Possessiveness And Love


God, I want to know about possessiveness and love. Are they same?

Oh, there you are. Not to be seen nowadays. Very busy man. I see you have found a new girlfriend.

Yes, I am in love with her. But, that’s the reason why I am asking you the question.

Aha! You had your first lovers tiff, I see.

It’s not an argument but she believes I am very possessive and that I don’t love her.

She might be right, you know. You sound very possessive about her.

I am not. She told me she wanted to go for a night out with her other friends and there are guys there.

So you are jealous now? What did you say to her?

Oh, I told her that she can have an all girls night out but not with guys. I do care for her.

But she must have insisted that these are her girlfriends guys. Isn’t that the case?

Yes. Now she says that I am acting very possessively and am a control freak.

Are you one? Do you trust her implicitly? Do you think she should be given some freedom? Do you want to decide every decision for her?

I am not a control freak and I definitely trust her. I think she can take certain liberties with herself. I haven’t decided for her at all.

So now what is the issue? You trust her so let her go. Why are you now doubting her?

No, I am not doubting her. If you say so, God, then I will let her go. But what happens if she gets attracted to some other guy?

Ok. Let me clear your mind. First, in life don’t trust anyone. No one is trustworthy in this world. Everyone changes their stance in everything. Even you.

What do you mean?

Can you trust your own self? You cannot even keep your word. Today you will say one thing and tomorrow another. How can you trust yourself? Or for that matter anyone else?

Yes. That’s true. I haven’t met anyone who can keep their word. Everyone fails there. I agree with you. I cannot trust anyone. But I trust you, God.

Good. You can only trust me. I don’t promise and I never get involved. Now your other question of what might be the outcome of your girlfriends outing.

Yes. That’s what I am so much worried about. What if those guys take advantage of her?

These uncertainties will always be there for you. It’s destiny which does whatever is needed. If some guy has to meet her and it’s destined, then you can’t stop it.

So you mean I should let her go? But that is not reassuring me of anything at all. I still don’t know.

That’s what life is all about. It’s uncertain! You cannot stop destiny doing anything at all. Everything happens the way it is destined.

So what should puny humans like us do?

You can only pray to Me and let Him do what is needed. Destiny will operate as per it’s own will.

What use is prayers if there is destiny at play?

Let me do what is right for you. Don’t worry so much. Trust me. I am not your enemy. Now go and do what is needed.

Ok. I will tell her that she can go. But God, you please ensure that nothing happens to her. I have faith in you.

Ha ha! I know you would like to keep a watch on her. Why don’t you go for that night out yourself. Go save her! But who can save your mercurial mind???

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