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Nothing hereWelcome to my blog, you will get nothing here! What do people come to me for? Why would they visit a nondescript person like me?
Material worldly needs drives them to approach. Their desires are very small and mostly achievable in their normal course of life. These are destined and happen to come to them very naturally.
Look at someone coming for seeking a job. Don’t you think that they would defiantly get one? Isn’t it inevitable and very plausible? They just need to look around and they will surely find one. After all it was destined and they just walked up to it. What they need to do is summed up in two words- self effort. Once they sincerely tried looking for one, they would surely land it. So what has some nobody like me supposed to do there? I can only give a motivating talk or some sort of encouragement to look out for some good opportunities.
Again there are those who come specifically for marriage. They are desperate to get married. Sometimes they have exhausted their promises to different gods and goddesses in the pantheon. Or at other times they have applied and put up their profiles at so many places you cannot imagine but nothing has happened! Coming to me they expect to get married soon. Well, again the logic holds, even if I say like any ordinary person that soon they will find the man or woman of their dreams and it happens! Does it mean that I am a lucky charm? Or the words are magical? No way! What has to be will be! Nothing magical about it!
Do I walk on water that they come and ask for kids? Am I their doctor or fertility expert to tell them when and how to get pregnant? My word cannot make babies. And let’s say if it happens to be then they will curse me all their life for a demon child! So what’s the use for coming to me for asking anything at all? I am a beggar myself, so why ask from a beggar? Ok, let me correct myself here. Let me call myself a fakir then!
Let me tell you there is no use asking for money from me since I live on others charity. I do not own anything at all. The clothes I wear are given by some good soul. The place I stay is given by some other divine person. They provide me with my daily stuff. My transport is not my own. Someone foots the bill for my travels. Even the footwear that is in my feet is not my own. So nothing belongs to me.
But everyone seems to own me. They have given me things which I owe to them. Some people have given me the laptop or the phone so that I can communicate with people who wish to have satsangs. Now I cannot communicate with those who cannot physically come to see me so I owe it to those who lent me the instruments of communication.
Likewise I am allowed by some other generous people to travel in the comfort of a car or take a flight. These things I do not deserve. I took the vow of being an ascetic and enjoying these comforts makes me sad. Had it not been for my promise to my Gurudev, I would never had returned back to civilization again. The holy place of my Gurudev’s mountains would have served my purpose beautifully. But his precise instructions to go back and teach some souls made me run back to civilization.
My going has not been smooth enough. Those whom I was instructed to teach happened to abandon the path or my guidance. The truth is as a spiritual being I am not supposed to focus on end results but what would you expect me to do? Like the tyrannical commandant I forced them to study and learn but they didn’t like my military methods so they left.
I only happen to have a knack of explaining some spiritual texts and maybe that’s all that I can offer to these hungry folks. So coming back to my original statement, there is nothing worth your precious time to waste over me so don’t bother to come seeking stuff from this fakir. I have nothing to offer at all. The one who lives on the handouts of others cannot give you anything at all.
I can only offer my love to you and clean your feet and welcome you when you come to meet me. Maybe some weird stories or some anecdotes which might amuse you. Being a joker sometimes in life I do know some jokes too. Sarcasm is my nature and so is weird talk. You can always get to hear about sex and other taboo subjects too. So visit me sometimes when you are bored and wish to spice up your ears. There are no admission fees or dakshina to be given. So you are welcome at your own expense and peril.
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  1. At the Guru’s place, a student is not coming for shopping. Its not business. If we are lucky then we may wash our past sins and get an opportunity to be liberated. Which again depends on us the student, how sincerely we learn and apply in our life. A Guru imparts knowledge and guides us in firming our faith in God. A true Guru is a dispeller of darkness, remover of ignorance. One should come to you only for that. Pranam.

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