Spiritual Texts

Spiritual Texts
What are these most revered spiritual texts? Were they written by humans or aliens? What is the main purport of these spiritual texts?
Spiritual texts seem to appear like simple stories, but they are in reality very deep philosophical truths. These are all codices and need the right interpretation for humans to understand the true purport. There aren’t many people who can decipher the true meaning of these sacred texts.

Those with fancy degrees are only decoding the language but not the essence of such texts. Take the case of The Bible and you will find lots of spiritual words and they appear pretty simple. Let’s see the simple words like “Father in Heaven!” It sounds so innocuous but is that the truth? Whatever any human being might interpret will be tainted. There aren’t very many of these spiritual folks to give you the perfect meaning and answer of those words.
In the spiritual text called Bhagvad Gita too, the dialogue between Arjuna and Shri Krishna sounds so straight forward but the truth is very different.

Sometimes you may find explanatory texts too but they are too outdated and irrelevant to current issues. You may not find the perfect answers there. Then how will we know the truth?

The truth can be revealed only by the sages or saints. Today, it is difficult to find one such being. These knowers of truth and decoders are also called as Masters or Gurus. They will only impart you the truth if you go to them as a supplicant and with humility. Any vulgar show of ego and know all attitude, they will not give you the essence.

Ask them questions with absolute sincerity and humility and they will open up their bundle of truth. Go to them with simple questions and you will find the right meaning and answers. These Masters are only the via media for transmitting knowledge but humans use them for granting some petty favors like having children or getting a job. Do not think of them as some wish fulfilling tree! Just ask them for spiritual truths only.

But first, you have to find such rare beings. Then ask them the vexing questions. In my next article I will tell you how to identify such rare gems.

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