Fly Far Beyond Horizon

Fly Far Beyond HorizonIs there any limit for anything? I always heard others saying that there is a limit for everything, is that so?    

I believe that there are no limits for anything. We can do more than what we believe in. Birds can fly where far. They migrate from Siberia to Australia with only one stop in the middle. Just like birds do not limit themselves they can fly higher and longer.

This exactly how we can gain more knowledge if we don’t limit ourselves. But because we set limits in our world we can’t achieve far beyond our horizons. Man measures his limit by using material worldly yardsticks money, power, energy and knowledge. This is a transactional world full of give and take. Man doesn’t realize that God is always with us and He is limitless. In His limitless that He is limitless in His offerings to us. But we limit ourselves in His limitless world.

I felt ashamed realizing this limitlessness. If we take our Master’s example, when He teaches us and takes care of His lot. When we seek knowledge from the Master, we use limited knowledge from what He thought us. No one knows how much knowledge Master can give. The Master doesn’t have any limitations for His  teachings.

I promise to this knowledge without limits and boundaries and would like to fly for beyond the horizons.

Let me not limit myself in this endeavor.

Photo Credit:  Pixabay


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