Spiritual Basics Intro

Basic Spirituality IntroWhat is spirituality all about? It’s about the spirit and not about some worldly stuff. It is not about the body, mind or senses. It’s only about that stuff which keeps you ticking and alive.

You may put together some body, heart, lungs, stomach, etc., and yet it may not be alive.

You have seen dead people so you know what makes them dead. There is no life in these bodies. Spirit is the stuff which keeps them alive and kicking. Here we are going to understand some of this stuff.

You may ask if I am going to talk about God also? Sure, I will talk about this hitherto unknown entity called God. But it is not necessary to become religious or have firm belief in Him.

There are people who don’t believe in such things. Take the case of Buddhists. They have a different belief system and so do the Hindus.

We shall explore some of these things here.

So let us begin our journey now. I shall endeavor to talk to you everyday if I can. Do get back to me if you want to know somethings which don’t make sense to you. Please avoid spam or talking shit. Keep it simple and stupid. Adios.

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