Spiritual Masters

Spiritual Masters

How do we approach the Spiritual Masters? Is there any specific method or means of getting close to them? Do they teach like in the Shaolin temple or do they have some sort of Sunday schools? I heard they had some sort of training schools in days of yore but today how do they teach?

Would they write books or tweet? Would you think they would be found on Facebook or some such website? Do they have secret societies or caves for training? These are questions which seekers seek answers for.

Let us assume you have found this elusive teacher of spiritual and have approached him for guidance. First and foremost criteria would be trust and faith in the Master. What kind of trust he would ask for? Absolute and one without an iota of doubt, I would say. There cannot be any room for second thoughts from the disciples side. This kind of trust is needed to learn the finer nuances about spiritual. The next in line is complete surrender to the will of the Master. If the teacher has to mould the student as per his requirements, he needs to have the student as a clay in his hands. Then the Master can replicate the knower of truth faithfully, otherwise there would be one like wet clay not a fired one.

In terms of discipline the student cannot disrespect of disown the Master once he has accepted him. The disciple cannot judge the Master in any way. He has to accept the verdict of the Master as absolute truth. There will be enough tough situations put forward but the student cannot blink and back out. For someone to progress on the path of spiritual, he needs to be tested out constantly without any breaks.

You may ask why such secrecy and labor of love is involved? The truth about spiritual is not some kind of easily available commodity and the disciple has to guard himself against major pitfalls like anger, greed, lust or avarice.

Let’s take an example of a top secret fighter jet being commissioned by the air force and it needs to be armed to the tooth. It has to perform against the worst case scenarios. So wouldn’t it be the best tested in real time war scene? The power and strength of the said fighting machine has to withstand the highest endurance tests. Likewise, you may consider the disciple of the great Master to be tested in extreme scenarios.

We have arrived at a point where the Master has accepted the tutorship of his disciple, so it becomes extremely important to have single pointed devotion of the student focused on the Master alone. There cannot be another distracting factor so it is advisable to join the Master at his place of residence as a resident student. The completion of scholarship cannot be determined by anyone besides the Master alone. So now let’s begin the journey into the strange world of spiritual under the able guidance of a knower of truth.


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