Why me?

Why Me

Why me? Why has everyone deserted me? Why is no one around me right now when I need them, God?

I am here with you, isn’t that good enough?

What use are you to me? You are invisible and cannot even work magic!

I can just be your conscience or hope. I live in your heart.

My heart is heavy and I am crying now.

Tell me what is it that has troubled you. Maybe talking will help.

Today, when I need my family around me, they are nowhere near. Neither are my so-called friends.

What do you need them for? You are capable of anything. Why bother others?

No! You don’t understand. I need them because I don’t have the willpower to do anything right now.

You mean to say that your world has ended and there is no hope?

No. I mean I need moral support and just some little encouragement.

Stop being so silly and look at yourself. All grown up and yet behaving like a spoilt child.

You don’t get it, God. I am incapable of doing anything right now. I am just so sick of my life.

Aren’t you the same person who kept on saying that nothing is impossible in this world? Now why are you being a sissy? Get up and get going.

Go away, God! I just want to be left alone. You are of no use to me.

Just now you said you wanted everyone around you and now you are contradicting yourself. How strange?

Leave me alone. Go away. I know I will get over this too. I need time and healing.

That’s not true. You are capable of doing anything and can get out of this right now. You only need a diversion.

What do you mean? What diversion?

Like a tiger running after you and soon you will forget the stone in your shoe. Then you will run.

Ah! True. Maybe I need something to keep me focused on to something else.

Right. You need not sit and mope. You are here to do big things and perform greater tasks. So get going.

I am sorry I just needed to let my hair down. Give me a minute and I will get going.

That’s my girl. You see, that momentary weakness comes to everyone but you are given the tools by me to rise and shine too.

You are right, God. I don’t need anyone else to tell me that I am always the best. I know I am.

Helping yourself is helping the God within to rise. No one can see me. But when fear and loathing comes within, know that the devil within is rising.

I won’t let that happen again. I will progress ahead and move constantly.

Yes. Remember I am your friend and always with you. Don’t let anyone or anything deter you.

Thank you, God. Be within me always and guide me to know my self.

Yes. You are unique and there is no one like you. You are with Me. You can do anything at all. Miracles happen only to those who know that they are capable and can do anything.

You are right. I just need to make that God within me to rise and I will then be capable of doing it all. Thank you once again. You are my strength and my hope. Let’s do it now.

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