Knowers Of Truth

Knower of Truth
We ended our last lesson at the knowers of truth. So who are these knowers of truth? These are people who can give us an idea about the spiritual. They are not some kind of futurologist or astrologers, priests or some esoteric art practitioners. They are neither astrophysicist nor biologists or even evangelicals.

Sometimes practitioners of some martial arts, body calisthenics, ancient ritualistic worship and the like instigate an individual into believing that they are the knowers of truth and Masters of the art. Unfortunately, gullible humans fall for their glib talk and join the said courses or retreats. The path for knowing this elusive truth are not well defined. Now let’s see if we can identify some of the true exponents of the path of this knowledge.

These exponents were called sages or saints in ancient times. They existed in various parts of the world. From Asia to Africa, South America to North, they are found in various corners of the world. They are the real teachers of knowledge who can truly guide a mortal towards immortality. They are also called as Masters or Gurus. They are full of this knowledge and move about in the world as normal human beings. Here I shall describe them to you so that you are able to winnow the chaff out.

These sages or teachers of spiritual are pure and absolutely dedicated to taking you on the path of spiritual. They are not doing this as their profession or vocation but it is their calling. By calling I mean that is the only reason for their birth or being there. There are two kinds of Masters. One who is a born Master and the other is the one who has earned it after he was inculcated or imbibed into that role. These are of a great lineage teachers of spiritual, from the past.

They are not interested in earning name, fame, money or any material benefits. They have no ulterior agenda of world domination.

These do not earn a living by selling their services like ordinary humans. They are not interested in group or large sessions of congregation type meetings. They do not run after anything at all. They are free from greed or lust. These Masters seek out their own disciples. They do not conduct classes or retreats, teach some esoteric arts or prescribe nonsensical stuff like rituals or rites.

These are free from any kind of egoistical trappings. They do not wear fancy garbs or headgears to establish their credentials.

You should assess them before you take shelter under their guidance. They should not be performing petty miracles to grab your attention, otherwise they are charlatans. Your innermost thoughts and being will recognize them. So keep your eyes peeled for them and take recourse to them for further growth in spiritual.


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