own opposite and equal reaction.

The only reason we cannot see the real truth here is because we are having no clue about our past lives. So in spiritual, the yogi never takes sides or disputes any decisions of this universe. He remains neutral or non-reactive to whatever that happens around him. He knows that life is not unjust and neither is God. There is real justice built in the system. If you have robbed someone in some past life of yours, know that you will get robbed in this one or the next. Sometimes you are the aggressor and sometimes you are the aggrieved party. So now you know the truth is not in a single sentence or life. It’s has a long chain of reasons and you lack that knowledge so you won’t understand anything at all.

So after all that you will ask me why write this thing when you know that it is no use at all? I will tell you that it is important to be your good self and be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, gentle, soft, good-natured, giving, truthful, charitable, positive, etc…

I hope you got the gist of it all. Everything has to be done in the ambit of Dharma or righteousness alone. Be your good self and love everyone and everything. Stay away from the evil and Adharmic or unrighteousness stuff. That way you will become a yogi soon enough and know the truth and the whole truth alone.

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