Begin In Spiritual

Begin in Spiritual
When does an individual begin in spiritual world? Is there a specific time or age when he enters the spiritual path? Can you identify yourself in the examples set below?

Many believe that when an individual is completely down and out and depressed, does he seek spiritual. When there is no hope and everything looks so bleak, man turns towards God and religion. When man has every luxury and happiness and he still feels there are higher things to achieve, does he look towards spiritual as the point of salvation. These are some of the examples given by people to enter the domain of spiritual. But what is the real reason to do that and when does an individual feel the need to adopt spiritual in his life?

The truth is quite different. Spiritual life is a never ending process. It doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Like I mentioned in my last post, we all have the spirit in us, so we are already spiritual. But we adapt the nature around us by influence and start believing that we are different.

A Mid-Eastern refugee moves to USA and becomes a citizen of that country, starts to believe that he has become American. Or just like the Britishers conquering India started to believe that India belongs to them.

A man forgets his real nature and thinks that he is not spiritual. He thinks that he has come to this world to eat, drink, have a family and friends, earn a living and so on. He adopts his new thinking and looks at himself as material worldly person. This will continue to happen till something strikes him down or his ego is shattered.

He removes the colored glasses he is wearing to see the true colors of this world. The quest to know more about oneself and what is the purpose of life are the break points in his life.

No one can say what triggers off the need to know spiritual. It can be disillusionment in life. It can be a tragic instance or a dangerous episode. It can be influence of some extremely strong individual or peer pressure or just some life changing instances or just a simple dream.

Take the case of Buddha who saw the four different life changing things. Jesus disappeared for fourteen years to return as fully realized being. It just needs a simple trigger to change everything about you and that is called an epiphany.

Some people think that it is preprogrammed into an individual and triggers are set at a particular point in life to open the doors of spiritual. We shall explore this part in detail later.

But right now know that the veil has to be lifted by self effort or by some life changing influences to turn towards spiritual.

And if you are reading this now, understand that you have entered the domain of spiritual knowingly or unknowingly.


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