The Flowers


The flowers arrived every year on the same day. And the gifts too.

But I still remember how they came the first time.
I received a call early in the morning from someone who asked me for my house directions, saying that he had a parcel for me.
He arrived at my doorstep holding a huge bouquet of flowers and the choicest of Bengali Sweets.
I was aghast and flabbergasted at this huge gift so I asked him which agency he came from?
He said that he was working for the topmost IT company in India and was doing a favor for one of his friends.
Then he handed me a letter which spoke in very lovely terms how she wanted to wish me on her birthday. The letter just spelt one word to me- LOVE!
The flowers(108) and sweets come every year on the same day at every location that I shift to.
My wife smiles at me every time that happens and my children give me mischievous looks.
I know her love is boundless and can never be compared to anyone.
I know this sounds very much like a love story but let me tell you the secret here.
Her birthday is the day she met me.
The flowers and gifts are the part of unconditional love she has for her Guru.
She does not live in India anymore but always remembers to send me the two things in whichever part of the world I am in. Such is her devotion and love for her spiritual master!
Lastly, her husband and her family does not know even today whom she talks to or sends gifts to.
You may ask why and the answer is-Even today the world looks at spiritual as leaving this world and becoming a sanyasi. She has tried explaining a million times to them but they always look at her in scorn and think that they will loose her to some crooked, bearded, orange cloaked swamiji!
So she keeps her world completely incognito!

Image Credit: Pixabay


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