Finding Myself

Finidng MyselfWhat does it mean finding myself? What is these terms yourself, thyself, etc., which are used so often in spiritual? Again these people say that you have to lose yourself to find yourself?

You always know about myself, yourself and so on. We use these terms very loosely to bodies around us including our own. Now if your name is Tom, then who is this Tom, ask yourself? Is Tom the body, mind, senses or some other? If you cut your nails, you will say those are my nails but you will never say, that is Tom. Tom can never be identified even till the end. People will say that is Toms body but not Tom.

You can cut off every part of the body but still you won’t find the person. This invisible or unknown entity is the one we got to find. Where was Tom before he was born and where is he now after his death? These are profound questions which are difficult to answer. Hence it is said, that it is important to find oneself first. Oneself is thyself also or you may say finding yourself.

You have to keep on the process of elimination to search for that elusive thyself. You start by saying this is Tom’s hand, this is Tom’s leg, this is Tom’s heart and so on. After eliminating every portion, you will arrive at the question- then who is Tom?

The concept of finding God or something else makes this process very intriguing and exciting. What does one find in the end? You have to follow that path yourself to know yourself. We shall in the course of our journey get some insights here. So linger on.


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