Mark Of A True Disciple

What is the mark of a True Disciple and a Student? When you seek with absolute dedication and devotion for Knowledge and make a wish to attain this from your innermost being, the Universe will conspire to bestow upon you the rare Alchemists, a True Teacher whose one touch will turn you into a gold. These great souls are the abode of Knowledge. In this article I will tell you how to become a student or disciple for ‘learning to learn’ is an Art in itself.

As a student and a disciple, it is your duty to focus only on gaining knowledge from your teacher. Your sole goal should be to be the best student in your studies and be able to give tests continuously to understand how well you have been imbibing the lessons imparted to you. These tests will demonstrate where you stand in the actual application of the lessons learnt. Hence, be prepared to face such challenging expeditions in this journey if you aspire to become the Master of your chosen subject.

It is only when you become clay in the hands of your teacher that he will be able to mold you into a priceless piece of sculpture which will be a rare one on this Planet Earth. The knowledge taught can only be absorbed with a loving heart and a pure mind. The minute you start listening to your mind’s chatter and letting your ego come in the way of your learning, note that no knowledge will ever enter your being. You are going to continuously be deluded by your mind which is your biggest enemy. It will not let you rise within yourself. Remember, you are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. It is only with self-effort shall you be able to rise.

In such a state when the mind is not controlled, it causes bitterness within yourself, deceiving you to believe that your teacher doesn’t know how to teach, treat or behave with you. Under such circumstances no matter how much effort your teacher puts in trying to explain to you, you are not going to listen to him or her. Your ego and mind will not allow the knowledge to seep in and to be able to see the truth behind these profound words within you. The mind is constantly going to tell you that this entire world of people is taking you for a ride and bullying you constantly making you feel a miserable human being, hurt, and sorry for yourself. This state is only going to make you fall further into the gutter of your mind’s imaginary creations.

Every moment that you are seething with anger and hatred for your teacher and start calling him names, accusing, ill-treating, disrespecting and behaving in an uncouth manner, you are incurring the greatest sins and sanctioning unfathomable karmas for yourself. Hence goes the saying, ‘As you sow, so you reap’. Life is like a boomerang, what you throw is what will come back to you a thousand fold. Consequently, if you realize your follies and with sincere repentance ask to be forgiven, a true teacher will be gracious enough to pardon you as he would never want his student or disciple to fail.

By doing this you will attain the Vidya (Knowledge) and dispel Avidya (Ignorance) within you and you will be able to serve the purpose of your life. Although I started to pen this piece on Teacher’s day, I wasn’t able to complete it as I myself was put under a severe test and the fact that I am able to complete this article a month days is because I was able to succeed in my test of faith in my Master and moved one step closer to him. As a result, he Himself is getting these pearls of wisdom written through me. These are priceless life lessons which apply to both the material and spiritual worlds. No words can express the love I have for my Master as he is the best teacher I have ever had. Love and Respect your teacher, whoever they might be. The fact that God has made him or her a teacher demonstrates how significant a being he or she is. Value this precious gift of a Teacher/Mentor/Master/Guru in your life and make the most from this valuable time together while it lasts as no one has seen the future.

To all the wonderful disciples and students out there, I would like to make an appeal and humble request to you. Come what may, never show disrespect to your teacher. The teacher is constantly going to provoke you and put you through the difficult situations, bend you back-ward but you must ungrudgingly, lovingly, and selflessly serve your teacher whatever be the hardships of the service. I am a living example of having committed all these mistakes but am now working towards the atonement of my sins. It is easier said than done but it is always better late than never.

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